Ask Adam Blog Series – February 2012 Answers

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We are approaching our 1-year anniversary of our Ask Adam blog series and we would like to thank everyone who has submitted us their questions over the past 12 months. We will continue to answer as long as we still have questions, so please continue to ask away. If you missed January’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s been up to or just curious about all things Royal Caribbean, please follow this link to our Facebook discussions page and submit your questions there.

Adam, I envision cruise liners being used as floating independent ‘colonies’ in the near future. Passengers could live aboard for extended periods (or for life) in expanded suites, self-govern and sail the world. What are your thoughts on this? – Brian M.

Anything is possible in the future but your idea sounds like a different business than the one we’re in today. Certainly an interesting thought.

Hey Adam, how did you get into the cruise industry? Where did you start? And did you always know this was something you wanted? Cheers! – Shivangi S.

I was a lawyer and I wanted to be the client. That’s the summary version. Given that vision, I steered a fairly random course that took me to a shipping company in London and to my MBA in France. The shipping company owned part of Royal Caribbean and asked me to work for the cruise line in Miami after I received my MBA in 1988.

Adam, Will you ever bring an Oasis Class ship to Port Canaveral? It seems like that perfect alternative to Port Everglades! Plus it’s close to the fun of Central Florida! – Chris B.

Thanks Chris for the request. I appreciate your support of Port Canaveral and our existing ships, which use the port, Freedom of the Seas and Monarch of the Seas. However, at this time we do not have any plans to bring an Oasis Class ship to Port Canaveral.

Having just returned from Independence of the Seas, which we totally enjoyed, my question is: Can you please put the dining room menus into a larger print format? I and no doubt other people who use reading glasses do sometimes forget them (my fault I know). We were very impressed by the food and the service we received. – Brian B.

Thank you Brian, larger print menus are currently under consideration.

Will there ever be Hennessy on the ships? – Ropert P.

Several years ago we removed Hennessy products from our ships; however we are assessing the possibility of adding this brand back to our fleet.

What are Royal Caribbean’s food allergy procedures? Do you have specific menus or dedicated work space or protocol to prepare food for guests with food allergies? – Sharon W.

Both my sons have peanut and nut allergies, is it safe for my boys to cruise with you guys? Are there peanut and nut free options for them that are safe? – Cindi T.

Yes, we have peanut and nut free options. In fact one of my family members is allergic to peanuts and other foods and has never had an issue on our ships. We have a “special order” cook & work space for special dietary needs, however, since this is located within the other galley spaces it is not a completely allergen free production. While we are able to handle the more common food allergies, we need to review each request on a case by case basis when it pertains to severe food allergies.

This month we are launching a brand new training segment of special dietary needs and allergies for our dining staff. We are also developing new daily allergen-free menus with the appropriate processes which we are launching in June.

Please remember that guests should inform us as early as possible with their specific needs so we can try to accommodate. We require a minimum of two weeks’ notice for regular requests, and up to two months for ships based outside of theUnited States. All dietary requests are handled by our Special Needs department. Travel agents or guests should email with their specific request, sail date and booking ID. Once onboard, guest should contact their Maitre’d and/or headwaiter to discuss the arrangements.

When are the Royal Connect devices going to be rolled out to the Freedom and other classes? – Colby B.

Hi Colby, an initiative to expand the Royal Connect devices to additional ships is under review.

Hello, I am going on the Allure of the Seas in about 10 months. I understand it can hold 5,000+ people but I hate it when the ships are too crowded, should I be worried? – Cameron M.

Cameron, we know that no one likes to stand in a line, especially on vacation, and we have worked very hard to eliminate waits – with a combination of creative thinking and technology. For example, security procedures are handled at the terminals in the ports, where there will be multiple screening stations, allowing for guests to be processed more effectively. We pledge, for example that, on embarkation day, guests spend no more than 15 minutes from Terminal 18 at Port Everglades to the ship. Guests now have the ability to book show tickets and sign papers for activities such as the FlowRider and Zip Line before they even step foot onboard. All of this gives guests more time to enjoy the ship more quickly, free of any inconvenience.

Adam, I love the Southern Caribbean cruises out of San Juan. Unfortunately, I am noticing that you are no longer sailing out of Puerto Rico during the summertime. Is there any reason? – Jeffrey R.

Thank you for your question, Jeffrey. We believe that cruising out of Puerto Rico provides a great opportunity to see the Southern Caribbean and we continue to provide options with two ships seasonally. However, we are always reviewing new itineraries and programs for our guests. For summer 2012, we saw a great opportunity to introduce a new Northern Europe program out of Amsterdam and Copenhagen as well as a new fall program from Cape Liberty and Quebec. In order to offer this program, we were faced with the hard decision of which of our existing program to discontinue and we chose to discontinue the summer Southern Caribbean. However, we very well may offer the summer San Juan program again in the future.

We like cruising with Royal Caribbean and are past guests on Royal Caribbean and Carnival. When we book with Carnival, we get a discount for being a past guest. Is a discount for returning guests something that Royal Caribbean will consider offering in the future? – Phillis H.

Thank you for your question, Phillis. Members of our Crown & Anchor Society Loyalty program receive exclusive benefits, privileges and special offers. You can enroll in the program after one sailing. You can learn more and enroll here.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

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