Ask Adam Blog Series – April 2012 Answers

by 1943

As spring comes to a close we prepare ourselves for Summer here at Royal Caribbean as well as our lucky 13th edition of our Ask Adam blog series. If you missed March’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s been up to or just curious about all things Royal Caribbean, please follow this link to our Facebook discussions page and submit your questions there.

Will Royal Caribbean be coming back to Norfolk, VA in the future?

We are always evaluating our options, but we have no immediate plans to return to Norfolk.

MISPRINT OR TRUE? Diamond Lounge on the Enchantment of the Seas? We are Diamond members (almost Diamond Plus) and we just received the new Crown & Anchor Exclusive News (Issue 2-2012) in the mail and it listed a Concierge & Diamond Lounge as a feature onboard. Is there really a Diamond Lounge on the Enchantment? – Phillip W.

Phillip, we’re adding favorite dining, entertainment and family features from our Oasis-class ships to our entire fleet. As part of that program, Enchantment of the Seas will receive several enhancements including a Diamond Lounge scheduled for December 2012.

Hello from ‘Down Under’! Is Royal Caribbean considering a world cruise with any of their ships? – Jill

Not at this time.

Dear Adam, we always enjoy the food on our cruise vacations (we’ve been on 10 cruises so far since 2009). However, we’ve noticed that the menus have remained the same for the past two years. Does Royal Caribbean ever change the menu?

Our main menus are updated on annual basis. We are always balancing the staple items that are guest’s favorites with new dishes. Besides the regular annual update, we also update the menus by deployment. For example if a ship transitions from the Caribbean to Alaska, then a customized menu program will run on that ship for that season. Our menus offer a wide variety of dishes and change every night. So, even if a guest comes back a couple of times a year, there should be sufficient choice on all the menus to always try something new.

In addition, our Food and Beverage team is currently working on a complete menu revision which we will be tested this summer onboard one of our ships and could start rolling out to the rest of the fleet as soon as late this year.

I have read reviews about Oasis-class ships that suggest the food options have really changed. Many of the reviews stated that the pay-to-dine food options were better than the inclusive food options. Are cruises heading to more of a pay-to-dine atmosphere? – Michelle

On our ships the main dining room and the Windjammer are inclusive dining options that will remain at the core of our food service. Over the years we have added more complimentary food service venues than specialty dining restaurants, such as Solarium Bistro, Park Cafe, the Boardwalk Doghouse, Sorrento’s Pizza and Cafe Promenade. We are adding favorite dining, entertainment and family features from our Oasis-class ships to our entire fleet and, as part of this program, many of the new complimentary dining options will be available on more ships

At the same time we recognize that there is a demand for specialty dining on our ships. The real differentiator between complimentary and specialty dining is not better food or service; it’s about the experience. The main dining room is a large operation and it is a grand experience. On the other hand, specialty restaurants are much smaller and are therefore able to offer a very different experience. They are designed to be your favorite neighborhood restaurant but in order to offer these specialty options we need to charge those guests who value the experience. There is room for both included and pay-to-dine approaches to coexist on our ships as we are offering a choice for each guest to customize their dining experience to their preference.

Do you have any long-term plans to permanently base a ship in Australia? Jarrod

We are very pleased with our growth in Australia. Our 2013-14 Australia program, which was recently open for booking, is our most diverse program ever, but does remain on a seasonal basis.

Hi Adam, is there any chance that Allure of the Seas or Oasis of the Seas will be making stops at Grand Cayman anytime soon? – Brian

We have no immediate plans for this as we are waiting for Grand Cayman to build a dock to have these ships come alongside.

Adam, are you planning to have the Jewel of the Seas continue to do the repositioning from England to Boston in 2013? – Pam

Brilliance of the Seas will be taking over the England program from Jewel of the Seas for 2013 and will indeed offer this sailing

Dear Adam, are there any plans to start using the port of Liverpool, UK for cruise departures? – Karen

No immediate plans.

I have been enjoying your cruises out of Baltimore, especially the longer 12 day cruises. Are there any plans to add more 12 day or longer cruises from Baltimore? – Tommy

Hello Tommy. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm for our cruises sailing from Baltimore. We recently finalized our deployment for summer 2013 and winter 2013-14 from Baltimore. The deployment features a variety of different itineraries, ports and sailing lengths. In 2013 we have two sailings that are 12 nights or longer. You can learn more here.

Why are there so few Royal Caribbean ships docked in Miami? – Karen S.

It’s true we do not have as many ships departing from Miami as we once did. This is partly driven by our commitment to Port Everglades and the new terminal designed for Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. That said, we continue to have a good relationship with Port Miami, where Majesty of the Seas departs twice a week on a year-round basis.

When will Tampa see a year round cruise ship? I mean I love that Jewel of the Seas is there but I would love to go on during the summer. – Brandon M.

Tampa is a great city with a great port and we are pleased with our presence. We have many wonderful itineraries during the summer and we simply do not have enough ships to offer a summer program in the gulf ports of Tampa, New Orleans and Galveston at this time.

Hi Adam, I am a loyal customer of Royal Caribbean and have recommended the company to many friends and colleagues. However, I find it odd that Royal Caribbean doesn’t offer any incentives for those customers for acting as ambassadors to the company. Are there any plans to reward customers who act as ambassadors for Royal Caribbean? – John W.

Thank you for being loyal to Royal and recommending our brand to your friends and colleagues. We have a referral reward program called, “Bring a Friend”, which gives Crown & Anchor Society members $25 to spend onboard for each stateroom they refer (up to 5 referrals). To be eligible for the $25 onboard credit, your friends/family must be sailing on a Royal Caribbean ship for the first time and be on the same sailing as you. To register for the $25 onboard credit, please visit after logging in to the Crown & Anchor website.

Are there any plans to offer additional types of fitness classes, such as Insanity, P90X or Turobofire? – Jillian

Jillian, you will be happy to know that we offer the Body Sculpt Boot Camp onboard our ships. There are four fat burning sessions in “BSBC”. Each session focuses on different muscle groups and you can burn anywhere between 300 to 700 calories by activating all the muscle fibers that most struggle to work in conventional exercise. I’m told that it’s an action-packed and fun and also offers results in the shortest time possible.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

  • Dan Prachar

    Hello Adam,
    Sorry if this question has been ask,Is there a chance that Explorer would be replaced By an Oasis class ship in the near future?We love sailing out of Bayonne.Also will Rccl continue to sail out of Bayonne?

    • Adam

      Hello Dan, we currently have no plans to move an Oasis Class ship to Bayonne. For more information, please check out our December edition of our Ask Adam blog. Thank you.

  • joan

    Dear Adam… a newly relocated “Texan”, I love that I can drive to the port of Galveston but why is that your itinerary
    remains the same year after year? Have you considered a RT to the Panama Canal, for instance, or stops in JA ?

  • anthony g

    will oasis and allure of the seas eaver change there itinerary

    • Adam

      Hi Anthony, there are no immediate plans at this time.

  • Tom Abrams

    I just seen in Adam’s blog That some of your customers get a Crown & Anchor Excluisive news.Why do I not get one?
    C&A No 302470832

    • Adam

      Hi Tom, we will forward your information to the Crown and Anchor department.

  • Chaunsy Sellers

    Will Royal Caribbean ever return to the west coast?

    • Adam

      Hi Chaunsy, you can find information about Royal Caribbean sailing out of the West Coast in the December edition of our Ask Adam blog. Thank you.

  • Joe OHearn


    My wife and I live in Pennsylvania and would like to cruise out of Cape Liberty N.J. more often due to the hassles of flying these days. Are there any plans to move a larger class ship there in the future or are there problems with the bridges or harbor that would prevent this. We recently cruised on the Allure Of The Seas and were blown away by the beauty and features on this ship!!

  • Kendra

    Why are the cruises out of New Orleans and Galveston only during the winter? Is there any plans to extend to this area year round?

  • Vanessa Valderrama

    Good Afternoon,

    We recently sailed on Allure for our second time on May 6th for our honeymoon. We purchased an Owners Suite and took 49 of our closest Friends and Family with us. We are also Diamond Plus members. We looked forward to the Owners Suite balcony as we have sailed in it twice before, but being a honeymoon cruise and having friends with us we were more excited than in previous years. Unfortunately, our direct nieghbors forward, chain smoked the ENTIRE cruise with cigarettes AND Cigars. I know smoking is allowed on balconies however, we were kept from ours as we are non-smokers. We tried several times to enjoy our table and have breakfast out there as early as 6am and as late as 9am and everytime our neighbors would not give us peace. We brought it to the guest relations and the hotel director and stateroom attendant, They spoke to the passengers especially since the stateroom attendant found cigars used in their cabin. Our neighbors seemed spiteful and made things even worse for us after spoken to by staff. We rec’d 3 phone calls from the Hotel Director asking us if we were “ok” or if things were getting better since they were spoken to but unfortunately the answer was always no. Needless to say we never spent more than 5 minutes on our expensive balcony and never rec’d the romantic fresh air we looked forward to for more than a year. We are loyal passengers and bring groups with us all the time. It’s sad nothing else was done to help out. I understand the predictament that RCI is in since it allows smoking on balconies and the staff was very nice but we feel like we wasted money. Maybe in the future a no smoking policy on balconies since there are so many other places they can go or smokers on one side of the ship and non-smokers on the other for cabins not just the pool area. We thought passengers on Allure would actually want to leave their cabin to explore this beautiful ship, but not our neighbors….. the lived all 7 days on thier balcony smoking and ruining our honeymoon.

    • http://comcast Kathy

      We had the same problem with a chain smoker when we were on a round trip Hawaii cruise on the Radiance of the Seas. We asked the purser if they would please speak with the woman and if she could just please limit her smoking since we would liked to have enjoyed our balcony on what we considered a cruise of a life time. We were told by the lady at the purser desk that we should have considered an inside cabin. I replied, that my being a non-smoker did not cause anyone any harm and that I could not burn down the ship unlike the chain smoker and that by being a nonsmoker with good habits I should not be the one banished to the hole of the ship.

      I agree! RCCL needs to reconsider their smoking on the balcony – second hand smoke is a proven cancer causing – so while they are saving the WAVES perhaps they should save their passengers from smokers.

      • Diane Gee

        Hello Adam,

        I was exploring your website for the name of a senior executive of the RCL brand, and came across you, and your blog. My questions as follows:

        Do you answer every question, or just the easy ones!

        When a complaint is made, why does it take so long for a response?

        (I have made an official complaint via the usual channels to RCL, and to Mr Edward Deason who is, I understand the Head of Customer Services for that division, and cannot seem to get a response to my letter, the date was 15th & a fax on 16th May. Your standard acknowledgement is a reply will be received within 21 days – no reply yet. Should I contact ABTA or ATOL or can you give me a name of somebody reliable who will actually respond.

        Thank you for your attention

        D Gee

    • Donald Adamd

      Glad to hear someone else is fed up with the smoking on board my wife and I also paid extra for balcony we could not use. We won’t be purchasing balcony accommodations until the smoking is eliminated or restricted one side of ships only.

      • Brian

        Easy answer is too make the forward Cabins Non Smoking and the Aft Cabins towards the stern Smoking. On the vast majority of days the smoke will only drift towards other smokers.

        for info – i am a non-smoker married to a 30 year plus smoker.

        Changes can be made if there is a will to do it and with a bit of thought it can suit everyone

  • anayanci

    Hello Mr Adam I have been cruising with rccl since I was 6yrs old meaning since you guys were sun vikins, my family is now rccl fans, but my question is when are you guys going to change the itinerary for aosis and allure?. one more thing why your cruises from Puerto rico to southern caribbean end in April?


  • david kowalewski

    are there any plans of changing ships out of new jersey, we’ve been on the explorer of the seas 2 years in a row. or maybe have a ship go out of new york.

    • Adam

      Hi David, currently we have no plans to change.

  • john Edwards

    We love the biggest ships and the almost biggest ones also but even as much as we do love them it would be nice if the Allure & Oasis did have some variance in the itinerary. Yes, we can go again and again on the Oasis/ Allure but it would be nice to finally see some other ports….just for a change. Or is this the companies mass market plan smae ships, same ports? Your thoughts?

    • Adam

      Hello John, we currently have no plans to change Oasis of the Seas or Allure of the Seas itinerary.

  • Roger Lopez

    Hi Adam:

    My partner and I just made Pinnacle Club Member Status on the Voyager of the Seas and had an amazing time with the crew and friends. My question – will there be any added benefits to the Pinnacle Club Member status such as Unlimited Internet and/or additional usage of Complimentary Laundry?

  • karen webb

    Why did you stop using Key West as a stop ?

    • karen webb

      Again…why did you take Key West off the itinerary?

  • Tom

    Dear Adam,

    I just read your following response on your blog;

    “Thank you for being loyal to Royal and recommending our brand to your friends and colleagues. We have a referral reward program called, “Bring a Friend”, which gives Crown & Anchor Society members $25 to spend onboard for each stateroom they refer (up to 5 referrals). To be eligible for the $25 onboard credit, your friends/family must be sailing on a Royal Caribbean ship for the first time and be on the same sailing as you. To register for the $25 onboard credit, please visit after logging in to the Crown & Anchor website.”

    Once again, we don’t get the whole story here… I tried to sign up three (3) friends on this program for my upcoming December cruise, only to be told that because we booked as a “group” they were not eligible for the program. How frustrating, although many others had found these “hidden” rules of RCL.

    This does not boast well for RCL when your loyal customers keep getting hit with Red Tape and unpublicized restrictions. I don’t think many of us feel this is fair. We bring these first time cruisers to RCL because we are loyal, only to be treated like the bastard child.

    Can you rectify this situation and help me (us) get our Bring a Friend credits ?


    • Matthew

      I’m having the same issue. Brought 2 friends (staterooms) and because it was booked as a group, I don’t get the “bring a friend” credits. This makes no sense seeing that people who travel together will be in a “group”. What a way to disqualify your loyal cruisers. I had to dig deep to find anything about a group booking being disqualified. Please let me know if you get any answers…

      • Adam

        We are very happy you and your friends are sailing with us. It is our pleasure to offer promotions toward various types of reservations. While we understand you are interested in the friends and family promotion, please understand that group reservations are eligible for various other exclusive promotional offers. Therefore, we are unable to extend the bring a friend promotion to a group reservation.

    • James Shannon

      I also talked a couple of our friends to come on their first ever cruise with us. RCI kicked my referral back because they used their travel agent to book the trip. Thanks for teasing me with an on board credit, then denying it.

  • Steve Conrad

    I’d love to go on the 9 day cruise on Enchantment out of Baltimore, but it’s only offered during the winter months. It gets COLD on the Chesapeake in February and March! Will they ever be offered during the warmer seasons?

  • Filipe

    Good Night, Adam.

    For when the Oasis of the seas makes a stop in Grand Cayman?

  • Mack Howell

    I’ve traveled for several years on three of your ships with a traveling partner who is now deceased. My question is do any of your ships plan to offer any type of accommodations for solo travelers like NCL does?

    • Sarah

      I agree. Can’t Project Sunshine have solo traveler cabins like NCL. Also a water slide.

  • Gene

    We have sailed on RCCL many years and are of diamond status. Each year we find that the experience has slid more and more down hill.The chocolates vanished. Dress codes are no longer “codes” but suggestions. If you know that a night is “formal” – look it up for attire – and don’t want to participate there are other places on board to dine. Our last cruise we had a man at out table who came in sport shirt and shorts on formal night. “I brought a tux but it doesn’t fit anymore. Besides, no one is going to tell me what to wear to dinner.” While on the subject of dinner dress, we tried to find how many nights of each dress”code” were on a cruise we about to take. All we received were instructions to the “typical” number of nights for cruises of 10-12 nights. So, we packed for two “dressy casual” nights that never happened. Since most of us do not fly first class the cost of luggage can become prohibitive.

    It appears no one on board (staff) has (or will take) the authority to enforce the rules. Kids in diapers are found in the adult pool. You walk by a non-smoking stateroom and are gagged by the aroma of burning tobacco at the door. I could go on and on but you have heard it all and seem to do nothing.

    So, I guess my question is: Can we count on RCCL to enforce dress codes, etc. or should we seek another vendor?

    • kathy thompson

      Please sail out Galv./ during the Summer. you did at one time.

      • Adam

        Hi Kathy, currently we have no plans to change itineraries out of Galveston.

  • Scott

    Adam. Thanks for the blog. My question is why does Royal Caribbean charge the same for a infant/toddler as a 17 year old? With the expansion of daycare as a great benefit, I still have to pay extra for that service, but don’t get the benefits of kids programs. Also, I would bet food consumption is much less with the younger ones.

  • http://www-mallorca-blessings Jane Sancho

    Hi Adam: We will be taking our first cruise as Platinum members on Navigator of the Seas leaving New Orleans on December 29th 2012 and we are so excited! My question is “Do you have any special activities/entertainment planned to celebrate New Years?”

    • Adam

      Hi Jane, you can learn about how we celebrate New Year’s onboard along with other holidays here.

  • Charles Perkins

    Is biggIer always better?We were wondering if Royal Carribean has any plans for debarkation from Charleston, S.C. I have been told that their Port expansion has been approved.We do not like the idea of flying to our Cruise ship port.We live too far away from Florida. Thank you! C. P.

    • Adam

      We have no updates at this time regarding sailings out of Charleston, S.C. Thank you for your question, Charles.

  • Henry Chimento

    We sail out of Port Canaveral because of its proximity to Orlando, our home. We love the Freedom and will sail her again. We are wondering if the are any plans to move the Allure or Oasis to Port Canaveral, or is the port too small?q

    • Adam

      Hi Henry, at this time we have no plans to change either Oasis’s or Allure’s itinerary.

  • Mary C

    Thanks so much for maintaining your current smoking policy. We think it is fair to smokers and non-smokers. I am very appreciative of the fact that we are allowed to smoke on our balconies, and I hope Royal has no immediate plans to change this. Why people book cruises on a line that allows smoking on the balconies and then complain about it is beyond me. It is sort of like going to see an x-rated movie and then complaining about the nudity.

    Anyway, I was wondering whether Royal has any future plans to add different ports to the Western and Eastern Caribbean itineraries.

    • Adam

      Hi Mary, at this time there are no plans to add new ports to Western or Eastern Caribbean itineraries.

  • Sarah

    You should have a seasonal menu that changes every season in the dining room. Then guests who sail on Royal Caribbean ships often can experience at least one new meal in the dining room. Also, any news on Project Sunshine during May?

    • Adam

      Hi Sarah, thank you for your suggestion! No new updates were announced in May on Project Sunshine.

  • Darrell

    When booking my cruise preferrably my wife and I would like to be on the side of the ship which is on the side where we can see the port. We would like siiting on our balcony and observing what is going on at the port. So which side of the ship should we book or cabin? Please also let me know what is being done or what has been done to address the smoker and nonsmoker concerns on the balcony cabins. This is a very important issue. Some individuals so happen to have breathing and sinus congestion issues from the tobacco smoke as with myself. In booking my cruises I am trying to make these vacations as enjoyable as possible for my wife and myself. Please if you would provide us with some suggestions as to how we should be selecting our cabins since we both are nonsmokers and also keeping in mind about the preference of which side of the ship we would like to be on as stated earlier. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

  • Elizabeth Linnie

    Hi Adam,

    Will the new menus be available soon for all to see?

    I am very eager to see what Lactose Free items will be available onboard and I am keeping my fingers crossed they will be available in December on the Allure of the Seas. Also would be interested to know if Low Fibre options will be available.

    Many thanks.

  • http://windows7 marge coalson

    i have sent you a little question about the exlorer of th sea back in the being of may and still have not seen anything on the blog about it. we are going on a tour of the ship on june 21,2012. my question is that we already have are a sign stateroom was wondering if i could show it to my daughter, just a yes or no would be fine…. thank you

  • Sabrina V. Kraft

    My husband and I once again enjoyed another wonderful trip on the Allure of the Seas, departing on April 29th, 2012. However, the weather was totally uncooperative this trip. We experienced 5 full days of torrential rains and wind. This itinerary was the Eastern Caribbean. We of course realize that weather cannot be controlled. However, most outdoor activities had to be cancelled due to the uncooperative weather. For 5 full days passengers were mostly confined to the interior of the ship. Those who bravely chose to complete their reservations with port excursions, experienced very uncomfortable, unsafe, and uncooperative tour guides. Many guests were abandoned on Megans beach for 4 hours. Many chose to pay extra to have taxis transport them back to the ship. Our tour guide never once assisted elderly guests to get in and out of the open air coaches. They were dangerously slippery and wet. He never once dropped down the sides to keep us dry. There were 20 of us on this open air coach and many chose to not even get off, due to the dangerous steps. The entire excursion was miserable for all involved. Most of us requested refunds, because the tour guide repeatedly told us to shut up and be quiet. Once on board, most passengers were simply bored with very little to do inside the ship. The entertainment was mostly contained to evening hours. During the daytime, no one could enjoy the pools, rock wall, zipline,or any outdoor events. The Aqua show had to be rescheduled many times.. We did leave correspondence for the activity director, to schedule some impromptu events or entertainment during the cruise, especially on the promenade, but all to no avail. There definitely needs to be additional entertainment during bad weather days. If only one or two days was affected, the passengers could deal with the inconvenience. However, when weather affects most activities for 5 or more days, something creative should be done to appease bored passengers. Royal Caribbean needs to have contingency plans in place for such events. We will continue to enjoy the Allure but hope improvements are arranged for future travel.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestions, Sabrina.

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  • Mike Tuns

    I was wondering if Enchantment Of The Seas has a dedicated Diamond Lounge. Also what type of drinks do Diamond members receive. Is the happy hour from 5 to 8:30 ?

    Thanks Mike

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Mike, on the Enchantment of the Seas the Diamond Club is hosted in the Viking Crown Lounge on Deck 12. The time of happy hour will vary by ship and will be notated on the daily cruise compass. On boarding day a letter will be sent to eligible Diamond Member guests informing them about the Diamond Club and amenities offered.