Ask Adam Blog Series — June 2013 Q & A

by 1355

We appreciate all of the questions submitted to our monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. To see the responses to May’s “Ask Adam” post, click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or his life as the President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Adam, I know that a third Quantum-class ship is in the works, but will there ever be a third ship in the Oasis-class? I personally love that class of ship, with its unique onboard neighborhoods. – Jackie B.

Good news Jackie, in addition to ordering a third Quantum-class ship we also ordered a third Oasis-class ship.  Both ships are scheduled for delivery in mid-2016.

Hi Adam, will Oasis of the Seas make regular return visits to Europe? – Leo C.

Hi Leo, thanks for the question.  We have been quite pleased with the response to the short season Oasis of the Seas will sail while in Europe and will keep this in mind for our future planning. However, at this time we cannot comment on any plans beyond our announced deployment through winter 2014 to 2015.

Adam, it seems that the lobster dinner served in the main dining room on formal night has become a thing of the past. Is there any chance you will revisit this great tradition in the future? – Gloria S.

Great question, Gloria. We serve lobster tail on our “Jasmine” menu on 7 night cruises that sail from US ports. We found that the demand for lobster during our European itineraries was minimal, and therefore changed the offering on our Europe cruises to jumbo prawns.  In addition, we offer a 1 ½ pound lobster in our main dining room as part of our a la carte offering for an additional fee.

Hi Adam, I’m Loyal to Royal and would love to see you return to California. Would you consider Mexico or West Coast cruises from Catalina to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, for example? Please consider sending a ship to those of us on the West Coast. Thank you! – Joshua Y.

Thank you for your feedback, Joshua.  We will certainly continue to review this but at the present time we do not have plans to return to the west coast.

I have noticed that on many of the shore excursions at Labadee, and maybe elsewhere, an alcoholic drink of some sort is included. Are there any non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers? – Rick S.

Hi Rick, yes, we are always mindful of the non-alcoholic drinkers as well as guests that are under 21 years of age.

What is the status of this year’s Diamonds in December? I understand some people have received emails stating that it won’t be taking place. Is this true? – Jim T.

Thank you for reaching out, Jim.  It is always nice to hear from our most loyal guests.  This year we will not be hosting, “Diamonds in December” but we are always looking for new ways to reward and thank our Crown & Anchor Society members for their continued appreciation to our brand and to the cruising industry.  Stay tuned for announcements about new and exciting promotions.

Hi Adam, I love cruising with Royal and I am very excited about the new Quantum-class cruise ships. What restaurants will be onboard Quantum of the Seas? Thank you very much. – Matthew C.

Hi Matthew, at this time we are not disclosing the restaurants that will be onboard Quantum of the Seas.  Please stay tuned for an announcement at a future date.

I would love to see a Royal Caribbean International ship do a world cruise. Would you consider one beginning during the summer season here in Australia? I am Loyal to Royal and would be the first to book. – Jill F.

Thank you Jill.  We like to keep our options open for future deployment of our ships, however at this time I do not see us offering a world cruise as it is not in our scope of business.

Hi Adam. We live in Australia and are wondering when Crown & Anchor Society members who are non-US residents will have access to the magazine and other special offers available to US-based members? – Scott L.

Hi Scott, we pride ourselves on recognizing our loyal Crown & Anchor Society members around the world.  Offers such as savings certificates and balcony and suite discounts are offered to all members regardless of their country of residence.  Additionally, all members receive exclusive onboard discounts to use during their voyages.  The Australian online newsletter is currently in development and will be coming your way in the future.  Happy cruising!

Will there be any British Isles sailings next year? Royal Caribbean is my favorite cruise line and I would love to see Ireland, Scotland and Wales! – Francine W.

Hi Francine, perhaps! Our Deployment team is working through many options for our 2015 deployment now and will take this into consideration.

Hi Adam, I’m wondering how often you change the itineraries for your European cruises. I sailed on both Western and Eastern Mediterranean cruises – are you planning anything new we can look forward to? Thanks. – Rona K.

Hello Rona, our offerings in the Mediterranean are a blend of stable and new programs which vary each year.  For instance, I would suggest that you consider the 10 or 11 night itineraries from Venice offered by Legend of the Seas this fall or the program of 9 and 12 night sailings from Rome offered next fall by Serenade of the Seas, which just opened.  Each program is unique and different from our core 7 night programs.

Since so many new ships are being built, do you have any plans to add new ports or destinations? – Chris B.

Chris, we are always considering new ports and destinations and we add a few each year.

  • Susan Collins

    I would like to know if you are having Diamonds in December 2013 celebration? I have not been able to find this information anywhere.

    • Adam

      Hi Susan, Diamonds in December will not be taking place this year, but please know we are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage our members through special events and promotions, so stay tuned for upcoming programs.

  • Meredith W.

    Hi Adam! My husband and I are Royal Loyal! Do you have any plans to add different itineraries leaving out of FL? Cheers!

  • Yasmine

    I am loyal to royal and would love a world cruise

    • Adam

      Thank you for the feedback Yasmine, and thank you for being Loyal to Royal!

  • Tom Jankowski

    With the addition of another ship being built in the Oasis class, Will Royal be moving one of the Oasis class ship to Port Canaveral? If so, When? I’m planning a 2015 cruise out of Port Canaveral and would love to sail on an Oasis class ship.

  • Mike hannay

    I have been on a few of royals cruises and have loved every minute, but being a musician also I miss playing my guitar when on holidays, have you ever thought of having a jam room with some guitars keyboard etc for the passengers to play .
    I bet there is a lot of talented people on board like me who would love to play in such a beautiful place. And it would be free entertainment for others.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the suggestion, Mike. We will pass your comment along for consideration.

  • Lisa Landis

    Hi Adam,

    I just want to let you know that my family and I just returned from an amazing cruise on The Enchantment of the Seas. This is my first cruise (we are platinum on RCCL) since a diagnosis of celiac, which prevents me from eating gluten. I just want to commend the Enchantment crew for their amazing knowledge of gluten intolerance. I was able to order from menus in the dining room, eat in the Windjammer (where a chef came out and showed me everything safe to eat), and enjoy room service with a gluten free experience. In fact, I was brought gluten free bread wherever I ate; the wait staff seemed to know I was gluten free beginning with our first meal. It was wonderful to enjoy my vacation, never get ill, and feel like a normal person. Thank you to everyone on The Enchantment of the Seas. Gluten free is definitely on RC! :)

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your experience, Lisa. We’re glad you enjoyed your time on Enchantment of the Seas.

  • Brenda O

    Reading up on the enhanced program for suites.
    Every incentive is excluded from Junior suites…. Including priority check in
    Beyond the extra square footage why are they in the suite category???

  • Andrew G

    Hi Adam, Do you think that you may bring freedom class ship to Australia in the future???

  • Brian Seekford

    Are you going to allow the automatic forced daily gratuity to be cancelled on-line precruise? I prefer to tip at my discretion. I don’t appreciate the forced opt-in.

    • Adam

      Brian, gratuities cannot be removed prior to sailing. If you choose to not pre-pay, they will automatically be added once onboard, but they can be removed by speaking with the Guest Services desk.

  • Gabriel

    Hi Adam, are there any news about the Royal Caribbean terminal in Montevideo, Uruguay? I am an Emerald member and would love to cruise from my city!

  • Curtis

    Adam any plans to make the Royal Connect service an app that can be purchased on any smartphone? Having to rent a Iphone, for which they always run out of, does not make sense. RCCL would make more money by selling the app, can’t run out with this option. RCCL also would have no Iphone maintenance issues either.

    Is there a list of ships that the Royal Connect will be added to?

  • Wendy

    Hi Adam, we have just returned from another great cruise on Independence and we have booked again for next year. My question is, are there plans to change the ice shows and shows in the Alhambra Theatre for Summer 2014, as they have not changed since we first cruised on Independence back in 2009. As fantastic as Strings and Freeze Frame are, it would be really great to see some new shows on there to enhance our future vacation.

  • Michael J Onuska Jr

    Hi Adam, We recently sailed out of Baltimore on Enchantment of the Seas and enjoyed nearly every moment. We purchased the Premium beverage package, but upon sailing we learned that “Pinot Grigio” was not available on the white wines offered. The beverage manager was able to get us approved for schooner bar and a glass or two for dinner, so all was not lost. Compared to many premium liquors that could be consumed at far greater cost, why can’t the “Pino” be available? This would seem to be easily remedied. Thanks.

  • Shelly Palmer

    Adam, my family and I have just returned from a Caribbean cruise on the Oasis. This was our second on this ship and the first for other family members. We originally booked a Junior Suite but were upgraded to a Grand Suite, thank you RC!! With the upgrade came a gold card which enabled us many perks and benefits I never expected. Unfortunately we missed out on many of the benefits and VIP treatment because we were not aware of all the perks. The VIP beach in Haiti would have been great if only we knew about it. My question to you is this: Where can I get a list of the benefits of being a Gold card holder aside from the RC website as it is not complete? I asked so many staff but none could help me, they just kept telling me to ask someone else. Thank you in advance!