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“Lights! Camera! Action!” Allure of the Seas Is Almost Ready for her Close Up

With Lisa Bauer writing a blog entry for me every day during the Allure of the Seas’ crossing from Finland to Florida; it felt as if I’d been on vacation!  Thank you, Lisa for another series of fun and informative entries on the wonderful new features of our beautiful new baby.

 Although I have to go back to work writing my own blog posts, this job isn’t all bad.  For example, yesterday I had a great experience with the director of the movie “Jack & Jill”, while the production team was filming some action in the pool area.  It was the first time I have been literally in a Director’s tent while he and his associates are saying “action”, “cut”, etc.  It was a pleasure to meet Adam Sandler and Katie Holmes.  It was even more of a pleasure to hear each of them speak about the awesome experience their families are having during their time onboard.  So, what do such movie stars have in common with millions of their fans?  They had no idea how unbelievable an Oasis-class ship really is until they came onboard Allure!

 For the second year in a row, this week is almost comically busy.  Technically I “checked in” for the current non-sailing that lasts until we actually sail on the 19th.  However, for a variety of reasons, I will not stay onboard overnight until the 20th.  Don’t even try to figure that one out.  One of the conflicts is with our industry association (CLIA) meetings that happen every November.  I bounce back and forth amongst the ship, the hotel where the CLIA meetings are going on, the office in Miami, and my house, generally hitting at least three of those four places every day.  Plus, my training continues in earnest following my great track success in Sanford, Florida two weeks ago where I won a gold medal (1500m) and a silver medal (800m) without actually beating anyone.  Don’t worry, in December I will try competing against other humans.

 Allure of the Seas is truly beautiful.  Central Park is already completely planted and in great shape.  We completed all of the U.S. Coast Guard inspections and the USCG was highly complimentary of the ship, our officers, and our crew.  Everything is gearing up onboard for the inaugural cruises.  Our U.S. Sales Force is having its meeting onboard and getting ready to host their travel agent producers starting on Friday.  There are so many plans to execute that items worth an hour’s discussion get maybe three minutes.  In the end, however, our people come through in a big Wow way.  That is the real reason why I have a great job.

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““Lights! Camera! Action!” Allure of the Seas Is Almost Ready for her Close Up”

  1. Virgil Messel

    I have been excited about the Allure since I learned it was coming. I am even more excited reading your blog and feeling the excitement you have about the Allure. I will be on the Allure November 23rd with the Travel Agents, and the excitement is growing. This is the most impressive and beautiful ship on the water. I can’t wait, can you tell. See you Tuesday.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your incredibly kind words, Virgil. It sounds like you are as excited about Allure of the Seas as we are. We also completely agree with you, Allure is beautifully impressive in many aspects. We will be looking forward to having you onboard this November 23rd.

  2. Lisa Tolbert

    Is it safe to dock in Labadee with 5,400 people out all day in Haiti, then back on the ship for 2 days?

    • Adam

      Lisa, there is nothing to worry about being in Haiti. We take every necessary precaution to ensure our guests not only enjoy themselves, but that they are safe in every possible way.

  3. Brad Taylor

    Dear Adam and Royal Caribbean International,

    I’m just curious, I’d like to ask a question regarding the future of RCI ships.
    I know the 2 biggest ships came out, Oasis and Allure of the seas, and one day I do intend to travel on the Allure if not the Oasis.

    The question I have is, down the line, is there any news on what the next ship will be?
    The only reason I ask, I have been on 3 cruises so far, 2 with NCL (whom I will never cruise with again, as they have treated me very disrespectfully), and one on the Sovereign of the Seas many years ago.

    Although I cannot afford a cruise at this momment, I am saving for a bright future ahead, and would like to be on a maiden voyage of one of the next ships RCI builds. Just to celebrate being one of the first onboard the ship (besides the amazing crew of course).

    I’m not asking for anything from RCI, except for information, just wondering if there is any news about the next ship?

    I’d appreciate any feedback, sorry to be asking this soo soon after the Allure has just come out, but I thought it would not hurt to ask.

    Thank you for your time, and have a great day.


    Brad Taylor

    • Adam

      Hello Brad, thank you for taking the time to write to us about your inquiry. Or guest’s satisfaction remains our number one priority, and feedback from our guests is very important to us. In regards to new ship, we currently have no plans for a new ship, but thanks for the suggestion/inquiry.

  4. michael h

    Wow! Allure is looking great. It’s exciting to see the live webcams aboard. When will they be linked through the RCI website like those on Oasis? Less than 2 weeks and counting! Can’t wait.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the compliments Michael, Allure of the Seas is truly a beauty. The webcams on Allure of the Seas will indeed become live. Additionally, there will be a media booth where guests can post to their Facebook wall, as well as send a 60 second postcard or picture to their loved ones at home (up to 5 email addresses). We hope you enjoy these features, and we will be looking forward to seeing you onboard very soon.

  5. bjorn jakobsen

    Hi Adam
    We just made cruise #100, on Liberty from Rome to ÛS
    great cruise, and we booked 2more for next fall.
    So all together we will have 5 cruise next year.
    Crossing with Liberty (hi Mario) will be nice to see you again.and inn fall BB on Oasis That gives us 5 cruise on Oasis. You gave us 1 for free. many thanks
    We love RCI, and we still keep on cruising with you.
    Regards Bjorn & Gitte

    • Adam

      Hello Bjorn and Gitte, thank you for your kind words. We are delighted to hear that you just made your 100th cruise, congratulations. We are always thrilled to have you onboard and we will be looking forward to seeing two once again next fall.

  6. michael Tyska


    My wife and I have sailed on RCI, Freedom of the Seas the last three years, and yes she is a beautiful ship. Both my wife and I will not sail with anyone else except with RCI. We are a planning a trip on the Oasis of the sea in 2011, and hopefully will take our daughters and there husbands along with us. My question is if the Freedom of the seas ever sail out of some of the ports up north, Cape Liberty or even Baltimore Maryland.

    Thank you for your time

    Sincerely Mike Tyska

    • Adam

      Thank you for being loyal to Royal Caribbean, Michael. Our team strives to provide the best cruising experience possible. It is an honor to have such a dedicated fan, and we are definitely looking forward to having you onboard Oasis of the Seas. As far as Freedom of the Seas sailing from ports up north, at the moment, she is currently only departing from Port Canaveral, Florida. You can find a complete schedule of Freedom of the Seas’ sailings here. We hope this helps, and thanks again.

  7. Jeffrey Vagt

    Hello Adam!
    On Nov. 22 you stated that the Allure of the Seas webcams would indeed be coming online. Is that still the case and if so, when? Also I have noticed that the Oasis of the Seas webcams are often stale, as if they are turning off the cameras at night. Can this problem be fixed? I am a huge webcam fan and your new cameras are the finest I have seen. Watching the Pool cam on Oasis is almost like being on a cruise.


    • Adam

      We are so glad that you enjoy our webcams, Jeff. As of now we are still working on the webcams onboard Allure of the Seas. We will look into it and thank you for your patience and suggestions.

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