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An Inspirational Story About a Boy

Introduction by Adam:

Recently I received a very touching letter from a travel agent. I shared it with members of our Marketing team who had mixed thoughts about posting it as a blog due to the length. However we felt it was too special to keep to ourselves and posted an abbreviated version here for you.


This is a story about a boy (who grew into an exceptional young man) that I had the pleasure of knowing and working with. His name is Glenn and he had a very profound impact on my life. My first encounter with Glenn was when he was about 12 years old. His mom called me and asked if I could help her plan a family cruise for spring break. They wanted a Caribbean Cruise, very specific dates, and they needed three wheelchair accessible staterooms as close together as possible. My heart sank. I had an instant rapport with Glenn’s mom, Glenda, and my immediate thought was that this would be close to impossible. The date they wanted was just a little more than two months out and high season to boot! Glenda explained that her son had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and used a power wheelchair and he was so excited about going on a cruise. He dreamed of being an engineer and had built a model of a cruise ship out of K’Nex building pieces. She went on to say that her mother would be going and also needed an accessible cabin as she was living with cancer and had difficulty getting around. Glenda’s sister needed an accessible cabin as well and I was really starting to worry about making this trip a reality for them. I don’t remember how many sailings I checked on but luck was with me that day. Another cruise line would be sailing on the day they wanted and they had three accessible balcony staterooms available within close proximity. That was the start of a wonderful relationship between me and Glenda and her mom. I guess this is a good time to mention that I’ve never actually met any of them. This was a phone and email relationship that grew into such fondness and caring for this exceptional family. I always felt good after talking to either Glenda or her mom, Linda. I’ll talk more about Linda later.

So, the group of six went on their cruise in March, 2006 and had a wonderful time. Glenn charmed the crew and was invited on a private visit to the ship’s bridge by the captain. Glenn’s love of cruising and large cruise ships actually began in 2000 when Make-A-Wish sent him on a cruise to the Bahamas and Cozumel where he got to swim with the dolphins. Glenn entered his model ship into a contest sponsored by K’Nex Building Pieces. Unfortunately, he turned 13 and was not eligible for the contest but the company was so impressed with his entry that they invited Glenn to their headquarters where he had a tour and a meeting with the directors.

Over the next few years Glenn concentrated on his schoolwork, worked on his model ship and fought his everyday battles with muscular dystrophy. His beloved grandma Linda succumbed to cancer in 2008. A scholarship was set up in her memory at Glenn’s high school to encourage students to reach out to children with disabilities.

Over the years I kept in touch with Glenda and was told that Glenn spent Christmas, 2009 in Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC. Mrs. Obama was visiting children that day but Glenn was in surgery having a pacemaker/defibrillator inserted to help his weakened heart. Mrs. Obama spent some time with Glenda and her family and said a prayer for Glenn with them.

Soon after that, Glenda called and said Glenn was putting together his Bucket List. I hung up the phone and cried for this courageous young man who was facing his own mortality at the young age of 18. She asked if I could help make some of his dreams come true. “Where does he want to go?” I asked. Glenn’s dream was to cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world at the time. Glenn was going to graduate high school early and was set to sail in May, 2010. I knew this had to be special for Glenn. He had continued to modify his model ship and it was now named K’Nector of the Seas after all the Royal Caribbean ships. I imposed upon my friendship with the Director of Access for Royal Caribbean International and enlisted his help to do something special for Glenn. He came through with flying colors! Glenn and his family arrived in Ft. Lauderdale a day before the cruise and were invited to visit the Miami headquarters of Royal Caribbean where Glenn met with the ship architects and spoke to them of his desire to be an engineer/architect. During his cruise, Glenn was given a private tour of the belly of the ship where he could see all the inner workings of Oasis of the Seas in addition to a tour of the bridge by the captain.

On August 22, 2010 Glenn sent a “thank-you” email to several Royal Caribbean staff members after apologizing for taking so long to write. He said he had some medical issues to deal with but was “stable again”. He wrote that the tour of the headquarters was one of the main highlights of his life and that everyone and everything was so special. He said access on the ship was great and he only had one thing that he would change; the information touch screens throughout the ship should have the bathrooms on the search category as a venue! It is with much sadness that I must tell you Glenn passed away on October 19, 2010, on his mother’s birthday, from respiratory failure. He was 18 years old and a remarkable young man who brought joy to everyone who knew him. The model ship he was so proud of was paraded through the streets of his town, over eight feet long and more than 10,000 plastic pieces.

Glenn had one more cruise to sail on. Shortly after his death, his mom called and said she wanted to take all of Glenn’s caregivers on a cruise. She didn’t care where the ship went as long as it was Royal Caribbean and it would be at sea on January 11, 2011. So on 1/11/11 at exactly 1:11pm, water depth approximately 1100 feet, with his family and caregivers and the captain of Enchantment of The Seas, Glenn went to his final resting place as his ashes were sent out into the Caribbean ocean that he loved so much.

Working with Glenn and his family is truly a highlight of my many years in the travel industry and makes what I do so very worthwhile.


76 responses to:
“An Inspirational Story About a Boy”

  1. Debra Kerper

    Thank you so much for honoring Glenn’s memory by publishing this story. On behalf of Glenn’s mom and myself, it is greatly appreciated.
    Debra Kerper, Easy Access Travel

    • Glenda


      Thank you. You truly made it happen for my little buddy glenn!

    • Adam

      You’re more than welcome, Debra. It was our honor to publish such a story and we thank you for sending it our way.

    • Linda

      Debra, You went that extra mile and made very happy memory for a family.

  2. Mark

    Wow , this really was touching and sad….. such courage and passion.

  3. erica allen

    ithink this story is absolurtely stunning and wouldlike to say that royal carribean made a young sick boy a very hapy one ! but something that gives me great pleasure to say its a service that could only come frommsuch a caring cruise line 1 who are always there too help with needs ! i am going to be sailing with roal carribean again this year in november on the independenc eof the seas w hich we sailed on last year and enjoyed so much just had to go again ! we have sailed with many cruise lines and a we are going next week on a cruise but sadly we are going with p & o as this was given to us a a present for aour weding anniversary from our lovely children ! all really what im trying to say is thankyou to royal carribean 1 for making cruising a really pleasurable experience best wishes Erica allen x

    • Adam

      You’re welcome Erica and thank you for your comment. We’ll see you in November.

  4. Sandy Bruso

    I am breathless….Tinkerbell dust for a remarkable family************************************************My dream is to take another Royal cruise i have gift cards not able to use yet….and a Disney cruise for I do dream**************** Bless Glenn and family

  5. Tina, Juneau, AK

    What a wonderful thing everyone involved has done in this situation for this family and more-so for Glenn. Thank you for writing and posting such a wonderful story. Too often, everyday we listen to news that is horrible. This is a beautiful story.

    • Jill

      I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks and really want to thank you all and give Glenn’s family my prayers and love. This was truly a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Suwanto Mintono

    Trully a very touchy story about This young man, Glenn..
    Also I think my deep appreciation for all the Royal Caribbean’s staffs
    And directors who made his dream came true..
    Indeed for publishing this amazing true story..
    It should be making as a movie then..

  7. Linda Olsen

    Thank you for this touching story….It is remarkable how many cruise companies there are, but none quite like Royal Caribbean. The compassion and dedication of your company and employees is to be applauded. I am sure that Glenn and his family were touched by the efforts RC made on their behalf.

    I have been on several cruises (8 I believe) but most with RCI. My husband and I were married on the Enchantment of the Seas on March 9, 2002. We had sailed on her the previous March and were so happy with the ship, crew and all the activities that we also brought our grown children and spouses or significant others, as well as other family members and close friends. It was a blast.

    I hope to surprise my husband with another cruise soon, won’t make it for the 10th, but in character, I am planning for the following year.

    Thanks for the care and attention you give all your guests, especially Glenn.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment Linda and we hope to see you onboard soon.

  8. Sally Gonzalez

    That is truly a beautiful story, and one that I certainly relate to. Over 15 years ago, my father in law was diagnosed with cancer. He was told he only had a couple of years even with a bone marrow transplant, but he lived until August, 2009. His greatest pleasure was in travelling with his family, so he began an adventure that my immediate family has continued. We began cruising on RCCL out of Galveston about 9 years ago for a New Year’s Cruise aboard the Rhapsody of the Seas. For many of us, it was our first cruise, and we fell in love. The following year, we sailed into the Panama Canal on the Splendour, and have continued our Holiday cruising until this year. We began as a group of 15. We have since lost Grandpa to Cancer, and Aunt Cindy, to complications from Lupus. The kids have grown, and gone on their own, but we still love our Holiday cruises on RCCL. We have tried both Princess and Carniva because of pricing, but won’t make those mistakes again. Thank you RCCL for making our holidays even more memorable. We will never forget the smiles on Grandpa’s face when we all sat together at dinner, played Bingo, or just hung out. Your staff is amazing. Thank you!

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear we could help bring your family together during those special times, Sally. Thank you.

  9. Pam Brotzman

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying as I read this. I know all about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I have 3 family members with it now. And have lost many to it over the years. My brother who will be 50 in May and has lived way longer than most people with Duchenne is my hero. We will be taking a cruise on March 18th with my brother. To celebrate the fact that he will be turning 50 in May. I am so looking forward to this cruise to celebrate with him. Can’t wait to get on the cruise. We will be on The Allure of the Seas. Being in a wheelchair since age 12 has not stopped him from doing the things he wants. He is on a vent and that still don’t stop him. Thank you so much for sharing this story. It hits home for me.

  10. Carol F Libby

    Thank you Royal Caribbean for sharing this story about the wonderful young man. I am so glad he got to enjoy his cruises with you.

  11. Kim

    Thanks for sharing this exceptional story about Glenn. It’s beautiful to know that although he lived a very short 18 years challenged by a tough disease yet touched so many lives and lived with so much joy and hope. His story provides so many lessons on how to fully live each and every day. RIP Glenn, you will surely be missed.

  12. Kim

    ps – That is an AMAZING ship model, Glenn was so talented!

  13. Garry Butcher

    This is a very touching story and I’m glad you shared it. I think it would be a lovely tribute to Glenn’s love for Royal Caribbean and his passion for ships if his “K’Nector of the Seas” could be displayed on board Oasis or or one of the other ships he sailed on.

    • Amy

      I couldn’t agree more. I was thinking the same thing !!!

    • Glenda

      Please, please, please

    • Adam

      Thanks for the suggestion, Garry.

  14. Danielle W

    What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Nevelyn

    What a beautiful story. thanks for sharing it.

  16. Alicia Forte

    Thankyou for sharing such a wonderful story. May Glenn be with the Lord and I wish that his mother is at peace. She was great too.

  17. Susan

    What would have been more sad is if you had not published this story. What a great story it was and it touched my heart to know that something as big as RCI and all of its staff came together to make this as special as it was for this family. There is kindness and caring in this world.

  18. Melissa

    Thank you for publishing that full story. It is beautiful and inspiring. And may he forever sail with Royal Caribbean in heaven!!

  19. Darla Parisien Zirpel

    Through all the medical issues and and time spent hurting this young man found a reason to believe in miracles…Royal Caribbean should not have only posted this letter they should take out a full page ad for their generous and honorable deed. The travel agent should know what a hero she was to this young man even though I’m sure she doesn’t see it that way. Thank you all for giving the rest of us faith that there are AMAZING people in the world who look beyond the edges of their own desks to make something like this possible. You are everyday “heros” and should be blessed for it. Thank you, again.

  20. helen - mama monarch

    Thank you Adam for posting this. I am sitting here, tears running down my cheeks and my heart breaking. What a wonderful young person. What he achieved in his short life was fantastic. There seems to have been no bitterness with regard to his illness, just ‘lets get on with life and make the best of the time I have’. I am so pleased that Royal was able to allow him to get up close to each ship he sailed on. It was mentioned that there was a scholarship set up in his Grandmothers name. What would be fitting is an apprenticeship, in ship design/engineering, with Royal, in his name. What an example to young people. Put it to the board and see what they think!

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Helen.

  21. Rose Funkhouser

    Very touching story. I can not stop crying.

  22. Mary

    Just wanted to say What a great story! It brought a tear to me eye:(

  23. Susan Manna Blackwell

    What a beautiful story, I am so impressed that people still take the time out to care about others and do what they can to make dreams come true. God Bless all of you for helping this young man and his family. Please continue on in his name to do this each year for another person, you can make someone’s life so special.

  24. Jeff and Judy Crothers

    My Husband Jeff and I have sailed on many cruises with Royal Carribean since 1998, and its stories like this that will keep us coming back to Royal Caribbean. We have never had a bad experience and have always had the best in customer service, entertainment, excursions,dinning.This cruise line is the best at making you feel like a part of the family. We will always sail on Royal Carribean because we know it is the best , the safest, and the most incredable memory maker you can have. We thank you for making our cruise experience a great one time after time.

    Sincerely, Jeff and Judy Crothers

    • Adam

      Thank you both, Jeff & Judy. We appreciate your loyalty and your warm message.


    I was moved to tears of both sadness and joy by this post. Sad that such a courageous FAMILY lost someone very special and joy that he was able to complete his bucket list with your help. That is the Royal Caribbean family that I know so well.


    What a sad yet truly inspiring story. Such a brave and intelligent young man taken way to early. I’m crying as I read this,but happy to know that he was able to accomplish some of his goals,and happy to know that RCCL,a company that I love and admire was able to help some of his dreams come true .

  27. linda

    I don’t know why marketing would have mixed feeling about this. it is a lovely story and a tribute to a remarkable young man and your company. All of RCL should be very proud of what they did to give Glenn and his family wonderful memories.
    I love the idea of an RCL internship in engineering/ship design in Glenn’s name. It’s a fitting legacy.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, Linda. Thanks for your comment.

  28. Rodney Dickhute

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story! It does not surprise me by no means that you and RCL treated his family with such respect! I look forward to sailing with RCL once again! God bless!

  29. Sandy

    What a sad but inspiring story. Glenn was such an intelligent and courageous young man and I am happy he was able to fulfill his dreams. Thank you to RCI for coming together and making his dreams come true.

  30. Linda

    That’s what life is all about! God used you as an instrument to touch this family, thank you for being obedient.

  31. Gene F Luzietti

    WOW — What an amazing story!. Very touching – inspiring and a remarkable boy that had so little time here – but at least he got his wish done and was able to see the liners as he wished for. For everyone at Royal Caribbean – the best goes out to you’s. This is why I love your liner and has traveled with you. Keep up the good work. R.I.P. GLENN – ENJOY YOUR CRUISE.

  32. Jamie


    Thank you for sharing this story. So sad but so beautiful at the same time. Hats off to your cruise line just goes to show why we always choose Royal Caribbean.

  33. Carol Wall

    That choked me up and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Betty Welch Huff

    Great story….RC is the best!!!

  35. ali altay

    l remember glenn .l was on oasis of the seas and l served glenn and his family during the one week in dining room.
    ı am so sad ı just heard. he was so young and wonderful person.before he left the ship he gave me one of his ship pitcure card ı am keeping his card with me and ı will always remember glenn.god rest his soul.

    • Glenda


      Thank you for the kind words. Glenn spoke of you often.

      Big hug
      glenda, glenn and robin

  36. Jackie

    What a wonderful story of a very special young man. I too believe that there should be a special place for Knex of the Seas to be displayed. I’m sure his mother would be very happy to have it part of Royal Caribbean. It could be displayed like the scale models of the other ships are in their cases. Actually maybe it could be moved from ship to ship so that it could be seen on all of the ships. Sort of a “moving monument” or tribute to Glenn.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Jackie.

  37. Joyce

    God Bless Glenn and his family. This is a sad and happy story. Its nice to hear of happy and nice things that people and corporations do instead of hearing killings and crime. My dream is to go on an Oasis of the Seas cruise. When I do, I will think of Glenn and his family.

  38. Jonathan Hill

    What an honor it must have been to have this young man touch your lives! He sounds to have been a real warrior with a Dream as big as the ships he loved. This is why we love Royal Caribbean so much, ,,, we all are family. May God bless a mother,grandmother arael agent to giv e from the heart so a boys dream could be granted and last but least a cruise company that is not to big to share the love …. RCC does it again, helping those in need Adam and company thank you and know you will always be our cruise company! JONATHAN

  39. DiamondGem

    I too admired such a beautiful story about the cruise of the young Glenn and his family especially of how Adam placed the pictures of the ships in part with the story as it is read. It is always a blessing when a wish can come true, an than for young Glenn to have opportunities of a lifetime and for his Mom to share his ashes with the Cruise that he loved and the Caribbean Ocean, thanks for sharing the story. I’ve cruise once on the Majesty of the Sea and enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks again Adam, Glenn and Glenda for your beautiful story

  40. Helen Dodd

    I love Royal Caribbean cruising.Living in Australia I dont get to go often(wish I could).This story PROVES what we past passengers know.R C offer the BEST customer care and service anywhere in the world.

  41. Glenda

    Thank you for the great story and the beautiful words and comments. I was stunned when I logged on and saw all the heartfelt responses…I am sharing an ocean of tears with all of you…Sail on buddy!

    Thank you Adam and RCCL and especially Debra at Easy Access Travel..

    Much Love,

    Glenda, Glenn & Robin

    • Adam

      Glenn’s story has truly touched other cruisers and we were happy to share it with everyone.

  42. Jeanne Ehert

    What a wonderful story about a truly brave young man. Compassion of this kind make me even prouder to be a Royal Caribbean employee then, I was aready. Thank you for sharing, Adam.

    Shoreside Group Representative, Wichita Camput

  43. Faye White

    Just wanted to say Thank You for making Glenn’s wishes come true!!!!!!!!!. My son and I are going on Freedom of the Seas on April 22nd. , this will be our third trip with Royal Caribbean. My son Ryan is in a wheelchair and I have to say he is treated like a King..So thank you Royal Caribbean for being so wonderful to disabled guest on your cruise line.

  44. Donna Keller

    When it comes down to it…this is what life is really about. Being compassionate towards each other & caring for one another. Although….the reward comes back two fold for doing so. Sorry for Glenn’s short life, but am glad that he had special people doing such special things in it for him. Heroes on both ends!

  45. Roberta Schwartz

    To Adam and everyone at Royal Caribbean, and to Debra…I am so touched by your sharing this uplifting yet sad story with everyone. For too many years, it was so difficult for people with disabilities to enjoy traveling, and thanks to travel agents like Debra and cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, that has now become so much easier. I agree with so many of the comments here – the K-nex model displayed, a scholarship in Glenn’s name, etc. The Royal Caribbean family has always been so responsive to the needs of ALL their guests…that’s why you are tops in my book as well. It is always a pleasure working with you. Thanks again for all you do.

  46. Suzanne

    What a lovely story. I work at a camp for children with disabilities and I see our campers come back year after year and then one summer they are not there. It is sad but you can be sure that you made the last days memorable. You made the memories they could take with them and you made the memories for the family. I have a child with special needs and it is good to know that there are people out there that will go the extra mile to make a special memory for the family.

  47. JC

    Wonderful story. Thank you RCL for making a dream come true.

  48. Lisa L

    Adam, you made the correct call in publishing this incredible heart warming (and sadly at the end..heart breaking) story. What a passion Glenn had for ships. His talents in building the model ship was so extraordinary-he was a gift to this world. It is wonderful that he touched so many people and again, Royal Carib was the chosen “vessel” for this young man’s gift. I hope that his mother Glenda finds warmth and support in knowing that the staff of Royal Caribbean embraced him and his dreams and that we as mothers, fathers, and citizens see the true beauty and grace of an exceptional young man who managed to touch people’s lives wherever he went.

  49. Edward Martin

    Thanks Adam, for sharing Glenn’s story with us, it brought tears to my eyes as I was reading it. May God bless RCI and all the staff members for caring for the Glenn family. We will be sailing again with RCI in December on Freedom of the Seas, and we also had a great experience, so we are sailing again. It was really great to hear a wonderful story about RCI and not some of the horrible issues that apear in your blog.

    Thanks for helping the Glenn’s and other familie’s with their issues.

  50. Stan Garnet

    Adam, Truly an amazing story. I and my wife had the priviledge of meeting Glenda this past weekend and spending some time with her. What amazed us more than anything else was her positive attitude and how she has taken this hand she has been dealt and managed to provide such an incredible 18 years of life for her son. Losing a son at such an early age is difficult at best but Glenda made sure that her son got the chance to experience life to the fullest and helped him with his unbelievable journey. As hard as this was on Glenn we must not forget the impact that this has on the mother. Glenda is one of those rare people that gives of herself and has found positive in this life experieince. We had a chance to hear so many of the stories that Glenda shared with us. I trust that she will continue to do good for society and find ways to help others through life experiences such as her own.

    • Adam

      Such a touching and warm comment, Stan. Both Glenda and Glenn had a magnificent way of positively affecting the people in their lives and we are happy that they could do so with Royal Caribbean. Thank you.

  51. Brendan

    omg this is one of the most touching story i have ever read i never met this kid but god bless this kid i’m so sorry for Glenn’s family but he’s in a better place. R.I.P Glenn and i would want to thank everyone for helping him cheer up.

  52. Michelle Johnson

    Such a touching story about a brave young man and his love for cruise ships. The ship he built is amazing. He reminds me so much of a young man in our lives. Our middle son had the pleasure of meeting a friend when he started school that was diagnosed with the same illness. Still to this day, they are close friends. He uses a scooter as well to get around and his condition is not improving. We love cruising and have discussed with them to take one. Of course, I know there medical expenses are extreme so one day I hope to win the lottery and take them. My heart goes out to Glenn’s family. To watch your child grow up with this disease has to be extremely hard. I know it’s a full time job for our friends. But the spirit my sons friend had is a peace. It’s amazing how much Glenn and Thomas have in common…he lives Legos and building things. In fact, he cannot play at recess like a regular child do he plays Legos and my son loves them now too. We recently moved to Florida and they came down to visit. Thomas was so excited to see the ocean for the first time (he is 10). He also was very excited about visiting the naval ships in Florida on the trip home. So one day when I have the money, I am taking his family on a cruise with us. I know he will live it as much as Glenn. His eyes twinkle when my boys tell him about Freedom and Oasis. God bless Glenn. And me, just like you, only know him by your letter but he has touched my heart is a large way. He gives me hope for Thomas. Thank you for sharing. This is why we live Royal Caribbean…they truly touch lives in an amazing way and go the extra mile for their customers.

    • Adam

      Thank you so much for your warm comment, Michelle. We appreciate you sharing your story with us and hope to someday see you onboard.

      • Kerry McErlean


        Could RCCL help Michelle Johnson take Thomas and his family on a cruise? It would be a wonderful thing to do for all of them…give Thomas and his family wonderful memories.

        My husband and I will be sailing on the Enchantment of the Seas out of Baltimore on May 3. We are very excited to be traveling on RCCl again!!

  53. Dee

    I am in tears. My friend just emailed this links to me and told me to read it ASAP. He is such an inspiration to all of us. To live such a happy life with a disability like his? Amazing. Than you for sharing this with us,Adam.

  54. Karon McLaren

    Adam, Stories like this is why I love sailing Royal Caribbean. You all are a family! It is awesome how you all went so far above and beyond to make a young man’s dreams come true. Hat’s off to you and your awesome staff. If I were only younger I’d have to apply to your compnay for a job. It would be so great to be apart of your awesome family. But wait. We ARE a part of the Royal Caribbean family. We cruise your with you every other year and have for some time now and this is our year!!!

    My family will be sailing on the Oasis March 31st 2012. We are so very excited to get back to sea and NO one does crusing better then Royal Caribbean! Can hardly wait to see all “my” family again. Keep up the GREAT work Adam and we’ll see the family in a few weeks. We are so proud of our family!

    • Adam

      We’re glad to have you as a part of our family, Karon. Thanks for your warm comment and we’ll see you onboard soon.

  55. Barbara Sonin-Robbins

    I am leaving for my 1st cruise on Royal Caribbean in June. I was looking for information about the ship Explorer of the Seas when I saw that you have a bog and I thought I would check it out, I’m glad I did. I was deeply moved by the story of Glenn. I didn’t think it was too long and I’m glad that he got the chance to enjoy the cruise of a lifetime with his grandmother and family. I like to think that he and his grandma are enjoying new healthy spirit bodies in heaven. Thanks for printing that story. I’m looking forward to a great time as I celebrate my birthday on the ship! I look forward to sharing my experiences when I return.

    • Adam

      Happy early birthday, Barbara. We’re happy to hear you found our blog and enjoyed Glenn’s story. Thank you for sharing your warm words with us and we will see you onboard in June.

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  • Say it isn't so! It's the final day onboard Allure of the Seas which means it's the finale of @AwesomenessTV's Shipping Julia. Follow the link in our bio to watch.
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