A Day in the Life of Royal Caribbean’s President & CEO

by 533

My team recently asked me to write an entry for our “Day in the Life” series.  That has worked well for many of my colleagues but for me it would produce a very short entry.  There is no normal day for me. It is probably more useful to describe what I am trying to accomplish over a period of time such as months.

Clearly my professional responsibilities include dealing with whatever comes up for the company and for the brand.  Our company Executive Committee meets as regularly as our travel schedules allow.  I try to meet with my direct reports as regularly as I can as well as with a number of other colleagues.

There are seemingly endless topics that bubble up from day to day and week to week.  As much as we strive for our people to feel empowered to make decisions, the phenomenal complexity of this business inevitably requires that many issues require my attention. Sometimes we must deal with the very immediate here and now.  Sometimes we are debating and planning far into the future.

Over the course of a year I will travel abroad and in the U.S. for a wide variety of reasons.  Mostly it is for company business but sometimes it is for industry associations and/or interests.  I also do a few speeches each year.  I have to say no to many interesting opportunities.  There is no way to fit it all in.

Adam Goldstein

My other interests are also very much in the mix from family to community service to athletics.  2011 was a very interesting year in many of these respects.  Our family is once again in the middle of the effort to achieve legislation in Florida to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of concussions.  We will carry on this battle until we are successful, whether in 2012 or thereafter.  I really enjoyed my experiences running in national level track meets this past year.  I really didn’t know what I was doing and I’m still making up for missing 25 years of running.  But with the assistance of my personal trainer turned Coach Armando Cruz, I look forward to more significant progress.  I have increased my training intensity considerably and so far my body is holding up.  I have ambitious running goals for 2012.

It would not be possible to lead such a multivariable existence without stellar support all the way around.  I am extremely fortunate to have an understanding wife and great children.  I also have been the beneficiary of my outstanding executive assistant Marta Barrios’ support for nearly 20 years.  I have a lot to be thankful for including the attention of the readers of this blog.  Thank you and best wishes for 2012.

  • http://Facebook Maggie collins

    Like that you are into fitness. My best friend and I sail with RCL every JJanuary. We always take the stairs all week and hut the gym every day. I don’t do so well with limiting calories so I have to burn them off. The latest craze is Zumba. I contacted customer service to find out if Zumba exercise would be offered on the ship and they said no. Is this a possibility for the future as I know multiple classes would fill no and if yes, when?

  • Paul Eisen

    Adam; I had written to you previously, after a trip on Oasis, with some comments. We have recently completed our first T/A on Navigator of the Seas. Our second trip on Navigator. Firstly, I must commend RCCL on the all around quality of this trip. It was our 22nd, and by far the best. We are already planning another T/A on Independence next November. Specifically I would like to mention Mr. Jao Bolla, who runs the Windjammer and the specialty restaurants. He was always visable, directing his staff and the difference on this trip and others we have had is amazing. The all around quality and presentation of the food was superb. The cleanleness of the area was excellent, as was the staff. We enjoyed both specialty restaurants, also. I heard similar comments from many on board. This was a long trip (14d.) but there was never a ‘down’ time, there were many things to keep us from being bored. I especially enjoyed the two day lecture on the great ocean liners, of the past. The ship is beautiful, the staff outstanding. We are already booked on Liberty on March 17th., with my son & his family, it will be interesting to compare. Many thanks for providing this level of enjoyment.
    Please send my regards to Cynthia Lembo.
    Paul Eisen
    Boca Raton, Fl

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thank you for telling us about your wonderful time onboard, Paul. It brings us such joy to hear that your cruises with us continue to get better and better. We’ll be sure to pass the word along, thanks.

  • TJ Candy


    It was great to get to meet you and so many of the Royal Caribbean athletes at the USCAA National Track and Field competition this past July (I recognized the location in the photo). I was very impressed to see you compete there, your love of running and competition was evident, as well as so many other talented runners on your team. Glad to see you dust off those track shoes after 25 years and working the oval!

    Speaking for all the USCAA teams (I compete on the General Electric team, I the 5K/10K road races, not on the track), we were so glad to see such a strong showing from Royal Caribbean your first time out and look forward to seeing you at future USCAA events.

    I know for me (53 years old), when I first started competing for our Corporate Team, it awoke a desire in me to compete that I hadn’t felt since high school. I hope it does the same for you.

    My wife and I have completed 4 Royal Caribbean cruises and are booked for #5 in March 2012 on Adventure of the Seas. I have made it a habit to run aboard ship every morning and logged 56 running miles aboard ship (my new record!) on Voyager of the Seas during a 7 day cruise earlier this year. I hope to make it 60 some time.

    Wishing you smooth sailing, on the seas and on the track!

    TJ Candy
    Fairfield, OH

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thanks TJ. I enjoyed San Ramon and look forward to going back in July. I am training in a much more serious way than last year and hope to see results starting later this month. Fortunately USA T&F Nationals are three weeks after San Ramon this year. Last year they were one week later.