7 Signs a Cruise Should Be Your Next Vacation

Think traveling the world on the high seas isn’t for you? Think again
by 649

Have you ever said you’d never go on a cruise? Well, we hate to say it, but: never say never. Cruises offer some of the best opportunities in the world for adventure activities, fine dining, entertainment, shopping and more. Read on and find out if you’re a closet cruiser.

You know all the words to Mamma Mia.

Or Chicago. Or Cats. Whatever musical gets your heart pumping, there’s a good chance there’s a cruise that features it as onboard entertainment (although Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line with ).  So the next time you’re belting out “All That Jazz” at a karaoke bar, imagine sitting center-orchestra for the show, performed by top-notch talent from around the world — then hopping on an elevator to get back to your stateroom. You’ll get the Broadway experience without the post-show Times Square crush.

You’re fearless when it comes to trying new things…

Whether it’s skydiving, zip-lining, surfing, scaling a 30-foot rock-climbing wall, getting Scuba certified, or soaring over the open water in the North Star observation capsule, you’re up for anything.

…And you upload your GoPro footage to social media, stat.

Quantum of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s recently launched smart ship, has more bandwidth than every other cruise ship in the world — combined. (Yep, you read that right). The high-speed connectivity is thanks to low-orbit satellites launched with O3b Networks, allowing you to upload photos and videos to Facebook and Instagram, stream movies on Netflix, and Skype with family and friends back on land.

You’ve mastered the art of lounging.

With four pools, four whirlpools, the Vitality Spa, and hundreds upon hundreds of chaise lounges (and that’s on Quantum alone), it’s hard to pick exactly where to relax on a cruise. If you’re a lounging specialist, you’ll feel right at home at sea.

Your friends always ask you to pick the restaurant.

Cruises these days go way beyond the expected buffet, and fine dining options abound. Celebrity chefs have come into the fold: Jamie Oliver opened his first sea-faring Jamie’s Italian on Quantum of the Seas this fall; it’s one of 18 eateries on board, along with Michael’s Genuine Pub by Michael Schwartz.

You lust for luxuries like a fine Cartier watch, but also love a great deal.

Three words: No sales tax. And why stop at watches? On Royal Caribbean cruises, you can shop at Coach, Guess, Kiehl’s, BVLGARI, Hubolt, and more.

Wanderlust is your middle name.

You’re no stranger to the urge to hit the road or head to the nearest airport. But cruises mix the joy of reaching your destination with a vacation in transit. (We can’t say the same for air travel these days.) With ports of call across the globe, from Alaska to Singapore to a private island in the Bahamas, a cruise can get you where you want to go, while you travel in style.

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