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Details on Our Upcoming WOW Sale and What We’re Doing in Social Media

Last week was a big week for announcements with the reveal of some of the new features Allure of the Seas will offer and the news about the “Oasis-izing” of Freedom of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas in several exciting respects. We are pleased about the reaction to these announcements and hope as many of you as possible are able to have the opportunity to cruise on these wonderful ships in the near future. And not to worry, there is more exciting news ahead.

In the meantime, this Tuesday and Wednesday we are having one of our very occasional WOW Sales for sailings on or after September 1, 2010. I encourage you to contact your travel agents during those two days and to take advantage of the special opportunities these rare Sales present. Guests benefit not only with an onboard credit to enhance their cruise experience, but with a 50% reduction in the initial deposit required to hold their booking. We’ve even included Oasis and Allure in this short-term sale!

One of the very nice aspects of the brave new world of social media is the ability of Royal Caribbean aficionados to post their praise of our employees who deliver the WOW before, during, and even sometimes after the cruise. I encourage you and your friends to let us know about your favorite Royal Caribbean experiences through our Facebook site, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, this blog or anywhere else in the social media universe you prefer.

I really did just say after the cruise, too. What could that mean? Well, at the moment, we have a situation where a guest was erroneously promised that his karaoke performance would be on the Cruise in Review DVD. It was a mistake on our part to promise that because the DVD is a general review of the cruise, not a specific filming of every guest’s experience (some of you might be thankful for that!). Nevertheless, we looked into this particular situation because it was so important to the guest, and it turned out by coincidence that we do in fact have footage of the performance in question. So we are in the process of delivering the new DVD material to the guest.

Other things that are going on:

  • My child welfare world is roiled by the Florida Legislature’s refusal to fund the necessary level of benefits to former foster children who aged out of the system without having been adopted or having been reunified with their families. These 18 to 22 year olds, of which there are hundreds in Miami-Dade County alone, will soon be receiving sharply reduced stipends that are meant to enable them to pursue their education and prepare themselves for adulthood. The politics are substantial and the outcome uncertain, but if these young people don’t receive the support they need, there will societal consequences.
  • My energy security world is also in a very interesting phase. You don’t need me to tell you it’s hard to get things done in Washington DC these days. Our Energy Security Leadership Council and our affiliate the Electrification Coalition are ramping up our efforts to create political will to spur electrification of road transport as a primary means of reducing U.S. dependence on foreign imports of oil. Obviously it will take a long time to achieve a meaningful shift from gasoline powered vehicles to electric powered vehicles, but it is possible that even in grid-locked (sorry!) Washington DC, we may be able to gain traction to move this effort forward.
  • Finally, I was in Fontainebleau, France for less than 48 hours to attend a leadership summit and receive an extraordinarily generous honor from INSEAD, the business school I attended for my MBA in the late 1980’s. What a great place, with people from everywhere learning from one another and enjoying one another’s company. The experience of studying there was so compelling that a permanent bond is in place amongst my classmates. It was great to renew that bond with several of them. INSEAD concluded its 50th Anniversary celebration and recognized me as one of the 50 Alumni for the first 50 years who “changed the world”. That’s their words, not mine. I am extremely appreciative to have received such a high honor from a place I feel so strongly about.
  • I do not recommend a 9+ hour flight as a race preparation strategy, however yesterday I got off the plane from France at 2 p.m. and ran personal bests in the mile (5:33.3) and 400m (68.3) in an evening track meet at UM. I don’t mind getting older as long I keep getting faster.

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“Details on Our Upcoming WOW Sale and What We’re Doing in Social Media”

  1. Jill tompkins

    I think that you really should put in an air lift trolley (monte rail) at fort lauderdale. This will help get people to and from the aiport and the cruise port easily. This will cut our costs on getting to the ship and could help the traffic conjestion at your port.

    • Adam

      Jill, thank you for your suggestion about providing a monorail at Fort Lauderdale. We’ll pass your suggestion over to the appropriate department for review.

  2. Beth

    I love these WOW sales and look forward to being able to book and plan a cruise in 2011 at a reduced deposit. However, I am concerned about this new “Best Price Guarantee” and booking so far in advance. With this new policy, does this mean that all the pricing yo-yo’ing will stop? That the price that we see will be the Best for that cruise and that we won’t have to worry about “Did we book too soon…Will there be a better price?” Does this mean there is no longer that daily search on the site to see if there was a price drop ….. or …..does that mean we will no longer qualify for that price drop?

    Your loyal customers want to know….

    • Adam

      The best price guarantee is for 48 hours, however, should the price drop before final payment is due, you can rebook with no penalty at the lower rate. Click here for the full details:

  3. mandy

    Please clarify your price guarantee policy, especially concerning bookings during the WOW sale. Many of us take advantage of these special offers to book cruises far in advance. Your new Best Price Guarantee seems to trump your policy of honoring lower prices posted on your website before the passenger makes final payment. I was about to book a 2012 cruise, but will wait and watch pricing if I know I only have 48-hours to qualify for a price reduction.

    Please clarify. Thank you.

    • Adam

      The best price guarantee is for 48 hours, however, should the price drop before final payment is due, you can rebook with no penalty at the lower rate. Click here for the full details:

  4. Sandra Wilson

    I just wanted to publicly thank RCCL for the kindness and generosity shown to our family. We had a cruise scheduled 5/09 which we had to cancel due to our son being diagnosed with leukemia. Even though we had a dr. complete a form for the cruise insurance stating Jordan had cancer–the claim was denied and we lost the entire amount which included 5 adults plus airfare! RCCL steeped in and issued a voucher allowing us to take the cruise this year. I am happy to say Jordan was declared cancer free 12/09. THANK YOU RCCL–you are awesome!

    • Adam

      Sandra, thank you so much for the kind words. We are very happy to hear that your son Jordan is well and that your family is able to take your cruise this year.

  5. amy lipton

    Adam, I was so thrilled to see from the recent USA Today article that you have become CEO…. Wow!
    I wish you only good things and continued, much deserved success.
    All the best, Amy Lipton

  6. Roger D Smart

    My wife and I just got off the “Freedom of the Seas” and it was just a magnificent ship and the great crew that we experienced was absolutely phoenominal! We have been on about 3 or 4 other RCCL cruises, and we liked the “Grandeur of the Seas” because it was just so elegant and we took that cruise back in 04, but this ship really blows it away. The food was superb and the crew was hilarious and made the cruise a very enjoyable. I didn’t do the “Flow Rider” but it was still a fun ship and very very clean. I thought the shows that were on there was outstanding. My wife and I are going to remain loyal to ROYAL CARIBBEAN and no more Carnival cruises for us, no sirree!

    • Adam

      Roger, thank you for your comment and we appreciate your loyalty with Royal Caribbean. We’re glad to hear that you’ve had an amazing sail onboard the Freedom of the Seas and Grandeur of the Seas. We hope that you and your wife will continue to enjoy Royal Caribbean for years to come.

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  8. Joseph Schmidt

    My wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this year and decided to sail the Mediterranean with RCCL on the Voyager of the Seas. It was our first cruise ever and was truly a wonderful experience. Everything was perfect. We’re home only over a week and already thinking of where we should go with Royal Caribbean on our next cruise. I think we’re hooked. On our cruise May 23rd through May 30th we had many pictures taken and you could probably say I was a little out of control in the Photo Shop buying a few hundred dollars worth of pictures and albums. They were just to good to pass up. But the one purchase I neglected to buy in the Photo Shop was the Cruise in Review DVD. Packed full of memories of our first ever cruise, I regret not having that DVD. My question is: Is it possible to somehow still purchase the Cruise in Review DVD from the May 23rd through May 30th 2010 Voyager of the Seas cruise? Thanks once again for a wonderful cruising experience!

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