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A Look Ahead to 2012

In my previous entry I noted the many positive things that happened at Royal Caribbean International in 2011. My leadership team deserves tremendous credit for driving forward an incredible array of initiatives. The men and women who work on the ships and those who support the shipboard operation from the land also deserve considerable plaudits for their efforts throughout an exciting and challenging year. I thank all of them.

We are now looking forward to 2012. One interesting aspect of next year – it will be the first year since 1994 that there is no additional capacity in our brand. In each of the last 17 years we either had a new ship enter service or we had the full year effect of a ship that was introduced in the previous year. This is an opportunity for us to really make sure that we are delivering on all elements of Gold Anchor Service and we will be focused on consistent product delivery throughout the year.

Our Royal Advantage revitalization program will continue with Rhapsody of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas receiving their major upgrades in the first half of the year. Based on our initial impressions of Splendour of the Seas new Viking Crown and Centrum venues, we cannot wait to have these features on more Vision-class ships.

2012 will be another very important year for our growth around the world. Voyager of the Seas will become the largest cruise ship ever to be based year-round in Asia/Australia. We also continue to bolster our brand’s presence in Europe.

Voyager of the Seas

Our behind the scenes work on our Project Sunshine ship will continue. We will continue to be excited about the project. Interested people will continue to be frustrated at the lack of details we provide about the project as we simply cannot begin to divulge ship features until we begin the marketing cycle for Sunshine which is still more than a year from now. With the ship still three years away from service, our competitors would have time to preempt our advances if they knew what we were going to do.

Everyone associated with our brand is looking forward to the full scale launch of our new Marketing platform – “The Sea is Calling, Answer it Royally” – in January. Awareness of the Shellphone is growing and nearly everyone is feeling the emotional effect of the communications and appreciating the humor of the sea calling potential guests via a shellphone.

Answering the Shellphone Royally

I also look forward to your questions. Hopefully 2012 will be another active year for our readers posing questions to me via this blog. Why not start right now?

We are ready for 2012 but given the events of recent years, we know we need to expect the unexpected. In the mean time, all of us at Royal Caribbean International wish you Happy Holidays and a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

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“A Look Ahead to 2012”

  1. Steven

    Thanks for everything your ships gave done for us. I really enjoyed them including allure of the seas in the summer. Of all the 7 ships i went in with royal Caribbean, they were all good including the food and service. Just one question, what other ships of RCCL will be in NYC in 2012 except explorer of the seas

    • Adam

      Thank you for choosing to sail with us, Steven. Brilliance of the Seas will sail from there twice.

    • Susan Dickerson

      Dear Adam,

      I found your post “A look ahead to 2012 revitalizing. My husband and I cruised for the first time with RCCL 10 years ago. Need I say, one of the BEST vacations ever. On February 23, 2012 we will giving our daughter and future son-in-law a Wedding & Reception to Always remember on board “Liberty of the Seas” containing 105 guest, 41 which will be cruising with us when the reception is over. We have had nothing but a positive experience with your Royal Romance Coordinators up until two weeks ago. I’m afraid the 2012 change over has left us out of touch. We have preparations that need to be finalized by today and no longer can reach our consultants direct line. I’m sure this is a temporary glitch with the new Campaign launch but I thought maybe a word to your attention may help expedite things. We are confident this delay will be temporary, and as always we are looking forward to RCCL making one of the most Important days of our lives, the most special and remembered days of our lives.

      Susan & Kevin Dickerson

      • Susan Dickerson

        Update….The same day we posted this, a Royal Caribbean Wedding Representative contacted us and explained the delay, she assured us everything is in order for our daughters special day.
        Once again thank you for the “Shell Call” . We will post after the wedding to share our wonderful wedding experience and cruise!


        Susan & Kevin Dickerson

        • Adam

          We’re glad things were taken care of, Susan. Thank you for updating us on the progress. We look forward to your post.

  2. Cindy Seipel

    Who would I contact within your organization to find out more about wedding services and events offered on your cruises? I have a number of clients who are interested in connecting with you to showcase their complimentary products that could enhance your wedding/event offerings. Thanks so much. It looks like a gorgeous and relaxing way to vacation – if only I weren’t afraid of the water!

    • Adam

      Hi Cindy, you can contact a Royal Romance Consultant at (888) 933-7225 for more information.

  3. Rhonda Rich

    Dear Adam,

    Between the cruise we took a few years ago and the last cruise we took in 2010, cleanliness in the public areas (particularly in the Windjammer Cafe) seemed to be taken more seriously. I want to make sure that cleanliness and attention to detail, made famous by RCCL, will continue to be a priority with all of your ships, including the three that got major upgrades.

    Thank you in advance for any comments you have.

    Very best,
    Rhonda Rich

  4. Yev Bronshteyn

    Does RC manage shipboard entertainment centrally or does each cruise director book guest entertainers to his/her own pleasure? If it is the latter, it is very unfortunate. After a recent cruise, I found quality control in entertainment lacking. Guest comedians had material that was stale, childish, or derivative, not to mention offensive to some of the guests. One comedian seemed unsure as to what he could and couldn’t say on stage, so he spent the bulk of his time sweating, dawdling, and thinking of which bits to use. It seems surprising that RC HQ would require a complete script to every onboard art seminar while exercising little or no control over guest entertainers.

  5. Carolyn Lidgard

    I would like to see a ship sail to Aruba from Florida. Even if you have to make the cruise more than 7 days.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the suggestion, Carolyn.

  6. Alan K. Conner

    Cruised on the Allure in October and Liberty in December. Will be cruising New England and Nova Scotia September 2012. Loved it! Our September Cruise will be My wifes 17th, I think! Proud to say we are now Diamond Plus and Crown and Anchor members. Thanks again for your hospitality…..we are Loyal to the Royal!

    • Adam

      Congratulations on reaching Diamond Plus status, Alan. Thank you for being Loyal to Royal.

  7. Lydia

    Why is it that the cruises that stop in Puerto Rico are there for a very short time, like half a day in comparison to the other stops? There is so much to do on the island, but with the short stay,some of it is not possible. Leaving a port at 12:30 or 1:00 pm is not much time.

  8. Mary P

    I can hope my comments will be published as I have repeatedly voiced my concerns to Royal as well as other long time travelers.

    When can we started getting real answers instead of fluff pieces? We so dearly loved Royal Caribbean. It seems a shell of it’s former self. I realize ship size matters to some, Oasis was just an awful experience for us as we didn’t get to see a single show, my poor son (his first cruise) couldn’t swim because his pool constantly closed.

    The increase in pricing, the forced gratuities on everything, inflating our expenditures by almost 10%. Why not price things the way you want, instead of forcing us to pay the salaries of your employees *after* you publish prices for services. Example, the spa. Another new forced gratuity. I called, asked the pricing for a simple toenail painting, $19. I finish it up and my bill was over $21. Small yes, but given that it was forced now, I knew massages would be out of our price range even more so, since they have doubled in the last few years but forcing us to tip what you want on top of it, regardless of the level of service? I could not receive the service without being forced to tip. $10 “gratuity” on the soda package, while the man selling them was using the “$7.50 a day” schpiel, chicken scratch receipt said nothing about the gratuity and our stateroom, $10 per person added – $20 more dollars not told to us.

    You fluff about two new tiers, but compared to the offering of the normal tiers even 2 years ago, most of the good parts of the program have been cut completely. The little touches like mints on the pillows for all cruisers, now only extending to those in “first class”. The quality of service on the ship, the rudeness of the staff just increases. The laziness of staff – especially the last cruise where we only once out of about 12 trips to Windjammer were given drinks, we had to get our own silverware on dinner nights we went (while hunting them was a task in itself) and a group of several next to our tables (on the last 3 cruises) laughing and joking while we have no drinks at all. 3 cruises in a row our room has smelled like sewage, one time so badly I had to leave the comfort of my room. The halls filled with it. Again, this isn’t just to me, cruisers are noting this on your Facebook page, on cruise boards, and so on. When I made complaints about how often our toilet backed up, the mold in our rooms (the first time, so far since, the bathroom has it all over), the non-existent room service and blood found on the sheets of our bed when we got on the ship – I was told I was stupid for not flushing the toilet right during the cruise and when I complained after, the woman on the phone “What do you want me to do about it?” How about even a $50 onboard credit to show you were sorry?

    Now, to boot, the cost of cruises has gone up, along with the food value going down and the price of things on the ship expensive. We miss our Johnny Rocket’s coupons in our book. We’ve gone through 8 cruises over 7 years. We were in love the first 4 years. I was embarrassed for my son not getting to see anything on the Oasis, no water show – we paid a fortune to take him with us in the summer. Tickets couldn’t be gotten online for shows, we waited 2 hours getting on the ship while they allowed several families to take tickets for multiple showings for the Aquatheater. When you pay several thousand just to get on the ship, you expect to see shows. Even waiting in line for an hour for the Aquatheater, with an antsy kid to be turned away…

    For some reason, I kept hoping we’d get back to what we saw in the first several years. I guess it’s punishment to myself but I can’t imagine not cruising with Royal Caribbean. Sadly, because of the pricing before, the chance not to have any entertainment, the forced onboard fees and gratuities, I may have to look elsewhere. I and other cruisers have been constantly ignored, been treated rudely when we do have a complaint so it appears you do not value us unless we shut up and pay our cash.

    I want my beloved Royal Caribbean back.

    • svetlana pechko

      New Year, Oasis, it was nightmare!!!!! Shame!We was embarrassed for our friends…

  9. Lesley Tilly

    Why are Royal Caribbean not going to have any ships based in Southampton during winter 2012?

  10. Dennis Hickman

    Adam: I have a comment about the diamond level? We are one cruise away from diamond plus and we’re just on the allure in sept and then the explorer in dec. we noticed that the diamond members had a full open bar on the allure and had to pay 75% for mixed drinks on the explorer. Why the discrimation between ships? Free on one and also hors doeuvres free on the allure and not the explorer. why can’t it be the same on all ships? I am not a happy camper.
    Thanks Denny Hickman

  11. Diane Harris

    We were one of the unfortunate ones on the Navagator, sailing Nov. 26. As you know the entry process that day was a awful experience. Standing in a paring lot for 3 hours in the sun was not to be excused. Why no back up plan for such an occasion? Also, why no compensation for all your passengers. Especially the ones taken to the hospital and the ones passing out? The front of the line got cold water to drink. The back of the line was told there was no more, they “ran out”! Anyway, you need to also do some updating on the ship. The balcony furniture was half painted and rusty along with the whole surrounding area. The drapes in the cabin were filthy as was the carpet. We never had our bedding changed in a 8 night cruise. Since when????? It was the worst cruise we’ve taken. We’ll cruise again but never again with Royal Caribbean.

  12. Paul Oiler

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of the staff and crews with Royal caribbean! We have been on two cruises in the past 18 months with a third booked in April 2012. So far, both times we have went, everyone and everything has been over the top! As I think back, I can not think of one complaint that I could come up with! From the time we arrived at the port for departure, to every port we visited, every show, dinner etc etc …. everyone on board was extremely friendly, helpful and attentive to make sure our trip was absolutly the best! These trips have made ever lasting memories with my wife, our parents and extended family that we have taken along with us. So once again, Thank You everyone at Royal Caribbean for making so many great memories for us and we so look forward to many more memories in the very near future!

    • Adam

      We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoy sailing with us, Paul. See you in April.

  13. Rita Juray

    This will be my third cruise on RCI. For years my husband and I put off cruising because I thought I might be anxious about being on the sea. But, we both love it!. We tried a competitor, Carnival Line. And although we had a wonderful time on that cruise, we think your service is superior. So we are back!.

    I would like to know

    What is New Years Eve like on the Explorer?? We are embarking in 3 days??
    Very excited about being at sea for the New Year.

    • Adam

      Rita, you can expect to have a great time onboard during New Years Eve. Follow this link for a list of activities that will be happening:

  14. Alexander

    As a soon to be 20 year old (in a month) I am and always have been fascinated with the advancements that Royal Caribbean is coming up with every day.

    Seeing the new advancements coming to the older ships is very exciting, especially since we will be travelling to Alaska on the Rhapsody in July (so we’ll basically have a brand new ship!)

    Project sunshine will be sure to wow the world once again as the Oasis and Allure have.

    I have to say though, this is the first time i’m seeing anything about the Shellphone campaign. Perhaps it’s because I live in Florida so the need for cruise advertisement here isn’t as prevalent, but none the less this campaign is new to me.

    I like the campaign and can’t wait to see what comes next!

    • Adam

      We’re glad you like our new advertising campaign, Alexander. Enjoy your getaway onboard Rhapsody of the Seas in July.

  15. Mike

    At the end of my last cruise in Novemebr of 2011 my wife and I signed up for membership in the Golden Anchor Club. We haven’t heard anything yet. Should we have?

    • Adam

      Hi Mike, please call the Crown & Anchor Society Desk at (800) 526-9723 so we can assist you.

  16. Boysie mc Allister

    My wife and I love Royal Caribbean, we have been cruising R C going back to 2005, and no other cruise line would do!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for being Loyal to Royal, Boysie.

  17. Mark (Ontario Canada)

    Adam, could the behind-the-scenes tour process be reconsidered on Allure/Oasis? My family immensely enjoyed our recent sailing on Allure, but the one low point for me (personally) was the inability to tour the bridge, even if for only a few minutes. I recognize that it is limited for a variety of reasons, but to be told that it was only available as part of an “All Access” package (at considerable cost), and then further limited to suite guests only, was quite honestly, disappointing. I was willing to pay the all-access fee, but was still turned down because I wasn’t a suite guest – it was the one and only point during our trip where I was made to feel very second class.

    I’m confident there could be plenty of opportunity to provide bridge-only tours, even if they were brief and timed during off-peak periods when the interruption would be minimized for the crew.

    Thanks for an otherwise wonderful cruise! We are booking again on Allure next November, and are on the verge of a Bermuda cruise in May. We’re hooked on RCI!

  18. Anthony Watson

    Just made it to diamond on last cruise, what a fun journey it’s been.
    Are there any plans to homeport a ship in Charleston, South Carolin? They are building a new cruise terminal by the way.

  19. Calvin Llorens

    Please bring back the Summer Southern Caribbean cruises out of San Juan! Thanks.

  20. Bron

    Adam, I want to purchase a 2012 RCCL calendar and do not know of one. I would love to see a calendar with photos of your ships and their signature amenities! I think it is a GREAT idea and a good offering for your “gifts and gear” selections. What do you think?

    • Adam

      We like your idea, Bron. Thank you for the suggestion, we will pass this on.

    • John

      Wow I was thinking of this the other day as I was putting up my new tropical beaches calendar and thought wow a Royal Caribbean calendar would be so cool and I would defanitly buy it! I love Royal Caribbean and love all the pictures of the ships and stuff! I would be so happy if I saw this somewhere… You could even offer the calendar in every stateroom?? As a free souvenir ?? That would definitely be a extra plus to the best time of my life!


  21. Lawrence Ludmer

    Congratulations on another great year for Royal Caribbean. I added one RCCL cruise (on Vision of the Seas) to my inventory of Royal Caribbean cruises. I know you’re looking forward to 2012, but I’m already looking forward to 2014 when the first of the Sunshine Class ships goes into service. While it may be a little early to start thinking about a name, I have come up with an idea—how about “Pinnacle of the Seas”? The word pinnacle would be appropriate because it will represent the best of all of RCCL’s innovative ideas developed through the years. But here’s the plus—it would be a not-so-subtle dig at Carnival Cruises who have had a “Pinnacle Project” on the back burner for years but has yet to show anything. What do you think?

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, Lawrence.

  22. Tom Lovett

    My family and I have cruised many times on Royal Caribbean. My wife and I will be embarking on our 6th cruise in February on board Freedom of the Seas. My son is traveling with us and it will be his 5th cruise. As with all of our other cruises we are positive the experience will be first class. Apart from some rough seas at times the cruises have been memorable to say the least. We have taken shore excursions and been very satisfied with all of them. We are looking forward to sailing with the crew of Freedom in February!!

    • Adam

      We’re glad you enjoy sailing with us, Tom. See you in February.

  23. Edward (Rob) Bucklin

    Dear Mr. Goldstein, RCL has been an important part of our lives since the Rhapsody of the Seas over Christmas 1997. That was my first modern day sailing (since the Odessa in ’72) with my wife, son and parents. The next sailing our broker put us on Carnival…. never again. That was the last cruise before my wife passed away from breast cancer. My son and I continued doing Christmas cruises for a few years, in her memory. In ’06 we did Alaska with the Land Tour afterwards. It was so memorable. Wish I could show you photos.
    I kept up the cruising but my son had us stop the Christmas cruises after ‘06. Friends and vacation time became more important (age 16) and it’s not so cool to be hanging out with Dad : ))

    In May of 2007 I met a wonderful lady, Susan. What better way to get to know her? Take her on Enchantment in July! And then Liberty in September! We did Voyager in Europe in 2009. That December her only son of 20 years was killed in a fluke car accident. February of 2010 we got on Independence. Your staff stepped up to the plate. It was her son’s birthday. I asked permission to throw the petals of a dozen roses off the stern of the ship in his honor and it was granted and arranged. It made this cruise a true memory for her and one very special purser.

    In September of 2010 we did back to back cruises on Grandeur. The first was with Susan’s Aunt Wanda (her first cruise) and her friend Gen. It was great times for all of us and they are now hooked. The second was a high school reunion for my wife’s class of Army brats from Heidelberg. What a great gathering. We were first place in The Quest!!

    Now here is where the biggest thank you comes. In Feb of this year I contacted our friends and neighbors and asked them to join my future wife and my son on the June 5th Allure sailing. I also secretly invited her best friend and her adult kids. I took a guess at several email addresses in hopes of reaching Captain Zini. I sent him a lengthy letter with lots of background info and asked if we could have a “Tour of the Bridge” and do an un-official “Tying of the Knot” ceremony. But that wasn’t all. I asked if my stepson, who would be in Haiti doing relief work, could come into Labadee and take part in the ceremony on ship. I knew this would probably be the first part cut from the script. He actually got the email and responded that he would look into this idea and appeal to the powers above.

    A month later he replied that he had gotten approval from Capt. Newhoff. My stepson, Sean, would have to have all his inoculation papers and be checked out by the doctor upon boarding and the “Tour” would happen. A month later I got word that Capt. Zini would not be on board and he would check to see if Capt. Johnny would be willing and to forward any ideas to him. 30 days out I send Capt. Johnny my ideas, but didn’t hear back. Wasn’t worried. Maybe he was covering another ship? Two weeks out I tried again. No word back. One week, same thing. Get on the ship and ask the Guest Relations, but they are not sure how to proceed with these strange circumstances. Labadee is the next day and I don’t know what to tell our group of 12 at dinner. I go to Dexter Fraser in the Diamond Club and plead my case. He can’t get a direct answer, so he gives me a ship cell phone and calls me back at dinner with news that we are to meet at Starbucks at 10am for the tour!

    We did meet and Sean was sitting there to surprise Susan! She still had no idea what was going to happen. We went up through security to the bridge and were allowed to look around while waiting for the captain. I found Johnny and we went into his cabin to discuss some quick plans with the help of the wedding consultant. Capt. Johnny came out, gave a tour and then showed us a rope trick to seqway into the unofficial “Tying the Knot” ceremony. During which, I produced two lengths of rope which we tied around our fingers! Capt Johnny was so gracious and fun to be with. We all talked for quite a while after. Then we figured it out that he had not responded to my emails earlier, as he got on board Allure the same day that we did! We saw him several times again during the cruise, as well as Dexter. Your staff really does care about your passengers.

    Susan and I did get married at home in Raleigh on 9/10/11. We took a honeymoon cruise on the Serenade on 10/30. We came prepared for Halloween. We were seated at a table for nine with only one other couple showing up. We hit it off beautifully. Our maitre’ de, Moses, saw how much fun we were having and came over to chat. The next morning we received invitations to sit with the Capt. for dinner at Portofino. We accepted and showed up in our black tie costumes. Wish I could send you a picture. The dinner was fantastic and we made friends with all the people who attended. Capt. Claveau had so much fun we were there for two and a half hours. Some of the staff knew it was our honeymoon and it was as great as always.

    Unfortunately, I know you probably hear more negative than positive, as with any business. I have watched your guest relations people work with the most unreasonable and rude passengers. They do it with grace, poise and true acknowledgement of what some of these jerks are complaining about. Some people just have to find something to complain about. Sad. I have also seen so many passengers just be rude to your Windjammer and bar staff, but it never comes back at them. Kudos to your employees. I have found that a smile goes a long way and asking a bit about them and wanting to listen to them makes them smile too.

    We are excited to be going from Venice to Rome next May on Celebrity Silhouette. And we look ahead to new adventures in Alaska, Galapagos and even South America (when we get around to learning Spanish). I know you can’t use a bunch of this on your blog because of the special circumstances and permissions that were given. But I thought you should know how special your people have been to us. Thank you and may you all have a very happy and healthy New Year.

    Edward (Rob) and Susan (Dufur) Bucklin
    “live life day to day… and to the fullest”

    • Adam

      Wonderful story, Edward. Thank you for sharing it with us. We appreciate your kind words and are thrilled that you enjoy cruising with Royal Caribbean.

  24. Margaret Hickey

    I am so looking forward to my second cruise on Rhapsody.. There are four of us, and it is my husbands and my 40th wedding anniversary, and the other couple are celebrating a birthday, as well as a 41st wedding anniversary on board..After six days in Honolulu, prior to boarding next September 25th, it will be a great adventure, as they have never had a cruise before.. I just love this ship, and cannot wait to see the changes made by the refit next year.
    The staff make the holiday perfect, and should be commended for their diligence and hard work. I cannot praise them high enough.
    Counting the days till next September, and looking forward to nineteen days of pure bliss on board this magnificent ship once again..

    • Adam

      Happy Anniversary, Margaret. Thank you for acknowledging the work of our staff and crew. Enjoy your cruise getaway in September.

  25. Tor Hole

    When project Genesis was introduced, there was a “name that ship” competition. And the winner named the ships Oasis and Allure of the seas. Will there be a similar name-competition for the two Project Sunshine ships?

  26. Sarah W.

    I have one question for you Adam, Will Rhapsody and Grandeur receive the same features that Splendor received in the Royal Advantage?

    • Adam

      They will receive some of the same enhancements as Splendour of the Seas. We’re sure you’re going to enjoy them. Check back with us here for updates:

  27. James LeBatard

    Have only taken one cruise so far this past August on Allure of the Seas. It was an amazing time and I’m looking forward to going back on Allure in August 2012, and we’re looking to do a cruise for Thanksgiving 2012 but we haven’t picked one yet. The food and dining options on Allure were immense, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why regular sweet tea is not offered at all on the entire vessel. It’s so easy to make and you already have the ingredients onboard. Is this something RCI has never considered, or made a decision against it. The first thing I did when we disembarked in Ft Lauderdale was get a big, cold glass of sweet tea! please consider having at least one place where I can get sweet tea, and please don’t say just put sugar in the already cooled down tea; it’s not the same lol!

  28. helen - mama monarch

    Well Adam, here it is, the end of another great year of cruising with RCL. I leave on Friday on Freedom for the New Years cruise, which will take me into 2012. Already have 5 cruises booked for ’12 and might even break my own record for number of cruises in a year.. And to think it all started with a cruise on Mariner back in ’05. Thank you RCL, I have enjoyed each and every one of them. Also, my thanks to my vacation planner, Luis Gonzalez in Miami, for helping me find the best deals for my situation and budget.

    • Donna Henrici

      We had the opportunity to meet you Helen on the New Years Cruise and what a nice lady you are!! We were impressed by your zest for life and cruising! My family and I wish you safe travels in 2012 and we hope to see you again somewhere down the road. Adam, be good to Mama Monarch, she is a gem!!

  29. Elizabeth Linnie

    Please Adam can you tell us when we can expect to hear something about Project Sunshine, as in at least where she will sail from?
    There is a rumour going round that she will sail first in Europe before heading across the pond, it would be nice to have some details to plan around.
    I know it is a lot way off until she comes out but now that Allure is a year old we need a new ship to chat about.

  30. Roger

    A friend brought my attention to a great idea discovered on another cruise line. There was a blog that allowed passengers on a particular voyage to communicate months before the cruise. This allowed passengers to share ideas, arrange event on board and share common interests. Some even arranged participation in shore excursions and events ashore. One passenger took the bull by the horns and arranged a North Carolina coctail party for the first formal night. Any plans to do something similar?

  31. Camille Pagnotta

    …Thanks for my recent cruise….. as usual everyone on the Monarch of the Seas was so nice and considerate….the food was great …and every-time I cruise the Monarch I feel like part of your magnificent family….. Thanks again…

    • Adam

      You’re more than welcome, Camille. We are happy to hear you’re time onboard was special.

  32. Paul Sibley

    Does RC give thought to moving ships around. As a Daimond member my goal is to sail on each of the ships but also want to experience different itineraries. It would be nice to see the ships change locations from time to time.

  33. Johny Angel

    This was my seventh cruise, first with RCI and last. Why RCI made a big deal about getting reservation for all
    shows when none were ever filled. This made you feel like a second class passanger if you did not make them. What a waist of time. The kitchen tried to pass off regular milk as half and half, so for 5 day I could not have a good cup of coffee. Liberty of the seas is a very nice ship with good workers. RCI need not be so cheep! Adding a frig in your room with junk to buy instead of leaving more room for passingers.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Johny. We appreciate your comments as we are constantly trying to make an optimal experience for everyone. Thanks.

    • Donna Henrici

      we were on Freedom and had the choice for milk, half and half and cream in every venue we went to. I do agree on the fridge, we are in a suite and it is a great convenience we didnt always have. Maybe also a small convenience store to get those munchies late night like chips or candy and such just like going to the cafe.

  34. Donna Henrici

    I would like to take a few minutes to thank RC for another wonderful trip!! We just returned from the New Year’s sailing on Freedom of the Seas. It was our 9th cruise, 3rd on Freedom. We had a magnificent 9 days! Having the few extra days really made a difference. We had sailed for Christmas and always wanted NY, now we have had it and the experience was awesome. We have seen many changes over the years with our cruises, most for the better. We do miss some of the dinner traditions. We do not dress up often at home and that is the fun part for us on the cruises and to see folks in shorts or jeans or even polo shirts on formal nights is disappointing. We feel that if you wish to be casual there are other options for dinner. We also love bringing out the best in your staff. We meet our cabin steward, waiter etc at the beginning of the week and by the end of the week we have made a new friend! We have many snapshots to hold on to those memories. If there were one thing we would change it might be the shows. After 3 sailings over many years we have seen the same shows all 3 times. Some entertainer changes but the rest were all the same. I know it is costly to make the production but feel they could be changed more often to prevent that part from becoming too stale. How long are the shows run? We love Freedom and the route but would not want to see the same shows yet again. The increased cost of cruising has made it hard for us to cruise as often as we would like but we are loyal to royal and while you may hear the complaints, here we are to say we cannot wait to get out there again soon… the sea is calling us!!
    Donna Henrici and Family

    • Adam

      You and your family are welcome, Donna. Thank you for voicing your opinions and we’re glad to have you all loyal to us.

  35. Kathy Davenport

    Dear Adam, I received my Crown and Anchor Society “Hello it’s the sea here” brochure the same day I called about the 4-5 night cruises on Liberty of the sea. Which states balconies starting at $399, only to be told first they didn’t know what I was talking about, then that they were not available. I asked to speak with a supervisor a nice gentleman came on the phone and said he would need to check on this and get a copy of this brochure and call me back. This was Friday morning the 6th of Jan. and still haven’t heard any thing. I called this morning and left another message for “Jesse”. I have to say this sounds a lot like BAIT and SWITCH. I’m a loyal customer I have been cruising with RCCL for years, I am a diamond member along with my husband and children. We love the ships and staff, but are very disappointed with your advertising and customer service. Hoping you can explain this issue…

    Thank you for your time!

  36. Sarah Williams

    Hi Adam,
    Going on my 6th cruise in october (2nd time with RCCL and on Rhapsody).
    Really interested in what kind of upgrades the ship is getting before we travel. I will have a 7mth old baby and wondered if any of the improvements were for the Royal babies?

    Also I will be part of a group booking of 70+ people and wondered what maybe available to us. Everytime we cruise our group booking seems to double just about in size, lovely to take all our extended familys and friends from Australia with us. This year we will have 4 generations going with ages from 7mths to late 70′s. My mother has been busy orgainising all of our guests and maybe we could throw somekind of thanks her way, any suggestions?

    For the first time in Australia people are learning about RCCL through your new TV ads, most people we speak to only knew about P&O, so i’m glad to see that the general public is learning about your great company.
    We all love our cruise holidays, the staff are friendly and professional, the entertainment is always excellent (though we didn’t want to see any hypnosis as find it religiously offensive), the south pacific ports and people from the islands all this and much more keeps us coming back every second year.
    Thanks to all staff on Rhapsody.

    Kind regards,
    Sarah Williams

    • Adam

      Hi Sarah, we’re happy that you’ll be back onboard Rhapsody of the Seas in October. Stay tuned to our Facebook page or visit our website here for updates on all of our ship revitalizations, including Rhapsody. As far as group reservations go, please check out our website here for more information.

  37. Rachna


    I really admire Royal Caribbean though I have not been on the cruise. I work for an online travel company providing airline tickets, car rental and hotel reservation services. We maintain a blog well known in travel industry and would like to mention about this wonderful cruise over there. If you’re interested please send me an email and I can provide you with more details.


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