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Corrado Iliassich

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Corrado Illiassich

Meet Corrado Iliassich. He's visited many of the ports on Royal Caribbean's European itineraries, and is always ready to offer up insider tips on what to see and experience in these cities and towns. Scroll down to learn more about Corrado Iliassich.

Can you tell us about a moment where you went above and beyond to meet a Crown and Anchor Society member's needs?

When it comes to Crown & Anchor Society Members, it's a little tricky going above and beyond their expectations. They've been traveling with us for long, they know the inside and out of the ship; it's a little hard to exceed their expectations. However, there was this particular family who wanted to visit the bridge and meet the Captain. Unfortunately, they weren't on the tier to do so. I asked the Captain's permission to visit the bridge and the Captain accepted. The family, including a young cruiser, was able to experience the bridge and meet the Captain. Needless to say, they were very grateful.

Speaking of guest experiences, what insider tips do you usually tell your guests about the ship or destinations you visit?

If guests are first-time cruisers and visiting different parts of the world, I usually give them a few tips on what to do while visiting ports of call; especially European ports, since I live in Europe! I've had the chance to travel to many of the ports so I definitely know a thing or two on what to see, do and experience. I'm sure the guests appreciate this sort of information as it helps them make a more informed decision on what kind of cruise itinerary they'd like to experience.

What's a new and adventurous itinerary you would give to someone looking for a fresh experience?

Our itineraries to Alaska are quite exceptional. During this itinerary, guests can take part of cruise tours that include a variety of 3 to 6 days land tour, visiting different parts of Alaska. When I talk to guests about Alaska, I never forget to mention a visit to the Denali National Park, which is, in my opinion a focal point of Alaska. While this itinerary can be family-friendly, I would suggest this trip for a more grown-up audience. No child can appreciate the beauty of the Alaskan landscape, the glaciers and the amazing wildlife quite like an adult.

You attend several receptions, parties, and events on board. Which do you most look forward to and why?

In my opinion, one of the most important parties is our Welcome Back Party, held for all of our Crown & Anchor Society Members. This event typically takes place on the third day of cruising. Why do I look forward to this particular party? Our Welcome Back Party actually gives me the chance to personally inform guests of the many onboard experiences and benefits of our Onboard Booking Bonus. It's also easier for me schedule appointments, due to a larger audience. Honestly, I bring my appointment book at the party so guests can book their appointment and not have to worry about seeing me later or the next day!

What is your favorite part of the job?

The favorite part of my job is the daily interaction with people. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people and it’s always fun to share the excitement of a "cruise countdown". It's quite something to hear the excitement in their voices and the happiness shine in their eyes. It's one of the many reasons I continue working with Royal Caribbean.

What do Crown & Anchor Society Members mean to Royal Caribbean?

To Royal Caribbean, our Crown & Anchor Society members are the ambassadors to the outside world. They spread the word about our products, recommending the cruise experience to their friends and family. In the end, they bring them back to the ships to experience the same memorable, or even better, cruise vacation. And they are just as important to me. They already know us and the services that are available to them, including the Onboard Booking Bonus. Though we work hard in putting the word out on all additional services of the Crown & Anchor Society to other cruise guests, C&A members are usually the ones that do all the talking. Together, we work towards the same common goal; getting more members under the Crown & Anchor Society umbrella.

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