Ask Adam Blog Series – July 2013 Q & A

by 1124

We appreciate all of the questions submitted to our monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. If you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or his life as the President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please post it in the comments below or on our Facebook wall.

Q:  Adam, when will your next new ship be built and what would be your dream feature for it? – Katie M. 

A:  Hi Katie, we are currently building four ships. Quantum of the Seas will begin sailing from the New York area in November, 2014.  Her sister ship, Anthem of the Seas, and a third Oasis Class ship will begin sailing in 2015 and we have a third Quantum Class ship on order.

One of the great things about Royal Caribbean International is we bring our dreams to life on our new ships.  One dream feature is Ripcord by iFly®, which is a realistic skydiving experience in a totally controlled environment onboard Quantum of the Seas.

Q:  My family and I love Royal Caribbean, but my son keeps asking why your ships don’t have any water slides. He did love your kids’ club, but are you planning to have water slides on your ships? – Michelle H. 

A:  Hi Michelle, we continue to receive very positive feedback about our Adventure Ocean program and I’m glad your son enjoyed the program.  At this time we don’t have plans to build water slides; however, we will send this suggestion along to our New Build team.

Q:  Our family of five loves to cruise on Royal Caribbean. When I call to book for five, though, my youngest son has to be put on a separate reservation. Why are reservations limited to only four people? Thanks for your time. – Nancy L.

A:  While our ships have changed and grown to have more than 4 guests in a stateroom, our system has a limitation to hold four people on a booking.  We are currently working on many system enhancements, one of which should remedy this.  As with any new system, development and implementation takes a bit of time, so please bear with us.  We are sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

Q:  Adam, do you offer frequent cruiser discounts and/or referral discounts? I got my friends to cruise with you… they actually set sail today! I’m looking forward to planning my next Royal Caribbean cruise, too. – Melanie M. 

A:  Hi Melanie, thank you for reaching out to us.  There are many offers for our frequent guests to choose from.  Our Crown & Anchor Society members, are eligible for savings certificates on select sailings, we offer balcony & suite discounts for Platinum and above tiers and there is an onboard booking bonus for reserving your future cruise while onboard.  Crown & Anchor members also enjoy an exclusive reward when they bring friends along to experience their first Royal Caribbean International® cruise vacation through our Bring a Friend promotion.  For more information on these benefits, be sure to enroll into the Crown & Anchor Society.

Q: Hi Adam, why have you taken the golf simulators off of your ships? – Ronald Y.        

A:  Hi Ronald, we have taken a few golf simulators off our ships but not many.  Instead we have replaced the golf simulators with a multi-sport simulator that offers golf, football, soccer, baseball and more, in order to provide our guests with more choices.

Q:  What training programs are in place for your staff that help improve service for customers with disabilities? In addition to the needs of older people in wheelchairs, there are a range of disabilities that deserve better awareness. As a young person with a disability, a priority line for guests with disabilities would be helpful, especially for shore excursions. Thank you. – Kathryn J. 

A:  Hi Kathryn, we offer instructor led training along with videos to our staff on how to assist guests with disabilities.  We highlight the various needs as well as the products and services we offer for guests with different types of disabilities including mobility, hearing and visual disabilities. We also instruct people-first language and how to interact effectively with guests with disabilities.  We have consulted people with disabilities and disability organizations to help create our training program. Whenever possible we offer a priority line for guests with disabilities at the pier as well as expedited boarding.  While we don’t offer a priority line for excursions on our ships, we do offer a lowered counter at our Explorations! desk on most ships.

Q:  Hello. With the huge increase in cruise passenger numbers in Australia, are there plans to keep a ship there permanently? Rhapsody of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas, in particular have fantastic reputations. I think there would be a number of advantages should your company take up such a position. – Maria T. 

A:  Australia is a great market with wonderful destinations and cruising is a great way to see the region.  An additional benefit is that the high season for Australia coincides with the low season for most other regions.  This also means that if we had a ship year-round we would be there during the low season and have to forgo opportunities in other markets, like China and Alaska, during their high season.  I am sure that there would be benefits to having a year round program but at the moment we do not wish to pull away from existing programs in other markets.  

  • Ryan Whyte

    Hi Adam,

    RCI ships visit English ports which is great, but will more and more visit other parts of Britain like Scotland ?? as if so ill have to buy a camera.

  • SUSAN M.

    I have several friends that travel alone and it is difficult to pay double. Will you ever have single occupency rooms like some of the other lines have started?

  • Levon Dzhabrayan

    Hi Adam, I was wondering if you have any plans about brining a ship back to Los Angeles? My family loves your cruise line and it was much more conveniant when Royal Carribean had ships sailing from Lps Angeles. We’re stuck woth your competitor as of now….

    • Adam

      At this time we don’t have plans to sail from Los Angeles. Thanks to you and your family for being fans!

      • Liz Flores

        Adam, I’m sorry to see you have no plans to bring back sailings to the Los Angeles. There are so many of us on the California West Coast that love Royal Caribbean and cannot always afford to fly across the country to get a cruise. That extra $500-$700 dollars per person is a deal breaker. Hawaii roundtrip from LA or San Diego, Pacific Coastal cruise would be great. Don’t forget about us on the West Coast.

        • Adam

          Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Dean Taketa

    Hi Adam looking forward to RCCL further improvement on West Coast itineraries from SF or LA because it seems RCCL is a leader but only on the East Coast only???

  • Cheryl Soliz-Sisson

    I believe I saw on the news that the Granduer of the Seas is back… this true? I scheduled to sail out of Baltimore on September 27 to Bermuda and was just wondering. Thanks! My family loves Royal Caribbean!!

    • Adam

      Good news, Cheryl! Grandeur of the Seas is sailing again. Enjoy your cruise, and let us know how you liked it when you get back.

  • Barbara Maxwell

    I love cruising with Royal Caribbean . I would like to know if you plan to once again have cruises from Southern California?
    I am looking forward to going to Hawaii and hate the thought of having to use another cruise line.

    • Adam

      Barbara, at this time we don’t have plans to sail from Southern California. Thanks for being a Royal fan!

  • Georgean Smythe

    The second question is from Michelle H. I’m surprised Adam doesn’t seem to know that there are water slides on any of his company’s ships. The Radiance class does indeed have a kid’s pool area along with a water slide. It is easily accessed by going outside the starboard side doors by Adventure Ocean, turn right and before you get to Samba Grill on Radiance, Izumi on Brilliance and Serenade, and SeaView Cafe on Jewel, you will find a water slide. They are not huge, but they are there.

  • Andrew Baldwinson

    Is it true Independence of the seas will leave Europe after the 2014 season.
    And then stay in the Caribbean opposed to just winter

    If so when will we find out what could be replacing her?
    My guess if true is Anthem of the seas.

    • Adam

      We still are working on our 2015 deployment, so please check back as we announce future sailings.

  • Gary

    Hello Adam, I am a Diamond member and enjoy your cruise ships immensely ! I am currently booked on the new Quantum of the Seas for the cruise on December 1, 2014. .. I have visited the site dedicated to the Quantum build, but I would like to know if the ship will feature the fantastic Royal Promenade?? To date, I see nothing about one and you said stay tuned for more information.. WELL PLEASE, IT HAS BEEN AWHILE, DOES IT HAVE ONE??? Thanks Adam!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for being loyal to Royal! We haven’t released all the wonderful features of Quantum of the Seas, and we’re glad you are so excited about this world-class ship.

  • http://n/a Bradley Moir-hall

    Hello Adam, I was wondering if it was true if the Adventure of the Seas is getting a make over for the 2014 season. Myself and my better half have booked on for July next year with friends but can’t seem to find anything online about it. Any information about this would be fantastic.

    Would like to add as a side note that RC really are the best and we have tried various other company’s but for the last six years we haven’t thought of changing. Big thanks to yourself and all the people onshore and on the ships who make every trip so wonderful.


  • Jacob Rob

    Hi! I’m a teen from Croatia and I am in looove with cruise ships. I know each kind and each line and I wanted to know what made you chose a third Oasis? I think it is a little too much. I would rather see more ships similar in tonnage of Quantum or Freedom class. Also how come Royal Caribbean chose to name their ships “of the seas”. I fall in love of that and always wondered. Anyways hope you answer my little wonders. Cheers from Croatia!

  • Bernadette Menzaco

    Dear Adam,

    I enjoyed your comments and your concerns, it shows that RCCL really cares.

    My husband and I finally made it to DIAMOND PLUS, just wondering if will ever get upgraded? How does that work?

    Thanks A very happy can content passenger,

    Bernadette Menzaco

  • catherine Ann Mosforth

    HI ADAM, I do love the entertainment aboard. Love the concerts. I’d love to see some of my faves- even if only booked for 1-2 weeks- Advertising as a Venue for ___? band , may bring a whole new crowd. Especially Oasis Class and Quantum Class-
    I’d definitely arrange another cruise if my fave band were playing.
    Im not sure of ice size-however, imagine a hockey game between two arch Rival AHL or NHL teams or partial teams. Even if only one game during one cruise.WOW!! My next cruise is Dec 2 2013. Bringing, my family to Celebrate my parents 50TH Anniversary!!!! Can’t wait!!!
    Hoping the Captain will invite my parents to his table to Celebrate with them. My dad has been a sailor his entire life- think your Explorer will WOW him!!

  • http://RoyalCaribbean Mary C Cox

    Does Royal Caribbean have any plans to have more country music on any of its new ships? Just an idea: Why not have a saloon with can-can dancing along with square dancing and clogging and great country music.. This would be a selling point to your cruises for many people.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Paul Bergmann

    My family will be traveling on the Alure for the August 25, 2013 trip contrary to the wishes of my 10 year old’s AAA hockey coach. I had to promise that I will try to get as much Ice Time for his Star Defencemen during this trip. Please let me know where to find the hours of available ice time for my son to spend in skates during off hours.

  • Karen Boyajian

    Hello, I have heard many things from you passengers about bring soft drinks on board. I have been on 4 NCL cruises and 1 horrible Carnival cruise and have always been able to bring on soda or water. I will be taking my first RCL cruise at the end of October and have been trying to determined what RCL’s policy is on bring on soda. Thanks

    Excited about my first RCL cruise. This will be our 6th cruise in 2 1/2 years!!!

  • William Prague

    Double Diamond in December?

    Will there be a program to replace the double diamond in December? or have we just lost out on this program?

    Thank You,

    William P.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Patricia

    Why can’t Royal on one of her new ships or even when renovate an older ship put Laundromats on the different decks.

  • Alice Donovan

    It is upsetting that Royal Caribbean does not have a ship leaving from Tampa Florida from April until November. We have to drive to the East Coast for our cruises. Please schedule ships from Tampa during the summer.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Mary Lu

    My favorite “Enchantment of the Seas” feature is the virtual blackjack dealer and it is always packed. Why don’t you have it on more of your ships ?

  • Chad

    1. I’m going to add to the people who have requested in the past that you resume cruising on the West Coast. Hopefully if enough of us ask for it you’ll do it. :)

    2. You keep building bigger and bigger ships. Are there any plans for any smaller new builds along the lines of the Radiance Class?

    3. I see you’ve made changes to the RCI Visa card program. As a cardholder I’d like to see some kind of on-board perks for us, such as priority checkin or a little gift. I realize that we already get double points for paying with the RCI Visa but something little and not very expensive would make us even more loyal.

    4. Have you considered doing cruises along the Pacific coast of South America? I could be a way to reposition the Radiance or Rhapsody between Alaska and Australia.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • James Norris

    Hi Adam;
    I understand there may be plans to revamp the Royal Caribbean and the Celebrity credit card point redemptions and awards programs. Can you give the details on the improvements and changes?

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Annette Mucha

    Adam, PLEASE!!! bring one of the Royal ships back to the Port of Los Angeles. I know so many people miss the Cruises out of L.A. CAN’T stand Carnival !!!!

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Teena Klauer


    My sister and have been taking two cruises a year with RC. Unfortunately, on the May 6, 2012 sailing on Allure, my sister became quite ill. She had to be flow back to Ft. Lauderdale from Jamaica. Fortunately, we had purchased the insurance. She spent six weeks in the hospital in Florida. It has taken a long time but she is much better. The staff on the ship couldn’t have been better. They showed so much compassion to both of us and helped me get ready to disembark.
    We were upgraded to a grand suite on this trip of which we were only on for a couple of days.
    We would love nothing more than to cruise again. My sister’s doctors have given their approval. I fam going to beg here. She really cannot afford a cruise. I can help somewhat but we are still short. And since we did not get to enjoy the grand suite we would love to go on Allure again. Is there any discount that could help us?

    Thank you for your time.

    Teena Klauer

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Ted

    Hello Adam,
    Does Royal Caribbean plan on cruising India??
    Maybe 1 of the big ships to cruise from India even just for a small period of time
    As it is very Expensive for indians to cruise the bigger ships on RCCL as they are all in Europe or America (Travelling to Europe/America and back to India is the expensive part for a family of four)

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Jeff Hartman

    I live in Maryland and have been cruising from the Port of Baltimore since Royal Caribbean’s first year there. With the announcement that Carnival will no longer sail out of Baltimore after 2014, is there a chance that a second Royal Caribbean ship could use Baltimore as it’s home port? Also, do Radiance Class ships have access to the Port of Baltimore? I know there are height considerations given the height of the Key Bridge.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your question. Your question has been addressed in the newest Ask Adam post:

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Adam

    Please can you tell us when will there be an official announcement with regards to the Anthem of the Seas Homeport and Inaugural date and when will booking for it open ?

    Many thanks


  • Kristoffer

    Hey Adam! I am 14 years old and from Norway. I’ve been on 5 cruises with you now, but I’m not a Crown & Anchor member. Is it possible for me to sign up? And will all the cruise nights from my previous cruises count?

    • Adam

      We have just the thing for you- the Crown & Anchor® Society Youth Program. You will automatically attain your parents’ membership level and you’ll also get teen-specific benefits and perks. I’m happy to hear you’re already so loyal to us, and we look forward to having you onboard again.

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Adam

    With the Anthem of the Seas now appearing on port schedules for Le Havre,Villefranche etc starting April 2015, does this mean there will be an official confirmation announcement very soon with regards to Southampton being her Homeport?


    • Adam

      Hi Elizabeth – Thanks for your comment. We have not yet confirmed Anthem of the Seas’ deployment, and our 2015 itineraries are yet to be announced.

  • gloria murray

    i will be cruising on granduer of the seas next week. i noticed the last time i cruised some of the guests had magnetic boards on their doors . what are the doors made of on this ship. can i hand a magnetic board on my door. .