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Rebecca Minett

Loyalty & Cruise Sales Manager

Rebecca Minett

Meet Rebecca Minett. Her number one recommendation to guests: Don't miss the amazing productions featuring Royal Caribbean's fantastic singers and dancers. Scroll down to learn more about Rebecca Minett.

What path brought you to your current role?

I began my career with Royal Caribbean International almost three and a half years ago. I was part of an adventure team, working with the children on board. Upon completing two contracts in that department, I decided to transfer over to Loyalty. I worked as an associate and was promoted to manager position three months ago.

Can you tell us about a moment when you went above and beyond to meet a C&A member's needs?

On my last cruise, I had two couples who, on the last day of the cruise, decided they wanted to stay on board for the following cruise. They decided they were going to change their flights and other travel arrangements. Unfortunately, when it came to booking their following cruise, everything was closed! We couldn't put the reservation through! I phoned Miami multiple times to get approval and even spoke with the highest people involved to put the two couples on the manifest. We finally got there and got them on the next cruise. They are currently sailing at the moment.

What insider tips do you usually tell guests about the ship or the destinations you visit?

I always promote the productions on the ships. The Royal Caribbean singers and dancers, they always do fantastic shows. The productions showcase different themes including the 70s during the evenings and dancing under the stars. We have dancing under the stars. I also try to make sure our cruise guests are aware of the various onboard activities in which they are able to participate in.

What's a new and adventurous itinerary you would give to someone looking for a fresh experience?

At the moment I am finding that our cruises enjoy more interesting itineraries, especially since the clientele onboard The Vision of the Seas is slightly older. They've experienced the Caribbean, explored the Mediterranean ports. They’re looking for something a little more interesting, a little further away but still within the comforts of the Ships. The most popular itinerary is with The Brilliance of the Seas with her cruise to Dubai. During my speeches, I always include this itinerary and I receive great feedback. People actually come and get additional information from me at a later date to actually book the cruise.

If a C&A member said they would go on any cruise RC had to offer, what would be your personal recommendation?

Cruising on board The Allure of the Seas is something that I would most definitely promote the most, especially for family cruisers. Royal Caribbean is very good with the children’s Adventurers Program and making sure that each family has a good time. After being on Allure, everything this ship has to offer is simply incredible! Without a doubt, The Allure of the Seas is the easiest to promote because it has something for everybody of all ages.

And you attend several receptions, parties, and events on board. Which do you most look forward to and why?

Without a doubt, the welcome back party is the event I look most forward to. It's a chance to connect with the Crown & Anchor members themselves and to recognize the new members. Our new members range from those who have just come into the C&A Society, the new gold members and also those who are changing tiers, upgrading to platinum, diamond or diamond plus. It's also a chance to actually talk about the trips and their itineraries and do a bit of product promoting. The Welcome Back Party gives me the opportunity to get a little closer to our C&A members so they know who I am as well.

What's the favorite part of your job?

By far, the parties and the social gatherings are the best part of my job. Being there and having the chance to interact with guests and other C&A members. The Diamond Lounge is also a lovely perk where I enjoy talking to a select few higher tier members that we have on board. But I also like to go down to breakfast as well, and being able to continue that relationship.

The C&A are always interested in your personal onboard life. What question do they most often ask you and what is the answer?

The C&A members are always curious about the ships I’ve been on in the past. So far, I've traveled onboard The Independence of the Seas and The Voyager of the Seas. Members also ask what I did previously to coming to Royal Caribbean. To that, I answer: I was an English teacher for 6 years in France, Italy and Spain.

What might guests be surprised to learn about you?

Probably that I am a keen rollerblader. My rollerblades follow me wherever I travel and if possible, I get out in the ports. It’s a great way to get around and see more of the cities. Of course, this depends on what country I am in and how the driving is, and whether I feel comfortable enough to be on the roads.

What, in your own words, do the C&A members mean to RC?

They are our loyal guests; they come back to us time and time again. They have found a product which offers something different for a different audience. The fact that they are loyal enough to come back time and time again is fantastic and that is what we really appreciate.

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