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Guest Post: Water and Supplies Continue to be Distributed in Haiti

Each day a new set of opportunities, setbacks, advances and delays unfolds in and outside Haiti. The UN is obviously a major player in the relief and recovery effort. As previously noted we have worked closely with them especially in connection with President Clinton, Special UN Envoy to Haiti, and his Deputy Special Envoy Dr. Paul Farmer.

They have an absolutely enormous job on their hands and while all of our efforts are helpful to them, we have decided to provide more direct and immediate assistance in a form I believe will be exceptionally productive. We have agreed to second John Weis, our Associate VP, Private Destinations, to Paul Farmer for three months. John did a phenomenal job getting Labadee ready for Oasis of the Seas prior to the earthquake, and since the earthquake he has done a exceptional job of mobilizing our relief effort. While we will certainly feel John’s absence, we are proud to contribute him in this fashion. I have asked him to comment on this new twist in his relationship with Haiti:

I want to convey my thanks to Royal Caribbean, Adam and Craig Milan for giving me the opportunity to take on this challenge. My wife Stacy also supports this so I want to thank her as well. Over the past 3 three years, I have had the opportunity to do a lot of work in Haiti, so I have made many friends there and have grown to appreciate the friendliness of the people, their ingenuity and their endurance. So in short, I have a huge amount of gratitude for the team supporting this relief effort and the opportunity to work on something I have a great passion for.

My first and immediate task is to look at the logistics framework from a long-term perspective and establish a storage and distribution depot here in South Florida. I will share more details on this in the weeks to come.

The relief and rebuilding effort will be monumental and it is going to be completed one step at a time. Looking at everything that needs to be done to rebuild an entire city that has been destroyed can be daunting. People on the ground, like Maryse Kedar, and people back here, like Richard Pruitt, who is coordinating the relief effort on the Royal Caribbean side, will make sure this becomes a reality. I wanted to share with you some of Maryse and her team of eight’s efforts – which includes two crew members that went to her for help and are now playing a big role in the water distribution.

So far, she has been able to help 120,000 victims get the water that they need for their survival. She is now expanding this distribution network by setting up permanent water tanks throughout Petionville with the assistance of 200 Israeli soldiers. She is also coordinating medical assistance within the area as well. Below are some pictures of the distribution effort.

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Haitians stand in line to collect water

Water being distributed to the Haitian people

Maryse Kedar and her team distribute water to the Haitian people

Water being distributed to the Haitian people

Maryse Kedar and her team distribute water to the Haitian people

Water being distributed to the Haitian people

Maryse Kedar and her team distribute water to the Haitian people


At Labadee, efforts continue to be coordinated by David Southby in conjunction with the UN, Food For The Poor and the local Haitian government. Included here are pictures of some of those efforts.

Palettes of water being loaded into a UN truck at Labadee

Palettes of water being loaded into a UN truck

Palettes of water being loaded into a UN truck

Palettes of water being loaded into a UN truck at Labadee

Interested in helping? Royal Caribbean International is working with Food For The Poor and the Pan American Development Foundation. We encourage guests to make monetary donations to either of these organizations which are currently engaged in the relief effort. For even more information on Royal Caribbean’s humanitarian relief to Haiti, click HERE.

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“Guest Post: Water and Supplies Continue to be Distributed in Haiti”

  1. Roger Custer

    Thank you for responding so quickly and graciously for the people of Haiti. As an RCL customer, I disagree with the critics who say you should have curtailed Haiti visits after the earthquake. That, in my view, would be like ignoring the problem or walking away.

  2. Roger Custer

    RCCL is doing a great service to the people of Haiti with its distribution of food and water, and continued investment in Labadee through the years. The critics can say what they wish, but abandonment of Labadee at this point would cause even more harm, in my opinion.

  3. JoEllen

    THANK YOU RCL!!! Fantastic news

  4. Paula jackson

    Thank you for all you are doing for the Haitian families. Not only giving money but also taking food, water, shelter, and providing the hospitals with equipment and supplies so quickly makes us proud to be members of the Crown and Anchor society.
    I have a suggestion: The night before you enter Labadee at dinner shows, the guest would be ask to make a cash donation to the Island and the ship would match the total contribution.
    Again, thank you for all you are doing. Keep up the great work.

  5. gillian core

    it makes me tear and up and feel so proud that you are contributing in this way. as we claim 9 dead in our family and continue to wait of news on others, haiti and my family greatly appreciate your efforts.

  6. Michelle

    I wish you well, Mr. Weis, with your new role! It should be a great experience to work with Dr. Farmer, who certainly knows Haiti well and has dedicated his life to helping the people there through this clinic, Partners in Health. You will be making a difference in people’s lives!

  7. Larry PAul

    Just want to thank you and your staff for the excellent job you are doing helping Haiti. You make me proud to call Royal Caribbean my favorite crusie line. We will see you on January 30th on the Oasis Of The Seas. Keep up the good work and please tell your staff our prayers are with them as they help the people of Haiti.


    Larry and Wanda Paul

  8. MAria Beatriz de C. M. Lobo

    How can I get the professional e-mail and addrees of the Royal’s CEO?
    I have some important questions directly for him, but the usual ways inside the enterprise site don’t allow it, contrary to the other good and large companies.
    I thank you in advance.
    Maria Beatriz Lobo

    • Adam

      Hi Maria. For further assistance, please visit and choose the Contact Us option under our Customer Support menu. Your question will be routed appropriately. You can also write your question here on the blog. Thank you.

  9. Keith simpson

    Having worked with RCCL in Labadee, I know personally how much RCCL cares about the people of Haiti. Your response and participation in the relief effort demonstrates the positive impact a conscientious corporation can have. All the best to everyone at RCI.



    Arthur Applbaum, a Harvard University professor of ethics and public policy, said that while it shows ”moral sensitivity to be disturbed by the thought that one is vacationing on the beach when others are suffering nearby … it also shows insufficient moral reflection to think that proximity makes a moral difference.

    ”The people of Haiti are suffering whether you take your beach vacation in the Dominican Republic or in Hawaii,” he said, ”and it is a failure of the moral imagination not to be equally troubled in Waikiki.”

  11. Lori Balise

    As a Royal Caribbean guest since 1981, I am once again extremely impressed with my favorite cruise line. I firmly agree that you should continue to call on Labadee in order to provide revenue essential to the Haitians’ recovery. The Haitian people have demonstrated spirit, resilience and determination and they want to stand on their own feet and help rebuild. They want jobs and regular income, not handouts. Your operations in Haiti allow them to earn a wage and have pride in doing so. It is also very fortunate that you have the new dock available in Labadee to facilitate unloading of relief supplies. It is clear from your communications that these supplies have already reached the needy, unlike some brought in by governments and other organizations. Keep it up, RCI!

  12. richard brouillette

    It was an honor for us to call in LABADEE january 15th on the Independence of the seas. RCCL gave us the opportunity to give some supports directly the Haïtian people. Congratulations to RCCL for this difficult decision and on the long term it will be well responded by community’s around the world.

  13. ron & kathy wakeman

    what better way to assist the people of haiti than what all of you are doing. keep up the good work

  14. Robert Mitchell

    Thank you for your assistance to those who are in such need at this time. I understand there are those who are opposed to RCL stopping in Haiti, but you are doing double duty by continuing your support of those not affected through the many who stop and suppor the economy as well as your relief efforts of water and other sorely needed supplies.
    My wife and I applaud your decision. We will continue to support RCL as we are leaving for the Southern Carribean on the new Solstice. Last year we enjoyed the Freedom of the Seas. This will make our 11th trip with Royal Carribean and Celebrity and we look forward to many more.

  15. Adam Tremper

    I want to thank Royal Caribbean for supporting the Haitian people by continuing to visit the island during this crisis. What some people fail to realize is that tourism is one of the only things that the Haitians have. To cut that off would be a devastating blow to a vital lifeline. Your work has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for your efforts.

  16. David Templeman

    You’ve been given a great opportunity to help those who desperately need it.

    Great Stuff! Keep it up!


  17. Mary

    We stand behind you and your decision to continue your stops in Labadee. We are loyal RCCL cruisers and are proud of the quick response you made to this terrible tragedy. It could do more harm than good, I believe, to avoid making that stop in these difficult times. Your company is to be commended.

  18. Jacqueline West

    I applaud you Mr. Goldstein. I’ve just added #1000 to the list of reasons why Royal Caribbean is my favorite cruise line!
    WE loyal Royal Caribbean cruisers will NEVER turn our backs on YOU either!

  19. Miriam evans

    I would not have expected anything else from Royal Caribbean but to help the Haitian people in their time of need. As Crown & Anchor Diamond Plus members, we have visited beautiful Labadee several times and it is one of our favorite port-of-calls. I also agree that visits to Labadee should continue, RCCL provides jobs to many Haitians there and the revenue from port taxes will benefit the Haitian government now more than ever. In addition to this, the supplies being brought in by the ships is of utmost importance. I’m very proud of the work RCCL is doing

  20. Bill Meyer

    You are doing the right thing. As a customer, I am pleased with your efforts to help the Haitian economy and people.

  21. Paul LeBon

    Kudos for what you are doing!
    May I suggest something which would go a very long way in helping the many orphans? Does RCCL have a surplus ship that could be sent to Haiti and docked in Port-au-Prince harbor? It could be used as a temporary floating orphanage for the many orphans whose facilities have been destroyed. The children could be set up in public areas, and cabins could be used for staff, etc.


    I completely respect and support the decision of ROYAL CARIBBEAN cruise lines to continue service to Hatti
    My wife and I enjoyed our stay with you in 2008.Its nice to see a company support so many in a time of need Thank you!

  23. kevin O.

    I applaud what you are doing and believe that you are doing the right thing by going back to Labadee so quickly. The critics can only stand and make negative comments, Royal is acting in a positive manner and having an impact! Keep it up!

  24. Sandie Sprague

    Good for you, no wonder your ships and staff are second to none. Proud to have cruised with you

  25. Robert Burke

    The foregoing pictoral record and
    “A letter from Adam Goldstein re Haiti Relief ” that came to me as an Email certainly impresses me on the integrity of Royal Caribean International Cruise. How wonderful the assistance effort. Very sincerely, ID# 303242131

  26. Carol Lookretis

    I commend RCCL for all the continuing support and supplies to Haiti. “Why Not” make the world a better place by working together. Thank you RCCL for the best cruise line anywhere!!!

  27. madeline cincotta

    I traveled on Royal Caribbean from Boston about 5 years ago. Little did I know that I would come home with a huge treasure chest of the most beautiful art and crafts imaginable. I’m an artist and an artists eye is impossible to fool. These talented artist’s of Haiti can speak volumes through art and culture. What they speak is love of country and God. I went over with my waist pouch filled with about $500.00 in cash. I wanted to help this poor nation by buying from each one. I got to speak about art and life with all the vendors. One vendor actually engraved my son’s name onto a tiki mask that he made from wood Many artist spoke English well. They explained how the works of art were made and the colors were chosen. Family members who would ask them to sell. Some were copies. Some were made right in front of me. I laughed and said to them that I could not carry all this on board ship so they had a solution to that. I could buy these really large straw bags for merely $5.00 each and I filled them up. The country only allowed a few vendors at a time outside the fence. I just fell in love with them. I would go over to one vendor and others would beg me to visit their small area which was planned out according to Haitian officials. Some were larger than others. I wanted to speak to each individual about their crafts and I did. I bought so much but I started to feel that I was stealing because I bartered and won. I new that $1.00 would be supper for some of these poor women and men. To see them beg for my attention and drive me to the booth was a frightening experience. I felt how desperate they were. It got out of hand when one man slipped into my bag and took a $100.00 bill. My son witnessed this and became angry with me for staying. My son just walked off and left me to deal with it. I knew who it was and I refused to leave unless I got my money back. There were so many vendors and I blame myself for being careless. I sat and cried from frustration. Somehow I expected this to be like Disney Island and they didn’t do such things there.
    Well, I couldn’t believe what happened next. One guard called 4 others. They hugged me and told me not to cry. They took the man aside and brought back my money. I thought they worked for the cruise line but I was wrong. I remember the security guards face like it was yesterday.His eyes were so compassionate. I had no clue that I could be in any danger. Only after getting back on the ship was I told by passengers that I should not have gone alone with all that money.I sold a few things but I couldn’t part with the rest. I’ve been to almost every Island and no one island left such a touching experience. When I learned of the earthquake I immediately thought about Royal Caribbean. I went on the internet to see if the cruise line was helping. I was thrilled and proud of them. They knew what I knew about these people. They knew what everyone that sets foot on that land feels. Haiti is special. Everything you hear on TV is true. I don’t have enough space to write it all. I didn’t go to the beach but I took with me a piece of the heart of Haiti. They will always be in my heart and I will return again to the straw market and buy from each one who labored and loved through poverty and distruction.
    I want everyone to know that Royal Carribean is tied to this country and has given even before the quake. I am a product of that for sure.
    My son and I will go back again and I’m going back on Royal Caribbean. Thanks for that chance.
    madeline and Jeffrey

  28. Russell

    Thanks RCL… I believe you made the right decision. Haiti needs help and need to maintain as much of the economic support as they can to make it back as quickly as possible from such devistation…

  29. g lEEDS

    You are doing the right thing by continuing to support Haiti with your business and providing much-needed supplies. I visited Labadee on Freedom of the Seas and can only hope that the friendly people we met and their families and friends have survived. Thank you.

  30. Robin Jones

    Way to go RCL! You made a good choice, the right choice to continue to support Labadee Haiti. Our family can’t wait to go back to Labadee on Royal! Best Regards, Robin Jones

  31. Tanna Edwards

    We admire your courage RCCL for making a decision that might surely have nay-sayers, but not among those of us who know you as the service-driven company that you are. Now we understand that not only are you service-driven to your customers, but also to your employees and to the world that you share. Thank you for your integrity, for having the fortitude to make a tough decision, and for finding a way to share it with the rest of us–we appreciate you! And we will remember…

  32. M Munoz

    Mr. Goldstein,
    I commend you and Royal Caribbean International in pledging $2 million in humanitarian relief including 100% of the net revenue generated during calls to Labadee. It is refreshing to see a corporation in today day and age to overlook their profits to help people in need. I can only hope that others would do the same.

  33. Barb Schaefer

    I think what Royal Caribbean is doing is awesome!! I can’t understand why anyone would think otherwise. You’re plan to support and assist the people of Haiti shows that Royal Caribbean is a company with a heart! Thank you for ignoring your detractors and doing what is right!

  34. Douglas Gibson

    I was shocked when I heard about the first passenger that complained about stopping at loba de after the earth quake. Can’t they think further than that!? these people depend on the cruise lines for thier livihoods and the livihoods of family and village. what does this passengers want? for RCCL to abondon this beautiful country in their darkest hour? I DON’T THINK SO! This is why I will cruise with ONLY RCCL!

  35. Anna & leigh

    Absolutely the best decision for Royal Caribbean to go into Labadee. To not have gone in would have been inhumane and turning your back when help was needed. Much praise for our favourite cruise line.

  36. Ray

    Thank you for the great work that you are doing. I look forward to hearing about any partnerships that will be created as the recovery efforts move forward. I would love to see day trips that help build homes or other such rebuilding projects become a part of the RCCL offerings in Haiti and other ports where it is needed.

    The critics of the effort don’t understand the positive economic impact of what you are doing. Stopping trips to Haiti would have short-term and long-term negative impacts. I am proud to be able to say that I travel with a company like RCCL.

  37. Melanie

    Fantastic news, The people of Haiti need your help more than ever glad your companyy has agreed to continue to travel to Labadee.
    Best Melanie

  38. robert Ferguson


    I know that all the decisions that you and RCCL have had to make have been difficult. I personally want to thank you for your recent decision to keep on supporting the people of Haiti in your relief effort to keep not only the relief effort continuous but to your loyal workers that you employ in this country.
    Sometimes we forget that it is the spirit in which we give and not the reason that we give. Keep on doing what you believe in your heart and not what public opinion says. In this vast planet we call Earth, we indeed owe it to each other to be brothers in time of need.

    Robert Ferguson
    Soon to be Platinum in March.


    As a loyal R.C./Celebrity guest and a recent visitor to Labadee from the Jewel of the Seas, I totally agree with your decision to continue visits to Haiti. To discontinue would bring more hardship to an already impoverished country. The people you employ on the island depend on tourism…it is their livelihood. We were given a sketch of life in Haiti by our wonderful tour guide, and he had nothing but praise for R.C. and its guests. By his employment, he is able to support his family, and send his siblings to school. The earthquake was a horrendous disaster, but it is a given and cannot be changed, but the people can be helped, and R.C. is to be commended for its efforts in delivering relief supplies and offering many different kinds of assistance. People will take vacations somewhere, and right now, Haiti can use the financial support of R.C. tourists. You are spot on in continuing to visit Labadee.

  40. Elaine Stam

    When I heard that Royal Caribbean was docking in Labadee, I was thrilled. Not so with the media who couldn’t wait to slam your cruise line. I have been to Labadee with your ships and had a wonderful time, especially spending money on all the wonderful arts and crafts. To not dock there and take away the Haitians income would be criminal. After reading the Crown and Anchor newsletter about your relief efforts, I was even more thrilled and applaud your efforts. It shows that a private enterprise can do more than any government agency under difficult circumstances. I, along with many other people, am grateful for what you are doing in Haiti. May God richly bless all of your work.

  41. Patrick O'Shea


    I can attest to the consistent long term support that RCCL has given to the poor and dispossessed street children of Haiti (see below). We fund Timkatec ( a school for rescued street children and two trade schools near Port au Prince, greatly affected by the earthquake. When we needed a school bus in 2006 we asked RCCL for asistance to obtain one and ship it to Cap Haitian. Richard Fain, Craig Milan, Maria Sastre and John Weis made it happen at no cost to Timkatec and those kids are forever grateful. In fact, having lost their own homes, several Timkatec staff are now sleeping in that same bus as we search for 450 of the 500+ children and staff still unaccounted for.

    Thanks again

    The Friends of Timkatec in America

    June 2006: The dream for a school bus has been made a reality through the generous efforts of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for transportation to Haiti, and LAIDLAW Inc who donated the bus and drove it from St. Louis to the pier in Florida. In this joint effort we were supported by senior management of RCCL and of Laidlaw at every step of the way.

    Here is the bus, just landed in Labadee Haiti!
    A heartfelt thank you to RCCL & LAIDLAW!

  42. Bev Snow

    Thank you RCCL…as a shareholder and a Diamond Crown and Anchor Member, I am VERY proud to stand behind your decision not to abandon Labadee and the people of Haiti.

  43. Andrew

    I am a huge fan of Royal Caribbean and have been to Labadee many times – it is one of the most restful and wonderful places.

    I have no problem with you doing all you can for Haiti and it’s people.

    But…don’t you see something morally wrong with having a group of ‘rich’ people lying in the sun while people a hundred miles away are scratching thru’ the rubble looking for their loved one’s bodies?

    Why not have your ships just drop off supplies? Why not send money to Haiti? Why not keep your employees on Haiti paid for, say, 3 months? Why not raise cash by having your passengers pass the hat around every cruise?

    You don’t have to drop passengers in Haiti to do any of those things. I ask you from the bottom of my heart not to do this – it truly is the wrong thing to do. You’re thinking with your company’s wallet, not with your human decency.

  44. George Kroloff

    Commendable work. Don’t stop.

  45. Ellen Barbieri

    Great decision for RCL to help in Haiti! Cruise passengers could bring a little children’s gift ex.toy, personal care items,small pillow,towel, individual cups pudding, apple sauce, plastic spoon, small laundry detergent.I’m thinking of things we sent to Iraq in Christmas stockings. Just fill a plastic bag with some goodies from home & bring some joy at this very troubling time.

  46. Vicky

    I’m very proud of you RCL!! Pls. continue the great humanitarian work you’re doing. I shed a tear everytime I see the devastation, the people, the injured and I prayed each night for more survivors to be found. I fully agree that RCL continue to visit Labadee,Haiti to help support their economy in a small way. Thank you…

  47. Carmen Henesy

    As a Diamond Plus member with 77 cruise credits to date, it makes me so proud to see that this company that I love responded immediately to come to the aid of Haiti, a country that has experienced such incredible poverty and suffering, long before the catastrophic events of this devastating earthquake. After reading of the efforts of Royal Caribbean to facilitate an immediate response and to contribute in the long term recovery of this nation, I feel an immense sense of relief. It is through the very generous donations of companies like yours, linked with the individual gifts from people world wide, that Haiti will rebuild!

  48. dONALD hUFF

    I feel the efforts of RCCL for the victims of the disaster in Haiti is truly remarkable. This situation was truly devastating and the immediate response from RCCL is to be commended. I am proud to say Thank You, RCCL, for the truly magnificient you are putting forth. When one stops and looks at the whole picture they realize that this is nothing new as RCCL has and will always be involved. Great Job RCCL and continue the Fantastic Effort.

  49. Ernie Beaudoin

    My wife and I support the decision to continue making stops in Labadee. We think the initial reporting concerning this was irresponsible.

  50. Joy West

    I am so proud of RCCL for their work in Haiti. I’ve been to Labadee and feel the connection with the earthquake survivors because I’ve been to their island. Thank you for continuing to call on their port and bring them needed supplies.

  51. Joy West

    Thank you RCCL for continuing to call on the port of Labadee. I’ve been to Haiti on your ships and I feel a connection to the people because of my experiences. Bringing relief supplies and money is the best thing we can do. Good job!

  52. joan brown

    RCI-a cruise line with a big heart. The posted pictures say it all. Thank You RCI.

  53. Anne

    I felt Royal Carribean returning to Hiati was a mistake and continue to still feel that way. I completely understand not hurting the Haitians anymore by taking money from them on scheduled port days. However, Royal can certainly afford to pay these devistated people without them actually having to serve passengers drinks. If Royal insists on stoping they should continue to pay Haiti, cook the lunch and pack it up for the many many starving people 60 miles away. I’m sure if you asked cruise passengers they would gladly give up a bbq lunch and opt to give it to 3000 people down the road. Personally, I could never eat anything in Haiti knowing I have a ship FULL of food and starving children, elderly and adults have nothing just a short distance away! I would certainly get off and give anyone I see money, buy something in the shop but lounge, drink and eat…I could never ever do that and feel good about myself again! Royal can do better then this. I love Royal Carribean but this has changed my opinion greatly. They should continue to drop of relief but they could do so much better!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Dorothy Longobardi

    Thank you to RCCL for all their help. My sister in law volunteers each year to go to Haiti with a group from St Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, NJ as a surgical team. This year they had a scheduled trip for January 16. They became a MASH unit in northern Haiti, with the helicopters bringing patients to their small hospital. On their last full day there, they had a chance to visit Labadee and one of your ships was there. They met with a ship’s officer and also the ship’s nurse who happened to be the coordinator of the supplies your ships were bringing to Haiti. They saw first hand the supplies that were being unloaded from your ship. They were also able to arrange for an x ray machine to be brought down from Florida that was too big for the planes landing in Cap Haiten. Your employees were extremely helpful and found out first hand what medical supplies and medications were still needed. My sister in law and her medical team are back home–but thank you for giving them a couple of hours of respite from their grueling work. God Bless RCCL.

    Dorothy Longobardi

  55. Karen medo

    when i was on one of your cruises i watched a video on our state room about how royal carib refurbished their ships. they place a dumpster below on the dock and toss perfectly good furniture over into the dumpster. i wondered why this furniture could not be donated to countries like haiti. maybe rc could start thinking about really healping these countries in need.

  56. bert

    My family traveled to Haiti on Explorer of the Seas. while I would not chose this country as a particular destination, we enjoyed the visit. I applaud Royal Caribbean for it’s relief efforts. If these ships did not go there, not only would the locals not have an opportunity for income, but the supplies brought by the ships would not benefit anyone. If RC had decided to avoid the area, it would be as though a friend turned its back during a time of need. I see no difference with people vacationing on the island than people traveling around America after Hurricane Katrina. Tragedy is tragedy and I applaud the efforts to help the people of Haiti.

  57. Heidi garcia

    I think it’s wonderful that you are continuing to go there and have figured out ways to be helpful. Labadee has always been one of my very favorite places to visit. I have artwork, statues, and woodwork all displayed in my home from Haiti. Thank you and continue the good work!

  58. michael

    As a Diamond Plus Plus …I applaud your decision Mr. Goldstein.

    Plain and simple .. It’s the right thing to do on so many levels.

  59. Kevin b.

    Thank you RCI for all that you are doing! One week ago my partner and I were there on the Liberty charter and I watched as at least 21 palletts of water were moved off the dock! That’s a LOT of water! Supplies and food were everywhere. Thank you for giving ALL net profits from our excursions, F&B, etc. from our visit to the gov’t of Haiti. I only saw one bar near of the end of the day that had a huge stack of guest charges!! I can only imagine how much this will help.

  60. Dennis Smith

    Thank You RCL for standing up at this time. Our cruise was first class and these decisions are frist class. The photo of water being unloaded at Labadee is heart warming. Our prayers are with you.

  61. Gayle israel

    As Diamond members of Royal Caribbean, we have yet to have anything less than a wonderful time.
    We were, however, most surprised when we learned that after the Haiti earthquake, that our ship, the Independence, would still visit Labadee. What a change of heart when we learned that the ship would carry many pallettes of food and supplies to the island. It was a very proud moment for all. It was equally as positive to participate in the benifit on board to raise $50k for Haiti.
    The fundraising show done by the “unexpected boys”( I think that is the name of the group was FANTASTIC.. THEY ARE WONDERFUL ENTERTAINERS.
    It was a memorable trip and hopefully RC will continue its good will.

  62. Teri Camps

    I am very Proud of RCCL for their relief efforts to Haiti. I am glad that despite the nay sayers you are doing what is right. For this and other reasons my husband and I will continue to sail aboard RCCL! Keep up the good work!

  63. Thomas Tomasi

    I have just one thing to add to the above list of the help and support of RCL, Bravo!

  64. Mary & John Bradford

    Now we know why we always sail on RCL. We use our time on board as a ministry to all the foreign employees on the ships. We hope to lead as many as possible to The Lord Jesus Christ, and this is such a complimentary way of doing so, as all the employees speak ENGLISH! Thank you RCL for your generosity.

  65. Darlene Boyd

    I have read the comments and the articles in the papers. I understand that people are responding out of grief and anger. Here is my view: When I was a little girl I was a very picky eater and my mother use to always say eat up there are people starving in the world who would love to have that food. I realize now that whether I eat the food or not it is not helping people around the world. If Royal Caribbean do not go into Labadi it is not helping those people in crisis. But it seems that it is helping them if the ships do go in and help the effort. What is the difference whether people they stop going to Haiti or stop at another island. The difference is this is in some ways helping Haiti.

  66. gREG COLE

    I think it is great that RCCL has continued to stop at Labadee! I did not know that supplies were being taken in, but this is an added plus. Relief aid is vital now and in the near future. But, I believe there are additional benefits to the Haitian people. The cruise ship brings jobs and money into the economy. This will help near term by adding a lit bit of normalcy into the people lifes, just going to a job can bring hope. Also, the economic infusions of every ship that stops over the years to come will help rebuild the Nation. As a frequent sailor I appreciate what RCCL is doing.

  67. josianne Jocelyn

    Thank you RCCL for helping the Haitian people. As an Haitian American, going to Labadee was the only way for me to see part of my county and help the economy.
    Please, don’t stop service there. The people of Haiti desperately need it. I love RCCL and my family only cruise you.

    Thank You

  68. Mark Wildie

    R C I agree with your decision to keep going to Labadee I have worked in Haiti for nine years with the people all over Haiti and the people of Labadee count on your cruise ships and the people to support them . My family is taking a cruise March 21st on the Freedom of the Seas and I’m looking forward to stoping in Haiti keep up the good work Mark Wildie

  69. Nick Simonic

    I am proud of the position taken by Royal Caribbean on Haiti and all of the assistance provided by the company on behalf of the recovery. I often thought that being a platinum with the company is no big deal. But now I have a whole new perspective on it and pride in my membership.
    God Bless You,
    Nick Simonic

  70. jEFF jAGGERS

    I applaud your decision to stay in Haiti for econmic stability, and for all you are doing to aid in the relief afforts! Good going!

  71. Barbara Lentz

    If you had chosen to discontinue stopping in Labadee you would have been accused of being a fair-weather friend or of abandoning the needy Haitians. You made exactly the right choice and we are proud to support a company that really cares. Thanks RCL!!!

  72. cybergidget

    When I read the initial criticism of RC continuing to make the stop at Labadee, my gut reaction was that it was the right thing to do. Having been to Labadee while RC cruises, you can understand how the continued influx of dollars from tourists will help the country down the path of recovery. And, the fact that an RC ship can carry the extra supplies needed in the recover effort is a huge bonus. So Captain! Keep on doing what you are doing because you are doing it right!

  73. Joe Haynie

    Dear Adam,
    You made the only reasonable choice. I support your decision to continue stops in Labadee and to organize humatiarian efforts while there. I have not really understood the controversy. Wouldn’t it be ironic if we collectively added to the misery of our Haitian brothers and sisters by depriving many of them, in their hour of need, of their means of economic self-support because of some kind of collective guilt. That would be to heap injury on injury for a nation wounded by a catastrophic natural disaster.

    Much better for we who have more of this world’s goods to become even more engaged in touristic humanitarianism than to withdraw and make matters worse.

  74. Bill Daus

    I would like to thank Mr. Goldstein and the many employees RC that, despite negative public press, are doing the “right thing”. My wife an I have been sailing with RC for 4 years and have visited Labadee in the past. We feel very strongly that Business as Usual in this unusual circumstance is an imperative to sustain the already fragile economny in Haiti.

    BRAVO and thank you.

  75. Jacques Lambiotte

    Thank you Royal Caribbean for stepping up and helping out the relief efforts in Haiti. I agree with the majority of the postings that your decision to continue to call on Labadee is an important step in helping this beautiful country return to some kind of normal life. It’s also just flat out the right thing to do! As a loyal member of the Crown % Anchor Society, I applaud RCI’s efforts and will continue to make you my ONLY choice in cruise travel.

  76. Michael C. Mitchell

    Dear Mr. Goldstein;

    Thank-you for your message to me as a Crown &
    Anchor member. I fully support your efforts.

    An article in the Toronto Star said that
    the Independence of the Seas is perhaps the most symbolic ship since the Titanic. The writer supported your company sailings into Haiti.

    Best Regards,

    Michael C. Mitchell

  77. Bonnie hannukaine

    We are so pleased to be the patrons of a cruise line with such integrity. We will look forward to supporting your efforts. And we thank you for the opportunity.

    Bonnie & John Hannukaine

  78. EDwin Robinson

    I applaud your decision to continue to have Royal Caribbean ships visit Labadee for all the reasons stated in these blogs and in your posts. The people of Haiti will certainly thank you for your efforts. As a passenger of several cruises on your ships I know that you are doing the right thing.
    Have you condidered offering a way for your passengers to actively help in the relief effort? Giving momey is fine but some people might want a hands-on way of helping while they are in Labadee. Perhaps they could volunteer to process the supplies, load trucks or other ways. I’m sure some would jump at the opportunity to help in a physical way. Liability issues could be resolved by the signing of a liability waiver.

  79. Peggy EDwards

    I appreciate all you are doing to help Haiti. We have sailed with Royal Caribbean and will continue. These people need all our help. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  80. tom young

    As I have said in two prior blogs: when everyone else turned their nose up @ Haiti Royal Caribbean stayed. They stood side by side with the people. No one knows this Island better then Royal Caribbean. Long after N.B.C. FOX News, C.N.N. leave Royal Caribbean will still be there. The only issue is between Royal Caribbean, it’s passengers, and the People of Labadee.
    Keep on doing what you are doing and don’t look over your shoulder. Keep up the good work.

  81. Sue Swenson

    I applaud your efforts in Haiti and encourage you to offer volunteer opportunities for cruisers to help in humanitarian efforts in all ports of call to impoverished areas of the world while on RCCL cruises as a standard practice.

  82. Richard Munroe, P.Geo.

    Being a seasoned cruiser with 20 years of world wide travel I fully support the continued servicing of this port of call. Nothing is more destructive than to leave a community when times are hard. If anything, more activity should occur. Everyone likes to go to a party but in trying situations it is those that stand behind you in times of need that really count. The moral obligations alone of RCCL to service and support their long time friends in Haiti provides only one possible path. RCCL has demonstrated their resolve to follow that path and should be commended for it.

    Additional supports that could be provided are the establishment of a “RCCL Command Centre” in Haiti and supporting the re-construction efforts from that Centre. Providing pathways into Haiti, a place to stay and a location to meet with local authorities is is important to professionals that can offer engineering, geological and construction recommendations. At the current time only the present NGO service and military organizations can gain effective access to the country.

    I am certain that others (like myself) who are very active in infrastructure development would offer to donate a week or two of consulting service in theatre if such a Centre was in place. If arrangements could be made to arrive in Haiti via one cruise stop, disembark and re-join another ship a week or two later, that would provide a flow of talent into the country when it needs it most.

    Being an international geological consultant for over 30 years, it is quite a normal activity to particpate in assisting in infrastructure improvements where ever one travels.Part of one’s professional oath is to “improve the land and living conditions of all”. All we really need is access and the “logistical tools” to do do it. Having such a RCCL Centre would provide that immediate access and think tank process.



  84. Y.Fabian

    I think your decision to continue with stops to Haiti is a good one. Your contibutions to Haiti is generous.
    Keep up the good work.

  85. Anne

    I think your doing the right thing. They need all the help they can get and why would you leave them now? You are giving to a country who needs your help and that is what this crisis is about helping, not abandoning. Awsome job. Keep the supplies and help coming, don’t let the country down when they need you the most.

  86. Krystin Moeller

    I am proud to be associated with Royal Carribean Cruise Line! Kudos to all of you.

  87. Deborah

    I agree that RC should continue stops in Haiti. They were a valuable asset before the earthquake and are now providing much needed relief. Tourists are a vital part of the economic relief not just for today, but in the future.

  88. cynthia Y Edwards

    It is amazing how a headline from our media can cause such a frenzy and how many folks read a headline and make a very fast determination of what is right and what is wrong. I, a loyal RCCL cruiser and fan was just as guilty….saw the headlines and said…oh ny goodness…why would RCCL make such a decision to continue with these leisure cruises. However, I always click on the headline to read the rest of the story and I am so very glad that I did. I was ashamed of my initial attitude and all I can say is how wonderful a cruiseline you are and just keep doing what you are doing. Any help that any of us can provide the Haititan and other people affected by this catastrophe is much needed. Using luxury cruise ships to provide so many needed services is novel and I tip my hat to you, the staff, the cruisers for all you are doing. That is why RCCL is my favorite cruise line…top shelf in everyway. Thanks

  89. Gloria miccarelli

    Way to go Royal Caribbean!! As a diamond plus Crown & Anchor member I knew you’d be to the rescue in Haiti. Staying the course, providing tourism, water and other help is excellent. Your swift & positive reaction to the devastation reinforces your commitment to Haiti and makes me proud to boast that RCI will always be my favortie cruise line!

  90. Allyn Wallace

    Our family’s last cruise with you landed us in Labadee this Christmas Eve! We adored the people on both our tours (Haitian Cultural Tour at Paradise Cove and Labadee Historic Walking Tour). Talking and visiting first hand with these proud and resourceful souls gave us a huge appreciation for their way of life. Yes, we support your decision and encourage others to go and support along side of you. Thank you for providing us with a most meaningful Christmas.

  91. darnice

    As a frequent RCCL passenger, I am very pleased with your stance on supporting Haiti. Few catastrophies have been of this magnitude and needed such an outpouring of humanitarian aid. We (RCCL and the rest of us) have a moral responsibility to do what we can. I will continue to cruise RCCL knowing that you consider corporate social responsibility an important part of doing business.


  92. Peter Stonebanks

    I am so pleased that RCL has made the decision to continue going to Haiti. Its a shame that so much is not getting to the people who need it at the moment from the Airport.They need food and drink NOW. I am looking forward to going to Haiti with RCL in March and hope that I will be able to do my little bit to help the Haitians.

  93. RUTHIE

    Royal Carribean….so glad you are helping out Haiti.
    I was there at Larabee and the people were wonderful
    there. God Bless them ! They took up a 2nd collection
    at Church last Sunday for Haiti, and 2nd collection had more in it then 1st collection. Will be on Enchantment of the Seas in June. Love your Ship
    and glad your helping out Haiti.

  94. Yves roseus

    There is a french saying that said “Bien faire laissez dire” which can be tranlated as: Do good deeds or do well and let them talk. Royal Caribean did what was rigth in all account.Do not let the critics sway you. keep it up,my brothers and sisters need all the help they can get at this tragic moment. As a health care worker specializing in Physical rehabilitation( adult and Pediatric),with so many crush injuries and amputee,the need of the survivors is enormous and will continue for a long time.
    Thank you RCL

  95. Debra

    I think its great RCCL is continuing to stop in Haiti. I have a very good Haitian friend and he commented that it is so important the cruise ships continue to keep Labadee on their itinerary. These people need the business more than ever to help their families..
    Besides all the supplies the ships continue to bring.
    Great idea of having the passengers volunteer to help fill backpacks. I’m sure passengers dont mind giving up a few hrs of their vacation to help a country in distress…

  96. Joseph Coppola

    Mr. Goldstein: Don’t listen to the naysayers and negativists who put down what RCI is doing in Haiti/Labadee. They always need to find the worst in everything. In this case there is no worst in RCI’s effort. My wife (Linda) & I are multiple time RCI cruisers & Platnum C & A members. We both applaud RCI’s efforts to 1- bring whatever relief supplies each ship can carry 2- provide whatever boost to the economy of Haiti the trips to Labadee can generate 3- the turning over of all net revenue to the Haiti economy as well! We say job well done RCI!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! And when the naysayers speak up ask them what THEY are doing to help!!!!

  97. Alan Hart

    Great idea to send an effective manager to assist! Keep visiting Labadee, their are many people who depend on your ships for a living.

  98. Marion Longbottom

    I knew you would do a fantastic job providing relief to Haiti and you certainly haven’t proved me wrong,one thing you may not have thought of-on my last back to back cruise I watched the loading/unloading of waste and supplies when we returned to Miami and remember seeing a whole container of mattresses being thrown away, and wondered if it would help for them to be offloaded in Haiti instead. I know they may be stained etc,but I’m sure the thousands of homeless people sleeping on the ground would consider them to be luxury at the moment. keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to being able to help when I come over from the UK

  99. Luis Martinez zambrano


  100. lyn irwin

    Adan, it was a positive experience to receive your mail out and learn first hand of your commitment to those in Haiti.
    “Down Under” here in Australia there has not been a great deal of comment made in relation to the efforts of RC but I agree and support your combined efforts entirely – you guys just keep doing what you are doing. There is always going to someone out there who cannot see the big picture!

  101. Frank Farbenbloom

    We’ve always considered RCL a first class act throughout many cruises this past 15 years. Keep up the good work.

  102. Marc williams


    I fully concur with the decision to continue doing business at Labadee and RCL’s relief efforts. We’ll be on Oasis in June and wondering if there’s an opportunity to volunteer our time while in Labadee. I understand coordinating volunteer efforts is a big project, but perhaps there could be some prep sessions on-board in the days prior to arriving. We would like to give something back to the people of Haiti and hoping this may be an opportunity to do so. Thank you.

  103. Debbie

    As a gold crown member I applaud your efforts in Haiti and in taking a stand to not abbandon Haiti at this time. I do think more could be done though, Has anyone thought about using some of the ships to house and feed the people of Haiti in this desperate time. Useing a ship as a hospital to treat the wounded. Perhaps sending a couple of your biggest ships so people can get a shower and a hot meal and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Or put a cruise together for people to join in the relief effort sending a whole ship full of people who are willing to help out. Just a few thoughts. Keep up the good work, RCCL will continue being my cruise company of choice and it’s no longer just because of the incredible service your employees give to passengers anymore. It’s because you are a company with heart.

  104. Melanie Jacobs

    I became quite emotional reading your blog and I am so happy that you have taken this initiative and please continue with the good work – when things like this happen one always feels ‘if only I knew somebody actually there we could give the aid direct, rather than through an organisation however worthy, e.g. Oxfam, where you feel the money is perhaps misdirected and slow in reaching those who need it – at least by doing this you know the money and practical aid is reaching the people and the community first hand and immediately. Will continue to look at the blog and well-done!! We loved Labadee and hope to return one day on your brilliant ship and hope the aid you are giving continues to help people who are so needy and deserving

    Melanie Jacobs

  105. Bonnie (Goldstein) Kieda

    I have such great respect for RCL! The greatest gift that one can give in life is to try and ease the suffering of another or others. I feel so helpless as I sit here in MI and watch this daily nightmare as it unfolds. My donation feels like a speck compared to the immensity of this horrific disaster. The beauty that warms my heart is to watch on the larger scale of how the world has united and come together with one goal in mind, helping the people of Haiti. It’s not about war or religion or race, it’s the true spirit of humanity. This is the essence of life. To see the medical tents set up by all the different countries and world organizations along with trying to feed, comfort, care, secure, rescue, recover, search, rebuild, etc. is more than one can imagine. RCCL, your true quality has shown by putting human life first before counting your money. That beautiful deed along with a world united is worth it’s weight in GOLD. There is no greater reward. I am so proud to call myself a RCCL Crown & Anchor Member. Thanks for making the decision you did. This is what will be remembered more than anything else!!!

    Bonnie Kieda

  106. zanatra doret

    This is why i love royal carribean so much. I think that the job you are doing in helping haiti is great, people should realize that the greatest part of being human is helping others. Tell the non compassionate individuals to lighten up and give a helping hand they nor anyone should feel that by docking and making your regular stop in haiti is bad, instead they should be thankful for the experience an while they are their enjoy and join in in helping others that should be the greatest cruise experience ever. I as a rccam support you. You will be blessed for your efforts.

  107. Glenn

    May God Bless the Haitian people, comfort them and give them Hope. Part of their hope is being realized through the efforts of RCL. Thank you for your compassion and unselfish giving, not only from the company but also it’s many employees. RCL and Celebrity continue to be our favorite cruise lines. These efforts just reinforce our faith in RCL. See you in Labadee in two weeks.

  108. Ed Tinkertoy

    First I agree 110% with all those who say the RCCI did the right thing in returning to Labadee. And I cannot disagree more with those who say they cannot enjoy their vacation knowing that there are people a short distance away who are in distress and in need for food , water, shelter and about everything else. Those persons who feel that way are just closing their eyes to the fact that at many port stops in the Caribbean their is great need for help with the necessities of life; and if you just go a few blocks from the glamor of the big hotels and resorts you will see it.

    I have been to Labadee twice already and when we go again in a few months I have no doubt that I will purchase several things from the vendors’ market just to support the Hatians. And I look forward to contributing to any collections on the ship for the benefit of the Hatians.

    I just wish that RC and Celebrity would suggest that passengers bring a few pieces of clothing and shoes to support the Hatians. THAT would also make a big difference for people who have lost everything. I am sure that many people would support this.

  109. diane hester

    Thank you royal carribean Labidee is just such a beautiful part of Haiti some of those haitian workers I am sure are comforted by the presence and support your passengers can express to them in their time of need as well as recieving their financial supportfrom the purchases from their market place. The proximety of distance from one’s vacation doesn’t change the disaster one bit. The carribean is the carribean. If someone is feeling guilt because they’re so close to the earthquake open your pocketbook up while visiting

  110. Maryse Allaert

    We will be sailing aboard Independence of the Seas on February 20th. From information received via e-mail from the President of RCI, I understand that passengers can provide hands-on volunteer help in preparing packsacks for the people of Haiti. Could you please confirm this and if so provide further information. For example, are all supplies to be put together provided by the company or can we bring donations of needed items. If donations are being requested, please give list of appropriate items. Over and above making monitary donations, what other help can passengers provide? My husband and I would be honoured to assist in any way we can.

  111. ThoM Flory

    I’m currently on the Freedom of the Seas. We docked in Labadee Monday. It had been a year since I was last in Labadee, so I was interested in seeing the new dock and all the new changes [sidewalks, buildings, etc]. But I spent the majority of my time there watching the unloading of the 175 pallets of relief supplies, and their reloading into a number [mostly UN] trucks. It was an emotional experience that really drove home how lucky I am. RCI not only provided transport of supplies, but also donated all Labadee tour proceeds to Haitian relief, encouraged passengers to donate via SeaPass cards, and auctioned off private tours of the Bridge, galley, engine control room, etc with all proceeds to the relief effort. This along with the 500 or so direct and vendor jobs may be just a drop in the bucket, but it is one of the bigger drops in that bucket. I commend RCI for all that they have done.

  112. Joan H. Laurino

    Wow, what an idea that someone suggested that a ship be taken out to house many of the dear Haitian victims with food, showers and care. SO IMPORTANT!! Today, I was horrified to see about 1,000,000 people still living in squalor! Unfortunately, We can’t help them all, but such a gesture would never be forgotten by the Haitians. Also, she mentioned a special cruise by passengers who would help out in the relief effort. That is a great idea as well. As a Crown & Anchor member, I am proud of Royal Caribbean!!!

  113. William krueger

    Great Job,
    you have set a bar for all to reach for, may God bless your work.

    could your port be use to bring more in ????

  114. Claude Ouellet

    Could someone from RCL post a list of small essentials that we could bring on the Cruise to help the people of a Haiti. Would items such soap,deoderant,shampoo,and other personal care items that we all have extras in our homes be helpful. A list of items that are deeply need would be great for passengers of upcoming cruises . Great to see the help RCL is doing


    • Adam

      Claude, thank you for your question. At this time, we are recommending that guests who would like to help do so by donating money to relief organizations, such as Food For the Poor ( or the Pan American Development Foundation (, who can best collect, purchase, manage and distribute relief supplies to where they are needed.

  115. jeffrie kunter

    Mr. Goldstein,probably you are my 2010 Nobel Prize Award candidate, along with your super humanitarian care for the people of Haiti.God bless you and RCI.
    Tura Tourism shore-x guide kusadasi & istanbul ports.

  116. Brandon fleet

    Just wanted to voice my support for the policy of continuing port calls to Haiti during their time of need.

    I could not believe my ears when I heard the “argument” against visiting Labadee.

    Anyone who feels uncomfortable vacationing while others are suffering *nearby* should really think about why they are comfortable vacationing while others are suffering *far away*.

    Bravo to RCL for taking a stand in the face of controversy and seizing the opportunity to highlight this important moral question.

  117. bjorn jakobsen

    Hi all

    Dont forget to put something in the
    box next time on LABBDEE when you are
    waiting in the line to get onboard
    Remember bring cash & seapass


  118. Judy Simon

    My Husband and I went to Haiti on the RCCL, when I seen all the palettes I filled up,thinking what a wonderful thing RCCL was doing for the people of Haidi.I am very Proud of RCCL for their relief efforts to Haiti. I am glad that despite the nay sayers you are doing what is right. For this and other reasons my husband and I will continue to sail aboard RCCL! Keep up the good work!

  119. Elizabeth

    When I heard that there was controversy about cruise ships going into Haiti, I thought back to my experience at Labadee. It doesn’t really matter where you are, you know about the earthquake. By actually being in Haiti, you can help Haitians by buying crafts and artwork that they make to support their families, and to help the musicians and others working there to keep their jobs. To deny them their income while the country is already suffering would be totally unfair. Thank you, Royal Caribbean, for helping Haiti with the relief effort. Haiti needs you.

  120. mARY l, vAUGHAN

    I will be going on Independence of the Seas Cruise on February 20th One of the ports is Labadee Haiti Labadee Haiti is beautiful and now is a country with such sorrow I commend the decision of Royal Caribbean to continue to have Labadee a port of call The generous outpoor of relief efforts and contributions cannot say enough for Royal Caribbean

  121. Jean Laurent Joseph

    Dear Mr. Goldstein and all the staff of RCCL.
    Great Job and thank you for keeping a coner in Haiti beautifull. We the Haitian people are greatfull for your generocity and your courage in this time of devastation in Haiti.
    last year in January for the first time I went to Haiti in 18 years. As I stepped off the peer from the Liberty of the Seas on to the soil I dugged my toes in the sand and realized I have missed Haiti so much that my eyes got all teary. As a result of my experience at Labadie Beach in Febuary of last year I went to visit Port Au Prince, my old house and my place of birth. Thanks to your cruise line I was inspired to go back to Haiti inpite of the unstable political and security issues. The 24th of last month mark a year since we were aboard your ship and the first time I went back. Thank you for not giving up on the only black Man land in the western hemisphere.
    Thanks to your cruise line I saw my home town before it was destroy.
    Thank God for the Oasis of the Seas because in 11 days I will be cruising on board.

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