Ask Adam Blog Series – June 2012 Answers

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The thermometers have really started to rise as summer continues to heat up and so has the June edition of our Ask Adam Blog. To see responses from May please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or what he’s been up to, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions page and submit your questions there.

Hi Adam! Are there any plans to offer more 5K races (or longer distances) in 2013? – Krista F.

Hi Krista, we will be having more Royal 5K races in 2013 and while we do not currently have plans to make the races longer, I think that is a great idea and we will keep it in mind. Please stay tuned for more information as we confirm our race dates for 2013!

As Diamond Plus cruisers, we love the December Celebration events. I thought I read earlier in the year that there is one scheduled again for this December, but now I’m being told that no decision will be made until July. We aren’t booking until we hear! – Jan N.

The December Celebration event has been quite popular and I’ve taken advantage of it the past two years. Will Royal Caribbean be doing this again in December? – David B.

I am happy to report that we are having the December Celebration this year. Details of the celebration will be announced today, please stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you onboard.

Why are the cruises out of New Orleans and Galveston only during the winter? Are there any plans to extend to this area year-round? – Kendra

Our ships which operate in New Orleans and Galveston operate in Europe during the summer. We have many wonderful itineraries during the summer and we simply do not have enough ships to offer a summer program in New Orleans and Galveston at this time.

Hi Adam, my partner and I just made the Pinnacle Club Member status on the Voyager of the Seas had an amazing time with the crew and friends. My question – will there be any added benefits to the Pinnacle Club Member status such as unlimited internet and/or additional usage of complimentary laundry? – Roger

Congratulations on reaching the highest tier in the Crown & Anchor Society! Recently we added Gold Card benefits for Pinnacle Club members in addition to your current benefits. Now, even when you sail in a stateroom that’s not a suite, you can enjoy priority tender on select cruises, VIP pool deck seating where available, private seating at breakfast and lunch in specialty restaurants on Voyager and Freedom class ships, complimentary luggage valet and onboard check in service, access to Labadee cabanas and complimentary pressing on Formal night. We do evaluate our member benefits on a frequent basis and will include your suggestions in our evaluation. We look forward to seeing you onboard – Enjoy!

Jewel of the Seas is my favorite ship. I see that it will not be in Harwich in 2013. Will it return in 2014 or is this the last we will see of her? – Darren G.

Thanks Darren, Jewel of the Seas is indeed a beautiful ship. Starting in spring of 2013, Jewel will be deployed out of San Juan and will be there at least until the following spring. We are still in our planning stages for deployment beyond spring of 2014 so please check back early next year.

When will we find out more about the Sunshine Class ship? – Andrew Z.

At this time there is not a lot I can disclose about Sunshine, however, there are some things that I mentioned in a blog post that might interest you.

We have mixed emotions in Baltimore about losing Enchantment of the Seas and the marvelous crew and staff that we have come to love these past three years. However, we are very pleased to welcome back the newly enhanced Grandeur of the Seas once more. When ships are relocated, how much consideration is given to crew and staff desires to remain with either the ships or home ports? Will the Monarch of the Seas crew be given priority to move to Enchantment of the Seas if they want, and will the Enchantment of the Seas crew also be allowed to transfer to Grandeur of the Seas and continue sailing with us from Baltimore? Jim M.

When any ship leaves the fleet, we ask our crew for their ship transfer preferences and do our best to accommodate their requests. When a ship changes deployment, we tend to only make select personnel changes which are more based on operational need to ensure continuity of management teams on both ships.

I am glad to hear you are looking forward to welcoming Grandeur of the Seas back to Baltimore. She was transformed during an ambitious makeover in May and you may not recognize her. Some of the Oasis-class upgrades she received are five new dining venues including the Chef’s Table, which offers a meal prepared privately and personally by our chef de cuisine, an outdoor movie screen, new entertainment in the Centrum, new bathrooms and completely remodeled interiors. We hope to welcome you back onboard soon.

Adam, would Royal Caribbean ever consider a 4-day cruise to Labadee? It would be 2-days at sea and an overnight in Labadee (maybe a Labadee beach party). – Rita G.

Hi Rita, many thanks for this suggestion. We would certainly consider this suggestion as Labadee provides a tremendous experience for our guests. In fact, we actually offered this as the first sailing on Oasis of the Seas for 4-nights only sailing to Labadee.

Approximately how many cruisers choose to sail onboard Royal Caribbean each year and how many members are there in the Crown and Anchor Society? – Tom H.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. carried 4.9 million guests in 2011, please note this is not by brand but across the entire company and worldwide we have just shy of 7 Million members in the Crown & Anchor Society.

Adam, I was wondering if you have any plans of replacing Explorer of the Seas anytime soon in Cape Liberty, NJ? My wife and I have cruised on it several times and we are looking forward to experiencing a newer ship which is within driving distance from our home in Pennsylvania. – Joe O.

Adam, my wife and I live in Pennsylvania and would like to cruise out of Cape Liberty, NJ more often due to the hassles of flying these days. Are there any plans to move a larger ship there in the future or are there problems with the bridges or harbor that would prevent this. We recently cruised Allure of the Seas and were blown away by the beauty and features on this ship!! – Joe O.

Adam, I recently heard that your contract in Cape Liberty, NJ is expiring and it has not been renewed. Does this mean that Royal Caribbean is pulling out of Cape Liberty? – Joe O.

Thanks for your interest and support for Explorer of the Seas and our departures from Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne, New Jersey. Our deployment in Cape Liberty is set through April of 2014 and we do not have plans to change ships before then. We are currently reviewing our deployment for summer 2014 and beyond. We are pleased with the following Explorer of the Seas has in the region, but please check back with us next spring when we will be able to provide an update. Thanks for your continued support of Royal Caribbean. I am happy to hear your impressions of Allure of the Seas.

Hello Adam, we were on a cruise on Allure of the Seas in December and Mariner of the Seas a week ago. Why has the muster drill changed so drastically? We have cruised several times and always found the prior muster drills to be much more believable and captured considerably more attention on the part of the passengers. We have always been impressed with the serious nature of the muster drills onboard Royal Caribbean, but now we are very concerned. – Sharon

Hi Adam, I’ve never been on a cruise before and have been seriously considering booking and Royal Caribbean would be the only choice for me. I am curious, with the recent cruise situations can you speak to the safety of a Royal Caribbean cruise, and what you’re team has in place to make sure nothing like what I’ve seen in the news happens on an Royal Caribbean cruise? Thanks so much! – Brian P.

Why do you have tender stations in the dining room? The dining room is nowhere near a lifeboat if there was an emergency. Isn’t the whole point of a muster drill to show people where their lifeboat is in an emergency? –Debbie K.

Hi Sharon, Brian and Debbie, at Royal Caribbean International we take muster drills very seriously, and expect our guests to do the same. As you know, all guests and crew must complete a procedure known as the muster drill to ensure they are familiar with what to do and where to go in the unlikely event of an emergency. Since this past February 2012, all muster drills onboard are conducted before the ship leaves port to begin the sailing.

During the drill, we provide all guests with the location (muster station) where they are to assemble in the unlikely event of an emergency and additional safety information (i.e., how to put on a life jacket) is presented. To further ensure guests are aware of their specific muster location, we identify it on each guest’s card key. The location is also prominently noted on the back of every stateroom door.

In the event of a true onboard emergency the inside muster stations are considered intermediary stations where guests assemble while the Captain deals with the situation at hand. The assembly stations are a safe haven for guests as it allows us to easily share information; provide reasonable comfort and food and beverage if needed. All of the assembly stations are positioned next to life saving appliances in conjunction with the International Maritime Organization guidelines and flag state approvals. The life-saving appliances are to be used only when necessary. In the event of an actual emergency, crew members will be stationed throughout the ship and can direct you to your muster station.

We also take our crew training very seriously. In addition to the muster drill for our guests, our officers and crew conduct weekly, monthly and annual drills on every ship, and complete extensive training, certification and scenarios in preparation for the very unlikely event of an emergency, including training on ship evacuation procedures.

While you may have noticed a change in how we conduct our muster drills, the safety and security of our guests and crew continues to be our highest priority and fundamental to our operations. Our marine safety record over our 42-year history clearly illustrates our commitment to the safety of the millions of guests and crew that sail on our ships. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, with our ships often exceeding what is required by regulatory authorities – these are all part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in every aspect of our business. To learn more about our safety & security procedures, please click here.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

  • Elaine

    Hi Adam, I hope that Royal Caribbean will always have crusise ships at Cape Liberty. I hate to fly anymore, it has become a huge hassle, so i pray RC will ALWYS have a ship sailing from there. I would love them to go to the ABC islands of the Caribbean, that would be so awesome!

    • Adam

      Hi Elaine, we currently have no plans to move our line from Cape Liberty. Thank you and we hope to see you back onboard in the future.

    • Andreas Berggren


      Here’s some suggestions for improvement.

      Please improve web page for booking back to back cruises, it will increase your sales and help us customers when finding great cruises.

      1. When searching for a cruise the search should include back to back destinations
      2. When looking at a cruise, it should be a simple click to view the ships destination for the next week.
      3. At booking stage suggest adding next weeks cruise

      At my cruises page:

      Please add date and destination to my purchased cruises, it would make it easier to find info about your cruises.

      Reservation number 12345 13 Night Transatlantic cruise 8 Sep

      At online checkin:

      Please remember emergency contact information, passport numbers etc, so that multiple checkins goes faster.



      • Adam

        Thank you for your suggestions, Andreas. We will be sure to pass them along.

  • Pat Lamorgese

    Hi Adam,

    We are eagerly awaiting our cruise on the Mariner of the Seas sailing out of Galveston in February of 2013.

    We recently saw that she was in dry dock for upgrading. Just exactly what does that mean and what is done to the ship during something like that?



    • Adam

      Hi Pat, when a ship is in dry dock it means we take the ship out of water and add new enhancements. We enhanced Mariner of the Seas with new flat-screen televisions in staterooms, the addition of Giovanni’s Table Italian restaurant, a new poolside outdoor movie screen and much more. If you want to learn more about Mariner of the Seas’ enhancements, please visit our Royal Advantage page. Thank you.

  • Yalonda

    Hi Adam, is there anyway to negotiate rates when cruises are very close to the sail date? I have a friend that would like to book a suite on the 9/15/12 Oasis of the Seas but she wanted to know if she could get it cheaper than the posted rate since there are still over 10 cabins in that category still available as well as additonal cabins available in other categories. Just curious.

  • Pam Gildenblatt

    My family is going on the Oasis for Spring Break 2013. My daughter will still be 17 but her friend who she is bringing will have turned 18 the month before. Is there anyway her friend can get a waiver to do the teen club with my daughter? They will both be seniors in high school. My daughter will be turning 18 three weeks after the cruise. They both want to do the teen club because they are not into gambling and going to the adult night clubs. Since they are still in high school.
    Thank you

    • Adam

      Hello Pam, unfortunately we will not be able to allow an 18 year old to participate in the Teen program. That being said, the ship offers a variety of activities throughout the ship that the families will be able to participate together. Two family activities are offered daily to allow for family time and not to mentioned the wide array of activities and shows onboard daily which are for all guests to participate unless an age restriction is posted. Thank you and we look forward to having you all onboard.

  • http://FACEBOOK Patti


    • Adam

      Hi Patti, no, the bottles are not delivered to your stateroom. Instead, you can enjoy your wine in the Main Dining Room, specialty restaurants or the Windjammer Café. To book your wine package, you can sign in here then make your selections. Thank you.

  • Chris Willis

    Adam, Can you provide any detail on the enhancements that will be made to Enchantment of the Seas in December’s dry dock? I sailed on her in 2004, and returning to sail from Baltimore in March. I’ve also sailed Monarch many times. While I will miss her, I am excited about Enchantment coming to Canaveral!!!

    • Adam

      Hello Chris, please keep an eye on the following link as well as our Facebook page for the latest updates on our ship enhancements: Royal Advantage page.

  • Kim

    Hello! Here in md we love sailing out of baltimore. However… We want bigger ships and different itineraries! PLEASE. We r tired of port canaveral and the bahamas. When is rccl gonna come in and give us a new pier that bigger ships can service? Royal is my favorite to sail and sell! Have some good news for us??? Kim

    • Adam

      Hi Kim, thanks for your comment. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department.

  • Kerry Miller

    I recently ran a group cruise on the explorer from Bayonne ( June 21-30 2012) we had a great time I have heard a new ship will be sailing from bayonne in summer of’14 Why must this be so secretive it takes quite a bit of planning to orchestrate a group of 75-100 people as well as time to save etc. Please email any info as to when the summer ’14 schedule will be known Thanks kerry Miller

  • Elaine Shapiro

    We are seniors and enjoy traveling on RC Explorer of the Seas out of Bayonne without the hassle of flying. How wonderful it would be to travel on another RC ship out of Bayonne and go to different ports then those we have already seen! We’re onboard!

  • Marlene Herbig

    Hi Adam,

    I was extremely disappointed today when I discovered that the cruise I booked last year (on Dec 8, 2011 res# 4661997 onboard Freedom) for the Nov. 25, 2012 sailing of the Freedom is not part of this year’s December Diamond Celebration.

    The Freedom’s Loyalty Ambassador/Future Cruise Consultant sent/delivered a printed notice (to all cabins with Diamond and above) of sailings for Freedom, Oasis and Allure that would qualify for the 2012 December Celebration. The Freedom’s sailing for Nov 25 was included as one that would qualify. Unfortunately, I did not save the notice as I did not feel it was necessary. Obviously, it was.

    I called RCCL today and spoke to Lindy (not sure of spelling) and verified that the sailing did NOT qualify, so I cancelled the cruise.

    At present, I have 531 cruise points and 15 future cruises booked including nine before the end of this year. I am Loyal to Royal BUT this certainly has taken the WOW out of my December vacation which was supposed to be three weeks in a row on the Freedom – Nov 25, Dec 2 and Dec 9. Now it’s just 2 weeks. Not Happy :(

  • Robert Anderson


    I have been a happy RCCL cruiser since I took the Monarch back in December of 2009, I am glad that the Enchantment is going to be repaceing the Monarch at Port Canaveral. I cant wait to sail the Enchantment. Are there any plans to add a 3rd ship at Port Canaveral when the Carnval moves to there new dock and leaves Terminal 10 for RCCL?


    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that, Robert. At this time we have no plans to add any additional ships to Port Canaveral. Thank you.

  • Palmer Morris

    Hi Adam,
    Ever since my first cruise on the Radiance of the Seas, RCCL has been my favorite
    cruise line by far to sail on! I live in South Carolina and I am hoping that you might have plans to
    send a ship to Charleston. Thank you for all that you do to make RCCL so GREAT!

    • Adam

      Hello Palmer, we are glad to hear that Royal Caribbean is your favorite cruise line. Currently, we have no plans to sail out of Charleston but we will continue to weigh our options in the future to provide our guests with the most optimal cruising experience. Thank you.

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  • milan knezevic

    Dear MR Goldstein, it is amazing what you and your people have don from RCCL.Paricularly from the last generation.
    With ypur permitiom let me represent my self: I am at highest level Surgeon and Denis (medical and dental school) 37 year in surgery, intensive care, emergency and dental health. Iwould be my pleasure if you consider reading my CV , my greatest ilussion right now is to join medical team at RCCL…spcialy. Oasis and Allure, Inependence….
    tnank yo in advance,
    god bless you

  • Dale Baugh

    I had understood that US based ships would have the Coke Freestyle machines installed over the 2012/2014 timeframe. Since the Navigator of the Seas will be entering dry dock for refurbishment/upgrades in early 2014 I would have thought that it would have been the perfect time for this upgrade. If the Coke Freestyle machines are not going to be installed during the 2014 dry dock can you provide an estimated date for their installation?

    Thank you,
    Dale B.

    • Adam

      Hi Dale – Currently the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are available on Majesty of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and Enchantment of the Seas. We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve our onboard beverage offerings and guest experience including the addition of Coca-Cola Freestyle machines to additional ships.

      • Vicky

        Is there any update on the topic? We are traveling on the Navigator in the fall. Could you please confirm whether or not the freestyle drink machines will be installed?

        • Royal Caribbean International

          Hi Vicky, Unfortunately, after its revitalization in January the Navigator of the Seas does not have a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. The ships that currently have the freestyle machines are Majesty of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, Grandeur of the Seas, Jewel of the Seas, and soon to come Quantum of the Seas.

  • Katie Lienhart

    We have a cruise booked for June 2015 on the Independence of the Seas. Are freestyle Coke machines on this ship yet? If not, is there a plan to have them installed? Thanks! Katie

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Katie, At this time the Coca Cola Freestyle machine is not available onboard the Independence of the Seas. We have not been given any update on what will be taking place during the upcoming dry dock, so stay tuned for future news.