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Enforcing the Dress Code in the Main Dining Room

I receive emails asking “why did you let so and so in the dining room with that on?” and other emails asking “why didn’t you let me in the dining room?” Our intention is to establish reasonable rules and then to enforce them. This area involves degrees of difficulty that can challenge us and create frustration for our guests. If the dining room staff notices guests entering the dining room who are not dressed according to the guidelines they should notify the guest. If the guest is already seated, it is more difficult to broach the subject with him/her.

Across the fleet we follow the formal night dress guidelines that are printed in the Cruise Compass.  What we consider appropriate dress for formal nights has changed over the years due to style trends.  For example, baseball caps and hats are not permitted at dinner, especially on formal nights. But on some itineraries we have a guest mix that prefers to wear cowboy hats when they dress up so we allow it. In addition, shipboard teams may struggle with enforcing the formal night dress code due to the itinerary, especially on days when we remain in port until late in the day as guests may have limited time to get back to their staterooms to dress up.

Please rest assured that we will continue to focus on the most appropriate way to enforce our dress code.

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“Enforcing the Dress Code in the Main Dining Room”

  1. Teresa

    I think you should maintain a dress code for formal night after all that is what formal night is if you don’t get back on the ship in time they have great food at the buffet. I think Royal Caribbean should maintain their standards. I think it is gross to see men especially in shorts or sleeveless shirts in the dining room. I think they should also require a cover up in the windjammer. just really don’t wont to see body parts while i’m eating or have someone reaching over the food dripping water or sweat!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam

      Hello Teresa, we appreciate your comment and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review.

      • Antonio Dyer

        Trends change and I can see the rule for no shorts, no sandals or no sleeveless shirts – but after a long day in the sun, who wants to get all dressed up for a couple of hours? What if you’re sunburned or are racing back to the ship? Not me, honestly, and not many of my friends. And as for the no hats thing? Really? But a cowboy hat is okay? Are you all the fashion police now? Not everyone likes cowboy hats. So if “they look good” in a hat, they are okay? LOL Such mindless stuff. The times are changing, plenty of fashionable hats and other wear now…pick up a copy of any trendy fashion magazine and jump on the 2014 train people.


        • Amy

          Personally I hate formal night! I am on vacation – we attend plenty of weddings a year and have lots of opportunity to dress up – I do not want to be forced to dress up on vacation. In the real world they have elegant restaurants that people must be dressed for if they are so inclined. I think that would be a better alternative than having the entire ship have to dress. Have a restaurant on the ship that is formal so people that enjoy dressing up have a place to go. When I relax by the pool all day, spend the day doing an excursion the last thing I feel like doing is getting dressed in formal wear for 3 hours – I would much rather extend the laid back, go at my own pace feel of my vacation. That being said my boyfriend will bring a navy sports coat – that is as formal as we are getting!

          • Brandon

            ^^yes, i feel the same way, i never “dress up” in “Formal” wear in real life and i for sure don’t want to do it on vacation. but i guess this is the only option if you don’t want to miss that meal in the dining room. but i will, i will be enjoying my vacation dressed comfortably

    • John

      Teresa, you are right on. On most cruises we called the formal lnight “PROM NIGHT”. This is a night or two where the women can show off things the husband (or boyfriend) have given them. The wives can show that it is possible to get the husband cleaned up and dressed properly. Actually I look forward to the formal night. After dinner we go have the PROM PICTURES taken. KEEP THE FORMAL NIGHT/S.

    • Vanessa

      I always look forward to dressing up for formal nights, but I can understand that some people (and especially my family) really don’t want to put on fancy clothes while on vacation. But times have changed, and I don’t really believe the lavish ‘formal’ of years ago matches the same definition of today. There’s nothing wrong with a cute cocktail dress on formal nights or a nice top and jeans on ‘smart casual’ nights. What’s not acceptable to me is when people come in wearing a bathing suit with a cover up or shorts and a tank top. Although we are on vacation, the main dining room should still be considered a nice restaurant, and I don’t think you should be wearing anything to the dining room that you wouldn’t wear out to eat at a nice restaurant on land.

  2. Salvatore

    I think the correct dress code should followed as it alway been before, anyone who doesn’t should go to buffet area, show respect to others. It must be post by ship on booking

    • Adam

      Hello Salvatore, thank you for voicing your concerns.

      • Jimmy

        Hello, my view on the dress code is a little different, I wear a suit all the time at work and on my vacations, I like to relax. I feel we should be allowed to wear nice shorts or casual slacks and a polo shirt to dinner.

        • Kelly

          I mostly agree with you Jim & depending on my work day decides how business/fancy I dress but regarding dinner, your shorts should be acceptable – no swim, boxers or flowered -just too casual. Ok for lunch. And maybe the staff could switch up tables on formal nights – sit casual dressers together at the same table. No matter how they dress they still paid & deserve to eat in the main dining room.

          • Paula Bailey

            I agree with Marty on that as long as people are not coming to the dining room wearing shorts an tank tops what’s the problem. Not everyone owns “formal attire” and as long as they are presentable, I don’t see a problem. Having been on 13 RCCL cruises and soon to be 14, my husband and I have toned down on the formal wear. Since my husband absolutely hates to wear a tie, he now wears a nice shirt and jacket at dinner. I don’t wear the formal gowns anymore, but nice cocktail dresses and pant suits. Just because someone isn’t wearing a suit or fine clothing I don’t think they should lose out on the dining room experience and be exiled to the buffet. It’s their cruise too and they paid for it. Those that want to completely enforce this code should quit being snobs and consider themselves fortunate to be able to have nice things to wear.

          • Adam

            Thank you, Paula, for sharing your thoughts.

          • Cindy

            Here is my thing about the dining room dress code. I agree mostly with Kelly and Jim. I think you should be able to dress the way you want (within reason). No tank tops or hats but nice shorts and jeans with a polo shirt or button down shirt is fine. Formal night is great if you want to dress to the 9s but if you don’t you shouldn’t be excluded from the dining room. Everybody pays for the cruise and you should be able to eat in the MDR no matter what night you go and as long as you wear presentable clothing. If you really want to dress formally then why not pay the extra few dollars and go to one of the special restaurants. When we went to Alaska we dressed nice at dinner but when we are in the Caribbean we want to relax and dress down.

        • jane chaston

          You don;t have to eat in the main dining room, if you don;t want to dress up eat in the buffet no one forces you to dress up. If you are not happy with this then perhaps cruising Royal Caribbean is not for you. Before you chose a cruise you should have/or should read the rules and regulations and if you are not prepared to abid by them perhaps you should go elsewhere. Sorry but rules should be totally enforces.

          • Babette Fiebiger

            I totally agree with Jane. If you want to go on vacation to just relax and not have to dress up, then either eat at the buffet
            all the time or find another type of vacation. I’m not one to dress up at all, but if I have a job or I’m going somewhere that
            dressing up is required then I do so. Actually I love dressing up on the cruises!

          • Judy

            I agree with Cindy totally. This is VACATION! Just because we don’t own “smart casual” clothing, we are excluded from eating in the main dining room that we paid for. I work in surgery and my husband is a truck driver who hauls oversize specialized freight and most likely makes more money than some of those formal dressers. They are no better than us and their snobby attitude is condescending. Why not let people who want to wear jeans and button down shirts do so and seat them together in a section on one floor?

          • Natalie

            I absolutely agree with Jane and all other pro-formal wear opinions.
            There is a reason to call the night formal, therefore formal attire is appropriate and casual attire is not appropriate. As simple as that.
            Does not matter who wears what to work and likes and dislikes. If someone can afford multiple cruises, they can afford a formal attire as well.
            And there is always a buffet option for casual wear on formal nights. Nothing to do with snobs. It is about good manners and respect. Unfortunately these are becoming rare species lately.

          • Aaron

            I agree with CIndy and Jim. I paid for the same cruise you did and Formal nights are a pain. I am on vacation, I can be dressy in Khaki Shorts and a golf shirt or khaki slacks and a golf shirt. I want the same food and to go to dinner in the Main dining room not be limited to the buffet because some people want to play dress up. I can understand saying no flip flops, or sleeveless shirts and ripped jeans and apparel. But smart casual for all occasions should be acceptable and if you want to dress formal be our guest. Or have a formal dining room and a casual dining room with the same meals.

        • Kellie Spinner

          I have to agree with Jimmy! We have been on several cruises, and have taken part in the formal nights, pictures and all! It was very nice, but we have “been there, done that” and feel that as long as we are not dressed in beach attire, and look decent, that the formal dining room should still be an option to us on any night! After all, we have paid the same price for the cruise that those who opt for formal dress have paid. It is not that we are against the formal dress for those that would like that experience, but prefer to enjoy our vacation in a very relaxed comfortable manner! At the very least there should be a venue option that is open to casual dress, but offers the same menu and service level, that is received in the main dining room!

          • Adam

            Thank you for your comments, Kellie. We will pass them along for consideration.

  3. Virginia Fleischman

    I have a comment to make about line dancing. I recently went on a cruise that was on the Monarch of the Seas starting on the 12th of November and ending on the 16th of November. It was a good cruise except for my bruised left foot and I have pictures of said foot. I thought initially it did not break the skin but it may have a slight loss of skin. Why are inexperienced dancers with huge high heels allowed on the dance floor when one of the instructor’s instructions are “stomp stomp”? I could have had a much uglier injury. I made a comment on a form I turned in and no one contacted me. By the way the picture is on my FB page and many people asked me how it happened and I tell them I was stomped on a cruise with RC. Anyway I just thought you should know. Bet I am not the only one.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Virginia. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department for review.

  4. Marty Weiss

    We have been on at least 8 cruises with RC and I have rarely seen anyone who abused the dress code in the dining rooms. There are many who wear casual clothes on formal night while the rest of us get dressed up. If they are not embarrassed, and they do not bother anyone, then since they paid their fare, why harass them?. As long as they do not come to dinner in shorts and tee shirts I don’t see any problem. Personally, I like to get dressed up, but have not worn a “formal” tux since my first cruise. It’s a problem with packing… I will only wear that tux once and it does take up too much space in the baggage, while a suit or nice blazer can be worn several times.
    My wife takes several nice dresses all of which can be worn for formal night and for all other dining evenings as well.
    We look nice and feel very presentable, and that’s what counts.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Marty.

  5. Dennis Knapp

    I would like to see the dress code enforced especiall on formal nights. It really makes me mad to pay for a nice cruise only to have some idiot come to formal dress night in a tee shirt, shorts and a baseball cap. I know that this is not suppose to happen but I have seen it. Too many times I have seen people come to the formal night and not even take the time to at least put on a nice shirt and dress slacks, this still does not quite fulfill the dress code but it sure beats the deadbeat in the tee and short. Thanks for at least attempting to get this out to the public and I wish you luck on getting the point accross that if you don’t want to dress up for dinner, then go up to the Buffet line you will fit in just fine up there. Let the rest of us enjoy the few times we probably ever dress up.
    Dennis Knapp

    • Mike

      Do what I do… don’t look at them if it bothers you. Problem solved. How about we all enjoy our cruise and not worry so much about what other people are doing. I will never understand how the way someone is dressed “ruins” someones night/cruise. I am so glad I do not pay attention to what people are wearing, and more attention to how they treat me. Have made a bunch of friends because I do not judge them!

      • Adam

        We appreciate your suggestion, Mike. Thank you.

      • Jenny

        BRAVO!! I agree with you Mike. It’s not going to ruin my night/cruise because some one don’t
        enter the dining room with a tux or long dress on on formal night. My husband and I look forward to getting dressed up when we are on a cruise because we don’t get to do it that often. I don’t think people should come into the dining room on formal night with t-shirts & shorts but as long as they don’t show up naked then don’t worry about it. Just look at your family and friends you are with and enjoy having a good time on RCCL.

        • Adam

          Thanks for offering your opinion, Jenny. We appreciate it.

          • Heidi

            We like to get dressed up…at least I do and hubby submits on this one. It wouldn’t ruin my cruise, but it is noticed when the very “few” that don’t comply. THEY stand out. Most look lovely and show respect for the fact that it is FORMAL night.

            No one said you have to get dressed up to eat. There are many options to carry several plates, and return several times to the buffet.

            If you don’t like formal nights, don’t go.

            We had wonderful tablemates on our cruise and everyone was dressed appropriately. Our picture is great! I’m very glad that we didn’t have a t-shirt wearing person in the picture that I wouldn’t have bought if they were in my picture.

            Why not have a dining room for casual, and truly enforce formal night for the rest of us.

          • Adam

            Thank you for your comments, Heidi.

    • Adam

      Hello Dennis, thank you for voicing your opinions. We will be sure to pass this information along to the proper department.

  6. Bill Otto

    Dining room staff is always at the dining room entrance. I have seen inappropriate dressed guests walk right in unchallenged. I know styles have changed but it is dinner in a formal dining room. T-shirts, ballcaps and shorts should never be allowed.

    • jane chaston


  7. Joyce Kent

    At formal night on Freedom of the Seas last month I had to ask the waiter to have the man next to us remove his ball camp. He did have on a suit. He removed it but wore it every night from then on and no one said anything to him. Don’t have rules you aren’t going to enforce. No ball caps in the dining room. Period. Every waiter should be instructed to have them removed. Also shorts are being allowed in – - don’t do it. Please get more strict on this – - it is ruining the pleasure of fine dining for the rest of us.

    • Adam

      Hello Joyce, thank you for voicing your concerns with us.

  8. Helen Lockyer

    I recently reserved 3 cabins for 7 people and was unable to get either the early or late sitting for dinner. I was told I had no choice but to go on the open seating. I think it was unfair that I couldn’t choose one of the dinner seatings or being able to be put on a waiting list. There was the extra tipping charge added to all of the members in my party. What can you do to help me out on this situation?? Thank you.

    • Adam

      Hello Helen, thank you for notifying us of your concerns. We’ll be sure to pass this along to the proper department for review.

  9. Christopher Metzger

    On the recent transatlantic cruise, I was turned away from the main dining room at LUNCH because I has a sleeveless shirt on. This was not a tank top mind you, just a sleeveless shirt. At the same time, 4 women in our party were allowed to enter with the same sleeves. If men are not allowed to wear sleeveless shirts, why are women? Again, it was at lunch, not dinner.

    • Adam

      We appreciate your comment, Christopher, and we’ll be sure to pass this along to the proper department for review.

      • Julie

        “Thanks for your input” sounds dismissive. I’m sure you are actually going to pass along the comments and suggestions, but there’s no ownership being taken of these complaints.

  10. Michael G

    I know for a fact on our 2011 cruise on the Voyager of the Seas a guest in the same area as us wore a baseball cap and T-shirts to the main dining room, but “upgraded” to a golf shirt (still wearing the ball cap) on formal night.

    If that’s “How you roll”, the Windjammer awaits.

    But we appreciate RCCL’s continied attention to this matter, hoping to see things more formal on the Radiance in May 2013.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Michael.

  11. Edward Shaffer

    I was on your 10 night Panama Canal cruise people were walking in the dining room wearing shorts and on formal night this guy came in as formal wear wranglers tee shirt with tuxedo pattern on shirt and sneakers and biker chain hanging from wallet I know rccl doesn’t want confrontation with customers but rules are rules

  12. Lori Ainsley

    People pay extra for a royal Caribbean cruise for the upper experience. If I want a more casual cruise I’ll go on NCL or carnival. That being said, there are plenty of places to eat if you don’t feel like dressing up on the few formal nights. I’m not expecting tuxes anymore but there’s certainly a difference in wearing a jacket and wearing a tshirt. Bottom line, they know the rules before going. They shouldn’t take away from someone else’s experience because they don’t feel like getting dressed. Eat in the buffet that night.

  13. Harold Weatherford

    You never know when a guest gets their luggage lost by airlines either. I had a friend who didn’t have anything except the clothes they wore on their back for the entire cruise.

  14. Myra Heaton

    I feel that the Dining Room should be for people that dress. If they are out for the day and don’t have time to change..then they should consider room service, the buffet or Johnny Rockets ( if available).
    I feel sorry for the staff when they try to enforce the stated rules, yes they should be rules.
    If people want to dress like they are going on a picnic and have to much to drink…maybe they should cruise on other cruise lines….just saying.
    There was a time that folks dressed up for travel on aircraft, now they look like they are ready for bed.
    I would hope that you keep the high standard that Royal has always had , my family and friends agree.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comments, Myra.

    • Allan Horner

      I agree about the dress code on a cruise ship, but the airlines are a different story. When I have to practically disrobe to get on an aircraft, I will dress in such a manner to make it easier and quicker to get through :Security”.

  15. Kelly Watts

    I REALLY think the time has come to do away with FORMAL DINING! I can see why the cruise lines might nit want to, as they set up all over the ship to take overpriced pictures. With the restrictions on baggage my wife and I NO LONGER pack formal clothes. On those nights we eat in the Buffet. BTW I notice that the buffet is getting more and more people.

  16. Elizabeth Garcia

    I think it should be some kind of dress code period.. I love the idea it s dress to impress why not its not so hard. I am looking forward to my first cruise so excited first week of December.

  17. Rev. Anne Godbold

    When I first sailed with Royal Caribbean, the guests were met by men in formal dress and taken to our rooms. We were treated like royalty no matter what size of cabin you had. We happened to have an outside one with a window. Now you fend for yourself… I am a Diamond Member and because of the recession I no longer can sail for the time being. And I miss it very much. However, the costumer service is not nearly as good as when I first started to sail. I still enjoy it mine you but it just isn’t the same. Some ships no longer even have a Diamond lounge. And because I am an United Methodist Pastor, it took many years to reach that status. That upsets me because it was a nice little perk that is gone. My son was granted Diamond Status and then suddenly he is no longer a Diamond Member because he is 25.. I don’t mind people being less formal on formal night because the ships have changed so much.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comments, Anne.

  18. Pam Peacock

    Just post a notice at the entrance to both dining rooms stating, NOTICE DRESS CODE as follows in the dining rooms. List what can be worn. Have a waiter at the door point this out before someone comes in and sits down. If this is such a big deal just post something about it.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Pam.

  19. Scott Lara

    Thank you for commenting on this issue. For those who insist on a traditional formal night, people may prefer Celebrity, however on RC, people should be more tolerant. I am more concerned about parents who take a vacation from being parents on cruises! Follow me on Twitter @scottlara1961

    • Michele

      THANK YOU SCOTT!!! Well Said!! I too get VERY frustrated when parents do not watch their children on the ship. I constantly see children by themselves using the elevators going up & down playing in them hence making the rest of the passengers waiting for elevators to be free becase the children are busy going from floor to floor or using hot tubs that are designated for adults only. There is an area designed for children only, please use it or use the general public areas.

  20. Susan Hollis

    I agree that hats/caps, T shirts and flip flops are not for “formal”nights. All should at least be dressed in slacks and jackets for men and dresses or slacks and a dressy blouse for women. This shows that at least you respect your fellow passengers and if you do not want to abide by these rules, you can go to the buffet or dine in your room. Let us all try to be civil to one another.

  21. Judy Butts

    As an avid cruiser and former cruise sales representative, it’s really bothersome to me to see people shlepping in during dinner time in what they’ve been walking around in the entire day; especially if it’s very casual wear. Seriously people, you spend all this money to go on a vacation of a lifetime. Is it really that unreasonable to dress in proper dinner attire a couple of times during the cruise? Just as we expect our servers, waiters/waitresses, Maitre D’s, etc., to be appropriately dressed to welcome us into their dining rooms, we should do the same. It’s almost a mutual respect kind of thing. How would you feel if you showed up dressed for an evening experience and your server was in shorts? A tux and flowing evening gown may be too much for most, but a nice dress and coat/tie? Really, it’s not too much to ask. Also, it lends to the environment of the room with everybody dressed similarly. JMO, but I commend the cruise line for attempting to adhere to some sort of dress code.

  22. Samantha Corner

    Onboard RCCL for our first cruise and in staying in a suite so we had our dining table in the MDR to ourselves, my husband was told on smart casual night (after we were seated) that he must wear long sleeves or we would not be allowed to dine in MDR. This was due to his tattoo’s, none of which are offensive, rude or derogatory as they are Asian inspired (flowers, waves ect). On formal nights this wasn’t an issue as we dressed accordingly.
    I understand that tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea, however even CEO’s have tattoo’s, but we were upset that nowhere in RCCL’s terms and conditions, FAQ’s or ‘Important information about cruising’, were we told he needed to cover his tattoo’s on casual and smart casual nights.
    Is this an RCCL guideline or was it based on the headwaiter’s personal decision and bias?

    • Adam

      Thanks for your comments, Samantha. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department.

  23. Doreen

    Been on 8 cruises with Royal. To tell you the truth, we don’t do formal nights any longer. Prefer casual dress. My husband will bring one pair of long pants and a collored shirt and I will wear a sundress for formal night. Don’t want to bring too many clothes. After all it is MY vacation. If Royal insists on a dress code there are plenty of other cruise lines ready and willing to take my money.

    • jane chaston

      If you go elsewhere it would free up a place or places for others that are williing to abide by the rules and dress according. If you don’t want to dress according to the rules go elsewhere. People are leaving RCI because people such as you are spoiling it for them.

      • Tina

        We just booked a 7 day cruise on Oasis of the Seas today. While I agree that shorts tank tops and baseball caps don’t belong in the dining room at dinner, I hope we don’t end up with these rude, judgemental people on our trip.

    • Babette Fiebiger

      Most all those other cruises lines have the same dress codes, weather they inforce them or not. I strongly agree on inforcing those rules!!

  24. James Powell

    Have you ever considered a 5 day to St. Thomas for the great shopping. Similar to your 5 days to to Cozumel ?
    My wife and I enjoy the 7 day eastern/ carib. cruise on Freedom of the Seas.

    Just asking, have a great day

    • Adam

      We appreciate your suggestion, James. Thank you.

  25. Charlie Schaupp

    I am Diamond with 171 points….We are taking a cruise again in about a week on the Navigator of Seas. Please don’t lower RCCL’s standards. The formal nights and other theme nights are part of the fun of the ‘Cruse Experience’! If I wanted to cruise on a ‘Motel 6′ (on steroids)…I would book on that other line that starts with a ‘C’ (and I don’t me Celebrity…LOL)

    • Adam

      Thanks for your comments, Charlie.

  26. D. Fatkin

    I just returned from a nine day cruise on the Explorer of the Sea and the cruise was wonderful, however one man ate dinner at the six o’clock hour dressed in basketball shorts and tee shirts during the whole cruise. Nothing was said to him because he showed up every night dressed the same. There where others not following the dress code, but not as blatent as him.

    I would like to say also that people abuse the handicap areas. My friend is wheel chair bound and two times she couldn’t find a place for her wheel chair at the theatre because people had pulled chairs into the reserved spaces. There is limited spaces as it is and when perfectly fine people abuse them it just not right.

  27. Debra Christensen

    I love your dress code! Please don’t ever change!!!!!!

  28. Vladimir

    Wearing jeans with a sport coat I believe is formal by today’s standards and should be considered as appropriate.

    • jane chaston

      Not in my book it is not. Jeans will never be formal, where were you brought up.

  29. Sandy lewis

    My family went on a Royal Carribbean cruise in August to Bermuda. We did make reservations to have a lovely diner in the dining room and had told the cruise advisor who helped us with booking the cruise that I had Celiac Disease and needed to make sure they had a menu for me . We go for our diner sat down at the table with another lovely family menus were passed out and I received a reg menu like everyone else. I did ask if they had a gluten free menu but to my surprise they didnt really understand what that meant , the waiter preceded to say oh yea anything on the menu can be made gluten free. In response I said no they can’t the food needs to be prepared in a kitchen that is not used or anything that touched good with breaking or anything with wheat in it. The head chef came to table in which I procedec to say same thing and explain again. This is a very serious ordeal for me. I get sick with bad headaches And stomachs problems who wants that when your on cruise. We left the dining room and headed to the buffet where there were things I could eat. I hope the next time I cruise if someone else does with a allergy of food this doesn’t happen. Food allergies are very serious and could be fatal . I was just very disappointed .
    Sandy lewis

    • Adam

      We appreciate you bringing this to our attention, Sandy.

  30. Robert E Lee

    I am a diamond member and just got off the Oasis 4 weeks ago and Monday will be on the Vision for 11 days. I believe the formal nights should go with the times… Have country club casual as the dress every night. We had tuxes for the Oasis and not many people had them or even a jacket. On a cruise out of Puerto Rico 2 years ago less than 10% had tuxes and many came in with shorts, BB hats, etc… It was a travesty!!!
    I will not be getting a tux or even a jacket for this 11 day cruise next week on the Vision for the main reason is if I bring a suit,etc the weight of my luggage will go over 50 # and I will have to pay $50 extra. I dress country club casual with dress slacks, dress shirt or button down and dress shoes. On formal night I plan to wear a long sleeve dress shirt and a tie and that is it.
    also on formal night on the Oasis we had booked the Aqua show so as soon as we finished our dinner at 7:30 we went and put shorts on for the show is outside and it was hot. The other formal night we had a show in the main theater and since it gets hot and stuffy in there we opted to change again.. So on the cruise we wore the tux a total of 5 hrs which is hardly worth it. A lot of other cruise lines have stopped the formal night and opted for country club casual. I started crushing in1988 and with Royal in 2000 and it was a kick then to wear a tux for most people did but not anymore. so lets get with the times Royal and change this policy. You are my favorite cruise line and I plan to book back to back cruise while on board the Vision next week.
    See you on board!!!

    • Adam

      Robert, thank you for your comment and we look forward to having you onboard.

    • jane chaston


      • Amy

        Jane, I bet you just have the most horrible time on your cruises judging and worrying about everyone else. Everyone pays to be on the ship, everyone pays for the food in the dining room…. just like you. They may not be paying for a suite, but then again they aren’t sleeping in one either. Worry about yourself, dress how you want to, pull the stick out and try to have a good time.

        • Mark

          Well said Amy!!!

        • Aaron

          Thank you Amy! I couldn’t agree more.

      • Ann Marie

        Perhaps we should all concern ourselves less with what others are wearing and just mind our own business. If you don’t like the way someone is dressed…don’t look at them. That is no reason to spoil your vacation.

  31. Laurie McMonigle

    I totally agree that the dining room should have a dress code. There are plenty of places on the boat that do require certain dress, people can go there if they don’t feel like dressing up. A lot of people like dressing up for their meals.

  32. Christopher Larsen

    Dear Adam,
    In response to your comments about enforcement of the dress code. While I understand there is a change in style trends, formal nights still mean formal dress. At least make the effort to dress properly. If people do not want to dress for formal nights there are plenty of other venues for them to dine it. It does offend people like myself and many others who have made the effort to dress for formal nights. On my recent cruise aboard Oasis, both formal nights took place on sea days so there was no concern as far as a late day in port. I watched many people being seating wearing shorts, flip flops, tank tops. Adam to me this is not a change in style trends, this is people being lazy. If the MDR staff did indeed say something to these people about how they are dressed, that it is where it ended because they were still seated. A friend of mine said this was brought up during the Captain’s corner and he was told “they can’t turn people away so there’s nothing they can do about it.”

    So if that is the case, why even have a dress code? I hope you understand my concerns. I enjoyed Oasis very much and will definitely sail on her again but the dress code in the MDR needs to be enforced.

    Christopher Larsen

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Christopher. We will be sure to pass this along to the proper department.

  33. Carlene

    Our concern is the jeans and shorts with dressy tops that are being called “formal” wear. I’m fully aware of the cost of good jeans, as I buy them for our family, But they are “not” formal wear. On our last RC cruise we saw a whole table of couples who came in Levi’s and nothing was said.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Carlene.

  34. Cheryl

    The diamond club has been too relaxed as well… Majesty does not have a so called club but has a section of the Viking. People were walking in sitting down with smelly sweat clothes from the gym. Children were also there. There is no way a diamond couple had 18 in there cabin as they had a whole crowd of kids and folks from the gym! Also, would love to see the 7 night Baltic cruise during the summer of 2014. Currently it ends in May then starts back up mid August. My children are in school then(Florida). Have one in late June or July. Thanks!

  35. Melissa

    I understand that some guests still enjoy dressing up for formal nights. I have been on over 20 cruises and have found as soon as dinner is done I go back to my cabin to change into more comfortable clothes. On the cruise planner the dress is normally a suggested attire, which I appreciate, because I no longer want to bring my formal clothes. I also don’t feel it is fair that if I don’t dress up I wouldn’t be able to enjoy dinner in the dining room. Formal night is when they normally serve the lobster tail and escargot, my two favorites. I think that it should be kept as a suggested attire and for guests who choose to wear smart casual attire should still be able to enjoy their dinner in the dining room.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Melissa.

  36. Patricia Scroggins

    There is plenty of other places to eat if people don’t want to dress for formal nights. Enforce your rules.

    One of the greatest coaches of all time for the Dallas Cowboys, said “Hats do not belong on a head inside.”

  37. Darlene Hillhouse

    I always look forward to getting dressed in a formal gown to have dinner in the formal dining room. The waiters always seem to make you feel special. That’s why it’s called “formal dining”…..I can’t imagine someone having a problem dressing appropriately. The Royal Caribbean staff always makes you feel like “royalty”!!!

  38. Michael Theveny

    We have been on a couple Royal Carribbean and usually skip the formal dinners, since we don’t dress up. On our last cruise we told our waiter that we wouldn’t be coming to the formal dinner. He told us it was okay not to have a suit and tie and dresses for the women. I agree people shouldn’t be coming to dinner in shorts or jeans, but it is nice to be able to enjoy a nice dinner without having to own a suit.

    • Adam

      We appreciate you voicing your opinion, Michael. Thank you.

  39. Liz Umstott

    Here is how this works. We pay the same amount of money (or probably more) than most of you to go on Royal Caribbean cruises many times a year. We don’t like buffets, nor do we like dressing up. We paid for our vacations. If you don’t like that we are dressed casually, look at the person/s you came with, not at us. If someone from Royal Caribbean cares to try to stop us from going into my assigned seating at my assigned time and we are dressed casually on formal night, they will have the issue, not us. It’s not like we will be trying to enter in a bikini and flip flops! In other words, mind your own business! Have I made my point??

  40. Genine Perschbacher

    We are crusiseing on Sat Dec. 8th and we always tried to dress according, this will be our 18th cruise. But we notice alot of people that come in with shorts etc. I really do not care if they are already seated, they need to follow the rules, like no saving seats in the theater. That is a joke. People come in with 4 people and spread out and save seats for about 30. It happens nightly.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Genine.

  41. Maryanne Sweeney

    We are all aware of the ship schedule before we leave port.We know when the formal night is and dress and plan our time accordingly.I for one strongly urge you to enforce the dress code to its fullest…whether they are seated or not.Most times the “lazy..unkept” ones use any excuse to dress sloppy as is their normal mode.I would not hesitate to refrain from cruising on RC if you do not enforce the codes…Many times this is the excellent time and place to teach young children how to dine properly and to dress accordingly.
    Too many times people are ignorant.. such as their very loud so called music and their disgusting dance moves.Please let their be some decent dress and dining experiences.This is one of the main reasons we cruise.

  42. Jermaine Hao


    We love cruising and have been loyal to Royal ever since we got married on the Navigator of the Seas. We now have two great girls but unfortunately, they have anaphylactic peanut allergies which prohibits them from eating a lot of the great deserts and snacks you have on board. Even though some of the cookies and deserts do not have any nuts, they sometimes sit beside other foods that do and we are concerned about cross contamination. Are there any plans of providing peanut free deserts that are available?



    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Jermaine. Please talk to your waiter once you are onboard about peanut-free dessert options. Thank you.

  43. Tommy

    I have cruised several times with friends , I have a friend who we travel with who could purchase the entire fleet ,of Royal ships but he prefers to be in overalls most of the time it’s just the way he feels comfortable , I think is should be up to the person on what they consider formal some like tuxes some like a jacket with or without a tie , some just like a dress shirt , it’s your vacation u should be able to enjoy it any way u prefer , I understand formal night , and we usually enjoy it , dressed appropriate , but I am not ashamed or too good to set next to someone who just prefers a dress shirt over a jacket or jeans and a western shirt , which in Texas can be considered formal in certain situations . I guess I am saying Royal has always been respectful of my choices and I believe that if someone is offended by someone else’s dress choices they should consider booking on another ship with people like them , who are obviously uptight ,

  44. Rosanne

    I understand it is difficult to approach guest regarding their attire in the main dining room, especially touchy if the guest cannot afford to dress properly. However, you do give them other options where they can dine in a more appropriate setting. I find it offensive and embarrassing when it’s formal night and I see people walking in the main dining room in shorts, tee-shirts and flip-flops, as I did on the Allure of the Seas during the September 30, 2012 sailing.

    • Adam

      Hello Rosanne, we appreciate your comment, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  45. Brandon

    Its a vacation. Nobody should tell me what I can and cannot wear. Luckily I just eat in the buffet and not have to worry about all these rules. I think Norwegian Cruise Line has it right….freestyle dining. Again, im on vacation. Why are dress codes even made? I go on vacation to relax and dress as I please, not to formally dress up. I get having maybe one or two nights but it should always be at the guests discretion, not the cruise lines. Tbings like this makes me want to continue with NCL.

    • Adam

      Hello Brandon, we appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing your thoughts about our dining options.

      • jane chaston


  46. John Sergott

    Attending dinner in the Main Dining room is a special occasion each and every night you go. If as a cruiser you choose not to get dressed up to eat, the same menu items are available from Room Service or at the Windjammer Cafe. I’ll keep packing dress shirts and ties so I can enjoy a fine dining experience and let those who don’t want to pack fancy dress wearables eat elsewhere. Long time cruiser. John S.

    • Adam

      Hello John, we appreciate your comment and your enthusiasm for the formal dress evenings.

  47. Kathryn Halstead

    I feel that a person should dress approatly for the main dinning room. Long pants, nice shirt (no sayings on it) and nice shoes. Another wise., no flip flops, no shorts , no nasty sayings on t-shirts. And no caps. If a cowboy hat should be worn, a gentleman should remove it when entering the dining room. Formal night should be formal dress. If a person dose not want to dress approatly , the windjammer is on deck 11! Kathryn Halstead. Diamond plus member

    • Adam

      Hello Kathryn, we appreciate your comment and your dedication to sailing with Royal Caribbean.

  48. John Fleming

    Having now completed 16 cruises, the latest last week, I feel that on most ships requiring long pants to meet formal or any night. A cruise is a “vacation” and not uniform event. Hats, shorts, swim attire in the evening should not be allowed. Only once have i been challeaged when my entire family of 15 (6 men) appeared at a pay to seated restauant, but that was solved my seating us in a private room.

    • Adam

      Hello John, we appreciate your comment and we are glad the staff found a creative solution to seat you and your party.

  49. Tom Vaughan

    I have thought about formal attire on board and have come to the conclusion that instead of alienating some guests who chose not to dress appropriately on formal nights, the solution may be to reward those that do. This could be a simple gift, entry in a prize drawing, a free or reduced price drink or something to encourage people to consider dressing for formal occasions.

    I enjoy he opportunity to wear my tux and think some people choose not to dress for formal nights out of resentment and do not like being told how to dress. Some folks just hate being told what to do under any circumstances. You can’t change that and keep returning customers.

    Just my two cents worth,


    • Adam

      Hello Tom, we appreciate your creative solution, and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for consideration.

  50. Lisa Olsen

    My sister and i LOVE to cruise on Ryal Caribbean. Part of the fun is dressing up. There are many other options for guests who choose not to all around the ships. As customers and guests, we expect rules to be followed by others. I believe cowboy hats are ok as long as the guests are dressed up. For the price of cruises it is a special treat for us, not something we can just do, we have to plan and save. That’s why the dress codes should be enforced – the enjoyment of those who want the full cruise experience. If we had wanted a cheapy vacation we could have gone on a different line. Royal has always been classy and I hope you stay that way.
    Thank you.

    • Adam

      Hello Lisa, thank you for sharing your thoughts on our formal dress evenings.

  51. Michael Hawkins

    I know I
    \ and my wife love to be a little bit SPECIAL on the Beautiful Cruises and Experience. !!!! Hey 3 booked for 2013 and its still 2012 we will be Diamond Plus by the end of 2013 !!!!

    You Do Treat Us Royally !!!! We really enjoy .



    • Adam

      Hello Michael, we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm!

  52. Brian Underwood

    I just wish when the compass says no shorts permitted at dinner the crew would enforce the policy. After all, the rest of the passengers opted to dress, and those who choose not to may dine in the Windjammer–a casual option.

    • Adam

      Hello Brian, we appreciate your comments on this topic.

  53. Joseph Collins

    I love to get dressed in my formal attire on those nights. I wish it was mandatory for all passengers to do the same. Nothing is better looking than to see everyone all dressed up. On the other nights a nice pair of slacks and a sports jacket would be nice. Even a nice pair of slacks and a nice shirt would be acceptable.

    • Adam

      Hello Joseph, we appreciate your comment and enthusiasm for our formal evenings.

  54. Bailon Arabe

    We were very disappointed when you began allowing children into the concierge lounge. I don’t get it! If a child is not a bar or casino where drinks are being served, then why should you have to allow children the concierge lounge where drinks are being served. Also don’t you think you’re ruining it for adults who go cruising and wish to have peace and quiet without children around.

    • Adam

      Hello Bailon, we appreciate your thoughts and will consider your suggestions.

  55. Kathy

    Id like to see a designated area of the MDR for people who feel the need to dine with people dressed up like them. And other areas for the rest of us who like to be clean and comfortable and not make dressing and dining a priority of our cruise. I don’t care if others are in their tuxedos while I dine, but some seem offended by my more casual attire- so sit the complainers all together, they will have less to complain about! And your dining staff won’t be put in the uncomfortable position of.enforcing rules on people from whom they rely for tips.

    • Adam

      Hello Kathy, we appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

  56. Maria Barrett

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all my cruises and have always felt that the dress codes were abit stiff if you catch the drift. Perhaps there can be a separate dining room with the same food served for the guests who “feel the need” to dress like they are attending a royal ball. I always thought of my cruise time as a much needed vacation from the everyday hassles of life. While I don’t feel a bikini and shorts are appropriate I do feel that casual clothing is and should be the norm not the exception.

    • Adam

      Hello Maria, we appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue.

  57. Annette Mucha

    When will you bring a Royal ship back to the Port of Los Angeles? Have one go up to San Francisco , Catalina, San Diego then back to Port of L.A. PLEASE! I’m not the only one that wants a ship back here.

    • Adam

      Hello Annette, we appreciate your suggestion and will pass it along to the proper department.

  58. Robert Sullivan

    Dress code should be reasonable and enforced. Especially on formal nights, it is so nice to enjoy the evening seeing the entire room dressed in their fine clothing. Almost makes the food and beverages taste better. Sure provides positive support to enjoy the evening or event properly with respect for all.

    • Adam

      Hello Robert, we appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

  59. Ana Farrand.

    I thank you for taking every guest into consideration. There are situations which at times are out of your control. Therefore, please try to continue to enforce the policy as this is something some of us look forward too. I do not have many opportunities to dress for a dinner event (gown) and crusing allows for this luxury. I have sailed in several of your ships and this is one event I enjoy.

    • Adam

      Hello Ana, we appreciate your comment on this issue.

  60. Penny Verble

    I miss having RCCL in southern calif. I love cruising Royal Carribbean. I guess I’m spoiled, But I have to blame you!! I’ve tried others,and they don’t even come close to RCCL! I loved the Pacific Coast cruise but Alaska was the best!Thank you for my many happy cruises, Wish I could cruise every month with you!!!
    Maybe I’ll be able to cruise with you through the Panama Canal this year. I’m praying :)

    • Adam

      Hello Penny, thank you for your compliments, and we appreciate your thoughts. We will be sure to pass your suggestion along to the proper department.

  61. Diana Cole

    Why is there not on ever cruise so many rooms designated to people who are single and are traveling along with the price for one person Since I have lost my husband i still cruise but must pay the room rate for two making it harder to cruise for one

    • Adam

      Hello Diana, we appreciate your suggestion and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for consideration.

  62. Conrad Pomerleau

    When will the new Menu that I saw online for the main dining room begin,and on what ships…. ?

    • Adam

      Hello Conrad– the new menu in the Main Dining Room is now available fleetwide.

  63. Gary

    In regards to following the dress code in the main dinning room, could signs not be placed outside each enterance into the dinning areas indicating what can and cannot be worn on each night. This should then be enforced by the head waiters within the guidelines of RCI.

    • Adam

      Hello Gary, we appreciate your comment and suggestions!

  64. Jean-Marie

    My husband and I were married on June 23rd of this year and sailed on the Allure of the Seas for our honeymoon. It was my husband’s first cruise. We enjoyed every minute of it and love to tell people about how worth it was to take the time time to plan the perfect post wedding getaway on a Royal Caribbean cruise. My husband turned up his nose when I told him he had to pack his dinner jacket and dress pants for the formal nights on the ship, but then he saw the beautiful dresses I had chosen to bring with us and felt a little differently. Our dinners were romantic and fun in the main dining room because we took the time to get ready the right way. My husband was disappointed on several occasions to see men wearing shorts or jeans in the main dining room. My response was that we looked our best and as a result felt our best and that was all that mattered. My point is, it’s funny how changing into a more dressy attire can change your attitude. Here is a man who shuttered at the thought of getting “dressed” for dinner, yet when it came down to it, he was more relaxed and enjoyed himself a lot more when he put those clothes on. I love that RCI has a dress code for the main dining room. If I am going to spend my time teaching our children good table manners as all parents should, I most certainly can’t wait for them to experience a formal dining experience like I have had on your ships. And I will dress them up appropriately, wiping the salt and sea from their skin so you would never know they had been playing in port on the beach all day or swimming in the deck pools. Because when people, children and adults, are dressed to impress, they stand a little taller, become a little more respectful, and remember the good table manner their parents taught them. So, thank you RCI, for not letting your dining experience onboard your cruises be dictated by an increasingly lazy society. Thank you for offering your guests a chance to eat royally!

    • Adam

      Hello Jean-Marie, thank you so much for sharing your story, and congratulations on your recent nuptials.

  65. Jerry and Norma King

    We have sailed twice with RCI and are in the process of planning another cruise with you for summer 2013. We have a problem with the non-enforcement of smoking rules. We are allergic to smoke, especially cigarette smoke first of all. Norma suffers from asthma and I from COPD. So….anyway, we were attempting to watch the kids parade down the royal promendade on our last Galveston cruise and some character decided he couldn’t wait and lit up standing right next to us. So we moved down the line and guess what, another fellow lit up. We called shipboard personnels attention to these gentlemen and they just shrugged their shoulders. As they say on NFL football broadcasts; “Come on man!” Either enforce the smoking regs or advise people that you do not enforce the regs. Then we can make our decision about whether to continue cruising with RCI.
    Thanks for your attention and time.
    Best regards,
    Jerry and Norma King

    • Adam

      Hello Jerry and Norma, we understand your concern about the smoking rules, and we will be certain pass along your thoughts to the proper department.

  66. Jay Soucie

    Dear Adam,

    My wife and I just got off the Oasis of the Seas (11/17 – 11/24 sailing) and although the ship was absolutely beautiful and we didn’t even notice the 6,200+ passengers because of its size we did notice that there have been changes since our last RCCL cruise in 2002.

    I can understand why there isn’t any midnight buffets anymore due to cost however; we noticed the elimination of the diningroom theme nights. The entertainment from the diningroom staff as they paraded around the diningroom in whatever attire that conformed with the theme of that evening.

    The quality of the food in Chops use to be the quality of food in the diningroom in 2002. I guess here too cut backs in food quality; although very good, was not exceptional as before. It also felt that there were less diningroom staff because in the past if you turned your head for a moment your dishes were cleared from your table without notice. Now minutes can go by before your dishes are removed.

    Although the main entertainment was excellent the actual DJ nightclub experience didn’t start until after midnight; that’s fine for the younger generation however; having a place or a few places to go from 9:00 pm for contemporary, rock, country music and a dance floor would have been a nice touch; again like it use to be.

    In our absence from cruising RCCL, we traveled on other cruiselines but in our hearts, RCCL was always # 1 to us. Our first cruise was on the Monarch of the Seas in 1994 and it will always be remembered as our best cruise experience.

    With just over two dozen cruises completed in 18 years, we’re not sure if we’ll return to cruise another RCCL ship. Perhaps some of your smaller ships have a different onboard experience; I just don’t know. Perhaps all of the other cruise lines have also changed to what we experienced here on the Oasis of the Seas; I just don’t know.

    I’m sure that the bottom line is that expenses have increased substantially over the last 10 years and the price to sail has not and therefore cut backs are the necessity.

    In closing; I just wanted to say thankyou for keeping the cruise vacation experience affordable and I do understand the need for cut backs; we just wish it was the way it use to be as it was for us in 2002. Thank you for your time.


    Jay Soucie

    • Adam

      Hello Jay, we appreciate your comment and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

    • jane chaston

      prices have dropped so much tht everyu tom dick and hairy can afford the fare to cruise nowadays, and most of them don;t want to abide by the rules. Just in life for some of these people anything will do. Trouble is definately on the way for some if not all of the big ships. The old type of cruiser, not necessarily older cruiser, don’t want to know about this type of cruising, but still you order even more bigger ships. I consider that you will definately live to regret this decision.

      • Mark

        That really is snobbery at its worst!! Its good that prices have come down and more people can enjoy the cruise experience.
        I bet you still think 3rd class should be in “steerage” and women and children first in the life boats!!

  67. Amy

    As a prior HR person responsible for enforcing the company dress code, I can only imagine how difficult it is for the staff to moderate this touchy issue!

    My only real beef is when I see people in shorts or Levis and tee shirts in the MDR at dinner. Regardless of how much time people have to change, anyone should have time to throw on a pair of long (non jean) pants and a polo shirt or button down or a sundress or cocktail pants.

    Passengers who are upset about the code should either a) cruise on a ship that doesn’t have a dress code; b) or eat in the Windjammer (or other restaurant that doesn’t have a dress code) or order in room service. I don’t buy the “It’s my vacation, I shouldn’t have to dress up!” argument if someone knows ahead of time that there IS, in fact, a dress code.

    • Adam

      Hello Amy– thank you for your understanding and for sharing your thoughts!

  68. Cherri Dayson

    Is the beverage program that we were offered on Celebrity available anytime soon on Royal Caribbean. It was the drink package for $800 per person. We have a cruise booked in January for my 60th birthday and was curious if that was in the future?
    Thank you and we love Royal!

  69. Sadie Wilcher

    My first cruise was with Royal Caribbean and it has proved to be my favorite. Other ships may allow casual dress, but I like the formal because it allows for a more elegant occasion. Often, these cruises are our dream vacation and the dress enhances the experience to make it memorable.

    • Adam

      Hello Sadie– Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  70. Muriel Krueger

    we have noticed that the dress code has become more lax. What happened to a nice jacket and tie?

    • Adam

      Hello Muriel, thank you for sharing your thoughts on our dress code enforcement.

  71. Paula Gilbert

    We are diamond and “Loyal to Royal”. We live in Texas and have sailed out of Galveston many times as is so convenient. In Texas the dress code is much more casual now and we can’t justify packing a suit and tie just for one formal night. We really enjoy Lobster night but have not eaten in the dining room on that night due to the dress code. However we will be sailing again in January and hope we might be allowed to participate in Lobster night with my husband dressed in a nice pair of slacks and shirt (no baseball cap of cowboy hat)….Also no suit and tie….

    • Adam

      Hello Paula– thank you for sharing your take on this issue.

    • jane chaston

      the answer should be no, you know the rules.

  72. Cathy Kirkland

    A man was wearing a John Deere shirt on formal night, on the Enchantment of the Seas to Bermuda :(

  73. paul darden


    • Adam

      Hello Paul, we change our departure ports and itineraries on a regular basis. However, we will pass along your desire to have our ships return to Norfolk to the proper department.

  74. Mark savitt

    My favorite saying when dress code is discussed, I’m on vacation not display. Please give this issue an rest, enjoy your vacation don’t worry about about some strangers dress.

    • jane chaston

      This is not the point, if you were told you had to do something, and you did it because you were told to and someone else didn’t because they couldn;t be bothered you wouldn;t like it, would you.
      So abide by the rules if you don’t like them go elsewhere, there sre other cuise lines.

      • T Sweet

        The point is you are not being told to dress in a certain way, but rather encouraged. Surely dress code is ‘suggested’ not compulsory, it it were then this forum would not exist as the dress code would always be strictly enforced!

  75. Jon Hansen

    Still would like to know if any more consideration is being given to having a ship on the west coast out of San Pedro? We are now elite on Princess because of the lack of itineries for us to take without flying. We would rather give our business to RCI since we are stockholders, but it costs so much to go to the east coast, Any relief in site???

    • Adam

      Hello Jon, we appreciate your comment and will certainly consider your thoughtful suggestion.

  76. Fred Bellmore

    My wife and I just recently retuned home after sailing on the Voyager of the seas from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Australia. The sail date was Nov. 5th. Along with myself there were several issues with the dining wait staff, several passengers were complaining. Also along with myself it was my understanding that several passengers opted out of prepaid gratuities. Why did NO ONE respond to our written complaints. This was our 3rd voyage on the Voyager, very disappointing.

    • Adam

      Hello Fred, we appreciate your comment and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department for review.

  77. Anne Axinn

    I think that if you choose to do the main dining, you should dress appropriately. You are giving plenty of warning before you even board. And let’s not forget all the other dining options that are in all RCCL. I love that line and will always be a fateful Royal Carribean fan.

    • Adam

      Hello Anne, we appreciate your comment and thank you for sharing your views on this issue.

  78. Dave Senciall

    This is an interesting question. On the one hand there are many who arrive with a steamer trunk of dress up cloths and are full into the meet the Captain and dress to the nines thing. Then there are those like my wife and my self who aren’t quite at that level in what we want to do on a vacation. Sharp Casual is my general top degree of formality. Beside a personal preference there are logistic reasons as well. (and yes I could rent a tux but choose not to)
    People who drive to the departure port often can bring the extra cloths… those who fly are finding it harder (and costly) to bring a 2nd bag for dress up cloths that will only be worn once or twice.
    Personally we’ve often skipped the first formal out of respect to those who want it to be a ‘real’ formal… but sometimes go to the 2nd one (if the trip has 2) dressed as sharp casual. I’ve often noticed people at a 2nd formal to be less ‘formal’ in general. Often the wait staff have asked why we weren’t at the formal and when we say we only have sharp causal cloths they that would have been fine.. Actually once you take off the jacket we all look pretty similar.
    I suspect the real problem is when ‘Bubba’ in his logo tea-shirt and cargo shorts shows up… though I haven’t noticed this much on the trips we’ve been on, perhaps the late seating is more tame than the early one.
    I suspect on cruise lines like ‘Celebrity’ with a mixed dining room menu of burgers on page one, lobster on page 2 there is a bigger risk of this.

    Back to the question, a strict enforcement would be tricky and uncomfortable for the staff, women can wear almost anything and look somewhat ‘formal’,,, guys not so… I think what should be ‘enforced’ is that the guest is making an effort to respect the spirit of the occasion and not the literal definition.


    • Adam

      Hello Dave, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with this situation!

  79. Regina McGrath

    I am glad they have a little leniency, because i packed a suit for my husband and grabbed one that didnt fit him any more, also a pair of dress pants, so there were two nights he couldnt dress appropriately. One of those nights he didnt eat in the dining with me, I had to eat alone. So thank you for being a little forgiving on your strict dining rules.

    • Adam

      Hello Regina, thank you for sharing your story, and your thoughts on this issue.

  80. Robert Bray

    We recently sailed on your cruise line from Bayonne NJ to Puerto Rico. For the mosat part the dress code was obeyed but we did see several people dressed in shorts entering the dining room. As far as we could see there was no time restraints for changing into more suitable clothing because of remaining in port late. When we sailed on a different line, I was forbidden to enter the dining room wearing a golf shirt and dressy shorts on a night which was not a formal night. It took just a few minutes to return to my cabin to change pants and I understood the ruling. A notice to all cruisers that shorts will not be permitted in the dining room for evening meals on the first day either attached to the menu or on prominately displayed signs at the entry should inform the public of the dress code. I firmly believe that either shorts should be permitted and no dress code be enforced or you take steps to insure that they are strictly enforced across the board.

    • Adam

      Hello Robert, we appreciate your comment on this issue!

  81. April Altiere

    First let me say, We Love, Love, Love Royal Caribbean. We try to sail at least 3 times a year. Having said that I just wanted to say I do not like the new paperless prepaid gratuity program. We like to hand out our envelopes with a special thank you to those who work so hard. It’s kind of uncomfortable to do that without the envelopes. Thank you for reading!

    April Altiere
    Cruising out of Baltimore Regularly :)

    • Adam

      Hello April, we appreciate your comment and we will be sure to pass it along to the proper department.

  82. Judy Katz

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    Hi there, Happy Holidays! Hope this finds you well! I’m a mom/Santa of two 7 year old twin boys who recently took a cruise on the Jewel of the Seas which departed Boston on Oct. 21, 2012 for a 7 day cruise to Canada & New England. My boys, Spencer & Riley also celebrated their 7th birthday on board the ship. The staff, especially the cruise director Dennis & his female assistant Becky did such an amazing job making my boys feel special on their birthday. I’d first like to thank both of them by sending you guys a note of commendation & appreciation for Dennis & Becky. Dennis even had the boys both go on stage with a magician which turned out to be quite a comedy routine as they ended up participating in the magicians tricks & the boys ended up being dancing machines on stage, all while the boys were in their pajamas while everyone else was in their formal wear! Needless to say they tell me it was their best birthday ever & two weeks ago when I asked them what they wanted Santa to bring them for Christmas & they asked for only 3 things, 2 toy planes & a Jewel of the Seas boat and that’s where my dilemma is. The 2 toys planes I can easily get but the Jewel of the Seas boat I can’t. The only Jewel of the Seas boats available online are $400 each & times two is way beyond what I’d like to spend with a toy they’re going to be playing with. I didn’t see them available to be purchased on the Royal Carribean website. Then my husband told me that they sold them at the gift shops on board the boat. Please can you please help me find a Jewel of the Seas boat for my boys in time for Christmas? I’d be happy to pay for it if it’s reasonably priced. I hope you can help me make my little guys Christmas wish come true. They’re both such well-mannered, considerate, & overall awesome little fellas that I’d hate to let them down. Thanks for taking the time to read this email & for your consideration in helping me with this matter.
    Judy Katz a.k.a. Mrs. Claus

  83. Greg

    Sorry, but I don’t buy into the idea of “it’s my vacation, I paid for it, and I can do whatever I want”. By that logic, I should be able to walk around the ship stark naked with a chicken on my head, if that’s my personal preference.

    I think there’s a much larger question here that needs to be answered by someone in RCCL management. Maybe someone like you, Adam. That question is; what kind of cruise line does Royal Caribbean want to be? Do you want to be the fun yet somewhat elegant line you were until a couple of years ago? Do you want to be completely casual like NCL? Do you want to be an even more casual party-all-the-time line like Carnival? Or, do you want to continue your current downward slide and become a floating Motel 6?

    Once you’ve answered that question, how to accomplish the goal will be very clear. Please let me know if and when you ever make this decision, then I can decide if I want to book another cruise, or if after 8 years it’s time to move on to another kind of vacation.

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your opinion, Greg. We appreciate your feedback.

  84. Mike Carioscia

    Now that my family and I are eating healthier, one of our favorite meals on board is lunch in the main dining room. We all take advantage of the salad bar. The personal attention in the cooks making the salad with all the options is amazing. Is there anyway to get that same service up in the Windjammer? I realize there are salad options up there, but after everyone sticks their paws in it. Well, it just isn’t as appealing. Thanks and cya NYE on Indy!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your opinions, Mike. We will be sure to pass these suggestions along to the proper department for review.

  85. Terry

    I know from being in education, it is impossible to write a reasonable dress code. For women, almost impossible, for men much easier, just long pants and a collared shirt , no hat, except those that might be part of a cultural attire. For women wow, no short shorts, but wait some dresses, skirts are shorter than the shorts LOL, like I said a dress code for women virtually impossible.
    Do not do away with formal nights, I personally know many people who love to dress yo the nines on those nights, the rest of us just look nicer on those nights. I might suggest in the cruise planer to offer special seating, areas to pre book to allow them the option of seating with others who wish to dress, and enjoying a formal occasion. Just last week I saw many people dresses in tuxes, all by their selfs and they looked out of place, and did not appear too happy.

    A reasonable, easy to enforce dress code, is necessary. I personally do not worry about what people wear, but to sit beside some one in a sweaty, dirty and stinking clothes in any restaurant, especially like the MDR, where you cannot easily move tables is not acceptable, lets include drunks with paragraph as well.

    Good luck with this issue.,

    • Adam

      Thank you, Terry.

  86. Cathy

    My husband and I cruise with RC a couple of times each year. We just returned last week from 13-night transatlantic on Independence of the Seas. This is the largest ship we’ve sailed on and we were amazed at how we rarely felt crowded with 5,000+ passengers. The ship is gorgeous and clean. Staff are mostly friendly and accommodating. Shows are fabulous, including ice shows!

    Complaints – Unfortunately, every time on RC, some Guest Services staff seem to have stinky attitudes. Also, food on this cruise was not up to par; mostly bland, including Chops filet that we paid $17 extra for. I was really looking forward to the Asian food offerings, but was extremely disappointed with taste of dishes and toughness of meats (chicken, beef, and pork).

    On Topic…. I’m responding here about the dining room dress code. We ‘understand’ formal night, but we don’t ‘like’ formal night. We are both retired from corporate jobs (accountant / engineer) and we Do Not Ever, in this life, want to dress formal again. But we want to enjoy waiter service in the dining room. We prefer food served to our table, rather than buffet food that has been coughed/sneezed on, and where the handles of serving utensils are in the food after being touched by slimy hands of others.

    We don’t think we should be penalized for not wanting to dress up.
    My husband thought of a solution to this problem: It appears (to us) to consistently be about half who love formal dressing and half (or more) who don’t like formal dressing. Split the dining room – one side formal, the other side casual.

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your comments and concerns, Cathy.

    • jane chaston


      • Ann Marie

        Everyone pays the same amount of money to go on the cruise and should be able to eat where ever they’d like. I can see no shorts and T-shirts on formal night but as long as someone looks presentable they should be allowed in the dining room.

  87. Lori

    I wonder if RC has ever thought of just having the formal nights on the late seating and have the early seating as nicely dressed casual. This would seem to keep everyone happy and they would have a choice.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Lori.

  88. Virginia

    We are loyal RC cruisers. Please keep formal night/smart casual dress. Luggage weight limits are no excuse, as jeans/T-shirts weigh more than today’s light weight fabrics. Plus, there are many options for light-weight luggage. We don’t get many opportunities to dress-up during our busy land life, so we thoroughly enjoy it when we cruise with RC. We’ve avoided other lines for this very reason.

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your opinions, Virginia. We’ll be sure to pass them along to the proper department.

  89. John Fisher

    Hello Adam

    It is nice to see at least an attempt to do things nicely.
    I for one appreciate that it is sometimes nice to dress in one best, and appreciate when the ladies do the same.
    There is a time and a place for most things in this world and perhaps if we were a little less selfish we would consider if our actions had an effect on others.

    My wife Jean and I will be sailing on Rhapsody of the Seas in March 2013 , it will be our first time with RCL , however it will not be our first cruise or sea voyage.
    I will be very interested in how you compare with the likes of the Orient Line (Otranto in 1956) and Oriana in 1965 and the mid 1970′s)
    Ships of that era were normally 2 class First and Tourist and in that way were able to cater for a range of guests with different requirments.
    I recall a short trip on the Funchal when she was operated by Impressa Insulana of Lisbon in which the ship was configured as three class with First , Tourist A and Tourist, I traveled as Tourist A and still recall hee wonderful dining room , and yes! I wore a dinner suite .

    But I also recall a 13 week trip aboard Fairsky (Sitmar Line) in 1969 from Perth Australia to Southampton Via the pacific and remember a cheap and cheerful ship full of happy people but we would not have dreamed of going to dinner in shorts or tee shirts .

    No on todays ships there are many choices of venue to choose from so those who dont wish to conform to a reasonable dress code in the formal dining rooms have somewhere else to go to .

    Looking forward to Rhapsody of the seas in March

    Best Regards


    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, John. We are happy that you have decided to sail with us and look forward to welcoming you and your wife onboard.

  90. Stacey Karnes

    I am happy to hear that you try to enforce a dress code in the formal dining room. I agree with those who point out that there are other options available to those who want to dress down. We have never been on a Royal cruise but are looking forward to it when we can afford to do so. We have always taken a yearly Carnival cruise and are very upset with the lack of any kind of dress code any longer in the dining rooms and the selling of “shots” by staff during dinner. It is like being at a local sports bar atmosphere now and we will be looking forward to something else soon!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your input, Stacey, and we can’t wait for you to experience our ships.

  91. Sonya-Charie

    I agree rules should be enforced…but everyone does not have a collection of formal attire and should not have to buy it to enjoy dinner on cruise they paid for! Some people save years to go on a cruise…why intimidate middle to low income individuals who are taking a trip of a life time based on the clothes they own. Sunday best should be more than appropriate…for formal night.

    I just took my first cruise at age 37 this year because I finally had the means to splurge on myself..

    Before you judge…ask the question why? A WOW experience for most is just the opportunity to sail (without the soda card or the excursions)

    And, if yo have something you think would fit. for the next formal night…have your waiter slip a note to the next table and show your KINDNESS, not your JUDGEMENT!

    Sonya-Charie (Just a middle class Gold Member…and proud of it!)

  92. Diane Sams

    We recently cruised on the Jewel of the Seas on a four night Western Caribbean itinerary. We LOVE the Jewel of the Seas!! My comment regards the dress code for both the Tides Dining Room and the Windjammer. The head waiters were enforcing the dress code for the dining room which prohibits shorts at dinner. On the first night. our 9 year old grandson was wearing a nice pair of Bermuda shorts and matching golf shirt. We were not turned away, but noticed that the head waiter greeting everyone was a bit upset about something. We had not noticed the announcements in the Cruise Compass regarding the dress code for the dining room at that point. I was a bit embarrassed after dinner when our waiter mentioned that shorts were not permitted. By that time our grandson had left the dining room to go to the Explorer club. We understand this policy, and it was no problem as our grandson had dress slacks to wear to the remaining dinners. However, I also noticed that this strict dress code (no shorts) is also in force for the Windjammer at dinner. I think that is a bit too stringent, as some people just want a casual dining experience. This might be a particular hardship for those who are just returning to the ship at dinner after a day of excursions. Where are folks in shorts supposed to dine in the evening? Must they resort to room service? Or keep a pair of slacks handy for a quick change? I really believe that as long as the clothing is in good taste, shorts should be permitted in the Windjammer. Frankly, I have seen women in some pretty skimpy skirts allowed into the Dining Room. Perhaps that needs to be addressed as well as the shorts policy. I do applaud the prohibition of tank tops, baseball caps, and the like. Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion on this matter.

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Diane. We truly appreciate the input from our guests, and thank you for your comment.

  93. Valerie

    Reading through you comments about formal attire in the dining room. Do these people who want to wear shorts to dinner ever go fine dining in their hometown? I for one enjoy dressing up for these occasions as it is the only time these days that you get the opportunity, and one of the reasons we choose a cruise.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment and input, Valerie.

  94. Tom

    I think formal attire should be required on formal nights and decent attire on the other nights.
    why do people want to look bad, maybe it just comes natural.
    my wife and I dress up for every evening meal, and we look dam good.

    P.S. we will be on our ninth cruise in march and will be looking good every night.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Tom. We look forward to seeing you onboard again soon.

  95. John

    I’m looking forward to cruising with Royal Carribean for the 1st time this summer. Having crused on NCL (very casual) and Holland America (very formal) in the past I came on here looking to get clarification on the dress code for RC ships. My perception has always been that Royal Carribean is a casual cruise line without being a ‘party’ ship. That is why I was very surprised to read that Royal Carribean still does ‘formal nights’. I can’t understand why anyone would want to wear a jacket and/or tie on vacation. However, I’m equally shocked to read that people think it’s appropriate to wear t-shirts and ballcaps in the main dinning room of a cruise ship.
    I think I’m more confused than before. I keep picturing myself dressed in slacks and a nice clean golf shirt (what’s wrong with that?) sitting at a table with the Monopoly man, Larry the Cable Guy and Jane dressed up for Cinderellas ball.
    A couple of suggestions- I agree with Greg’s prior comment that Royal Carribean needs to figure out who they are and what type of experience they want to offer their passengers. I would also suggest they consider doing away with ‘formal nights’ as my guess is the nuber of RC passengers who really want this experience is shrinking every year and that is why they are becoming more lax in enforcing it. Have a reasonable dress code for your MDR and enforce it.

    • Adam

      We apologize for the confusion, John. For a better explanation of our dress code please click here and please know that we will pass your comment and concern along to the proper department. Thank you.

  96. Melissa

    My husband & I are sailing next week for our 1st anniversary & I’m quite nervous about the formal night. He does not own a suit or tux but had planned on a shirt, tie & slacks. I would hope to not get turned away from the dining room. If someone looks nice then I don’t see how that would be offensive to other cruisers. As I do believe that jeans, shorts, tank tops & tshirts are completely inappropriate for a formal night; I do consider a nice shirt & tie formal enough for dinner.

    • Adam

      Hi Melissa, as long as you use your best judgment in your attire you should be fine. We look forward to having you onboard. Thank you.

  97. Juanita

    Our family will soon be embarking on our very first cruise, and it’s a big one – a two-week cruise/tour to Alaska. We’ll be flying from Georgia, landing in Vancouver Thursday evening, and cruising the next day. While we have no problems dressing up, it does present quite a problem with packing. We’ve been advised to bring layers because of the varying weather. Bringing two weeks’ worth of clothes that also need to include several dressy outfits really isn’t at all practical and not in the spirit of an Alaskan adventure. Also, unlike a decade or so ago, we now have to pay for every checked bag and, worse, run the risk of losing luggage, because we have to change planes en route. I just wanted to give another viewpoint to those who seem to be very concerned about what other people are wearing. Don’t assume people just don’t care or “don’t know how to dress.” We considered using the valet service to do laundry mid-trip until we saw the price list for that. We will dress up for dining room meals, but it definitely won’t be in tuxes and evening gowns.

    • Adam

      Hello Juanita. There are plenty of other options if you do not want to eat in the dining room on formal night. In general, just use your best judgement when it comes to attire. Have a wonderful cruise and please share your photos with us!

  98. Patricia Dempsey

    As someone not keen on dressing up, I think RC have it right. Three formal nights out of Eighteen on Radiance back in March was plenty, especially with having to fly to Australia. You could add launderettes to your ships then less people would have complained about the laundry ruining or losing their clothes. But I digress. I recently returned from a week long cruise onard have returned to their earlier policy of dressing up EVERY night. We had three formals and four informals. Anyone not complying was restricted to just three public rooms. The buffet is limited so that leaves room service. Adam is right and tastes have changed. Cunard’s policy will drive people away, booking with less formal lines like them. On Norwegian Breakaway’s transat in April they had two optional formal nights. Maybe that’s the way to go to keep everyone happy. Those who still look down their noses as people not dripping in jewels should perhaps go with Cunard.

  99. Larry

    I have been on other cruises. My wife and I are taking our first RC cruise from Rome in October. We will be in Europe for a week before our cruise. With todays airline baggage requirements it is very hard to pack what may be needed for one or two evenings of formal attire. I plan on having a blazer, white shirt, tie, maybe a bow tie, and dress pants that can be used for other occasions. My wife does not plan on having a formal gown, but apporite dress for occasions like weddings. I hope this will be ok. I do belive there should be dress codes, not dress restrictions as formal only.

    • Adam

      We have a guide to help with your dress code questions here:, and also keep in mind that formal night is not compulsory.

  100. Mary

    I am confused on the dress code for children. I don’t see one listed. Are they supposed to follow that of the adult dress code?

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Mary – We have a guide to help with your dress code questions and appreciate your cooperation in observing these easy guidelines with your children:

  101. Todd Van Der Meid

    We sailed on the Freedom of the Seas on New Years week. On one formal night we observed a guest being politely reminded of the dress code as he was walking into the dinning room in shorts. We enjoy the formal nights. I had a cruise booked on NCL but canceled it and booked another cruise with RCI primarily because of the formal night policy and the way it is enforced. RCI offers diverse choices of entertainment options aboard ship. Formal nights are an entertainment choice just like the rock climbing wall. Some appreciate having the opportunity to hang from a rope on the back of the ship. We enjoy having the opportunity to dress up and enjoy a more refined dining experience.

    • Christopher

      Well said! I agree completely – formal nights are a feature that I look forward to. Diluting this by allowing people to wear shorts takes away from the special nature of the evening.

  102. Cheryl

    Just got back from our second cruise on RCI. On our first cruise, my brother-in-law was asked to leave the dining room because of his shirt, only to walk past a guy in a sleeveless t-shirt that got to stay. On this second cruise, formal night apparently included being able to wear sweat pants. I don’t get the discrepancy.

    • Royal Caribbean International

      Hi Cheryl, We’re sorry to hear about your disappointment with the dress code discrepancy. Your comments will be shared with our management teams so they can review for future sailings. Thank you for your feedback.

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