First Look: Inside The Bamboo Room’s Tastiest Cocktails

The lead bartender at Royal Caribbean’s new tiki-chic lounge spills her secrets.
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The Royal Zombie

Q: Let’s talk about the drinks! For starters, what goes into The Royal Zombie? 
A: It’s actually a classic tiki cocktail that was invented by Donn Beach of Don’s Beachbcomber. There are many variations, but we stick pretty closely to the original recipe. The key is the Zombie batch, a mix of four liqueurs: Two types of rum (Atlantico rum from Dominican Republic, and another from Jamaica), Orange curacao, and cinnamon syrup that’s blended with fresh pineapple juice, passionfruit, lime angostura bitters, and Pernod. It really packs a punch. 

[Editor’s note: Take a piece of the Bamboo Room home! Parrot mugs are available for $10 when you order a cocktail, or for $19 if you are not ordering a cocktail.]