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Ask Adam Blog Series – October 2011 Answers

The air has turned crisp and fresh and just in time for the October edition of our “Ask Adam Blog Series.” To see the answers to September’s questions please click here, or if you have a question you would like to ask Adam regarding Royal Caribbean news, what he’s have been up to or just curious about anything Royal related, please follow this link to our Facebook discussion page.

How many passengers will the refurbished Splendour of the Seas hold in 2012?
– Pamela B.

Splendour of the Seas will hold 1,830 guests (two people per stateroom) once she has returned from her enhancements.

Hi Adam, are there any plans to expand and bring new ships to Brazil?
- Daniel C.

Thank you for your interest in our Brazil program.  We plan to announce details soon for our 2012-13 program which will open for sale in about a month so please check back for details at that time.  In the meantime I can tell you that Vision of the Seas and Splendour of the Seas will be the two ships operating a variety of itineraries from Santos, Brazil, during the 2011-12 season.

Hello Adam, it has been 5 years since there have been changes to the ice show and production shows. Will you be changing any of them soon?
- Richard H.

Richard, our Entertainment team is working on many new projects however we are not ready to share details at this time.  Please continue to connect with us on Facebook to hear the latest news.

We are sailing on Allure of the Seas October 30, 2011. Can you tell us who the cruise director will be?
- Barry M.

Hi Barry, your Cruise Director will be Allan Brooks, enjoy!

Do you have any plans to originate cruises from the port of Busan, South Korea in 2012?
- James S.

Hi James, we do not have such plans at this time, however check back later as we are still finalizing our Asia deployment for 2012.

Hi Adam, I’m glad to see your company is sending more ships to sail out of Australia over the next year or so…we love Royal Caribbean down under!! My question… will some of your ships in the near future be based at other prominent Aussie capital cities other than Sydney?
- Jeff K.

Hi Jeff, many thanks for your question.  We are very excited about our growth in Australia. You are correct that the majority of our voyages are based in Sydney. However, we do have some sailings which turn in Fremantle as part of their Top End cruise.  We will keep your feedback in mind as we plan for the future.

I have a GINORMOUS family in Rome, Italy. We went to visit the 100+ relatives a few years ago for a reunion. I wondered at that time, and every now and then since, why none of my relatives have ever taken a cruise? My thought was that the port is right there in their backyard, and yet….no cruises. Maybe it’s because for so long, trains have been the main mode of transportation. It takes you everywhere. I guess my question is, do you find “locals” from Rome taking your cruises? If not, what do you think the reasons are?
- Lisa L.

Lisa, Italians are definitely a nation of navigators!  A few centuries ago a certain Cristoforo Colombo discovered something interesting……up to a century ago Italians had to sail out of necessity: more than 18 million of them migrated to the new world by ship.  And today Italy is definitely a nation of cruisers, as more than 800.000 vacationers experienced a cruise in 2010.  With such big numbers, Italy ranks in the top 5 largest cruise markets.  So, my suggestion is to encourage your big family in Rome to arrange the next family reunion on a cruise ship.  Our Italian country manager, Gianni Rotondo and his team will be more than happy to assist you or your family when organizing your plans.

Hi Adam, My husband and I would like to know which ship/cruise offers the best Ballroom dancing? Thank You!
- Tova

Great question. Dancing is an extremely popular activity among our guests. All of our ships (excluding Oasis class) offer “Explorer Academy“, which is a dance class taught by our very own Royal Caribbean Singers & Dancers. These classes range from Ballroom, to Salsa, to Meringue, to Cha Cha. On select ships, we have a professional Ballroom couple as part of our Production Show, who teaches classes throughout the cruise as well. Our fun and energetic Cruise Director’s Staff also teach a variety of line dance classes, where our guests can then showcase their skills at several of our Dance Parties or nightclubs. I’m sure you have heard of a Flash Mob Dance – well, we have that too. We offer guests a chance to learn a short choreographed routine and then it’s performed at the end of the voyage. We also offer numerous Live Bands and Musicians onboard, whether it’s a Latin band in Bolero’s, a Rock and Roll show band in our secondary lounge, a guitarist in the Centrum, or a Caribbean band up on the pool deck, you will find a genre of music to entertain you and to dance the night away.

Will there be roundtrip Hawaiian cruises from the mainland in the future? If not, why not?
- Mary S. 

Hi Mary, we do not have any round-trip Hawaiian cruises planned for 2012.   Our two ships on the West Coast of North America, Rhapsody of the Seas and Radiance of the Seas, split the year between Alaska and Australia.  While each ship does offer “open-jaw” cruises to or from Hawaii, there is not sufficient time to also offer the round-trip Hawaii programs.

What drinks are included in the fountain drink packages and can you add flavoring to the drinks? Cherry flavor without being charged extra? 
- Cameron

The fountain soda package entitles you to unlimited refills at any of our bars or lounges, Windjammer Café, Main Dining Room and our private destinations. A complimentary Coca-Cola® souvenir cup is included as part of every fountain soda package and currently includes Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, and Ginger Ale.  While we would not charge you for adding a flavoring, it is important to note that we do not have flavorings available.  Here is a bit of a scoop though, in mid 2012 we will begin deploying to select ships Coke Freestyle Machines, that will be included in the Unlimited Fountain Soda Package,  with that machine,  you will have access to over 120 coke flavors/products and be able to custom flavor your own soda (like raspberry coke),  it is very cool.  Check it out at

I just returned from an awesome Mediterranean cruise on Liberty of the Seas. The crew and service was exceptional, but I was disappointed with the quality of the food. Do you have plans of updating your menus?
- Delores C.

Hi Delores, our menus are updated on a continual basis. Our main menu updates occur annually in the spring with ongoing adjustments throughout the year.  I’m sorry you were disappointed with your culinary experience.

Thanks to everyone for submitting questions, and remember if you have a question you would like to ask, please click here. If you have a customer service related issue, the quickest way to obtain a response is to fill out our contact form here:

29 responses to:
“Ask Adam Blog Series – October 2011 Answers”

  1. Ben RM

    As the Oasis of the Seas is leaving the UK to return to America in 2013 will you be replacing her with another ship based in the uk?

  2. Jeannie Depoian

    Hi Adam,

    I am planning a mediterranean cruise out of Italy for a large group of friends in Sept/Oct 2012. When is the best time to get a good airfare deal?



  3. Andy Gross

    I’m excited to hear about the Coke Freestyle machines. The only problem – how can we be expected to select from so many drink options? I recently sailed on a Disney ship that featured self-service soda machines, which was very convenient. I hope that the Mariner of the Seas offers a similar self-service option for my upcoming Thanksgiving cruise.

    • Dianne

      Hi Adam
      My husband and I will be travelling on the Rhapsody of the seas in March 2013 and would like to know if there is a coke freestyle machine on board?

      • Adam

        Hello Dianne, at this time we have no plans to have the Coca-Cola® Freestyle machines onboard Rhapsody of the Seas. Thank you.

  4. anna

    Leaving for another great cruise on the Explorer on Feb 17. Is there any way to find out who the cruise director might be?

  5. Brent

    Hey Adam,

    I am in a wheelchair and I’m scared to fly but I want to see the world. Do you think in the future you guys will offer round trip cruises to Europe, Asia, etc.?

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  7. Lew blackman

    Adam: As a frequent cruiser on Royal Carribean I had the worst cruise I ever had earlier this year on Allure. It’s the only time I have ever complained on any cruise on any cruise line. I did get a prompt response from Royal Carribean but when I wanted to talk to someone in charge I was told that it was impossible and if I didn’t take what they offered, I’d get nothing. I took the $300 per person credit but haven’t used it. Instead, I took a cruise on Carnival paying full price. I still want to talk to someone in charge at Royal Carribean to discuss my problem. My cell number is 954-444-8889.

  8. Kathy

    Regarding children in the concierge lounge,I have heard they are now allowed in the Diamond Lounge,(for instance on the Allure)…Thought it was limited to only the CL????

  9. Fabio

    Adam, when we will have the opportunity to enjoy a BIG ship in Brazil ? All other cruise companys are sending their BEST in terms of size and luxury. Brazil is not a BIG market ? With almost 200 million people living there for sure it is. We should think in the future by sowing today, right ?

  10. Francesco suma

    Dear Mr. Adam,
    I’m writing just to introduce myself, my name is Francesco Suma, i’m an italian seaman of 32 years old with the license of Captain on board ships without any limitation. Since i’d taken the decision of my life to go at sea my dream was to work on your magnificent ships and this still my dream untill now and in the future, i have tried so many times to apply in the website and directly to the office in MIAMI but untill now nobody took care about me. I also created a group on Facebook named “I want to work for Royal Caribbean build the dream” with more of 80 fans already. I hope at least you can listen to me and give me the chance to show my outstanding passion for the Company and highest professional skills that i could give to the company for the success always. my contact details are already in possession of the office for long time so please help me to realize this dream and you will never feel in wrong on that. GOD bless you and RCCL. all the best from Italy

  11. Marybor

    I sailed on the Navigator in September and really enjoyed it. But there was one thing which really grated and that was the informality of the Captain being called Captain Tommy. (I don’t recall his surname). I think that being the Captain of such a large ship and with such responsibility he should be addressed with dignity. While Captain Tommy did sit well with the hurdy-gurdy atmosphere of the pool area I would prefer that he was more formally addressed.

  12. Ken "k.o." Terry

    Hello Adam,
    Sent an email to you recently and not only did I receive a timely response, in was in the form of a surprise telephone call from your staff. What a pleasant surprise! Thank you kindly.

  13. Francesco suma

    Mr. Adam you said this: Italians are definitely a nation of navigators! A few centuries ago a certain Cristoforo Colombo discovered something interesting……up to a century ago Italians had to sail out of necessity: more than 18 million of them migrated to the new world by ship. And today Italy is definitely a nation of cruisers, as more than 800.000 vacationers experienced a cruise in 2010
    So why not???? you could be sure of that just hire me!!!All the best to all the users and see you soon on board maybe i will be your Captain ;-)

  14. Daniel Capella

    Thank you for answering Adam. I’m embarking on Vision in december, and cannot wait until the announce of the next season!

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Daniel. Enjoy your cruise.

  15. Francesco suma

    11/11/11 a Special day i hope for me !!!

    Dear Mr. Adam,

    Sorry if i insist with this post, but please help me to realize the dream of my life, I’m 32 years old with the Captain license, very young and professional seaman it’s very important nowadays to have young people on board that guarantee always the maximum standards that our guest are looking for. I will follow this way trough my career, i will serve the company with outstading passion and high professionality. To all guests will support me i guarantee an invitation on my table on the gala night ;-) anyway i will start before as First officer so this will take a while but is a promise of your Captain. I love RCCL i love all of you. I will never stop to fight to reach my dream untill i will get breath.

  16. Barbara

    We are diamond members and our next sailing is 11/26/2011 on Naviagator of the Seas. We live on the West Coast of Fl. and want to take the bus to the port. I called Cruise Connections and they advised me that the have a contract with RC, so call them direct as the price is a little cheaper. Contract was in effect 11/01/2011. When I call RC they claim they cannot find New Port Richey, Fl. as a pick up and it probably is not in the system yet. Will you please get this matter straightened out, so that my spouse and I can make the connection. Thank you.

  17. jANET

    Dear Sir, As a retired executive, with a Fortune 50 company, I am writing to express an increased concern and proposal to address it. I have been responsible for customer service and client satisfaction for a client base of over 50 million. I have watched the quality of service decrease in all industries, including my own which is the financial services industry. The most disheartening and dramatic change I have experienced, however, has occured in the cruise industry. As a cruiser of almost 40 cruises I have seen the decline of not only service by cruise ship employees, but the clear dissatisfaction of the employees with the companies they work for. This has been evident across many cruise corporations (some worse than others). I would like to propose offering my services as a “mystery cruiser” to the RCCL company. I have always found RCCL to be my favorite cruiseline, and would love to see the level of service, quality, and employee satisfaction return to its glory days. Feedback could be provided to the corporate executive team, by someone who has the knowledge of what to look for. It could be done without knowledge of those working on the ships, thereby providing an industry edge, which as we all know translates into dollars in a competitive industry. I hope this proposal strikes a chord and you will contact me by email to discuss it further. I am looking forward to being on back to back cruises with RCCL starting November 26. Thanks for your consideration of this proposal. Hope to hear from you soon.

  18. Mary S mith

    Thank you so much for answering my question about Hawaii. The answer was disappointing but I understand there’s a big world out here and many potential guests who want to experience a Royal Caribbean cruise……Your reply did verify that the questions and comments come from real people and you do listen to what we say!

    • Adam

      You are very welcome, Mary. Thank you.

  19. Ray Lidgett

    Please sir, a straight answer…why did you pull your cruise line out of Norfolk, VA and opt for Baltimore?

    Not many travelers from Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and maybe South Carolina want to drive through D.C./Baltimore anytime or especially during the late fall, winter, and early spring time frames. We took one cruise out of Baltimore, never again, its is not worth the travel hassel to get there and back. And flying expenses anymore almost double the cost of a cruise.

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  21. Maureen Stilwell

    Hi Adam,

    I am a travel agent and also work for intercruises as a pier agent in Port Canaveral. We are wondering if the rumor is true that the Oasis will be coming to our Port in 2012. I already have a group that wants to book! Please say it is true


  22. Deborah

    I must say that me and my husband enjoyed the Enchantment of the Sea out of Baltimore to Bermuda this past September and have booked the Freedom of the Seas for Sept 2012. But was looking for the 9 day leaving out of Baltimore going to the Carribean but did not find it, instead we saw a nine day going north to Boston, etc, which we was not interested in. Will the Enchantment of the Seas return to the carribean nine day out of Baltimore. Thanks for coming to Baltimore!!!!

    • Adam

      Hi Deborah, details and information around the cruise you’re looking for can be found here. We’ll see you onboard soon.

  23. Jenn R

    Hi I love RCCL! We can’t wait to sail again. We are planning on going on Oasis at the end of October. We are excited to be on the ship for Halloween. We were wondering if there’s going to be any special events or costume parties going on during that cruise?


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  • The ultimate comfort food: thick-cut potato chips with pan-fried onion dip. Coming this November to Michael's Genuine Pub onboard Quantum of the Seas. (Link to full menu in our profile.)
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