Ask Adam Blog Series – March 2013 Q & A

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Things at Royal Caribbean are really starting to heat up as excitement about our Quantum Class continues to grow, but before we reveal anything else—let’s reveal the answers to some of the questions submitted to Adam in March.  To see the responses to February’s Ask Adam post, click here, or if you happen to have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or the life of a President & CEO please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Hello, Adam! Do you think any line will ever build a ship bigger than Royal Caribbean‘s Oasis class? Why or why not? – Jennifer B.

Hi Jennifer. It wouldn’t surprise me if a cruise line decides to build a ship larger than our Oasis class of ships. History shows that over time ships get larger.  But it’s not something that concerns us.  When building a new ship, including the Oasis class, we think hard about features that will be responsive to the emerging tastes of our guests. We encourage our people to be imaginative during the new build process. We believe there truly is something for everyone to discover on our Oasis class of ships, including several first-at-sea experiences, but many of the areas within the ships are small and intimate spaces. It’s really not about the size of the ships.

We recently went on a cruise on the Jewel of the Seas. Everything was wonderful as usual but our main reason for taking the cruise was to see Key West. We were disappointed that the ship only stayed in port for five hours. We had to be back on the ship by 12:30pm which really cut our visit short. Most of the ports (in fact all I think) were all day visits. Will there ever be a Royal Caribbean cruise that will stay in Key West for a longer period? Thank you. – Anne C.

We have many itineraries which call upon Key West for full day calls of up to 8 hours departing from Baltimore, New Orleans, and Miami.  However with some itineraries, it is not possible to extend call times as it would delay the arrival to the next port of call, as in this case.

When will we find out more details of the Quantum of the Seas, such as what features it will have and what home port it will have? – James V.

Hi James, a very good question. We will be sharing information for Quantum of the Seas soon, please stay tuned to our social pages.

The new Barbie program for little girls is pretty cool, but when will there be a similar program for boys? – Leslie P.

Hi Leslie, there are many activities available for boys including many aspects of our award winning Adventure Ocean program.  In addition, we have the DreamWorks Experience with Shrek, Po and Alex, as well as the Just For Kids items available on Gifts & Gear.

Is there anything that can increase the likelihood of ships being able to call on CocoCay? We’re two for four on our attempts at several different times of the year. 50% seems to be the common success rate on cruise message boards, which is disappointing on three night cruises. What’s the possibility of a backup port of call? – Ken S.

Hi Ken, the time of year has an impact on the tender success rate in CocoCay.  During the winter and hurricane seasons, it is more likely that you could miss this port but even in the winter season our percentage of missed calls at CocoCay is far lower than 50%. Safety is the top priority and we do not want to tender in adverse conditions. Unfortunately, given CocoCay’s location it is usually not possible to call at a substitute port.

Are we going to get Royal Caribbean ships docking in Liverpool, UK in the near future? You would get loads of new customers from the North of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland if you did. Harwich and Southampton are no good for us. – Karen G.

Last year, Vision of the Seas, called upon Liverpool as a port of call on her British Isles itinerary.  The feedback from the call was very positive, and we will continue to evaluate the inclusion of Liverpool on more itineraries in the future.  Stay tuned.

Could Royal Caribbean add a feature to the “my cruises” page that allows us to identify what onboard credits we have for upcoming cruises? I often do the onboard booking as well as apply onboard credit from the Royal Caribbean Visa card. Sometimes when booking several cruises at a time it gets lost what onboard credit I have on which cruise.  Is there no way for us to identify this on your site?  – John S.

Hi John, we are always grateful to hear ideas for new features from our loyal guests and take all of them into our product planning process.

Please help! We cruise Royal Caribbean every year with our special needs son with CP. Every year I inquire about getting a tandem harness for the zip line on Labadee, so that my son can experience with me, and go with me. No one ever answers or replies! My son cries every year as he watches mom and dad go down, but he sits on the beach by himself… how can we make this happen? – Michael S.

Unfortunately, the design of our zipline does not allow tandem riders. This is a consequence of designing one of the longest and fastest ziplines in the Caribbean.  If your son has use of his arms to hold on to the straps and meets the minimum weight of 75 pounds and minimum height of 60 inches we may be able to organize an experience for him to go on the zipline on his own.  Please send an email to with your future sail date and we will explore this opportunity.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

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