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Peter Enns

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Peter Enns

Meet Peter Enns. Peter grew up in South America, and one of his favorite itineraries is the Baltics. One of his most memorable service moments is when he once arranged a special VIP dinner for a Crown & Anchor® member's 200th cruise. Scroll down to learn more about Peter Enns.

What is the path that brought you to your current role?

Before my current role, I worked in the travel industry. I spent four years in guest relations on board and I wanted a role where I could be very interactive with guests.

Can you tell us about a moment when you went above and beyond to meet a C&A member's needs?

I can actually give you a couple of examples but one particular event comes quickly to mind. Mario, one of our big time cruises, was celebrating his 200th cruise. We had a VIP table set up for him at the C&A party with a white table cloth, a reserve sign, and a bottle of champagne waiting on ice.

What insider tips do you usually tell guests about the ship or the destinations it visits?

While working in guest relations, I've had the privilege of traveling to so many different destinations on various ships. My insider tips typically include which ship would best fit the experience a guest is looking for based on its itinerary. I also like to share information on cabin locations and destinations, beyond which they always want the best advice on.

What's a new and adventurous itinerary you would give to someone looking for a fresh experience?

One of my top favorite itineraries that I have yet to experience myself but would still strongly recommend to those looking for something new and exciting is the circumnavigation of New Zealand and Australia.

If a C&A member said they would go on any cruise RC had to offer, what would be your personal recommendation?

The Baltic is one of my favorite cruises because I simply love the capital cities in Scandinavia. The weather is great, where it never gets too hot. It is just absolutely gorgeous every place you go. The majority of touristic sites are so close to the city you can walk into town or take a shuttle ride. And also, there are so many tours to do, it's just absolutely amazing.

You attend several receptions, parties, and events on board. Which do you most look forward to and why?

I would say the welcome back party since it gives me the opportunity to meet all of our Crown and Anchor Society members. When our members are all together, they are quite a captive audience.

What is the favorite part of your job?

Working with people and being able to interact with them and help them plan their next big vacation. For many, planning a vacation is a very intimate process and I’m very grateful to be able to be part of it.

The C&A are probably pretty interested in your personal on board life. What question do they most often ask you and what is the answer?

The question that pops up most of the time is "Where are you from?" I had a very interesting upbringing. I grew up in South America for ten years. Usually, guests will sometimes come and ask more questions about my life and where I come from.

What might guests be surprised to learn about you?

That I am Mennonite. I don't think that there are many Mennonites that work on ships, especially with the culture that we come from. I believe that our guests find it very surprising to learn there are Mennonites aboard.

What, in your own words, do the C&A members mean to RC?

I think they are the keystone to our business because they are word of mouth advertising. They are completely free advertising. The better we treat them, the better the odds that they will bring their friends.

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