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A Message from Royal Caribbean International

On behalf of Adam and all of us here at Royal Caribbean International, we’d like to thank all of you who have taken the time to check out Adam’s new blog and leave comments on his first post. We are extremely excited by the number of visitors in our first few days and the level of discussion already taking place here. We fully encourage our readers to exercise their voice for all types of feedback, be it praise, concerns, questions or suggestions, but we also ask that you keep the conversation appropriate to the format of a blog, which is exchange of ideas and opinions. The purpose of this blog is for Adam to address important issues and questions pertaining to Royal Caribbean, share his thoughts on the industry, and provide insights into Royal Caribbean. Any unique personal customer issues regarding past or future cruises, or Royal Caribbean policies, should always be directed to Royal Caribbean customer service. If you have such an issue, please get in touch with customer service representatives at (866) 562-7625 or email us using our contact form here.

In regards to all other feedback, you can be certain that we value every opinion shared and will constantly be listening to what our readers have to say. Adam is personally following the commentary and is looking forward to the opportunity to address your thoughts and suggestions as time permits. A company blog is a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with our partners, customers, and potential customers and we look forward to using it as a platform upon which we can continue to make Royal Caribbean cruises the best offering on the market.

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“A Message from Royal Caribbean International”

  1. Rodney brower

    Would you pls inform us as to what to tell our loyal RCCL customers who have strived to reach the Diamond and beyond level, on the promise of being rewarded with the amenities; only to have these amenities changed/or taken away – particularly, clients who have booked cruises with sailings after Sept. 1, 2009.

  2. gregory scott keene

    I was wondering if you could answer a question I have. I will be on the innaugrial sailingof The Oasis of The Seas on December 5, 2009 out of Fort Lauderdale, FL and on other RCI ships there is a tour of the ship early the morning of depature. Is that option going to be available as for Oasis of the Sea?

    If not to the general public, then may the option be available to Crown & Anchor Members at a certain level or any Crown & Anchor Members.

    I still need to book my airfare and if the tour is possible in the morning of departure, I want to make sure that I arrive Friday, December 4, 2009, if the tour is possible.


    Scott Keene

    • Adam

      @gregory scott keene

      Unfortunately, we will not be hosting consumer tours prior to embarkation during the inaugural activities of Oasis of the Seas. Thank you for choosing to sail on the ship. She is going to be amazing.

  3. Irene Barnett

    Dear sir I am a loyal crown and anchor member a diamond member I am alittle disappointed in the concierge room being eliminated we really enjoyed going there to meet new and old friends that share the enjoyment of sailing with RC but now that the policy is changed we who have been so loyal are not permitted to enjoy the concierge room any more I would like you to concider to either lower the diamond to maybe 15 and starting at 16 become diamond plus, or just have new diamond members the new policy well its just a thought it does put a damper on the trip as I said we really enjoyed the concierge room and are sadden of the new policy I wish you would try to implament a different policy well thank you for listening.

  4. Laura

    Hello RCCL!
    I think it is a great idea for the blog considering it is an opportunity for top level management to connect with the consumer who has such a huge impact on the company’s success.
    The greatest suggestions and feedback come from people like us.
    I see Mr Goldstein had his first entry April 29th. The second entry May 8th is not even from him but someone ” on behalf of Adam”. Just how interactive is Mr Goldstein going to be with this “company blog”? The impression given with the first entry is that it was going to be a more personal blog with him. Let’s hope it is not weeks between Adam’s personal entries if he truly is taking ownership of this blog.
    Hope you were content with how you performed doing the 5K.
    I would have thought you would have followed up on that on the second entry since it was heavily discussed and obviously meant alot to you.
    I have loved my first 2 RCCL cruises and have 2 others booked.

  5. Linda A

    Adam, as I posted on the other blog, you should have been the one to respond to all of the concerns and disappointments that ppl have left for you. To have the “Company” do the message leaves much to desire.

  6. Jason


    I see we are not getting anywhere with on a alternative port selection for the freedom of the seas?With the freedom just starting out in port canveral and with everybody that has booked for the coming weeks into the middle of june don’t you think an onboard credit would be an appropriate alternative for your guests?I think it woul not only be appropriate but respectful as well.What do you think Mr. Goldstein?


    Mr. Goldstein,
    My wife and I are getting ready to celebrate our 10th anniversary aboard Adventure of the Seas in June 2009. We have completed 14-cruises in the last six years and are quickly moving our way past the Diamond level.

    This year my wife and I celebrate our 10th anniversary on Adventure of the Seas sailing from Puerto Rico in June. This will make the 8th anniversay spent on RCCL, and as the website says, “we are loyal to Royal”. We both work very long hours and the vacation time spent on the RCCL ships is second to none.

    However, this year we found very few options remaining during the summer months (May-Aug) in the states. We found many of the bigger ships moving to Europe thus leaving fewer options than previous years. We have sailed a few of the 14 trips twice, but once we complete our June trip our options are limited. This has been frustrating since we are frequent cruisers and have sailed RCCL each and every time.

    Prior to settling on the June trip out of PR we review Carnival and Disney to see what other options exist. We did find new routes with Carnival that explored Honduras, Belize, Panama, etc., but with the Swine Flu we decided to avoid Mexico and their friends to the south. Otherwise our plans were to book on Carnival.

    My question is: Will RCCL open up their 2010 routes to include new destinations like the countries listed above? Ideally the sailings from Tampa, Port Canaveral, and Miami could be changed to include new areas other than Mexico. Along with the new ports of call, RCCL should consider diversifying it’s routes in the event of another wide spread sickness.

    I look forward to your response and thanks for building a great vacation experience.

    Steve Beckham

  8. Jason

    Mr. Goldstein

    I have asked politly for some answer’s and know one with Rccl is giving a legitament excuse.I see their has been know correction with the freedom of the seas Itinerary?If Rccl is not going to reinstate the mexico port of call and they can not come up with another port then it should only be appropriate to offer an on board credit to the guests on the freedom of the seas.It would only be appropriate and respectful.

    What do you think Mr. Goldstein?

  9. Mandy

    I think this is a great idea and appreciate having the forum to express our opinions. As a former Carnival cruiser, I already hold the opinion that RCL is the best line for my needs. You can’t be everything to everyone, but RCL provides what I’m looking for in a cruise vacation experience. Keep up the great work!

    I have two suggestions:
    Keep varying the itineraries year to year. Most of us who prefer Royal Caribbean want to be able to visit new places and try out new ships each year. I’m thrilled that AOS will return to San Juan in the winter of 2011. When we opted to give Serenade a try for our 2010 cruise, it was with the knowledge that AOS would be departing for Europe. We’re so glad we’ll have the opportunity to sail on our favorite ship again in 2011!!

    Second, I’d greatly appreciate an early booking discount, similar to what Carnival is offering now. I’m sure it benefits the company to know well in advance how reservations for a sailing are progressing. There is no real incentive to book early unless you are a traveler who is especially choosy about cabin location. There is more incentive to wait for last minute sales.

    Thanks for listening!

  10. Scott Jensen

    What I’m hoping is that behind-the-scene stuff is talked about. Photographs included. Telling why certain decisions were made. What he thinks is the future of cruising. What he thinks of the competition. Etc.

  11. Michelle

    Why are there not any cruises leaving out of Galveston after April 2010. I know alot of peaople that love to cruise RCL, but have very few to choices out of the Texas ports. Also, why are there not more specials from these ports like there are from others.
    I have sailed other cruise lines and found the only one worth sailing is RCL, the ships are well taken care of the food and atmosphere excellant and the service immacculate.

    Thank You,Michelle

  12. Lisa Z

    Questions for you Mr. Goldstein:

    Why are your “compassionate” competitors Carnival Cruise Lines offering their customers a future cruise credit for the FULL amount paid on any of their Mexican sailings and Royal Caribbean is not? Carnival also changed their itineraries to Mexican ports; however, they gave customers the option of a credit if they felt that this change was not acceptable.

    I just cancelled my May 10 cruise on Freedom of The Seas over concerns of H1N1 and the fact that I was traveling with children. My experience with RCCL customer service was extremely disappointing. I never wanted a refund only a credit and was told that I was pretty much out of luck and offered absolutely nothing!

    Mr. Goldstein take a page out of Carnivals book… some compassion to your customers, we work hard to save for our vacations.

    We have not cruised with RCCL for some years now…..I guess we chose the wrong cruise line!

  13. Stephen B.

    Mr. Goldstein does not reply….the “company” does….most unsatisfactory…but, hey, to be fair…what exactly could he say???? Other lines award frequent cruisers with mega free internet minutes, free laundry and dry cleaning,etc…….and don’t ever, ever take back any of their their promises….I track 4 cruise lines continually….and none but RCL has pulled back frequent cruiser benefits.

    And only one other…a loser which likely will go bankrupt…..NCL…has a “naughty room” where you are sent to get your luggage after security paws through it.

    This blog idea was started as a crass PR ploy by some junior IT or PR guy….never understanding the level of rage and disappointment that exists out there….due to the claw backs and reduction in frequent cruiser benefits. The cruises reqired to reach Diamond cost a fortune….but…hey…that was in the past….that is ancient history..the rules have changed…if you don’t like it….please contact customer service and don’t bother Adam….even though he supposedly asked for input.

    Maybe it is time to quickly and quietly just pull this blog from the website…most of the posts are negative….the concerns are not being addressed…and won’t be…it is not a real blog…there are many other cruise lines….we are all wasting our time here.

  14. Couturemom

    From all of the comments – have read in regards to the revised itinerary for the Mariner of the Seas, it doesn’t’ sound like your cruisers were too pleased. As there aren’t many choices departing from LAn why wasn’t’ Hawaii consisdered?

  15. joe z

    adam, i am a formally loyal rccl cruiser

    failure of you and your customer service jerks to respond to the diamond level issues has made this my last cruise on rccl
    giving your loyal customers a 25% discount on a drink just doesnt cut it
    get off your butt and respond to the people that pay your salary
    but count me out . there are too many other lines to choose from who dont take promised benefits away

    i know i am wasting my time so enjoy your position while it lasts because i cant see you there much longer


    I am cofused. Most travel venues reward early bookings, not so RCCL. Can someone define happy hour as it relates to booking a cruise. I can. “Happyhour” as I define it is a discount given by your cruise line, but so designed that it will not pertain to previously booked passengers. A scam of sorts to not reduce previously booked passengers fares. Oh whatever happened to the “early bird catches the worm” I guess it became “what comes around goes around”. I will only sail on RCCL & their related entities when their fares are much lower than Princess or Holland American

    • Royal Caribbean Communications

      Thank you for your comment. This is Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President, Sales, Trade Support and Services. Our Happy Hour promotions are select random sailings and as you have pointed out cannot be applied to existing bookings. There is no guarantee that the specific sailing date and ship will ever appear on a Happy Hour promotion. If you want to be guaranteed a specific ship and sailing – we suggest not waiting to see if it appears on a Happy Hour promotion.

  17. sharon Moore

    I want to comment on one of your cruise consultants. I had the pleasure of meeting Ian Simmons a little over a year ago when I had placed a cruise on hold online and he called me to see if I wanted to finalize the reservation. I am so glad I let the hold lapse. Otherwise I would never have met Ian. He is the most professional, fun, informed, personable man I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. When you call him, he is always happy, more than glad to help, find out answers to questions, assist you in anyway. He does not rush you, he makes sure you are satisfied with your decisions. He is professional, yet puts just enough of a personal quality into his calls that you feel like he’s more than a man doing his job, he makes you feel like you are talking to a friend. Every time I’ve called him he is always (or atleast sounds like he is) happy to hear from me. If I’ve had to leave a message, he calls me back in a timely manner. These words are not truly describing this man, he is a huge asset to RCCL and I hope you know what a wonderful employee you have in him. Whether I find a price reduction, need to add insurance or transfers, whatever the reason, I always look forward to calling Ian. His number is in my cell phone so I can reach him quickly. The other night I called to have an adjustment made to one of my cruises and it was 9 p.m. I had caught him as he was getting ready to leave for the evening, I offered to call back the next morning, I know he works long hours and wanted to get home for dinner, yet he told me not to be silly, he’d be more than happy to take care of my issue right then, that after all he was there for me. That made me smile and feel good to know that he was willing to see that my needs were met and I was happy even though after a 9/10 hr day he didn’t mind staying a few more minutes to assist me. Thank you Ian, you always make my day and always put a smile on my face.

  18. lon Walters

    No complaints about the member benefits. I understand why the changes were made.

    I would like to see the changes made to the itineraries, been there done that. I would like, and need more variety.

    I would also like to see the board take a cut in pay till the stock returns to the $30.00 range, and divdend payments have been restored.

  19. Ralph Johnson

    Re: 7312533 Celebrity Cruise
    I just submitted a positive suggestion and now wish to address a thorn in my side. I have made several attempts and have received the same generic unexceptable form letter reply each time. When we booked this cruise oil was $126 a barrel and when we sailed it was $50 so I would like something back from our $224 fuel charge and made several suggestions. I don’t have a problem paying but if oil drops I expect a refund. Speaking of this we sailed with Holland America in January and received a full refund in the form of a shipboard credit as well as some tax refund. thanks

  20. kenny wise

    We love RCCL and have done 3 cruises from Norfolk as well some at other ports. We live here in Virginia Beach and hope that you continue out of Norfolk because it is very convenient for us. We have booked a 9 day in May 2010 from Norfolk. Would you please consider adding or changing the itineraries out of Norfolk, such as Key West, St. Croix, etc.? Again we enjoy cruising and RCCL.

  21. daneen

    Good afternoon. I am a crown and anchor member (platinum status). I have a couple of questions.

    I was wondering if you would ever consider Charleston, SC as a departure port? I truly believe that you would get a lot of people who would jump at the chance to not only sailing out of Charleston, but visiting the city as well. Please consider Charleston as a possible departure port.

    Also, are there going to be any 7 to 9 night cruises for South America (specifically Salvador, Bahia and Rio) for late 2010? The RCI website does not seem to go that far – why? There are some destinations that already have a 2011 sail date listed. I will be on Freedom of the Seas in July so I already have my 2010 cruise booked, but it would be nice to see what you have to offer in late 2010 for the areas I previously mentioned.

    I appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks!

  22. AnneR

    Mr. Goldstein,

    I’ve sent an email and a followup letter to RCI concerning the following subject. My daughter & I are currently C&A Diamond members fast approaching Diamond Plus because we ONLY cruise with RCI. My daughter loves the teen club and activities on the ships. My daughter will be 18 yrs old the beginning of year senior year in High School. She will be restricted from participating in the teen club (Fuel) due to her age. I believe that the rules need to be updated to allow those teens that turn 18 yrs old while in still High School to participate in the 15-17 yr age group. I think they are too young to be with the 18-20 yr age group and would much rather be with their peer group. Please revisit this issue immediately as this affects so many of the teens on your ships. Would appreciate a response as I have NEVER received a reply to either my email or letter.

    Thank you!

  23. Couturemom

    Just wanted to make note that I was completely surprised from my recent Mariner of the Seas cruise on 7/26 regarding the lack of emphasis on sanitizing. Considering that the Mariner just recently started cruising back to Mexico, I was totally surprised that the ship didn’t seem to have many visible hand sanitation areas such as in the Arcade or the Ocean’s Adventure Room for children, for example. H1N1 is still a world wide pandememic at this point. I would think the ships would be better equipped with more sanitizing and RCCL staff would encourage this. In comparison to Disney and Norwegian cruise lines, RCCL seems to be falling short in this area. Simply listing on your site to wash your hands isn’t enough. Visibility on the ships and staff encouraging would be better ways to promote sanitization.

  24. Glenn s

    We returned last Sunday from a family cruise on the Mexican Riviera (8 members in total). My nephew called two days later to say someone had hacked the RCCL on board computer, stolen his credit card number and tried to run a $6,000 charge through in Venezuela (by swiping a bogus card). My nephew had not used the card in any port and was only used as his on board credit card link for his sea pass account. Needless to say, all family members are now scrambling to make sure their numbers were not stolen. Our credit card company said the number was probably stolen while in port via a wireless connection. While I know that no firewall is perfect, I expect better system security and now will have to think twice about how and when I use my cards with RCCL.

  25. martin stein

    I have just reserved my 8th RCCL cruise. I usually cruise w/ 1-3 other couples and have almost every year.
    My question……..what is the benefit of your C&A club when a patron with no or a lower category membership can get the same prices as I can as Platinum? Why is C&A considered the same as a coupon?
    What benefit is LOYALTY?

  26. SUE

    FROM ADAM’S POSTS: In regards to all other feedback, you can be certain that we value every opinion shared and will constantly be listening to what our readers have to say. Adam is personally following the commentary and is looking forward to the opportunity to address your thoughts and suggestions as time permits.
    IS THIS A JOKE? I wrote a very nice letter to Mr. Goldstein – delivered and signed for in Miami on July 18 and received NO response from him. Apparently there is no way to reach him directly. I then posted my letter here but it seems to have disappeared.

  27. TOM

    FROM ADAM’S POSTS: In regards to all other feedback, you can be certain that we value every opinion shared and will constantly be listening to what our readers have to say. Adam is personally following the commentary and is looking forward to the opportunity to address your thoughts and suggestions as time permits.
    IS THIS A JOKE? I wrote a very nice letter to Mr. Goldstein – delivered and signed for in Miami on July 18 and received NO response from him. Apparently there is no way to reach him directly. I then posted my letter here but it seems to have disappeared. – SJ

  28. Frank hughes

    Can someone explain why the dress code is not enforced in the main dining rooms and yet an extra formal night was added to the 12-night cruises? We saw individuals wearing shorts on formal night and asked the head waiter who told us that they were not given the authority to enforce the policy. If the dress code is not going to be enforced, then why not just go to all casual evenings and reduce the amount of baggage that everyone that needs to travel with now that the airlines are charging more for luggage?

    • Adam

      Frank, thank you for your comment and your concern re: attire in our main dining room. While our Head Waiters are responsible for enforcing the dress code in the main dining room please note that there are times when our guests may not have the proper attire because of lost luggage or other issues. In these instances, we make exceptions so that a guest can enjoy their cruise experience.

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