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An Inside Perspective – The Nation of Why Not

We are well into our first year of our new marketing campaign – The Nation of Why Not – and some of the key elements have crystallized while others will continue to evolve. We’re proud and excited to communicate that anything is possible on a Royal Caribbean vacation. Why is anything possible? 40 years of passion for guest satisfaction plus 40 years of commitment to innovation have produced myriad experiences for guests who want action and total relaxation for guests who just want to de-stress. It is our responsibility to keep the quality of our product high and keep the innovations coming so this equation endures into the future.

What have we learned about The Nation of Why Not? First, that the Why Not? part actually comes first in the sense of challenging consumers to become our guests, leave regular life behind and experience a Royal Caribbean vacation. Second, once onboard our guests come to understand the concept of the Nation. Our ships are unique environments that combine amazing features with Gold Anchor Service and interesting destinations. Over time we have been extremely fortunate to develop great loyalty from our resident (crew) and guest citizens as well as the ambassadors (travel agents) of the Nation. Each element of our citizenry is crucial to our success.

The Nation of Why Not is a global concept that reflects our interest in Delivering the Wow to guests from all over the world. Of course there are nuances of culture and language that affect perceptions of our brand. But overall the campaign works in the US and abroad.

The Nation of Why Not would suit our existing 20 ships just fine, but we created the campaign very much with the approach of Oasis of the Seas on our minds. Innovation rules supreme on Oasis of the Seas more than ever and she and her sister Allure of the Seas will put an exclamation mark next to The Nation of Why Not.

If you are already a citizen, thank you very much. Please feel free to explore this site as well as and If you are considering taking up citizenship, thank you in advance. You don’t have to give up your current passport to join. So Why Not?

29 responses to:
“An Inside Perspective – The Nation of Why Not”

  1. datastar

    Adam, I think the Nation of Why Not is a great way of getting the message out there (which is, now that I look at it, a sentence that combines the old and new messages.)

    My only thought is that while our Travel Agent friends are definately ambassadors, so too are the past guests who tell others about their experiences.

    Maybe the Travel Agents are ambassadors because they run embassies (Travel Agencies), so the citizen ambassadors are more like Honorary Consuls.

    But I think they have to be acknowledged as an important part of the citizen recruitment process.

  2. Bradley Ducoat

    Your marketing campaign is a nice one. Personally I like the old one better. I also liked Royal Caribbean better before you started cutting corners on things like the chocolates, the diamond members concierge service, etc.

  3. Zack

    I just enjoyed a cruise on the Enchantment of the Seas, and I had the best waiter of the 3 royal caribbean cruises i’ve ever been on. His name was Hairo. However, if every waiter was like him, the ships would all sink because everyone would gain so much wait. But my cruise experience was so much better because of him.

  4. Stephen Lee

    Why not lower per minute charges for internet usage onboard your cruise ships? Why wouldn’t margins on computer usage improve with higher volumes? Why not?

  5. Katrina Jones

    I know why not…I love RC. It is my favorite cruise line; however, it does not offer a single supplement. While I don’t expect the prime real estate to be offered at a discount, there is no reason why RC cannot offer some of the smaller cabins to solo sailing passengers at a rate of less than 200%.

  6. Paul Love

    You guys do a great job running this large fleet of ships, finding the right people to repersent the Company and keeping us entertained.
    Please reconsider the Diamond members concierge lounge and the stock owner benifits

  7. Richard hart

    Is it possible to change the 9 night explorer of the seas itinerary during the winter sailings. It will be the same for four years. Hard to get new crusiers or past when it’s the same every year.

  8. Ann marie

    I have recently booked my first cruise and chose Royal Caribbean over Norwegian due to many great reviews that I have read on line. We are booked on Explorer of the Seas in August. I have just read about some problems with the ship’s propeller on the June sailing. I have also read reviews, particularly on Cruise Critic, from travelers stating that cut-backs and condition of the ship were disappointing. I have read similar comments about Norwegian which is why I selected RCC at a higher cost – even compared to their 7 night cruise. Is there any way to assure future travelers that you are still doing your best to give them the best possible cruise experience? Can you please also confirm that the propeller issue has been resolved. Thanks.

  9. Linda

    Mr. Goldstein-

    I just viewed this disturbing video on Youtube, can you comment on it? It bothers me to think that your employees could be mistreated by their managers confiscating their pay (what it sounds like). I think a lot of people are concerned about it. Thank you!

  10. Linda A

    Watched the video on Youtube. Very upsetting. Now it seems that even the workers are being denied their rights for being loyal to Royal. I tip directly to the person that has served me. I dont believe in allowing the tipping on the sea pass. Now I hope others will follow suit and leave the tipping between cruiser and crew member. I hope that young man in the clip receives better treatment in his next line of work.

  11. joseph iu

    My family of 6 members was so excited to book a vacation on ” Oasis of the Sea” on Dec.12.2009 sailing which should be the “Maiden Voyage”, however’ Royal Caribbean has re-schedule to Dec.09 2009 instead. I was told it will not be the maiden voyage, in which , we will be very very disappointed. Would anyone to confirm the case for me please.


  12. Sharon Madonna

    Mr. Goldstein,
    It shouldn’t be “Why Not”, but “Why”? I sailed on Freedom of the Seas June 14-21st, and I am less than thrilled with your cruise line. I have emailed you regarding the problems we encountered. I lost money on your cruise line because of your staff’s incompetence. You have disappointed my children and I.

  13. Don moser

    Dear MR Goldstein,

    My wife and I recently took our first cruise on RC’S Adventure of the Seas for our honeymoon June 7-14,2009. As you know this particulas cruise had a significant itinerary change as a result of a crew member displaying symptoms of NIHI flu virus. The result being the ship denied at two scheduled ports of call and then an additional day at sea. I can’t tell you how dissappointed this itinary change has made us as we had several “experience of a lifetime” excursions planned for two missed ports of call (helicopter tour of a volcano and zip lining in the rainforst). As you know everything onboard cost money, pretty much everthing. RC no doubt made a fair bit of extra money with all passangers now having to spend additonal time onboard rather than experiencing a port of call. Now it is not lost on us that RC may change the itinerary as stated in the contract for any reason however it does seem unreasonable that this would be done without any sign of good faith by RC to compensate passangers for a significant itinary change. I assume the original cost of our cruise included the calculation of the needed port fees etc based on the itinerary set. Capt Holmes had a town hall meeting onboard to discuss the issue and it was clear that many other pasaangers felt the same way. Many told stories of getting a few hundred dollars in crdit for trip interuptions time and time again. This situation seems no different. The Capt assured us he would impress upon your Corporate execs our concerns and that RC would get back to everyone before the end of the cruise with a decision. This did not happen. I spoke to the front desk staff several times onboard and they simply suggested we contact Corporate in Miami afterwards, no more information was offered. We walked away feeling somewhat abandoned in our concerns with RC. With no satifaction onboard I contacted customer relations and again was told that RC was in now way interested in compensating passangers for this issue. I was told this would not change and that there was no other recourse. They simply staed my concern was noted on my file. As you can understand many mnay friends and family are continuously asking us how our cruise went. What do you think we tell them. We’d rather sign your praises on how you took this negative incident and spun it and made it into an oppurtunity to make RC shine. Even a few hundred dollars as a ship board credit would be a sign of good faith to build loyalty with its customer base. I have to really reconsider whether RC is the cruise line anyone would want to cruise with again. We don’t feel any relationship with RC at all and certainly not one that would make us want to come back again t RC. As you know there are many many cruising options other than RC out there, why would we want to cruise with RC again? I’d be willing to reconsider this viewpoint and be happy to sing the praises of RC if we could get some sign that RC values it passangers loyalty and choices.

    Come on Mr Goldstien! Take this oppurtunity to make RC shine!

  14. Sharon madonna

    I am getting the feeling that RC really doesn’t care about customer satisfaction. I have even emailed Adam Goldstein and Mr. Fain personally to give them a chance to rectify the problems I encountered and have yet to hear anything. Even here it says your question may not be answered in this forum. Why? Many companies are failing now due to the economy issues, one would think retaining customers and satisfaction would be on the top of their list. Does RC not care about repeat customer business or making right a wrong????

  15. Linda A

    I feel that the company no longer cares if it’s customers come back or not. RCCL is riding on their past track record of excellent hoping that new ppl to cruising will look to them and book. I wonder what the travel agents are saying to customers regarding the way RCCL is now treating cruiser? More and more ppl are upset with this line. I contacted another cruise line for my next cruise and was VERY VERY SURPRISED at what they gave me to try their cruise ship. I hate to leave RCCL but the bottom lines are about cost, consideration, perks, and how I am treated. All of which RCCL has dropped the ball on. If you use a travel agent, express your dissatifaction to them, hopefully they will advise others to try a different line.

  16. clyde howard

    As a diamond plus member of the Crown and anchor, I have begun to finally warm up to the new “Why not” campaign. I would like to ask “why not” put a year round ship in the Gulf Coast? (Tampa is just another Florida port). We miss out year round trips out of Galveston. The Voyager is great, but only here a short time. I have sailed Carnival out of Galveston, and they have fine ships and crews. However I vastly prefer RCL.

    Politely asking for a renewed presence out of the Gulf Coast.

  17. Michele Perritt

    Mr. Goldstien Iam a long time cruiser with RCL and Celebrity and I must tell you that RCL’s recent changes are VERY disappointing. The C&A program is taking more away than it is giving. The perks that made us such logyal RCL travelers are going away. I think you should find a new marketing campaign because the “Nation of Why Not” just doesn’t apply. I’ve recently asked for help and was turned down….

  18. Pierre Laframboise

    Can Royal Caribbean extend it’s waiver program to Canadians? It’s unfair for my daughter’s to give up their right to drink responsibly because our cruise is departing from a U.S. port. We are French Canadian & my girls were raised as I was; wine, beer, & spirits are food. If you over eat you get sick, you drink too much you get sick. We’re booked for a Cruise this winter on Royal Caribbean. My girls will be 18 & 19. We are comfortable with signing a waiver for them to be able to buy a drink on the ship just as they would be allowed to at home in Canada. It seems discriminatory to enforce a drinking age of 21 on other citizens simply because a ship happens to leave port from the U.S. In international waters the waiver program should apply on all your ships. It is simply a respect for other people’s differences in cultures and lifestyles. Your current drinking age rules on ship do not make me or my daughters feel completely welcome aboard Royal Caribbean ships sailing from U.S. ports. We have respect for other nations laws and customs when in their country, but in the Nation of Why Not? I asked exactly that, Why Not?

  19. Dominic Libro

    I’d like to express my frustration at the lack of a single supplement fare on RC (and Celebrity). I have taken multiple cruises on Celebrity and this past October took my entire family of 15 people on a RC cruise aboard the Enchantment of the Seas …. and I will freely admit a good time was had by all. But as a widower, there are times when I’d like to cruise on my own but to do so with your ships, I’m forced to pay a full second fare. This is in direct contradiction to the stated objectives of your Nation of Why Not marketing program. Rather it sends the message that despite my proven loyality to RC (and Celebrity) that you really don’t care and profit supersedes guest satisfaction. I believe you could do better.

    • Adam

      Dominc, thank you for your email. I am glad to hear that you recently sailed with us on Enchantment and had a great time onboard. In regard to your question, I can understand your frustration but so you are aware we do offer lower single supplement rates during certain times of year. In general, however, the economics of our business require that we receive ticket revenue for two guests per stateroom. I’m sorry this reality has a negative effect on you.

  20. Bob D.

    I totally agree with Dominic Libro. I too face this dilemna. I would cruise more by myself since I am retired given a better single supplement fare. My wife still works and has limited vacation time although she also loves to cruise.I often need a change in venue every few months and I could easily drive to LA or SD and get on a Baja cruise by myself, but, I simply can not accept paying double to have my own cabin. Perhaps, a 50% surcharge for the cabin would be acceptable. I believe that is more than fair since only one person in that cabin will be eating and using up the other amenities allocated for each passenger. I think charging 200% for single cruisers is simply greedy and out of step with the current economic environment.We too are Diamond C&A members and I could be Diamond Plus much faster if RCL’s pricing policy is more in tune with current realities. I could accept the 200% pricing policy if the ship is completely sold out and passengers are waiting in the wings. I don’t think the ships were fully booked in the last cruises We’ve been. So I say to the Nation of Why Not, why not be fair with your pricing policy for single passenger cruisers. You might get more of us on board and more often. Thanks.

  21. Mary McTevia

    First off, I love RCCL. I mean I LOVE RCCL. But when it comes to tipping, I tip in cash and give it directly to the people I’m tipping. I was appalled when we had a suite and found out others were tipping out butler $20 or something. MY gosh, he worked his fanny off for us. We tipped him $200!

    I have even pre-tipped at the beginning of a cruise and then given them the rest at the end. I’ve alway gotten great service.

    I don’t mind the new ad campaign, but really loved Get Out There!


  22. carl springer

    all of the changes have been beating to death, however being a loyal rccl fan and a diamond plus, i think diamond plus, who are stock holders, should have been given back the 200.00 discount and let it combine with the diamond balcony discount. maybe the dividend should be given back. diamond plus cruisers are the backbone of your cruise line. we always are talking about rccl and how great they are and we are getting new cruisers interested. adam, please e-mail me a response. i would like to hear from you directly.

  23. Kenneth t.

    I can’t access my Why Not information. When I try to sign in, nothing happens. When I ask to have my password sent to me, nothing happens. When I called the phone number on the contact page, the person answering said she never heard of the Why Not web page and could not help me. She said she would send an email to her supervisor. That also happened the last time I called, but I never heard from anyone. When do you think your web site people will get the act together.

    • Adam

      Kenneth, it seems that your profile has not been activated. Please go back in and create a new account filling out all of the necessary information requested. If you are still having a problem please contact our customer service department.


    My husband and i have done over 25 cruises on RCCL starting with our honeymoon on the Song of Norway in 1987. There have been problems and issues over the years….but we still do 2-3 cruises a year. The new ad campaign is okay – but i liked the prior one – the music and feel were more upbeat and reflective of the way we viewed this cruise line! As loyal RCCL cruisers, who have taken many, many friends with us and turned many many people onto RCCL – ia am very disappointed in the cut-backs….especially to those who have been loyal to RCCL for a long time. Those of us repeat cruisers are some of your very best Ambassadors, and to cut back on us, especially in tough economic times, is a poor marketing strategy.
    On the other hand, we tried one of your older ships this year and a new one for us…we took a repositiong cruise on the Granduer in April starting in PR and ending in Norfolk. VA….we were overwhelmed by the crew – in all our years, these people were the most friendly, courteous, helpful crew we have ever had. Because of them, we are back on the Granduer July 25th out of Baltimore to Bermuda!…and bringing another couple with us.

  25. Jim cunningham

    Re: The Why Not Marketing Campaign, with all due respect, I believe this is one of the weakest advertising promotions your company has ever done. While I love crusing on your line, it does nothing to inspire me or motivate me to pick up the phone. Your marketing folks really need to go back to the drawing board on this one.

  26. H. Steele

    We have the same problem as Kenneth T., posted July 16th. Nothing we have tried works… last try within the last 2 minutes… would love to “participate” but just can’t log in… now way, no how…

  27. Andres

    Adam,I´m a young man and i have seen your award-wining company and i want to express the greatest congratulations for having good and cool ideas, however, i think that the compaign should be something special for the guests and kids among activities as: , i´m applying for your companny because i think it is the best and innovative company in the world so we will see us soon. have a great day G.Andres Jimenez.
    i recommend you this island

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