Ask Adam Blog Series – December 2012 Q & A

by 1869

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When the Royal Caribbean itineraries are developed for the upcoming season, does Royal Caribbean coordinate with Celebrity Cruises to try and reduce duplicate schedules or to spread out ship allocations to open up more ports and itineraries for the parent company? Adding the Celebrity 10 ships to the Royal Caribbean 22 for scheduling purposes, and then seeing where the schedules overlap, could permit the reallocation of one or two ships from either fleet to other areas for year-round or seasonal deployments. There are times when the Caribbean and parts of Europe seem saturated with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ships – as well as with ships from the other companies. – Jim M.

While the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity teams do work together by sharing information and best practices, it is ultimately up to each brand to decide what deployment is best suited for their guests. We do review the day by day itineraries with our sister brand to see if there are any adjustments that can alleviate port congestion and improve the experience for all of our guests.

Mr. Goldstein, I received information, perhaps just a rumor, from my travel agent that only people who attained a certain level in the Crown and Anchor Society (Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Diamond) will now receive the status and not the additional members sailing in the same cabin. Evidently there was some suit/action/complaint from a lady who lost her Diamond status when her spouse died (he had the higher status) and she was upset she lost his status (info passed to travel agent by one of your Vice Presidents). Is it true that now, only the member of the society receives his/her status when sailing and not the rest of the members in his cabin? Case in point: My wife is Diamond (about 30 points behind me), and shortly I will be Diamond Plus…if the above is true…when we travel together she is not going to like the fact than I can go the concierge lounge and she cannot (even as a couple) when we share the same room and reservation number? If this is untrue, it might be wise to get the correct information to your agents. Respectfully – Charlie S.

Hi Charlie, tier status is based by relationships in our system, not on who people are staying with in a stateroom. In the case described above, a husband and wife are set up to be in the same Crown and Anchor Society relationship and therefore will receive the equivalent tier status. Nothing has changed, so indeed a rumor.

The port of Saint John, New Brunswick now has two cruise terminals and there has been talk that a cruise line will use this location as a departure point. Many people do not want to travel by air or car to locations in the New England area of the US in order to take a cruise. Is this something that Royal Caribbean has or is considering for the future? People from all of the Atlantic Provinces, Quebec and Maine may look at using this port for a southern cruise. – Pamela W.

Thanks Pamela for your comments and interest. Saint John is a wonderful destination and the folks from the port are great to work with and have made good investments but we do not have any plans to utilize the port as a departure point at this time.

Dear Adam, my wife and I have been Diamond Plus members for a number of years. We recently received an email for a sales event for 12-12-12 which offered an onboard credit of $12 per day for any cruise sailing in 2012 or 2013. We immediately contacted our travel agent and told her to book us on the Jewel of the Seas sailing January 5, 2013 for five days to take advantage of the offer. We were just a little shocked when she got back to us later and told us that Royal Caribbean’s offer did not apply to Crown & Anchor Society members using any Crown & Anchor discount. Whenever we receive something from your company, we are always told that we are receiving the offer because we are your “best customers”. Why in the world would your company make a special offer that applies to everyone but your “best customers”? Perhaps this is why we find ourselves sailing on other lines more and more often in the last few years. – John W.

Dear John W, thank you for the note, we truly appreciate your loyalty and welcome feedback that allows us to provide the best cruise vacation to our preferred guests. The cruise sale advertised on 12-12-12 was not combinable with any other offer or promotion, therefore not eligible to apply Crown & Anchor discounts collectively. We look forward to seeing you onboard in the near future.

Any plans for larger Royal Caribbean ships to homeport at Singapore, since Legend of the Seas has been here for quite a while? The last was the Voyager of the Seas for a short period only. On a side note, why does Royal Caribbean tender Phuket instead of docking, as there is a port available? – Jer N.

Hello Jer, thanks for your comments. Mariner of the Seas is in fact scheduled to operate an entire season from Singapore for the 2013-14 winter season. Mariner of the Seas will arrive in Singapore on June 1, 2013 for short period before heading to Shanghai. She will return to Singapore on November 10, 2013 and stay the entire winter offering a series of three to seven night sailings.

Phuket is a port with limited infrastructure and the dock location cannot accommodate the larger ships. In addition, the dock location is not downtown.

When you do online check-in, why can’t you print luggage tags from the application when you print your Seapass documents? Several other lines give you this ability without your travel agent having to send you a 25+ e-doc just to get your luggage tags. – Robin P.

Hi Robin, we are currently working with our IT department to allow guests to print embarkation luggage tags when completing online check-in. We are also working on adding an embarkation luggage tag to the SetSail Pass itself which guests print after the completion of online check-in.

Hi Adam! I’m Brazilian and have cruised with Royal Caribbean in the last four years. Unfortunately, this season, I will need to go back to another cruise line after cruises here with Splendour of the Seas (twice), Mariner of the Seas and Vision of the Seas. I love Royal Caribbean, especially Splendour of the Seas, and would adore to board her again, but want to see new things too, since she will be here again doing exactly the same route. I see a lot of speaking about the South American market, the interest and everything else, but nothing good ever happens. When will Royal Caribbean wake up and answer our expectations in this meaning? – Daniel C.

Hello Daniel, I appreciate your loyalty. We are pleased with Splendour of the Seas and her loyalty in Brazil. If you have not been on her recently then I would urge you to do so as she underwent a significant revitalization prior to last season.

You are correct that the South America market is strong and cruising is popular; however infrastructure in the region is limited, and costs are exceptionally high, which does hinder our ability to add capacity or change ships.

I just wanted to know if you have a smoking lounge for people who want to enjoy an after dinner cigar? My cigar club wants to go on a cruise and I told them I would ask. – Dwayne B.

Hi Dwayne, we have designated smoking hours and areas on all of our ships, you can find this information on the back of the Cruise Compass once you board. Also, some of our ships have a cigar lounge.

I would like to see Cosmic Bowling on a large ship. I think avid bowlers would love the challenge of bowling at sea and pay the surcharge. – Jacki G.

Hi Jacki, thanks for the suggestion, we will be sure to pass this on to the correct department.

Have you ever thought about having a cruise leave from Trinidad? – Jake K.

Hi Jake, we have no immediate plans to do so. Thank you

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