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A Bit of Personal Triumph

What do you call a blog entry when it is one more than your colleagues are expecting from you? A special edition, I suppose.


In my first entry I mentioned I was preparing for Miami’s Corporate Run. That’s not a big deal since 17,240 people participated in the Corporate Run this year. However, Royal Caribbean’s quest for excellence encompasses the dedication of our runners, and our competition with Carnival plays out on the 5k race course, not just on the water. Although I’m old enough to be a parent of the best runners in the city, I trained HARD for this race for two years. I missed last year because we were introducing Independence of the Seas in the U.K. More significantly, thanks to a bad back, I did virtually nothing at all athletically from the early 1980’s until 2006.

Things changed three years ago when we introduced Freedom of the Seas and I lived onboard for 31 nights. During that month I learned what an elliptical (cross-trainer) machine was. Better yet, I learned I could work out on it for 10 minutes on level one without pain. Now I own one and between elliptical workouts and running twice a week I’m back to racing 5k’s almost as fast as I did in high school. No wonder the fitness center is my favorite feature on Freedom-class ships and I recommend it to you on your next Freedom-class cruise. The fitness center on those ships is marvelous indeed.

So what happened? We did great. I won the CEO division by quite a bit with a time of 19.35 on a slightly shortened course. The Miami Herald did a nice story on the race, which you can find here.

More importantly, since I like team events, I was one of four who together won the Co-ed city championship. Our amazing women also won the city championship. And our men came in second in the city by only 36 seconds behind you know who. No mercy next year. Since this is a special edition, I’ll add that I’m finding blogging to be good fun. As long as you’re interested and engaged in this blog I am happy to continue. Thanks!

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“A Bit of Personal Triumph”

  1. Linda Coffman

    Congratulations on a race well won!

  2. Marilyn

    Good for you. Beat them next year! :-)

  3. Jared

    Sounds like you are doing good. I took up walking a few years ago along with other things, just in time to enjoy the fitness center on Rhapsody. It was also a really nice feeling with the walk/jog along the track while at sea.

    I can’t wait till we have some year round ships in Galveston! Love your ships!

  4. LIsa

    Looks like you had fun. I’m still trying to get past the fact you spent (lived) 31 days on Freedom. I love that ship. Keep up the blog, we’re out here reading.

  5. Datastar

    Great performance in the race. Both your individual performance and your co-worker’s show what dedication, teamwork and a sense of company pride can do.

    I wonder if in one of your future posts, you might discuss your long-term views on the company’s new build program.

    The three Freedom class ships and the soon-to-debut (less than 1,000,000 man-hours of construction, according to Richard Fain’s blog) Oasis and under-construction Allure are spectacular. No question about it, these vessels have (and I suspect will) change the way that people view cruise ships.

    But there is the (relatively) smaller end of the market as well. I suspect that some of the ships that are currently in the RCCL fleet may be transferred to other RCI brands. What do you see as the future of new build cruise ships in the 2,000-3,000 passenger range? I believe that many RCCL cruisers love ships like the Radiance class, and wonder how you as CEO view the non-megaship part of the market.

    I know that in these economic times, it’s difficult to crystal-ball the marketplace into the future, but I’d appreciate your insight.

  6. Rita Schowengerdt

    Is Royal Caribbean planning to do the 15 days sailing over and back to Hawaii in 2010-2011-2012?

    • Royal Caribbean Communications

      Hi Rita, thank you for your comment. We are not planning to offer any “round trip” Hawaii sailings at this time. We do offer a variety of sailings on Rhapsody of the Seas that begin or end in Honolulu.

  7. Mandy

    Wow…congratulations! That’s awesome! Having had disk surgery some 10-12 years ago, I can certainly relate to the back issues you mentioned! Good for you!!! I’m not sure I could run 5K, must less in 19:35!

    Reading Datastar’s comments, I’d also like to express my admiration for the smaller ships – although who’d have ever imagined we’d someday consider the Voyager Class to be “smaller ships”? I cruised on Freedom in January and, while I loved the ship and all the extras – I wish I’d had an H2O Zone as a kid! – I did find it a bit overwhelming for my taste. To many of us, the ships capable of reaching a wider variety of ports are preferable to the mega-vessels. Sure, those resorts at sea are amazing, but if we’re going to cruise on RCL over and over again (as most of us do), we want to visit new destinations. Please don’t retire too many of those smaller ships. We like Radiance and Voyager class ships!

    Thanks for blogging!!!

  8. Matt

    I just stumbled across this story more or less, but I think it is great that a CEO of a large corporation such as Royal Caribbean takes the time to participate in events such as this. Additionally, I feel that this blog is a great way for us to see the “human” side of the corporate world and I for one appreciate that opportunity.

    For someone who has already won the loyalty of an experienced cruiser to your cruise line, this is another great step in attracting new customers as well as repeat customers. I look forward to my next cruise with RC and also to your continued blogs.

    Thank you.

  9. Scott Jensen


    With your biggest cruise ship, would it be possible to have some lap of some deck on which you could use to run a 5-mile marathon? Or even a regular 26-mile marathon? Or both. Possibly have some devise that runners wear that records how many times they pass two points on the loop (two to prevent cheating and these points being on opposite ends of the ship) … or give this job to two teams of two high-clerical-speed crew members (one calling out numbers as they pass and the other checking them off). Maybe call it “Neptune’s Marathon” or “Marathon on the High Seas”.

    If you offer a nice cash prize pool, you’d probably get a lot of endorphin junkies (a.k.a. marathon runners) joining this annual cruise. If you want to encourage families to run, give prizes for fastest different ages (starting as low as possibly 13 and giving prizes for each year to age 17 and then from 65 to 120), mothers (you could have different prize categories for mothers of one child, two, three, four, etc.), grandmothers, grandfathers, etc. If crowding is a problem, you could simply have these different groups run at different times. A whole day of marathons with all the groups of runners cheering on one group of runners.

    If you offered free voyages to top professional male and female marathon runners (at least one each and you could pick the ones that apply based on their current world ranking) and those that got Olympic gold metals for the marathon (the more freshly minted their gold, the better their chances of being picked), they would draw even more runner passengers. That and offer free voyages to a couple top marathon trainers (one male and one female) that then hold workshops and lectures that are aimed at helping runner passengers improve their running performance. Also, have panel discussions with the professional runners, gold-metal runners, and running coaches for your runner passengers to ask questions of. If you want to have more than one panel discussion, simply limit each panel discussion to a single topic, but be sure to have the last panel discussion be open to any question. Oh, and possibly enable passengers to sign up for one meal with one of these people during their cruise so they can talk to them in a more relaxed social setting.

    If you were to do this, I would suggest that you only hold the races when out in international waters and, ideally, so runners pass by an area where their families and friends can comfortably sit and cheer them on. Set up some cameras along the loop and put up some large flat TV screens so these family members and friends can get a glimpse of their runner as they do the loop.

    Also, I’d suggest running the marathons three times during the cruise. First one on the first day out at sea, second at the midway point, and last one on the second to last day of the cruise. The prizes then go to the runners that had the best average time of the three races. If three is too much, then just first day out and second to last day. The idea for more than one is to truly make the cruise focused on marathons and it not being just a one-time and that’s it sort of thing.

    Hold funny races during the cruise. Have the cabin stewards and stewardesses IN UNIFORM also compete against each other in their own race. If your steward/stewdress wins, you win a prize too. Have a waiter/waitress races with trays of food with the winner of the race being the first one that crosses the finish line with all their tray items still on their tray. Bar waiter and waitresses running with a tray of martinis and the first to cross the finish line without spilling a drop (or possibly just with all the olives in all the glasses still in their glasses) winning. Another one of your lifeguards and this one being a triathlon of running, swimming the length of the longest pool, running the loop backwards, swimming the length of the longest pool, running forward, and repeat. These funny races being just a loop race around one of your big open areas for all passengers to watch and enjoy.

    Lastly, I would STRONGLY recommend that you be on this cruise and, obviously, run the 5-mile the marathon race with everyone else. That and ideally also the ship’s captain … even if you have to switch captains for that cruise to have one able to run at least the 5-mile race.

  10. Tammy K

    Congrats on the race. I have walked a half-marathon and I never thought 13.1 miles was a long way until then. I am excited to be sailing for the first time on the Majesty in June. I cannot wait!!!!

  11. wesball

    Congrats Adam!!!! I also learned that fitness can be fun and easy on the Freedom class ships. I am now loosing weight and being fit at a mere 39 years old. The staff also taught me a lot about fitness in general. I am hoping to live longer so that I can frequent the Nation of WHY NOT!!! far in to my later years. HAHA……there are many reasons to stay fit, that is mine……thanks again for the blog time… means a lot to me that I have an inside connection to my favorite cruise line. Cruising is my favorite thing to do and get to several times a year. What a great way to stay in touch with your customers…..who ever had the idea should get a raise!!!!!! Your #1 fan…..Wesley Ballard P.S. very proud of you and your team!!!

  12. james

    Please change the June 14 Mariner cruise back to Mexico. Its time. Let the people have what they want. The flu is under control. Someone please step up. Love ya.

  13. phyllis woods

    dear sir, this is the only place i could find to voice my comment about royal caribbean cruise changes. so, here goes…. i am crown & anchor member, platinum, maybe higher, however i guess i won,t be on another of your ships, which is a shame,too, because i love cruising on r.c. however, with your new no smoking plan i will not be cruising with any of your lines. i don,t know why it wasn,t enough to keep us smokers in our place on your ships but, to say you can,t even smoke in your cabins, unless of cource, you could afford a balcony,my my, for someone on social security, that,s quite a money push. so, good bye to my favorite cruise line, guess i,ll just cruise somewhere else where they won,t be so strict and more interested in making my cruise a good one. after all, isn,t that what it,s suppose to be all about????

  14. Bobby Torres

    Adam: congrats on your run and overcoming physical obstacles. I think we all have the same problem but most of us aren’t taking on a road run. Kudos to ya!

    I need to say that I have cruised with other lines before but none compare to Royal Carribean. It has elegance without being stuffy and aloof; it is fun without getting to theme-parkish. You can do a little or alot, it is all up to you!

    I like that you have opened up a blog area and are in contact with people – great move!

    I am a Registered Nurse and am interested in joining the RCCL team in your medical center onboard your fleet but have not been able to a straight answer as to who handles the resume/job process. I was told that the medical and nursing staff are subcontracted but I don’t know by whom. Could you help?

    Looking forward to our plans for an Aruba trip next May and then the Mediterranian the following year. My best and look forward to your postings.

    Bobby Torres, RN BSN

  15. Wendy

    Great showing by all.

  16. jose hurtado

    I’m a crown & anchor diamond member.I was in Charleston SC the other day an saw a ship fro NCL sailin, since I live in Augusta Ga. Is RCI planing to sail from Charleston SC ? Thanks

  17. Brenda Imbesi

    I love RCCl.
    When I retired I wanted to cruise every 2 months, alas, that was not to be, however I try to cruise 3 times a year.
    Even with the changes I still stay loyal to RCL.
    The main thing I object to is the shipboard credit, It no longer payes to book when on board. I have done this in the past, but no more.

  18. April


    I am a nurse as well and contacted another cruise line about employment, without success. I suspect that the contracted nurses use a travel nurse agency. Try contacting one of them.

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