Allure is Ready to Entertain You. Are You Ready for Allure?

by 479

And all that Jazz……


I’m lobbying to change the name of our newest ship to Entertainment of the Seas.  The variety of entertainment options is amazing, and was further solidified last week when we conducted two previews of Chicago: The Musical at our Hollywood Studio.

As we watched the previews, I was thinking about everything it took to get to the final run through.  I recalled the vocal director, Loren, during the auditions in New York when we were trying to find the perfect falsetto to play the Miss Sunshine role.  I also laughed thinking about Christi Coachman’s comments that we were sending her to audition long-legged dancers for Chicago: The Musical and 4’10” performers for the penguin characters of DreamWorks.  She said it was the most complex casting ever!

Chicago: The Musical was definitely raising the bar for us.  There was an element of risk taking a 6-time Tony Award winning musical that is normally 2:10 hours with an intermission and making it into a 90 minute version; not to mention it’s an Academy Award Winning movie that set high expectations.  We worked hard to ensure all the key elements of the story were included, as well as every notable song such as, “All that Jazz,” and “Razzle Dazzle.” I’m confident that our guests onboard will not miss a single “beat” (pardon the bad pun).

The cast is incredible.  Christi certainly did find us the long-legged dancers, and the choreography is especially impressive.  The content of the show is definitely more adult than what we’ve done in the past. As a result, we have attached a “PG” content on the show reservations section of the website and there will be a message in the onboard cruise compass.  However, when we did the run through, we had a number of kids there.  My favorite comment came from a 9 year old who loved the dancing and when he left the studio, he said, “I need my exit music.”  You will just have to see the show onboard to get that one!

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