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Addressing Concerns About Travel to Mexico

For the past two weeks, the big issue has been Influenza A (H1N1) formerly known as Swine Flu. We altered itineraries on a number of ships, in an abundance of caution, to avoid calling in Mexico until we have a better understanding of the situation. Mexico is arguably the most important cruise destination on the planet, with both the east and west coasts of great significance to many ships and itineraries. Having to suddenly exclude Mexico from our portfolio of destinations is unprecedented and we look forward to returning there ASAP.

I imagine people outside the company never feel we respond quickly enough. They are so hungry for the “news.”  From my standpoint, it was remarkable how quickly we reacted. We were at least hours and, for the most part, days ahead of our competition in providing new itinerary details and compensation policies our web sites in press releases.

On Tuesday morning, two weeks ago, I asked Chris Allen, our Director of Deployment & Itinerary Planning, to create a scenario where our ships would avoid Mexico with the least deviation possible from the existing itineraries. Following that discussion, there was a three hour meeting in our situation room where approximately 20 departments discussed every aspect of such widespread and unexpected changes to our normal operations. By mid-afternoon, Chris had alternatives for every route. This included a promising scenario for what to do with Mariner of the Seas on the west coast, which was the most affected ship. In order to comply with U.S. law, if Mariner couldn’t go to Mexico, her only choice was to go to Canada. We were all pleasantly surprised that Chris put together a one week itinerary including San Francisco, Victoria, B.C. and Seattle. We even have people asking that we continue this itinerary in the future!

I’m proud of our entire team for their quick and comprehensive reaction to this fast developing situation. And I don’t even have room to write about the work that took place on the medical side of the preparations. I’m equally proud of the work Dr. Art Diskin and my other colleagues have done to ensure our terminals and ships are completely prepared for anything related to H1N1.

For the most timely information about H1N1 and other health safety, I encourage all of our customers to visit the CDC website.

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“Addressing Concerns About Travel to Mexico”

  1. Dustin lee

    I agree wholly that RC was very proactive in regards to the H1N1 debacle. Your response was much quicker, more complete, and as clearly more accomodating than those of your competitors. Yet, with all due respect , I must say that speed of response, I feel, is not contingent upon the delay of your competition. Personally, I scheduled a cruise via travelocity for the June 21st sailing to Mexico. I did so on April 21st, my birthday. Apparently from the absolute minute that I booked, I was in cancellation penalty; which I honestly was not informed of. I feel as if i’m sitting here in a state of ‘limbo’ because the revised intinerary and refund plan only extends to the departure prior to mine. I must say that I do harbor a bit of resentment that although i’ve called multiple times, many RC reps and resolutionists would not help me through this issue and handle my needs. The only definite answer that i come to is that i need to pay the cancellation fee because my cruise is still set to go to Mexico. Frankly, i’m torn. I want to go to Mexico, i’ve sailed there twice already with RC and i’ve always had the time of my life yet, I also don’t want to endanger my well being and that of my travel partner. So i must say i’m also torn on RC’s response. I applaud the customer service, the speed, and response. However, my other half feels a bit snubbed by the fact that i’m only one departure off and RC is not willing to help me out…

  2. dustin lee

    I agree wholly that RC was very proactive in regards to the H1N1 debacle. Your response was much quicker, more complete, and as clearly more accomodating than those of your competitors. Yet, with all due respect , I must say that speed of response, I feel, is not contingent upon the delay of your competition. Personally, I scheduled a cruise via travelocity for the June 21st sailing to Mexico. I did so on April 21st, my birthday. Apparently from the absolute minute that I booked, I was in cancellation penalty; which I honestly was not informed of. I feel as if i’m sitting here in a state of ‘limbo’ because the revised intinerary and refund plan only extends to the departure prior to mine. I must say that I do harbor a bit of resentment that although i’ve called multiple times, many RC reps and resolutionists would not help me through this issue and handle my needs. The only definite answer that i come to is that i need to pay the cancellation fee because my cruise is still set to go to Mexico. Frankly, i’m torn. I want to go to Mexico, i’ve sailed there twice already with RC and i’ve always had the time of my life yet, I also don’t want to endanger my well being and that of my travel partner. So i must say i’m also torn on RC’s response. I applaud the customer service, the speed, and response. However, my other half feels a bit snubbed by the fact that i’m only one departure off and RC is not willing to aide me in what i feel is a reasonable request.

  3. Karen

    Hi Adam,

    A follow up question from your first blog post…how did you do on your run?

    Thanks for taking the time to blog – I’m sure it will become easier.


  4. Lequeta

    How do you determine which comments to print on the blog?

  5. LARRY


  6. Eileen Kraft

    I too agree that Royal Caribbean responded promptly to a very difficult circumstance. Unfortunately we have since had a very poor experience which I will try to articulate without being too lengthy. My husband and I (diamond plus members with 5 cruises booked between now and January of 2010) and our two grandsons were scheduled on the June 7th sailing on the Mariner. (Date could not be changed for us as our daughter and her husband will be on the Brilliance at the same time). When I called to explore our options I was advised that we would be offered compensation in the form of on board credit and future cruise vouchers for each of us. We were not crazy about the new itinerary, primarily due to difference in climate, but decided that the compensation being offered was worth it for us to keep the reservation. Just last night we were called, only to be told that a “mistake” had been made and the compensation we thought we were getting would not happen as originally stated. Also, the price had been dramatically reduced since our original booking, but we were told we couldn’t get that price as it was for new bookings only. Our only option was to cancel. I think this is a very poor way to treat your best customers. A bad decision was made not to honor a commitment and in the end losing our business altogether.

  7. Scott Jensen

    I can understand your decision. Personally, I would hate to go on any ship that is visiting Mexico and it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t go ashore there since if other passengers did and brought back the virus, I’d get as well.

    And then there’s the escalating violence in Mexico over the drug traffic there. Maybe you should think about avoiding Mexico beyond the virus issue until the violence settles down as well.

  8. Thomas

    It is true you responded to the scare very quickly. What I have to ask is why are you not responding to the fact that all signs point to the H1N1 virus not being as bad as it was originally thought. Or the fact that statistically I have a larger chance of catching this flu in New England than in Cozumel which as far as I know there has been zero cases reported. At this point there is almost no reason not to reinstate the stops in Mexico. I believe that the majority of your costumers would agree. I do understand your original actions, however disappointed I was, do to the fear that was originally spread over the virus. However I for one believe it is time to go back to the way things were and open our eyes to the facts.

  9. Dr. Lin zurfluh

    I was on the RC Serenade of the Seas from 4/18-5/2. We stopped twice in Mexico before RC suspended port calls in Mexico. Following our stop in Acapulco, 2 people at my table of 4 (including me), developed flu symptoms. My table mate saw the ship’s doctor, who told her that she had the flu but that his “15 minute test for swine flu was negative.” Upon return, I went to a hospital emergency room and was confirmed with the flu. However, swine flu confirmations take time for testing, since there IS NO 15 MINUTE TEST. I have tried repeatedly to get post cruise information from RC about the number of illnesses aboard that ship during the cruise. I am continually told that there were no flu cases, despite knowing of at least 2 at my table. Also, the media has reported confirmed cases of swine flu in crew members on the Serenade of the Seas. Both crew members were aboard the ship and cruise I was on. Still, RC is giving NO information, and I’ve now been told that medical information about illnesses “cannot be released.”

    This is my first cruise in many years on RC, and it will be my last. Shame on Royal Caribbean for covering this up!

    Dr. Lin Zurfluh

  10. Cathy

    hi, Adam, you look like an all around good egg… and reading your views I’d have to say the same! You look just like a normal kinda guy, can’t say you look like a stuffed shirt and saying that, I’d like to sit and have a coffee with you or and of course too, your family! Nice to be able to put a human face to a big corporation – too often that is forgotten. It’s very nice!
    Yes, the world is a much quicker pace than years ago, though my mom always said – it’s nice to be important, though more important to be nice! and well, ya might not remember the words one says, though you’ll always remember how the person will make you feel! warmest regards, thanks, cathy p.s. see you for the coffee when i win your contest and the trip (wink, wink)!! gotta hope and gotta dream. Really, Adam, thank you!

  11. jim uszynski

    I am wondering if RCCL will ever consider having more cruises leaving from Boston. Currently the only cruises leaving from Boston either go to Canada/New England or 10/13 nights to the Caribbean. Maybe RCCL could to 8/9 nights to the Bahamas, Port Canaveral, Bermuda and Key West. This would be nice for the people who live in New England and save on the airfare which can be more then the price of the cruise.

  12. sandy

    My husband & I are sailing on the Enchantment on june 4,2009.This will be the 17th RCI cruise we have taken in the past 5 years.We love the fact that we will be in Key West a little longer and spending time in Nassau instead of cozumel. This really makes up for the itinerary change for us. Have you considered changing the menu just a bit. It just feels like we have the same menu selection on every ship. It would be nice to have a little variety now and then. Thank you .

  13. Jim Heinzinger

    I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous and thoughtful gesture to the military community.
    We are celebrating our 20th anniversary on the Grandeur of the Seas out of Norfolk on May 21, 2009. We were not anticipating any rate changes for this Memorial Day holiday and booked what we could afford. We were pleasantly surprised to receive your generous price reduction and used it to upgrade our cabin. It just makes us more honored knowing our service is acknowledged and appreciated in these ways. My wife is especially greatful for the upgraded cabin!
    Thanks Again
    CW2 Jim Heinzinger (22 years US Army)

  14. Karen

    When do you think RCCL will begin their return to Cozumel? Do you think this will last into the Fall intineraries? I’d much rather see Cozumel be replaced with Key West then Roatan – Or to Eastern Caribbean. I am glad the cruise lines are reacting to this. I have been on onboard with the Noral virus and that was NO fun.

  15. Morgan

    My family has planned a trip leaving on June 13th, on Liberty of the Seas, with a scheduled stop at Cozumel. I understand initially that RCCL had to take precautions against the virus. But I believe that has changed and it is not as bad as originally thought. When can the stop to Cozumel be reinstated. It was to be one of the best stops of our trip. Stopping at Coco Cay does not interest me at all. We have even discussed staying on the ship for that stop. (It is much like Labadee) As quickly as you responded to the scare, please respond as quickly to reinstate Cozumel to the stops. Or what about Key West, why 2 stops where there is really nothing to do. Please reconsider and reinstate Cozumel as soon as possible or at least by June 13th.

  16. Rusty

    Mr. Goldstein,
    Despite your team working hard to find replacements for Mexico, San Fransisco and Seatle ARE NOT the Mexican Riveria. If my family and I wanted fog and rain we would fly to San Fransisco and Seatle, not take a cruise from L.A. As mentioned in other blogs, would you consider Hawaii? Time and distance is a factor but if it works, it works.

    This vacation is important to us (as I’m sure every vacation is important to every one of your passengers). Please react as quickly to reinstating Mexico as you did to banning it.

  17. Chuck Day

    I have taken many RCCL cruises and found them all to be excellent. Being in business for myself, my wardrobe can be as casual as I want. The point is when I wear an RCCL jacket, Golf shirt or T shirt, it always sparks interest with my customers. GREAT ADVERTISEMENT FOR RCCL. Everytime I cruise, there is never enough cruise wear, or if you run out of something, there is no way to order it. I think you are shorting you free advertising, by not having an abundant supply. To whatever extent, it is also a source of revenue that could be developed.

  18. Marilyn

    I am a travel agent and had 8 clients sailing on the Mariner last week (the first of the new itinerary).

    I have to say how impressed I was with what Royal offered to the currently booked clients (change to a different sailing for free, cancel without penalty, or stay and get a lot of shipboard credit AND a nice credit towards the next Mexico cruise).

    The last offer was taken up happily by all my clients, and they had a great time in the NW. Not quite the same regarding warmth, but the locations were fun and Victoria Island is just beautiful. Everyone was thrilled.

    I know for a fact that Carnival didn’t treat their clients well at all who were booked on their ships. They even had small riots for people who wanted to get off after learning the week prior that they simply got one stop in San Francisco – without ANY shipboard credits to make them feel better.

    Royal is a class act and this is why I always recommend clients to the company. They CARE about repeat business.

    Thank you!


    Dear Adam,
    I agree with all the comments I have just read about Cozumel. As fast as RCCL was to cancel the Mexican ports, they need to be just as fast reiinstating them. My family has cruised 5 times on RCCL. We always have friends that go along too. This is so unbelievable to me. Your customer service people were very rude to me 2 times when I called about our itinerary change. How can you possibly not compensate us when you have taken away our best port? A discount for a future cruise is not good enough. We would get those discounts offered to us anyway. If you don’t give money back to people, why don’t you offer shipboard credit? Why don’t you give us an alternate port? You have done that on the shorter cruises, but not ours for 7 days. Disney Cruise Lines changed ports immediately. RCCL needs to step up. I certainly hope you will fix this itinerary before we sail on June 7th, 2009 from Port Canaveral.
    Jacqueline Melin

    • Adam


      You will no doubt be pleases to know that the June 7 cruise from Port Canaveral will be visiting Cozumel. I apologize that you received rude treatment from our personnel.

  20. Rusty

    Mr. Goldstein,
    One more point on the continued suspension of Mexico:

    As of 05/13/09, the CDC reports there are 3352 cases of confirmed in the US. Out of those there are 221 confirmed cases in California and 176 confirmed cases in Washington (State) with 1 death.

    As of 05/14/09, WHO reports there are 2246 confirmed cases in Mexico with 60 deaths.

    These stats show there are over 1000 MORE CASES in the US than Mexico. Based on RC’s actions of protecting their passengers (which I appreciate and applaud), wouldn’t it be safer to go to Mexico and suspend the US?

    Again I encourage you to act as swiftly in reinstating Mexico as you did on suspending it.

  21. tanya vaden

    I am yet another unhappy passenger that was supposed to sail June 14th on Mariner of the sea. I hope you read this. I understand that you felt you needed to protect passengers. We had no choice but to resch to August 9th which we won’t get to celebrate my june 18th anniversary, my daughters graduation and my oldest daughters honeymoon. Yes all these things were being celebrated that week in June on your ship.When I called your company about this I spoke with Chloe and she informed me that 10,000 others were unhappy and why do I feel I should be special. I then said I paid almost 10,000dollors for 7 people to go on this trip and her comment was “others have paid more” I am shocked this is your reps attitude. To top it off, I was told we would get a 150.00 room credit for each room and when my agent rebooked us for august I guess we are getting a little money back so your reps decided now we only get 75.00 per room. How sad is this. I am out 1,200.00 for transfering my airline tickets to august and thought I was doing the right thing sticking with you but now I really wonder if I made the right choice. I hope you look into this as you record the phone conversations and I would think that you would’nt want your reps talking to your customers the way I was treated.Thank you.

  22. Shirley

    Last August our entire family, there will be 25 of us, booked a cruise in June. We booked that cruise because of the stop at Cozumel. I understand there was initially a threat to stop in MX, but now everyhthing you read suggests it is not as bad as originally thought. I agree that it is time to reinstate the Cozumel stop. I am very disappointed in our new itinerary. Please reconsider and change it back as soon as possible, so we can enjoy our cruise even more.

    • Adam


      Thank you for your comment, Shirley. As you may have read already, the CDC has changed its warning regarding travel to Mexico so we will begin sailing there once again. We appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we went through the extraordinary and unprecedented process of changing our itineraries away from and then back to Mexico.

  23. Alan

    Dear Adam,
    The cruise I (we) have scheduled is on the Liberty on 6/13. This cruise is to celebrate my parents 60th anniversary. In total there is 23 people going to celebrate. I was somewhat put in charge of making the plans. Since it is my parents anniversary I and two of my sisters have decided to take our kids and their spouses. This is quite an expense for us but for the occasion I thought worth it. Other family members thought we should think about Carnival since it was so much cheaper but I thought this might be the only cruise that I take my kids on I wanted it to be the best experience they could have on what I thought was the premier cruise line. I have since had second thoughts with the reaction taken to the flu virus. The World Health Org. is not recommending any travel restrictions so why is RCCL making them. For possibly our once in a lifetime cruise could you please reconsider your itineraries and reinstate Cozumel as a stop.

  24. Stacy

    We are on the Liberty June 13 as well. 14 in all, many first-time cruisers who are on this ship because WE recommended it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reinstate Cozumel!!!!

  25. Eileen Kraft

    I find it somewhat disconcerting that none of these questions are being answered. Instead the latest blog goes onto an entirely different subject about Adam’s personal triumph. What gives?

  26. j. PAUL bACARRO


    I am currently on the repositioning of the Legend from Singapore to Dubai. I was on the Rhapsody on the Circum-navigation of Australia and New Zealand in March. I am a Diamond-Plus. While the Legend is an improvement over the Rhapsody, there are many areas that have deterioated and need attention. I suggest that you put a corporate staff (QA) member on board to evaluate service and quality and hear comments from passengers from the countries RCL serves. I have my own disappointments. However, as a shareholder, I have greater concerns about the future competitiveness and differentiation of the RCL product. I traveled on the Nordic Prince in 1987 for my first cruise. That experience established my loyalty to RCL. If the Rhapsody or the Legend were my first cruise, I would most likely consider Holland America or Princess as my preference based on itineraries. While my comments can be taken as a complaint, I truly offer the suggestion as a means of obtaining relevant feedback from those who are loyal and those who are traveling for the first time on a cruise ship. I think you would be shocked to hear what passengers are telling me.

    RCL can do better.


  27. Jason


    Great news about mexico!!Thank you and all the rccl staff for making this possible!Very pleased!

    Thanks Again!

  28. April


  29. Tom

    I am on the mairiner next Sunday 5/24 and I wanted mexico now you are still planning to take people to a place they never wanted to go. Sure we could cancel and then what go where on our vacation at the last second???? Big deal you give a ship board credit to people becasue they did not cancel. Once you schedule your vacation with your employer most people are locked in to that date. Seriously now I am wishing I had made a better choice. The weather in Seattle can’t compare to Mexico and dissapointed is not even the word…. A real strong customer move would be to go back ASAP just like you canceled Mexico ASAp when there was a potential threat. If you could change quickly before you can change back just as fast!

  30. Toni

    We just returned this morning from our cruise on Freedom of the Seas, which unfortunately obviously didn’t stop in Mexico. We had a great time on the cruise but are disappointed in the revised itinerary and the way things were handled.

    Firstly, the flu is just as likely to be caught here in the US as in Mexico so I’m still not understanding why we’re not going back. After speaking with numerous other passengers, I still have yet to talk to even ONE who was glad we were not going to Mexico. Shouldn’t you go with what the majority would like? Instead of canceling all stops in Mexico, why not give the FEW people who are still afraid to go the option to change their cruise – like what the airlines are doing. That way, anyone who wants to go still can, and those who don’t want to shouldn’t have to.

    Secondly, since the majorities opinion did not win, I am disappointed in the way things were handled. Since we were not going to Mexico, we were able to stay on Grand Cayman for 2 extra hours. The problem is that dinner time AND formal night were that night and were not changed. So if you wanted to attend the formal dinner, and you had Main Seating, you couldn’t enjoy the extra two hours in Grand Cayman. Why not change the formal night at least to the following day. Also, we were told that we were not assigned an alternative port because no one can accommodate the Freedom because of it’s size, which is fine. But why not give everyone on board a room credit? Instead of spending out money in Cozumel, we conveniently had to spend it aboard the Freedom, where drinks are about 3 times the price as on land. Even $50 per person would have been appropriate… anything! Instead, staying at sea the extra day cost us more money that it originally would’ve. Lastly, because it’s usually a day at a port, no additional activities were added, which there should have been.

    In the end, we had a great time. Richard and Lee are a blast. BUT, the end of the trip left a little bit of a sour feeling. The customers paying to go to Mexico should be able to and those who don’t want to shouldn’t have to. Although you took immediate precautions, which was great, you should act just as quickly to reinstate the original itinerary. All public notices from RCCL state that the suspension of stops in Mexico is to better understand the flu – but are you actually following up on that? What more is there to understand. It’s time for you to take some action. There were a lot of disappointed guests this past week.

  31. Shahid Mubarak

    I was on Mariner on the 4/26 cruise to Mexico that made the one stop in Cabo. I feel we were really treated unfair. Just like those on previous posts, the customer service part of the equation is really lacking. Almost everyone that went on the 4/26 cruise had concerns about Mexico before we left but were reassured that the trip would go as planned no problem. If we wanted to cancel over the concern we would have forfeited everything. Then whammo, once we got back onboard in Cabo, San Francisco here we come. Its’ obvious that plans were already in place for possible diversion before we sailed but Royal said nothing to the most important asset, the paying customer. We weren’t even given a chance to cancel. They kept saying what the POLICY was. What about the PEOPLE? Then we find out that the refund policy can be adjusted because the 5/3 people were given a choice. With Royal they acted like “we got a contract and you will be held to it”. When customers are paying over $1000 (hard earned I might add) a person in many cases and don’t get what they paid for and given a song and dance and told they should like it, and that they are Lucky that Royal did what it did, nothing but ill will follows. Shame on Royal for being an uncaring money crabbing company. Trust me, I and many others will remember Royal for all the wrong reasons.

  32. Lori

    Thank you for reinstating the Port of Cozumel. I am very pleased that you listened to the request of your customers. I am now looking forward to my trip even more.

  33. Gina

    I am a frequent RC traveler and I, too, commend you on your fast reaction to the H1N1 issue. As I am reading all of these comments, I am curious about the negativity toward the Mexican ports being closed, desiring them to be open, and the poor understanding of the bigger picture. While Mexico is a beautiful place, it isn’t worth the “risk” of infection while you are on a cruise ship, much less any other location. I am certain that these passengers would be complaining just as loud, if not louder, if they were to sail to Mexico, become ill, and have to deal with all of that! I think there would be no making them happy; it would be all RC’s fault no matter what. It’s the classic case of being inconvenienced for a cause that isn’t at that exact moment effecting “you”, and at the same time, heaven help RC if it went the other way and people did get sick while traveling with a known illness possibility. So, again, I commend you for your efforts and schedule changes to at least try to make the traveling experience the best it can be under the circumstances. I would rather travel to a different location and be out some money then to travel and get sick. Anyone who has ever experienced that knows just what I mean. The reality is, if you have the right outlook, a great time can be had ANYWHERE. It’s that simple.

  34. sam leigh

    im going on the curise and i cant wait

  35. Tanya Vaden

    I can’t help but write a comment about the message Gina left here. I would like to point out that I understood the change in the iteneriary to Mexico when this first happened. I don’t think Gina is aware though that even though the swine flu is no longer an issue, yet Mariner of the sea is still traveling up the coast to canada thru June 14th sailing instead of going back to sunny Mexico! I don’t know if you have ever been to the Oregon or washington coasts but they don’t even come close to Mexico. So, with that said yes you can’t please everyone Gina. I wonder how you would feel if you were affected by this like all those that continue to be unable to go to the ports that we paid for even though the flu issue is well behind us.


    So here we are 30 days to the day of our saildate- everthing sounds fantastic,, EXCEPT the CDC has just announced a ‘Pandemic’ due to the H1N1- as described, this is an epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region; for instance a continent, or even worldwide) Wow! kind of a whole lot to digest. I’ve looked on the WHO site and the CDC site and it seems that ‘travel’ is not suggested to be prohibited, UNLESS you are over 65, pregnant or have an infant under 5 yrs old. If you fall into one of these categories it is suggested that you DONT GO TO MEXICO.. So my question is this; If the CDC recommends this, then why doesn’t RC support this? I have a 1.5 yr old and am very concerned.. I could pay $400 to cancel or wait for RC to be proactive on this issue?

  37. Linda Schaeffer

    Because of the H1N1 outbreak, RC altered Mexican Riviera itineraries to sail to the Pacific Northwest. I was wondering if RC would ever consider doing this route all the time. We live in Southern California and would welcome someplace different to cruise during the fall and winter months that leave from San Diego rather than only Mexico.

  38. C. Gregory

    My family sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas Western Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral June 21-28. The itinerary included stops in Labadee, Haiti; Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Grand Cayman; and Cozumel, Mexico. 3 1/2 days after visiting Cozumel (which was our favorite stop, by the way), my teenaged son developed flu-like symptoms. He was afraid it was the swine flu. I dismissed his fears, telling him he was just tired from the trip and had heard too much on the news over the last several months. After a day and a half of steadily increasing temps (to 103 degrees) and worsening symptoms, I took him to the doctor. I mentioned the trip, and the nurse asked if I wanted him tested for the flu. I said yes…just to quiet his fears. Well, he turned out to really have the H1N1 virus. The whole family was started on Tamiflu. My son is better, but I myself have had some flu symptoms too over the last several days. I emailed RCI, and have still not heard a thing. Over the past couple of days I have looked all over the internet (message boards, etc.) for any mention of sickness from our particular sailing. The Carnival Conquest was also at Cozumel the day we were. I cannot believe we were the only ones who got sick. I at least feel that the cruiseline should mention it. We are having no complications from this, but someone who has infants/children or elderly individuals planning to cruise soon should take precautions.

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  • Rhapsody of the Seas Rhapsody of the Seas docks in Skagway, Alaska. 2 days + 37 minutes ago
  • Just the right amount of wild. #alaska
  • The countdown continues. #QuantumoftheSeas makes her way to the US in less than two months.
  • Now this is what vacation looks like. #cococay
  • Time to explore. Image thanks to @mcdurr.
  • Glacier bound on Radiance of the Seas.
  • Explore the great outdoors.
  • Garden views at sea. #centralpark
  • Which destinations are on your bucket list?
  • Best part of Dragon's Tail Coaster? The views. #royalwow thanks to @marcellav
  • Twice the fun. #alaska
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