Allure of the Seas: How Many Crew Members Does it Take?

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Lisa Bauer

What a Crew!

Today was a very busy day onboard Allure of the Seas.  The day started with the first Executive Committee Meeting for Allure.  It was very unique because we have both leadership teams onboard at the same time.  We have Captain Zini and Captain Johnny, both staff Captains, Chief Engineers and Hotel Directors.  This is a great opportunity to take a unified team approach for leading the ship.

We also had our first “all crew” meeting today.  When we are in regular operations, we will have a crew of 2,176 but right now we have 70 extra crew members onboard for start-up, totalling 2,246.  Currently, there are crew members from 78 different nationalities!  I think that is a record for us.  About 428 of the crew are joining Allure from Oasis of the Seas, and the remainder are from the balance of our fleet.  Of course, we do have a few new-hires onboard, especially our DreamWorks characters.


With such a large crew, we had to use both Studio B and the Amber Theatre for the meeting. All of the Food & Beverage crew was in Studio B and the rest of the crew was in the theatre.  Because of the great technology onboard Allure, crews in both areas could see Captain Zini host the theatre and our Hotel Director, Raimund, host Studio B,.  The purpose of this meeting was to introduce crew members to the Executive Committees, and discuss the importance of training and drills, learning the ship, and most importantly, to inspire and motivate them to Deliver the Wow to our guests.

The meeting was great fun; we even put a challenge out for the crew to achieve the most successful Maiden Voyage ever.  While Captain Zini said he isn’t competitive and thought Oasis was amazing, he thinks Allure has the opportunity to be even better (I hope Captain Bill isn’t reading this, by the way).  Captain Zini also said it is a good rivalry between sister ships and reaffirmed that Oasis is outstanding before saying if he had to choose between sisters, why would he choose the older, heavier and shorter one?  Needless to say that won a huge round of applause and laughter from the group.  Allure’s crew is definitely fired up to deliver an amazing guest experience.

I’ve been able to capture some of our experiences during the transatlantic crossing on video.  Click here to view Chef Marco’s birthday party, the wine pairing selection for 150 Central Park – our signature specialty restaurant – and my view of the Great Belt Bridge crossing from the top of the ship.  Stay in tune with my latest videos by subscribing to our You Tube channel or bookmarking the page.

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