Ask Adam Blog Series – August 2013 Q & A

by 1741

Thank you for all of the questions submitted to the monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. If you have a question you would like to ask about Royal Caribbean International, table tennis, running or the life and thoughts of the President  & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please post it in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.

Q.  Adam, I hope you’re well. Do specialty restaurants (Rita’s, Chops, Giovanni’s Table, etc.) honor the all you can drink alcohol package? The official beverage package flyer (and your last reply on this blog) only mentions the Windjammer Café and Main Dining Room as approved dining venues that honor the package. – Sef W. 

A. With our beverage packages you’re covered in every bar and lounge, the Windjammer Café, main dining room, specialty restaurants and even our private destinations, CoCoCay and Labadee. The available selection of beverages varies from bar to bar, so be sure to explore all your refreshment possibilities.

Q.  I live in Maryland and have been cruising from the Port of Baltimore since Royal Caribbean’s first year there. With the announcement that Carnival will no longer sail out of Baltimore after 2014, is there a chance that a second Royal Caribbean ship could use Baltimore as its home port? Also, do Radiance Class ships have access to the Port of Baltimore? I know there are height considerations given the height of the Key Bridge. – Jeff H. 

A.  Jeff, many thanks for your support of our deployment from Baltimore.  We are not currently looking to add a second ship to Baltimore even with Carnival pulling out. However, we will always consider this if we feel that there is strong enough demand for a second ship. In the meantime, Radiance class can access the Port of Baltimore; however, we are pleased with the beautifully revitalized Grandeur of the Seas and are constantly looking at updating our deployment to provide variety and different ports of call.

Q.  Hello Adam. Does Royal Caribbean plan on cruising India?  Maybe one of the big ships to cruise from India even just for a small period of time as it is very expensive for Indians to cruise the bigger ships on Royal Caribbean as they are all in Europe or America (Travelling to Europe/America and back to India is the expensive part for a family of four). – Ted 

A.  Hello Ted, India has always been a market with tremendous intrigue and vast potential. However, there is much work still to be done on the infrastructure as well as other operational considerations before we would be able to deploy one of any of our ships on a regular basis.

Q.  Adam, I’m sorry to see you have no plans to bring back sailings to the Los Angeles. There are so many of us on the California West Coast that love Royal Caribbean and cannot always afford to fly across the country to get a cruise. That extra $500-$700 dollars per person is a deal breaker. Hawaii roundtrip from LA or San Diego, Pacific Coastal cruise would be great. Don’t forget about us on the West Coast. – Liz F.

Q.  Adam, PLEASE!!! bring one of the Royal ships back to the Port of Los Angeles. I know so many people miss the Cruises out of L.A. CAN’T stand Carnival! – Annette M. 

Q.  I’m going to add to the people who have requested in the past that you resume cruising on the West Coast. Hopefully if enough of us ask for it you’ll do it.  – Chad 

A.  Thanks for your continued support from the West Coast. We will keep this in mind as we consider our future deployment.

Q.  Hi Adam, I understand there may be plans to revamp the Royal Caribbean and the Celebrity credit card point redemptions and awards programs. Can you give the details on the improvements and changes? – James N.

A.  James, we recently announced our new MyCruise Rewards program where card holders earn points with every qualifying credit card purchase.  Go to to see the new rewards chart and program rules.  You can now use your Royal Caribbean Visa card to earn double points for purchases on Royal Caribbean International® and our sister brands, Azamara Club Cruises® and Celebrity Cruises® . You’ll earn one point for every $1 spent on your everyday purchases.  You can also redeem your points for cruise rewards on all three cruise lines.  There are now over 100 rewards to choose from including cruises, discounts, upgrades, and onboard credit.  We’re offering 10,000 bonus points after your first qualifying transaction, which is redeemable for a $100 onboard credit.  So if you are not a card holder, you may want to consider applying soon.

Q.  I see you’ve made changes to the Royal Caribbean Visa card program. As a cardholder I’d like to see some kind of on-board perks for us, such as priority check-in or a little gift. I realize that we already get double points for paying with the Royal Caribbean Visa but something little and not very expensive would make us even more loyal. – Chad 

A.  Chad, we are always looking at new improvements and this is a good suggestion that we can take under advisement for future changes. 

Q.  Have you considered doing cruises along the Pacific coast of South America? I could be a way to reposition Radiance of the Seas or Rhapsody of the Seas between Alaska and Australia. 

A.  We have considered this but are not currently pursuing this.

Q.  It is upsetting that Royal Caribbean does not have a ship leaving from Tampa, Florida from April until November. We have to drive to the East Coast for our cruises. Please schedule ships from Tampa during the summer. – Alice D.

A.  Thank you for the suggestion and support. We do not have enough ships to support both our seasonal Europe and Alaska deployment while also maintaining summer deployment in Tampa!  However, we do recognize that Tampa is a great market which is why we are pleased to add a 2nd ship, Vision of the Seas, for the winter 2014-15 season operating 7 night sailings.

Q.  Adam, my sister and I have been taking two cruises a year with Royal Caribbean. Unfortunately, on the May 6, 2012 sailing on Allure, my sister became quite ill. She had to be flown back to Ft. Lauderdale from Jamaica. Fortunately, we had purchased the insurance. She spent six weeks in the hospital in Florida. It has taken a long time but she is much better. The staff on the ship couldn’t have been better. They showed so much compassion to both of us and helped me get ready to disembark.

We were upgraded to a grand suite on this trip of which we were only on for a couple of days.  We would love nothing more than to cruise again… She really cannot afford a cruise. I can help somewhat but we are still short… Is there any discount that could help us? Thank you for your time. – Teena K.”

A.  Teena, I am glad to hear that your sister is doing well.  Since you are looking for special offers I recommend that you check out the Cruise Deals page on  You may want to sign up for our promotional emails (located at the bottom of the Cruise Deals page).  If you are on Twitter, you should follow our @RoyalHotDeals handle.  Thank you for your loyalty and we hope you see you and your sister onboard soon. 

Q.  Does Royal Caribbean have any plans to have more country music on any of its new ships? Just an idea: Why not have a saloon with can-can dancing along with square dancing and clogging and great country music. This would be a selling point to your cruises for many people. – Mary C. 

A. Thank you for the suggestion, Mary.  We are always interested to hear what our guests would like to see onboard as we continually update what we offer.

Q.  Will there be a program to replace the double diamond in December? Or have we just lost out on this program?  Thank You.  -William P. 

A.  Hi, William.  The December Celebration was a limited promotion provided to our top Crown & Anchor Society tiers over the past years as an extra reward to guests who were cruising.  Here at Royal Caribbean, we are always thinking of ways to recognize our most loyal guests as we value your membership within the Crown & Anchor Society.  Rewarding you and earning your loyalty over the years is something we strive for every day.  Stay tuned for exciting programs we have planned.

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