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Cindy Dangel

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Cindy Dangel

Meet Cindy Dangel. She's been working with Royal Caribbean International® for 20 years and has sailed on every class of ship. Bet you’d be surprised to know that she once rode in both the Canadian and American Rodeo Circuit. Scroll down to learn more about Cindy Dangel.

Hi, my name is Cindy.

What path brought you to your current role?

It was many, many years ago that I started with Royal Caribbean in 1992 so this is my 20th year with Royal Caribbean. Really my love for traveling was the reason I wanted to come and join ships I met a very interesting young lady that was working for Royal Caribbean and really encouraged me to apply for a position. She said that I would be a perfect personality for Royal Caribbean and that's how I ended up working for Royal Caribbean.

Can you tell me about a moment when you went above and beyond for Crown & Anchor Society members?

I hope I have gone above and beyond to meet a Crown & Anchors members needs many times but one that comes to mind occurred last year on Oasis of the Seas . I had a very special request from one of my Diamond Plus members. She was in her 70s and the only thing she wanted to do was be the first on the zipline. After conversing with the sports deck staff she was the first one to go on the zipline. She said it was one of her most memorable moments in all of her cruise sailings with Royal Caribbean.

Guests must ask you for advice. Do you have any insiders tips that you tell guests about?

I've been blessed to be with the company for so many years. I've sailed on every class of ship that we have and I've been fortunate to have been almost every single itinerary. So I can honestly advise my guests when they have questions or concerns about places that they are going too visit, I hope that I really great honest advice for them.

What's a new or adventurous itinerary that you would recommend?

One of the itineraries that I would recommend because it's something that I would want to do and that's the Asia tours. I think they are fascinating countries and I would love to have the opportunity and would love for my guests to go over and enjoy the new itinerary.

You attend several parties, receptions and events through your role. Which one do you enjoy the most?

I attend many events during the week with the Crown & Anchor members. I have two favorite events. The first is when I am invited to dine at the Captain's Table with our highest level cruisers and we can get to know each other better. The second one is the Platinum and Diamond get together. I always love the platinum and Diamond get togethers.

As a whole what is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job is really and truly the people that I meet. I've always been a people person. I've made amazing friendships with Crown & Anchor members throughout the years. They are like my family. In fact, after 20 years there are some of them that I have spent more time with than my family. Certainly the friendships I have made through out the years would be my favorite part of my job.

What might guests be surprised to learn about you? Do you have a special hobby or talent that no one knows about?

One of the things that I think people don't know about me is that I did grow up on a ranch. Many people have never been to a rodeo but I was a professional barrel racer. I rode on the Canadian Rodeo Circuit and also the American Rodeo Circuit.

What in your words do Crown & Anchor members mean to Royal Caribbean?

With all sincerity Crown & Anchor members mean success to me and to Royal Caribbean. It's the success of the company but it's also a personal success. I know everyday that without our Crown & Anchor members I don't have a job so I feel blessed by all our Crown & Anchor members.

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