Adam Returns from Falmouth: An Update on the Latest Developments

by 1011

Oasis of the Seas for three nights may not be as much fun as Oasis of the Seas for seven nights, but I’m only allowed so much enjoyment at one time especially when I am working.  So I took my three nights and am happy to report I’m pleased with what I experienced at sea and on land.

The primary purpose of the trip was to see Falmouth, Jamaica.  The secondary purposes were to get reacquainted with Oasis of the Seas and to see the latest at Labadee.


Starting with the ship, as always, I have to give credit to the men and women who deliver our product.  The Wow for our guests may be a photo with Shrek or watching an AquaTheater show or surfing the FlowRider or enjoying Chef Daniel Fein’s menu at 150 Central Park.  The Wow for me is seeing how our operation on Oasis-class ships has matured in 18 months to become a natural part of what we do.  Our shipboard leaders are relaxed and confident about their responsibilities and our front line people are smiling and doing their thing.  This is true notwithstanding that there are always one or two major change projects taking place behind the scenes.

Are there things for me to comment on?  Of course.  It would be shocking if I had nothing to say after observing our product for 23 years.  I make notes as I go along and write them up for the Hotel Director and Lisa Bauer.  In this case, there were relatively few comments, but I did state in no uncertain terms that I was less than pleased with certain aspects of our art program.  But with that set of glitches noted, the product on Oasis is spectacular.

Labadee shined in sunny, hot weather.  Even with Oasis’ 6,250 guests checking out our private paradise, there was more than enough room.  The Dragon’s Breath Flight Line zip wire was going all day.  People were coming down the mountain on the coaster ride.  Jet skis were silently (from where I was!) buzzing about.  The cabanas at Barefoot Beach were fully occupied. From many vantage points the top of the ship rose out of the trees in a surreal way.  I got a tour of the back of the house from Site Manager David Southby, visited our lovely elementary school which just went out of session last week and spent some time with the island management team.  My takeaway is we need to do an even better job of marketing what Labadee is.  I spoke to someone who had visited a number of the cruise industry’s private destinations prior to coming to Labadee.  He said he and his people were just not prepared for how much there is at Labadee.

Falmouth was what I hoped it would be.  A dramatic development that is unique in the Caribbean.  The scope of the undertaking is really impressive.  Today it is about 90% done.  The most important building that needs to be completed is the arrival/departure terminal building.  This has taken longer than it should have and I am told it will be finished in September. 

The next most important element that requires completion is the occupancy of the retail space by all of the tenants.  The day I was there, Diamonds International was open and busy and so was House of Diamonds.  We are expecting about 70% of the available retail space to be occupied and open for business in the upcoming weeks.  Following this we will put a couple of restaurants in place. 

The town itself is interesting.  By all accounts Falmouth has made amazing progress in cleaning, painting and signage since the citizens came to believe our project was really happening.  On the other hand, Falmouth is a real town with real people living in it and it will need to continue rehabilitating its historical architecture and sprucing up other aspects as time goes on.  It is worth noting that this new port gives ready access to shore excursions from Ocho Rios to Montego Bay.  This has not been possible in the past.

The combination of Oasis itself, Labadee, Falmouth and Cozumel makes for a fantastic Western Caribbean 7 night vacation.  Please try it soon!

Post script – yes there was some Presidential table tennis action onboard.  I’m definitely improving and thinking about what I could do if I weren’t so focused on my running.

  • Bernadette Menzaco

    Wish RCCL could have a real good senior discount on Oasis, we have made it to DIAMOND PLUS but we have also grown with age. Once you are over 65 you are on a fixed income, and cannot afford what you have done in the past. I would love to go on this ship but it is expensive. Maybe you can help these seniors out.

    • Adam

      Hi Bernadette, thank you for your comment. We do offer reduced prices, exclusively for guests who are 55+, on selected sailings. For more information please contact your travel agent or customer support. Thank you.


    It is great to see your post of your trip on the Oasis. We were on the ship at the same time you were and sat next to you at the Park Cafe the first morning at sea. While you were somewhat incognito, your Royal Caribbean shirt and the fact that you were reviewing presentation slides gave it away. We were very impressed to see you there, and how you were observing all of the activities around you.

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Oasis and although we had seen many pictures of the ship, it just did not do her justice. The ship is very innovative and so much to do. The food, the ship, the shows, were all excellent. I have to make special mention of our lunch at Giovanni’s Table. It was fantastic and one of the best meals we had all week. We had a great time in Labadee and Cozumel, but were somewhat disappointed in the shore excursion in Falmouth. We had selected a shore excursion that included, fun, snorkling and shopping. The snorkeling was excellent but the rest of the 6 hour tour was was not very nice and was not on par with what we have experienced with Royal. I would suggest that you ask someone to get some more feedback about the shore excrusions and the descriptions.

    Thanks for posting and we look forward to our next Royal Caribbean cruise.

    • Adam

      Kevin, glad you enjoyed your time on Oasis and were able to experience everything she has to offer. Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly take your comments into account and pass them on to the proper department to better review the situation. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

  • Tom Barton

    Thanks for the info about Falmouth! I’m booked on the 11/27/11 Mariner (Honeymoon) cruise out of Galveston that will stop in Falmouth and could not find much info on it. After reading your review, I’m now excited. I’ve been on cruises to Mo Bay twice…glad this will be a different port!

    • Adam

      Congratulations Tom, we can’t wait to have you and your future wife onboard for your honeymoon and are sure your time onboard Oasis of the Seas will be memorable. We look forward to seeing you in November.

  • bob lufkin

    Adam, speaking of art, in my opinion, one of the highlights of Oasis was the “Art Actuality” art tours. There is so much art work to be seen and appreciated on the ship. Last June, I was looking forward to the same on Allure. Replaced by Brios. With so much art work from new and emerging artists to see, I think you should have your staff consider having art tours offered fleet wide and on Celebrity too.

    • Adam

      Thanks for offering your suggestion, Bob. We’re glad that you enjoy the art onboard and will pass along your feedback for consideration.

  • Ed Tinkertoy

    I have been to Labadee several times both before and after the pier and other upgrades were made and by comparison to all of the other cruise line private islands I have visited, Labadee is definitely the BEST. I could enjoy a cruise with 2 or 3 days at Labadee. My previous cruises that were to stop at Falmouth went other places as it was not complete enough and so I am really looking forward to that first visit later this year.

    • Adam

      We are happy to hear you have had such a wonderful time in Labadee, Ed. We look forward to having you back onboard soon, and hope you will share your experience in Falmouth with us.

  • DMPicone

    Are their going to be some more recent photos and videos of Falmouth posted?

    • Adam

      Hello, DMPicone you can see the latest images from Falmouth here. Thanks for your interest.

  • MARY

    Labadee is ONE of the many, many wonderful things about RCCL. The beauty of the scenery is breathtaking. I love that there’s something for everyone. On our last cruise I just grabbed a float and hit the water. Heaven!

    My favorite destination is the ship itself, I don’t care if I ever get off, but Labadee is a must!

    • Adam

      We’re glad you enjoyed Labadee so much, Mary. We can’t wait to have you sail with us again.

  • Keith Kendall

    Been to Labadee twice before and scheduled on Allure next June. Can’t wait to see the new additions. Before was pretty much beach activity and a great place to relax on the beach, with a few excursion options, so now it should be fantastic. Forgive me for asking here, but please reconsider going with alot of the industry and not allowing smoking out on balconys. It still interfers with others right to a smoke-free environment. Really detracts from my enjoyment of the balcony and often even sleeping. Thanks. We’re Platinum C&A and only sail with RCI.

    • Adam

      Hi Keith, we are sure you will enjoy both Labadee as well as all the amenities that Allure offers when you sail with us next June. You will have to let us know how your cruise goes. In regards to your feedback regarding our smoking policy, we will be sure to pass your comments along to the proper department.

  • richard todd

    I have been to Labadee and when my cruise friends brag about their experiences at other private cruise locations I realize that Labadee is one of the better kept secrets in the Carribbean. It is in an elite class by itself.

    And thanks for clearing up the Falmouth developments. Our family group of 15 will be on the ground there in May, 2012 and we have been hearing inaccurate info.

    • Adam

      Hi Richard, we’re glad you enjoyed your experience in Labadee and that we were able to answer any questions on Falmouth. We look forward to having your family onboard next May.

  • Marc Meyer

    Hi Adam, I thought this was interesting to read for 2 reasons.-
    “Our shipboard leaders are relaxed and confident about their responsibilities and our front line people are smiling and doing their thing. This is true notwithstanding that there are always one or two major change projects taking place behind the scenes”.

    The first reason is that the combination of relaxed and confident are possibly 2 of the best traits that one could possess in tandem. So it’s good to hear that your shipboard leaders are just that-Leaders.
    Second-I think it’s admirable that they can be relaxed and confident and your front line people are doing their thing with smiles while there are major change projects actually happening behind the scenes. It truly is a gift to pull off without it affecting someone’s trip in which they truly expect to escape and get away from it all, even if it is for 3 days. If it wasn’t truly behind the scenes-you would be hearing about it, in about half dozen digital/social platforms. Great Job.

    • Adam

      Hi Marc, thank you for the kind words. We are proud of our team and the important roles they play throughout the cruising experience. We’ll be sure to pass your compliments along.

  • dominique lavigueur

    Hello, We have sailed on both Oasis and Allure and we are booked for Oasis next January specifically because (or thanks to) the Art on board.
    I took the art tours ,enjoyed the more varied types of Art and Crafts, techniques and media on board Oasis (I am a craftsperson) so I am really looking forward to the miles and miles of daily walks on ALL decks and sides to enjoy and take in the ART work. I plan on taking th tours again to appreciate everything AGAIN

    • Adam

      Hi Dominique, we’re glad you enjoyed the art onboard both Oasis and Allure of the Seas. We look forward to welcoming you again in January.

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  • joe

    Falmouth is a disgrace and a waste of time. It’s basically a mini mall built by Royal Caribbean in which you can spend more money. The surrounding area is bleak and uninteresting. The Dunn’s River Falls excursion was a complete ripoff (everyone on the Island will lie to get your money). Stay AWAY from Falmouth it is an embarrassment in every possible way. They should be ashamed for pushing that shoddy jewelry as well.

  • Elsie Hui

    Any number of nights on the Oasis class is good! :) I am about to book 3 staterooms for Dec 2013, and I got 2 already reserved for August 2013! I can’t wait! It’s too bad my holidays are so far from now.

    • Adam

      We can’t wait to have you onboard next year, Elsie.