Ask Adam Blog Series — May 2013 Q & A

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We appreciate all of the questions submitted to our monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. To see the responses to April’s “Ask Adam” post, click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or his life as the President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Hi Adam, I am very impressed with what I see so far about Quantum of the Seas. I looked forward to May 27th when I was able to book the inaugural Caribbean sailing as I am a Crown and Anchor member.  In my humble opinion once again Royal Caribbean has taken “we dare you to top this” to a whole new level. What was the biggest motivating factor behind Quantum of the Seas? – Christopher L.

With every new ship class our focus is on providing an enriched guest experience.  In addition to that, the Quantum class of ships gave us an opportunity to introduce major advancements in ship design.  Our internal teams have worked hard to integrate many diverse experiences into a comfortable and exciting cruise vacation.  The newbuild design process has been a fundamental building block of our culture as I discussed in a blog article earlier this year.

My kids are allergic to peanuts and I was wondering if Royal Caribbean was going to offer peanut free snacks (eg. individually wrapped cookies or brownies to avoid cross contamination)? – Jermaine H.

As a company, we are very sensitive to guests with any sort of special dietary need. We offer individually wrapped peanut free cookies for guests who have a highly sensitive allergy. If you ask the dining room manager in the Windjammer they will provide them to you.

Hi Adam, fine work! I was wondering if the Schooner Bar exists on Quantum of the Seas? – Lisa C.

Yes it will, Lisa.

Hi Adam, I am extremely curious as to what the rationale was for Royal Caribbean to decide that pool towels on all ships must be checked out and back in or be subject to a now $25 fee for not returning them. I have cruised on several cruise lines and Royal Caribbean is the only one doing this. Even your partner Celebrity Cruises does not require towels to be checked in and out. And I can remember when that was not even the case on your ships. So could you PLEASE explain the thinking that went to make this decision?? – Ed T.

Hi Ed.  We are in the process of reviewing our pool towel policy.  If we decide to make any changes we plan to announce it prior to the end of this year.

Are there plans to add FlowRiders to other Voyager class ships? – James V.

Hi James, We are thrilled to be introducing the FlowRider to our guests on Navigator of the Seas.  Stay tuned to hear about the WOWs on our other Voyager-class ships soon.

What are the chances that we might see some of the crepe stations make their way back to some of the ships in the fleet? – Mark Z.

From time to time, based on itineraries, our ships will have crepe stations. We try to balance speed of service to our guests with variety of preparation. Making crepes to order can be a time consuming process (which has the potential to result in long lines) but we try to incorporate it when possible.

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