A Few More Quick Notes from our President & CEO

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A few more quick notes:

Note 1: Done. Done. Done. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed our concussion legislation into law on April 26th. Yes!! We are very happy that beginning July 1st the youth athletes of Florida will be more protected against the dangers of head trauma from sports-related concussions.

Note 2: Ran 19:20 at the Corporate Run, my best time so far in this race but only good enough for 2nd place in the CEO Division for the 3rd year in a row (in 2009 I won with a time of 19:35). Our co-ed team (two male, two female) that I am part of is once again city champions. Congratulations to my teammates Kevin, Bo and Rachel. Overall I finished 55th out of 23,000. I’m proud of the Royal Caribbean “Cruisers” for a very fine showing.

Note 3: We recently had our nearly annual Conference of International Representatives in Miami. These are the people/companies who represent Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara Club for sales and marketing purposes in about 45 countries where we do not have company offices. I have known many of these wonderful people from across the globe for over 20 years. Their evident pride and joy in representing our brands is a beautiful thing. In some cases they have grown our number of customers from a few dozen per year to thousands per year. In many of these family owned businesses there has been a passing of a generational baton over the years. I would like to thank them here for all of their efforts over the years on our behalf.

Note 4: My little sister Laura (way younger than I am!) got married on April 28th to a great guy named Tom Hayes who serves as a doctor in the United States Navy. It was perfect except for my father not being there to see his little girl all grown up. I walked her down the aisle along with my two brothers. I wish Laura and Tom all the best.

  • Joseph Schneider


    I’m looking for a full time job. I live in Greenacres, Fl. Do you have any positions in the terminals ?


  • bonnie cacciacarne

    are you really taking the enchanyment away fr balt staff and service wonderful like family,cannot fly and have to always pay double but can get a ride to their,alot of us keep in touch with staff because we love em also why not start a list where people like me could sail more if i could afford it where we could post to rc,where we give our permission to be in contact w people on the list,i had a window on sail that we never went to rhode psland,where alot cancelled,and alot of us didnt know,accept bermuda bad weather for most of trip got up to deck 9 one night,noone given credit of any type,also if i could find a roommate maybe could get a balcony for first time instead of always smallest room end of ship
    i thank god for ev3ry day he gives me so i can sail again

  • Sheri Morris

    I’m interested in a cruise leaving from Baltimore, MD on December 15, 2012 and would like to take a tour of the ship before I make the decision about the location of the balcony I choose. I’ve never been on a cruise and in trying to coordinate it all, my concern is that I’m going to be stuck with a balcony containing obstructed views. Also, what specials can you offer to entice me to take the leap and go no my first cruise?

    Thanks a whole bunch,

    Sheri Morris

  • Margaret Hickey

    I am doing a cruise from Honolulu to Sydney next Sept.. Can you please tell me where I find the information regarding ?what the theme nights are for this cruise”? I have searched the web, but cannot find anything about what the themes will be? Would be nice to know what to take with me.. Thank you in advance..

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Hi Margaret, Themes vary from ship to ship but click here to learn about possible theme nights onboard.

  • Ann Throckmorton

    Good Going, Goldstein! It’s wonderful to see someone truly enjoying every aspect of life. Keep up the great spirit. And keep those wonderful cruises coming, too!

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thanks for your comment, Ann.

  • Teal Williams

    True Story:

    I started running daily to prepare myself for a 5K that I signed up for in July. I havn’t done any distance running in almost 20 years. So I stated looping this trail at the park near my home. I figured the loop was about 1/2 mile and so six times around would be three miles. I was telling my co-worker how I’ve been running three miles a day and It takes me about an hour and 15 minutes. He said that doesn’t sound right. He told me that I would have to be walking at a very slow pace to take an hour and 15 mins to go three miles.

    On his advice I took a GPS tracker with me on my next run. Turns out the trail loop is 0.86 miles around. So the whole time, I’ve been running over 5 miles a day and didn’t even know it. I was so happy. :-)

    The day I discovered this is the day your note about the corporate run was posted to facebook. I think it’s cool you’re a runner and I hope to be as good as you in the coming years.


    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thanks for sharing, Teal.

  • Cheri Russo

    It’s been many years since I last cruised, I used to go every January. Royal Caribbean was by far my favorite. I love the ocean, loved every single moment onboard and ashore. I would be happy to live out there cruising the seas and meeting so many wonderful people from so many different countries. What a beautiful way to begin each day, looking upon different gorgous views every day. Sigh.
    I would like to know if you offer any Martial Arts Classes onboard?
    I work at a very successful Martial Arts School for adults and children. I would love to bring a few of our instructors onboard to share Self Defense Skills.
    Please contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss details.
    Cheri Russo

  • Cheryl Christine Moore

    I really enjoyed my first cruise on ” The Allure”.My daughter took me. I will always remember. I think the size of the ship was most impressive. I understand you are building a new ship that is not as large as the ALLURE and the OASIS. Why are you going back to a smaller size?

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Hi Cheryl, please click here for all of the information available about Project Sunshine.

  • marshico robinson

    Hello, i recently became a member of the crown n anchor society. I must say i enjoyed my cruise on the monarch of the sea,s so much in may,2011 i returned again 11 months later n April, 2012 and learned it was being sold. Although it will be bitter sweat, i will miss it…. But i won’t miss the heat.i managed to have two rooms diffrent cabins , no working air condition,s……… The only part of the cruise,s i didn’t like was going back to my hot stateroom. Everything else was great n so were the crew. Thanks

  • Rose North

    My husband and I have always raved about RC..until now. We were on the Rhapsopy, which we took from Bali to Sydney. I had been dreaming of this trip for a few years. We were scheduled to take this trip in March of last year, but I sustained a spinal cord injury and was in the hospital. My motivation to teach myself to walk again, was this trip. We rescheduled for the March 27th sailing from Singapore. That trip kept me going whenever I was feeling discouraged. I was going to make my dream come true, and I wouldn’t be confined to a wheelchair! Due to some circumstances, we flew to Bali, joining up with the Rhapsody there. The ship arranged transportation from our hotel to where we were tendered to the ship. We had run into numerous frustrations on our trip to Bali, including the airline giving away our upgraded seats, forcing us to be in economy for the 12+ hour flight! I couldn’t wait to get on the ship, where everything would be handicapped friendly, and I would have my clothes! Unfortunately, upon getting onto the ship, things didn’t go very well there either. I was taken to a room which was not a handicapped room. My chair wouldn’t even fit through the door. Since I had verified our having a handicapped room no less than three times, I was confused as to what was going on. It turned out “they” had given away our handicapped room! I wanted to cry…nothing had gone right from the beginning of our trip. We were told, they were told we had changed our minds about taking the trip! My saga didn’t end there by a long shot, but needless to say, my dream vacation to Australia was ruined. We have been on many cruises, we belong to the Crown & Anchor Club, but after all that went wrong on the cruise, I don’t know if I’ll take RC again or not.

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Hello Rose, we are sorry for the inconveniences. Our commitment to our guest’s satisfaction remains our number one priority and feedback from our guests is important to us. If you would like further assistance regarding this individual matter, do not hesitate in contacting our customer service representatives at (800) 256-6649 or email us using our contact form here. Thank you for helping us address your concern as quickly as possible.

  • Robert Silver

    Love Royal Caribbean, having gone out on the Allure in December, but I have to ask, Adam, why oh why can’t we get REAL bagels on the ships. While feeling that you should know better, cannot really think of those Lender’s look-alikes as approaching any bagels you get here in New York. Any self-respecting lox would refuse to be put on such inferior donut-like bagels. Nevertheless, we shall be on the Explorer in December and hope that the weather is as nice next winter as it was this one.

  • charles

    Hello sir.i love love love royal Carribbean cruise lines. My family and i go on a cruise every year if not twice a year.i am a hairstylist and i have many customers that ask me or even call me about which cruise to go on and ask about the ships to go on.i have made it a point to learn as much as i can about your line. I have always enjoyed my cruises. And all the wonderful professional staff. Thank you and great success to you

    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      We’re glad to have you as a brand advocate, Charles. Thank you and we look forward to having you back onboard in the future.

  • Erickson D. maitim

    Sir we just want to ask regarding our scheduling because me and my wife had been for vacation since February 06,2012 until now we don’t have any schedule back to the beautiful Navigator of the Seas yet we feel so very much disappointment and unfair because the scheduler here in the Philippines he cancelled our schedule which supposed we join this May 20,2012 to those who just went back home last March and April they already back to the Ship,the scheduler Mr. Alvin De Leon told us that NAVIGATOR is full but why there is a crew who is leaving and joining Navigator this May 20,2012,3 dinning room staff,actually that is our returning date but they cancelled it because they say that Navigator of the Seas is full but he sending some other crew who just went back home last march only.I been working to this company for 11 years Sir Adams.I been loyal to this company because ROYAL CARIBBEAN is the most best company of cruise ship. My question now Sir Adams,Regarding to the scheduling they don’t have any rules for this like if you are the first one who went for vacation your are the who will give a priority if there is an opening slot?What I know Sir Adams if you been working to Royal Caribbean for more that 10 years they must always give you priority. We mail the scheduler of Navigator of the Seas here in the Philippines Mr. Alvin De Leon but the reply seems like he doesn’t what us to joined Navigator his telling that right now he need a crew that who knows to speak a third language but me and my wife were at Navigator last cruising and we learn a lot of basic italian language. We are hoping that you can help us Sir Adams because we feel so hopeless.We are already more than 3 months in vacation and we are running out of financial support.We can not stay to long Sir because we do have a lot credits that we need to pay.Thank you in advance if you could help us Sir Adams! May God Bless you more!

    Erickson Maitim Waiter
    Ritchell Maitim Assitant Waiter

  • Ines Storhok

    We just found out about the transfer of the Monarch to Pullmantur. We love the Monarch, as She was our first cruise ship and we have a lot of good memories about our first cruise experience. Our first cruise in the Monarch got us hooked on cruising, and now we are working our way toward the Diamond Plus level. Of course, when we heard about the last RC Monarch sailing scheduled for March 2013 (while we were recently cruising), we felt compelled to book, and we did!!! We are wondering (and hoping) that there is going to be a special celebration on the last RC sailing of the Monarch. We would love to be part of that celebration. Are you planning any special events for the last Monarch cruise in March 2013?

  • Alan

    Hi, Adam,

    First, Mazel Tov on your sister’s wedding. On Memorial Day, it’s particularly fitting to remember all of those who serve in the military, and not to forget the physicians, dentists and other professionals who serve, often forgoing higher salaries in civilian practices. So your new brother-in-law is already my brother-in-arms (I did 38 years between active duty and reserves) and I salute him and the others who serve. Today’s military environment results in multiple deployments, increasing the strain on families. I know that as a veteran, I appreciate it when you offer a military discount on a fewof your sailings.

    Second, you deserve a huge well-done for the work you (and a lot of others with you) did on the concussion law. It is incredibly important, and the ongoing findings of research into head and brain trauma makes clear just how vital such laws are.

    Have a good holiday, and thanks for your hard work for us stockholders, and for the larger community.



    • http://www.royalcaribbean.com Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Alan, and for serving our country. Happy Memorial Day.