Ask Adam Blog Series — May 2013 Q & A

by 870

We appreciate all of the questions submitted to our monthly “Ask Adam” blog series. To see the responses to April’s “Ask Adam” post, click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean or his life as the President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Hi Adam, I am very impressed with what I see so far about Quantum of the Seas. I looked forward to May 27th when I was able to book the inaugural Caribbean sailing as I am a Crown and Anchor member.  In my humble opinion once again Royal Caribbean has taken “we dare you to top this” to a whole new level. What was the biggest motivating factor behind Quantum of the Seas? – Christopher L.

With every new ship class our focus is on providing an enriched guest experience.  In addition to that, the Quantum class of ships gave us an opportunity to introduce major advancements in ship design.  Our internal teams have worked hard to integrate many diverse experiences into a comfortable and exciting cruise vacation.  The newbuild design process has been a fundamental building block of our culture as I discussed in a blog article earlier this year.

My kids are allergic to peanuts and I was wondering if Royal Caribbean was going to offer peanut free snacks (eg. individually wrapped cookies or brownies to avoid cross contamination)? – Jermaine H.

As a company, we are very sensitive to guests with any sort of special dietary need. We offer individually wrapped peanut free cookies for guests who have a highly sensitive allergy. If you ask the dining room manager in the Windjammer they will provide them to you.

Hi Adam, fine work! I was wondering if the Schooner Bar exists on Quantum of the Seas? – Lisa C.

Yes it will, Lisa.

Hi Adam, I am extremely curious as to what the rationale was for Royal Caribbean to decide that pool towels on all ships must be checked out and back in or be subject to a now $25 fee for not returning them. I have cruised on several cruise lines and Royal Caribbean is the only one doing this. Even your partner Celebrity Cruises does not require towels to be checked in and out. And I can remember when that was not even the case on your ships. So could you PLEASE explain the thinking that went to make this decision?? – Ed T.

Hi Ed.  We are in the process of reviewing our pool towel policy.  If we decide to make any changes we plan to announce it prior to the end of this year.

Are there plans to add FlowRiders to other Voyager class ships? – James V.

Hi James, We are thrilled to be introducing the FlowRider to our guests on Navigator of the Seas.  Stay tuned to hear about the WOWs on our other Voyager-class ships soon.

What are the chances that we might see some of the crepe stations make their way back to some of the ships in the fleet? – Mark Z.

From time to time, based on itineraries, our ships will have crepe stations. We try to balance speed of service to our guests with variety of preparation. Making crepes to order can be a time consuming process (which has the potential to result in long lines) but we try to incorporate it when possible.

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  • Yolanda

    Need a ship to ensenada or cabo…

  • jennifer

    will there be any change in the future to offer self service laundry on any of the ships. Disney ships do this and it is perfect
    especially when you have kids

    • Cindy

      I would also like to see a self service laundry. We used one on Princess. I would like to do more B2B but it required too many clothes.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the feedback. We will share this with the right department.

  • Dean freeth

    We are sailing on the independence of the seas on the 24th August my wife is on medication and she can’t drink will I be able to purchase the premium drink package for myself

    • Adam

      Hi Dean, all medical exceptions are handled onboard. Please visit guest services when you arrive.

  • Beth Walton

    We sailed on the Allure of the Seas this past April,2013. I was intrigued by the mounted telescopes and it made for a great scavenger hunt. Can you please tell me how many there are on the ship so I can know if I found them all? Thank you…

  • http://Facebook Alan Goodacre

    Hi Adam, we always cruise with RCI and we were wondering now that belfast is getting a £7m investment for a cruise port, would your company consider putting belfast as a stop or starting your cruise from here. Thanks Alan

  • Thomas Slutsky

    Still waiting for an answer as to why Royal Caribbean does not cruise to Bermuda from South Florida ports??

    • Adam

      Bermuda tends to have greater appeal in the Northeast and the itinerary length required is shorter. That said, this is something that we will keep in mind for future deployment. Thank you, Thomas.

  • Kerri Dolan

    Our group cruised on Naviagator of the Seas in March 2013. We were surprised that we were unable to get snacks like peanuts, pretzels, popcorn etc in the evening. I would think that offering these snack in your bar areas would increase revenue for you also. It is nice to have a salty snack while enjoying a beverage. Pizza can get a little heavy when you only want a light snack late in the night.

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, Kerri. We will share this with the correct contact.

  • Vicki Browne

    Please consider making one side of the ship smoking free on balconies. I paid a lot of money only to have and enjoy my balcony only to have a neighbor ruin it with smoking. Although I live on a limited income, This is something I would pay extra for.

    • Adam

      Thank you for reaching out, Vicki. We will pass your suggestion along for consideration.

    • CaribbeanPirate

      Hello Adam, I would also like to echo Vicki’s comments. Both times that my wife and I have paid the extra money for a balcony room, the experience was completely ruined by people smoking out on their balconies around us. Because of that, we have not paid the extra money for a balcony room since and will not until there is some sort of policy in place like that mentioned by Vicki. There are many others that we have spoken with who are doing the same thing. This is potentially costing your company a lot of money.

      • Sara Ney

        I agree. Being out on the balcony to enjoy the fresh, ocean air …. Only to have that air polluted by guests smoking near/around you — Terrible

      • Adam

        We apologize for the inconveniences and genuinely appreciate the feedback. These comments are being passed along to the proper areas for review.

  • Amr

    I just back from a trip in liberty of the seas, i have a comment regard the swimpool we was a big group and the kids cant play togther because your policy not allowed one of the kid 1 year and other more than 4 years.
    Please make something to lets them play together

    Other issue in the ship in my trip the saudi national was in the biggest appearing i think you need to add the arabic language In memos and the instructions.

    Saudi Arabia

    • Adam

      Thank you for the suggestions, Amr. We will take these into consideration.

  • Sharon Carroll

    Hi Adam,

    I was wondering how come RCCL doesn’t have guest laundry facilities on their ships. I know other cruise lines have them but how come Royal doesn’t. I would like to have the option to wash something instead of sending it out to be cleaned. Thanks.

    Sharon Carroll

    • Adam

      Thank you for reaching out, Sharon. We will pass this suggestion along.

  • Rita Marwood

    Please give an update of the status of the renovations on the Grandeur of the Seas. We are scheduled to depart July 26 and we are very anxious to know how much progress has been made.

    I will note that we are so confident in Royal Caribbean’s service and reliability we booked this cruise after the fire.

    Thank you,

    Rita Marwood

    • Adam

      Thank you for your interest, Rita. Grandeur of the Seas is on schedule to begin sailing again as of July 12th. More details will be made available closer to that date.

      • Cindy

        We are Loyal to Royal. Our clients always ask us about our next cruise and cruise safety. We have told them that RCI is very safety conscious. Thank you for your prominent visit to the Grandeur and prompt handling of issues. RCI’s staff’s handling re-enforced our feelings of safety and experiences.

  • Audrey Calcagno

    Hi Adam! I am so excited by the news on Quantum of the Seas, and even more excited that her home port will be Cape Liberty, only 20 minutes from my home. When can I expect the release of the August 2015 itineraries?

    • Adam

      Hello Audrey, August 2015 itineraries will be available soon. Stay tuned!



    • Adam

      Hello Linda. Grandeur of the Seas is on schedule to resume sailing July 12th.

  • Brenda

    Hi Adam. My husband and I are going on Quantum of the Seas in March 2015 inaugural sailing and we are soooo excited about it. We even got a Junior Spa Suite this time. We love the sandwiches and cookies at the Café Promenade. Please tell us that it will be on Quantum of the Seas!!


  • Tom Morse

    We love cruising with RCI and will be Diamond level Crown & Anchor cruisers after our upconing Canada/New England cruise on September 22nd. However, because be used to live in Southern California and now in Oregon, we find it so very expensive to have to fly to the East Coast or New Orleans to be able to cruise with you. Please, Please consider returning to the West Coast. We would love to cruise on our side of the country to places other than just to Alaska.

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Tom. We will take your comments and suggestion into consideration.

  • phyllis press

    hi adam,, I have been back and forth on the oasis and the allure..i enjoyed all the shows..will they ever change Chicago and hairspray? I have seen them both and would love to see another broadway show…thanks Phyllis adam I would also like to see some lecture series on these ships

    • Adam

      Phyllis, we’re glad you enjoyed the shows onboard. We will take your suggestions into consideration. Thank you for the feedback.


    If a Crown & Anchor level is added between Diamond Plus & Pinnacle I Suggest a name of –


  • Janet Wilder

    Hi Adam, I am sailing a B2B cruise on Brilliance of the Seas in August. The Transatlantic segment, setting sail on August 31 from Harwich, UK will include the Jewish High Holidays. How likely will it be that a Rabbi or someone that has the ability to hold services on board?

    • Adam

      Hello, Janet. We typically do not have a Rabbi onboard our ships for the high holy days. The ships will offer a quiet room that guests can use for prayer. Also, if a guest would like to volunteer their services to lead the prayer, they can do so by speaking with the Cruise Director.

  • Karent camarena

    Hi, I just came back from a cruise through the mediterranean on the Serenade of the Seas. I had a wonderful time with my family. Your employees ( Carlos at the front desk, Ricardo Andujar at the bar, and specially our waiters Tughan and Komang) were incredibly friendly and one of the highlights of our trip. I just have one major complaint. The late night entertainment was either boring or nonexistent. The live music was quite depressing and after several nights of complaints and empty lobbies, I was disappointed to see that the band would not adapt to the complaints of those on board. More importantly, despite being a cruise leaving from Barcelona, I was surprised at the lack of attention given to Spanish speaker particularly in the areas of entertainment. At least one of the theater shows and/or live music bands should be in Spanish as there are many more Spanish speakers onboard your cruises than your passport counts indicate. I really hope you guys change in this area as I really look forward to vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise again

  • http://Facebook David Starks

    It was sad to find out that gratuities will be automatically added to our seapass account. Being diamond we have been on many cruises and have always enjoyed personally giving the envelopes out the final eve of the cruise. Why the change?

  • helena durian

    Hello Adam
    We were on the Rhapsody of the Seas for the 4th time . Everything was great but the Diamond lounge . Way to small and the music was very loud . Also , we had the early dinner and drinks were served at 5,30pm . Did not give us much time, like ,the late diners. This was a first as it was different at the pervious cruises .When we wanted to take our halve finished drink with us to dinner , we were told we could not do that .

  • Cindy

    When will we be getting more info on all staterooms and eateries on the Quantum. We booked a cruise, but a few categories don’t seem to have any photos or concept drawings.

  • Pamela

    We agree, we sailed on Mariner of the Seas in April 2013 and had the same issue. My husband is an ex-smoker and I’ve never smoked, and this was almost a deal breaker for us. We paid for the upgrade to a balcony and could not even enjoy it. We do have another cruise booked for May 2014 on Navigator of the Seas, again with a balcony upgrade, however we may not pay the higher price again if the same problem exists. Would really like this to be considered.

  • David Harris

    Hi, we were on a back 2 back cruise on allure of the seas in May, and requested that we kept the same waiter and assistant waiter for the second week as they were great with the children and they had warmed to them also.

    Unfortunately this did not happen and we had a different waiter for the second week which was slightly disappointing, not only for the children, but also from the service we received compared to the first week. I know the waiters move around each week, but for the people who have paid for a 2 week cruise, which was not many on our cruise based on who got off and back on, could this not have been honoured.


  • Darcel

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    I was interested in your thoughts with regard to an increased presence by RCCL in the city of New Orleans. Currently, a new cruise terminal is being constructed in the city, and recently, officials with Carnival Cruise Lines announced plans to dispatch one of their newer and larger ships to New Orleans. RCCL does not seem quite as committed or interested. As a native New Orleanian, I am disappointed, given the conventional wisdom that New Orleans is a unique and exciting port of departure. Tourists enjoy the city. Why does there seem to be more commitment to Galveston (the Navigator was dispatched there) rather than New Orleans? Why no year-round cruises from New Orleans?

  • Gabriel

    Hi Adam, I am from Uruguay and some months ago I heard about a possibillity of Royal constructing a terminal on our capital city Montevideo. Will they construct it? Can you give me any details? Thank you.

  • Wendy

    Hi Adam, we have just returned from another great cruise on Independence and we have booked again for next year. My question is, are there plans to change the ice shows and shows in the Alhambra Theatre for Summer 2014, as they have not changed since we first cruised on Independence back in 2009. As fantastic as Strings and Freeze Frame are, it would be really great to see some new shows on there to enhance our future holiday. Loved having the new pool screen to watch Wimbledon Finals on!

  • veronica rakos

    On the 15th floor of the Oasis, what is the magnification power of the mounted telescopes? They were amazingly clear.

  • Adam

    Hi Sharon, the Grandeur of the Seas repairs are well underway and she will resume sailing July 12th.