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Ask Adam Blog Series – February 2013 Q & A

The clocks have been sprung forward and we are just days away from spring! But first, let’s fall back to February’s answers to the Ask Adam Blog. To see the responses to January’s Ask Adam post, click here, or if you happen to have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean (or even what he’s been up to) please follow this link to our Facebook Discussions Page and submit your questions there.

Adam, my question is; did you work on a cruise ship with Royal Caribbean before you became a CEO? – Bridget M.

Bridget, my background is in law. I’ve held several positions at Royal Caribbean however none of them were based onboard our ships.  I do have an enormous appreciation for my shipboard colleagues who make this business possible.

Hi Adam, after your last response to my questions and comments I resolved not to make any more suggestions/comments. However, after 17 Royal Caribbean cruises and 5 more booked right now, I think I need to suggest this. I note that Royal Caribbean has been concerned with making savings through changes in the processes of issuing cruise documents, and luggage tags. I have adjusted to those changes because I understand you are saving money on paper and postage. But here’s one more change or better, adjustment that you need to make in issuing cruise documents. Right now when we complete the online check-in and are ready to print the SetSail passes we must use at least three (3) sheets of paper to print the pass. Then when we get to the cruise port the agents who do the check-in need only the top page with the signatures. The other two pages have a lot of the same information that is in the E-Docs and is NOT used and those pieces of paper are thrown away. That means that my wife and I show up with six (6) sheets of paper and use two and throw away four (4) sheets of paper. That is a waste that I, and I am sure others also, would like to avoid. So here’s what I suggest. Simply reformat in your computer system the SetSail Pass so that the essential information needed by the check-in desks will fit on one printed page, and have the rest available to be printed if the person wants it. In short, make the SetSail Pass one (1) page (per person). – Ed T.

Thank you for your suggestion, Ed. Your point is well taken.  For the last few months the two departments responsible for guest documents and SetSail passes have been collaborating on ways in which to streamline the entire document process for our guests and travel partners.

Reducing the SetSail document to a single page is a worthy endeavor but our goals are a bit broader in scale and will take some time to get to what we believe is a better document experience for our guests and travel partners.

Again, thank you for your suggestion and please bear with us as we take guest documents and SetSail passes to the next level.

Hi Adam. Has Royal Caribbean ever considered the Great Lakes for a cruise? There are plenty of good ports for this trip, especially Chicago. – James Z.

Hi James, this request comes up from time to time and we have indeed reviewed it but we do not view lake-only cruises as being within our scope of business.

Will Royal Caribbean ever go back to offering the Pacific Northwest cruise from Seattle to the various British Columbia ports? That was my first cruise ever because it was short and good as a “test” experience. I’ve since cruised 9 times. It might be a good way to build a new customer base. – Justin

Hi Justin, I concur that this is a good test cruise for the regional Pacific Northwest market.  While we have no immediate plans to offer this, our Deployment team will continue to evaluate to see if there is an opportunity to return in the future.

What happens when your cruise gets taken for a charter? – Christine M.

Hi Christine, a chartered sailing is a significant undertaking for us and for the charterer.  The attraction for the charterer is to be able to determine the itinerary and onboard programming to create the ideal vacation for their guests.

The majority of our charter sailings are booked before deployment opens.  In instances where guests are booked on what later becomes a chartered voyage, special incentives or other offerings are presented to the affected guests in an effort of good will.

I would like Royal Caribbean to go to Turks & Caicos. – Kaci

The only cruise port in Turks & Caicos is at Grand Turk and this facility is owned by the Carnival Corporation so availability is very limited. As a result we do not have plans to dock there.

What has Royal Caribbean learned, if anything, about the Carnival Triumph situation and how would Royal Caribbean respond to a similar situation? – Gary C.

In view of the Carnival Triumph incident – how many backup systems are in place on Royal Caribbean? We love Royal Caribbean and will be cruising again on your ship(s) I’m sure – feel safer though after you answer this question. Thank you! – Debbie R.

Gary and Debbie, while we do not know the details of what caused the fire on Carnival’s ship, we understand that guests may be concerned about their safety while onboard cruise ships. The entire cruise industry through our industry association CLIA is dedicated to continuous improvement in safety and guest comfort.  All crew onboard Royal Caribbean ships are trained in basic firefighting procedures, while crew members specifically assigned to the ship’s firefighting teams receive additional specialized training. Should a ship experience a loss of electrical power, we have emergency generators onboard. Thank you for reaching out to us about your concerns, we assure you the safety and security of our passengers, crew and vessels is our highest priority.

I have been following the events onboard Carnival’s Triumph. I know these events happen occasionally but it would seem logical to have EMERGENCY SUPPLIES at cruise ports for events like this. Each cruise company could contribute a certain amount to the cache. MREs could be part of the emergency stash, portable camping toilets could be used, pallets of water, etc. If one line had an event like the Triumph’s engine fire, those supplies could be flown out via helicopter and that line would have to replenish the emergency supplies. It would just be a standing stockpile for emergency use that would be shared by all major lines to be used as needed.

I also want to mention that while onboard Allure of the Seas (early December 2012), I met the man who takes care of all the trees and plants. He was a complete delight! He was so proud of the ship’s flora and knew everything about each plant. Seriously, I truly enjoyed following him around as he guided us amongst the plants. I really enjoyed that aspect (I love knowing how things are done). Thank you. – Pat V.

Thank you for your suggestion.  Also, we are pleased that you enjoyed your experience onboard Allure of the Seas.

Hi Adam. How about adding special guest shows? For example, NCL has Blue Man Group. I have been on cruises in Europe and the United States and should complain about the low quality of evening shows. Especially on European cruises it is boring and unprofessional. And how come the hosts on different ships, during 12 years, are using the same jokes? Guests do not even smile about drinking water in the toilette. Maybe there are better shows on the Oasis class but I speak about Legend, Adventure and Navigator of the Seas. Thank You. And Royal Caribbean is still my favorite. – Dimitri R. 

Thank you for your comment, which I will share with our Entertainment department.  Please know that we are very proud of our partnership with Broadway and are the first in the industry to pioneer “Broadway at Sea”.  You can find Hairspray on Oasis of the Seas, Chicago: The Musical on Allure of the Seas and Saturday Night Fever on Liberty of the Seas.  We also pride ourselves on creating Royal Caribbean Signature Production Shows which are presented across the fleet.  With the variety of genres from Ballroom, Pop and Aerial productions, our goal is to entertain all of our guests daily.

Also, every year we book over 4,000 guest entertainers across our 22 ships.  We review hundreds of acts to source the best line up for our varied audiences. We feature tribute groups that celebrate amazing groups such as the Beatles, The Supremes, The Temptations, Abba, and Frankie Vallie to name a few. We feature West End and Broadway vocal acts, top comedians from around the world, superb Acapella groups and talented impressionists, hypnotists, illusionists, opera singers, gauchos, jugglers, aerial acts, balancing acts, ventriloquists, concert pianists, violinists, multi-instrumentalists and folkloric acts. Our goal is to create a customized program that is a great fit for the itinerary as well as the guest mix onboard.

Does Royal Caribbean give consideration to providing “handicapped” friendly shore excursions when planning cruise port visits? Seems like you read more and more excursion descriptions noting not recommended for wheelchairs, etc. – Michael J.

Yes, we offer Shore Excursions for our guests who must remain in wheelchairs in over 60 ports around the world. These are called Easy Tours and provide the highlights of the cities we visit. Other excursions may be accessible for guests who can transfer out of their wheelchair and take a few steps into the motor coach.  All accessible shore excursions are clearly identified with wheelchair icons on the Shore Excursions section of the website. As guests browse through excursions in the different ports of calls, they will see these icons on the tours in which we offer this access.   Please also read more here where we address accessible shore excursions on our website.

Thanks again to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

29 responses to:
“Ask Adam Blog Series – February 2013 Q & A”

  1. Patric

    Will you be returning cruises to the San Diego, Long Beach areas? I live in socal and miss being able to take advantage of last minute cruise deals from these ports. From the west coast we have to go across the country to take one of Royal Caribbeans cruises.

    • Adam

      Hello Patric, at this time we have no plans to return ships to the West Coast. Thank you.

  2. Marianne

    Hello! My husband and I are Canadian and wondered if you ever considered having a port in Halifax? There are several ports of call here such as Saint John and even Prince Edward Island. We’d love being able to drive to our next port without having to fly :)

    • Adam

      Hi Marianne, we appreciate your suggestion but we currently have no plans to include a port in Halifax, but we will pass along your suggestion! Thank you.

  3. Anne Clark

    We recently went on a cruise on the Jewel. Everything was wonderful as usual but our main reason for taking that cruise was to see Key West.We were disappointed that the ship only stayed in port for 5 hrs. We had to be back on ship by 12:30 pm which really cut our visit short. Most of the ports (in fact all I think) were all day visits. Will there ever be a RC cruise that will stay in Key West for a longer period?

    Thank you,

  4. Velma A

    Good evening….Will any cruise ships be leaving from New York City?

    • Rachel

      Hi Velma,

      There are cruises leaving from Newark NJ which is just a short drive from NYC. It is a nice port to leave from as you get a different view of the Statue of Liberty. I enjoy it as you don’t need to fly to Florida and it is only 8-10 hours from Toronto

    • Adam

      Hello Velma, at this time we have no plans for ships to leave directly from New York City. However, neighboring ports such as Cape Liberty, Boston, and Baltimore are options for a Royal Caribbean cruise. Thank you.

  5. Nancy Busse

    We heard a lot of grumbling on our last cruise about so many of the little things being unavailable like chocolates on the pillows, napkins with the Logo on them and pens.Kind of hard to fill our the evaluation at the ned of the cruise without one. Our daughter and her friends chose RCCL because of the WOW they usually get but we have to agree with her that the “wow” factor has certainly declined. Kind of sad because now she is thinking about going with Carnival.

    • Adam

      Thank you for expressing your input to us, Nancy, and we apologize for your disappointment. We will be sure to pass your thoughts along to the proper department.

  6. Island Girl

    I think the “emergency supply stash” is a GREAT idea.

    Would certainly help to put passengers at ease and probably more likely to consider a cruise vacation in spite of all the recent incidents.

    I’m just sayin.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input.

  7. Nancy Bates

    I cruised with you last year and am now in a wheelchair. We want to cruise again but was unsure if all ships could accomodate me. Is there any way to find if I could travel on all ships and will they tell me what excursions I could take. Look forward to hearing from you as I can’t wait to take my next cruise. I love Royal Caribbean.

    • Adam

      Hi Nancy, you can read all about how Royal Caribbean has been made accessible for everyone here. We’re looking forward to seeing you onboard!

  8. Tracy M

    Are there any plans to change the itinerary and/or ship from Cape Liberty? The Explorer of the Seas has been here too long and the itinerary is the same every year. I see the Grandeur is doing a western caribbean itinerary in 2014, can’t they do something like this in the summer months from NJ?

    • Adam

      Hello Tracy, at this time we have no plans to alter any itineraries in Cape Liberty. Thank you.

  9. Thomas Matuschak

    Now that you are going paperless with the Crown & Anchor coupons my first question is how are we to keep track of them conveniently. With the paper coupon you either have it or not. I was thinking that an intranet app that could be used only on the ship would be a good idea to keep track of daily activities, coupons, reservation, and shore excursions and in that way you could get rid of a lot of paper. I also think that this intranet could send and receive text messages from fellow passengers would be a great added feature.

    Thomas Matuschak

    • Adam

      Thomas, thank you for the suggestion. Once the Ultimate Value Booklets are phased out, guests who are sailing will have access to the offer information in various ways while onboard.

  10. Robert Jagar

    Hi Adam,
    When will we be able to book sailings on Quantum of the Seas? Will Quantum sail out of Cape Liberty, NJ? Will Diamond Plus members(my wife and I are both Diamond Plus) be given advanced notice? Come on Adam – let’s get this Quantum Leap going!

    • Adam

      Hello Robert, please keep an eye on our page for updates about Quantum of the Seas.

  11. William Alford

    Hey guys, for your ships based in Port Canaveral, you really have to come up with more interesting itineraries!! The usual Nassau, CoCo, and other usual cruise stops are boring, at least for repeat cruisers. I’m driving all the way to to Ft. Lauderdale, from Palm Bay, to catch a Holland America cruise to get an interesting Western and/or Southern Caribbean itinerary.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your input, William and we’ll be certain to pass your suggestion along. Thank you.

  12. Elizabeth


    Many RCCL Captains & Hotel Directors have been telling cruisers at “Captains Corner” on various ships since last year, that there will be an Oasis Transatlantic from FLL to Europe in September 2014 and I was wondering when will booking for this open?

    p.s.Clocks have not gone forward here in the UK, that won’t happen until the end of this month.

  13. Justin


    A while ago you stated that there would be new mugs and designs to go with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine rollout that has been taking place across the fleet. Do you know when we’ll be able to see these new designs and get to add them to our collections?

  14. Ryan

    Will there be any news of the Quantum of the Seas be released anytime in the coming weeks?

    • Adam

      Hi Ryan, please keep an eye on our page for all upcoming updates about Quantum of the Seas. Thank you.

  15. Richard Porter

    Hello Adam

    We are uk cruisers and it seems when we try to book children’s places with RC , the price sky rockets way out of our reach . The last few cruises we have turned down due to the cost . Alot of companies are offering free child places or £99 child places , but our last enquiry trippled the cost of 2 adult places . Is there anything that can be done ? , I would love to see my childrens faces when they “wow” at Independance of the seas .

  16. Timothy Scholze

    Adam, my wife and I are Diamond Plus members, we are not smokers but due love to book balcony cablns. My question is why since you only have one side of the outside uper decks for smoking, do you alow smoking on all balconies. Each side of the ship have the same number of cabins. Make one side non smoking, not rocket science.

    • Adam

      We will be sure to pass along your suggestion to the proper department, Timothy. Thank you.

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