Announcing Oasis of the Seas' Seven Godmothers

by 110

It’s a great honor for a cruise line to identify a Godmother and have her name a ship. So why not have seven? Royal Caribbean International is ready to release the names of our seven wonderful Oasis of the Seas Godmothers, one for each of Oasis’ seven neighborhoods. All day tomorrow (Wednesday, November 18th), we will communicate via, Facebook and Twitter the names of the seven Godmothers. The naming ceremony will take place at sea off Ft. Lauderdale on Monday, November 30th.

  • Clara

    Daisy Fuentes ??? She’s promoting another cruise line that’s horrible. Why ???

  • Glen Petronaci

    I see your new policy iritated a lot of other customers. Ever look at

    Hello All –

    As I was booking a cruise on the Oasis, I was just informed by my travel agent that the NextCruise $100 on-board credit is worthless for Platinum Members!!!

    Apparently there was a corporate decision put into effect at the beginning of the year stipulating that this so-called benefit can not be combined with other discounts. This should have been made perfectly clear on the form that is filled out when registering for this program and the Loyalty Ambassador should have pointed it out as well. The booking (Booking Id 5265947) document that was left in our cabin has NO mention that it could not be combined with any other promotion. The wording states “With this NextCruise account you have secured the ability to receive an onboard credit in the value of $50-$300 per stateroom”. Surely, when the booking was made, someone should have recognized the amount of cruise that we have been on. They were able to determine who the travel agent was.

    This is a tremendous DISSERVICE to your loyal customers! I’ve been on 7 cruises with Royal Caribbean and 2 on Celibrity. Each year the “benefits” are dwindling more and more. Maybe it is time to take our business elsewhere! There were two other couples who cruise with us that will also be upset with this when the travel agent or I inform them. Because of this misrepresentation, Royal Caribbean should honor our $100 on board credits along with the Platinum discounts and take the steps to eliminate the misrepresentation to other customers.

  • Marvin

    My wife and I just returned from a splendid inaugural crossing on the Carnival Dream. We were treated wonderfully although we have only sailed 3 previous cruises with Carnival. We have sailed 18 cruises with RCCL and 9 with Celebrity, but because you have decimated the Crown and Anchor Diamond benefits, we have chosen to vote with our feet and take our cruising dollars elsewhere. We have three cruises currently booked with NCL. As we read the news releases for the Oasis it strikes us that you have an exciting ship to fill and many dissatisfied fomer cruisers that did not even recieve the courtesy of responses to their letters and e-mails. Someone should do a little simple math. This arrogance is not going un-noticed except,sadly, perhaps by you.

  • James Janoff

    It’s an exciting time to cruise Royal Caribbean. We are hoping we can book an Oasis cruise for nest year. I’ve heard that a new dock has been built on Labadee for the Oasis. We will be arriving at Labadee on the Jewel on December 13, but we have heard that we will still have to tender in. If that’s correct, we were curious why only Oasis can dock, and not Royal Caribbeans other ships? Why would all that money be spent so just one ship can dock there?