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Haiti Update: Meeting With President Clinton

My meeting Thursday morning with President Clinton (Special UN Envoy to Haiti), Dr. Paul Farmer (Deputy Special Envoy) and about 50 other concerned people from the U.S. Government, the private sector and the NGO community had the sense of urgency one would expect under the circumstances. While there is very little of a positive nature at this point in the crisis, President Clinton is clearly taking this catastrophe personally. That has to be a good thing.

President Clinton stressed repeatedly that the overwhelming priority this week is finding the living and dead, attending to the living and respecting the dead in order to preserve life, respect Haitian cultural traditions and avoid a public health nightmare. In other words, first rescue then recovery then reconstruction of the nation.

He and the other commentators also stressed:

  • If you’re not a relief worker or medical professional and you want to help, make a cash donation. Cash is king as supplies may not last until they reach their targets.
  • Huge unknowns and misinformation are realities of the moment
  • Food, water, power, shelter, first aide, lighting and satellite phones are needed. Although all clean water is helpful, reverse osmosis capability would really help.
  • The relief and medical workers need quality emergency housing and facilities
  • There is great willingness to help. What is required is the organized reception and channeling of aide. In other words, there must be strong communications and logistical support otherwise what people send will not get through. This is a question of coordination and implementation in unprecedented circumstances.
  • As intense as the immediate rescue operation is, Haiti needs to begin to develop a long term plan for recovery and reconstruction – short term decisions should be understood in a long-term context if at all possible.

Obviously a well intentioned meeting in New York can only have a limited practical impact on the ground in Port-au-Prince. But I was heartened by a number of exchanges and comments that seemed to resonate with President Clinton and Paul Farmer and may very well make a difference in the upcoming days and weeks. I sure hope so.

I don’t want anyone to miss out on John Weis’ comments, so please check out the previous entry if you haven’t already. We are looking forward to a successful call by Independence of the Seas today (Friday).

Interested in helping? Royal Caribbean International is working with Food For The Poor and the Pan American Development Foundation. We encourage guests to make monetary donations to either of these organizations which are currently engaged in the relief effort. For even more information on Royal Caribbean’s humanitarian relief to Haiti, click HERE.

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“Haiti Update: Meeting With President Clinton”

  1. Ellen A. Zoccola

    Cruised with RCCL for many years and have visited Labadee many times, As a passenger, I would like to suggest (aside from Cash donations) that it be suggested that any guest who wishes to bring along a few New, Gently used items of clothing, shoes, hats, etc. to be left in Labadee for the people, I think most folks including myself would be happy to participate and leave something of ourselves with the folks. WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Scott Jensen

    I hope someone at your company is keeping notes of what you do so you learn from it and put what you learned down on paper. That all of this is later discussed. Figuring out what you did right and wrong. What you could have done better. Creating essentially a how-to manual for this type of thing. Then next time something like this happens, you can whip out that manual and do better. And then repeat the whole process above then too so each time you get better and better at it.

    You might want to also consider if this is something really great that you can do for such disasters. If it is, find out how often something like this happens around the world. Can one of your ships help most of those places? Even if the disaster happened deep inland, could one of your ships help by arriving at the nearest port to it? If it appears you can, you might want to consider starting up your own humanitarian operation on a more full-time basis. Possibly one of your cruiseships that you were thinking of retiring/scrapping could be converted into a hospital ship or a staging ship for the rescue mission. Staging ship as where the rescue workers can stay while helping the locals. Disaster hits somewhere in the world and your ship quickly loads up with rescue supplies and then heads there at full speed. And it stays there to help past the immediate needs to help with the recovery. Possibly until another disaster somewhere else calls it away. This could be the charity you raise money for. The charity you hold a charity ball during each of the cruises you run. Something unique. Something you know you can do and do well. It would also be some great PR for your company. ;-)

  3. Dave Beard

    Adam: Tx for the update and for Royal’s efforts to assist the incredible needs in Haiti. I am proud of my employer’s (Johnson & Johnson) donations and efforts to assist in Haiti. I am also proud of my association with Royal Carribean (Platinum level cruiser) and your donations and efforts to assist there as well. Having been to Labadee and met the gracious and inviting people there, it is with sadness to watch the disaster unfold but it is equally uplifting to understand the wave of assistance that is building—-hopefully in time. Thanks to RCL’s leadership to get there asap Adam!! Dave B.

  4. Jamie floyd

    My husband and I are passionate about cruising with Royal Caribbean, and I was thinking of how the turmoil in Haiti affects your industry. I had an idea, what if Royal Caribbean used one or two ships as floating hospitals for the people of Haiti? People could go there for help and at least one free meal a day. People that are booking cruises can donate while booking, maybe Royal could use this as one of it’s charitable donations for the year. I know several nurses that would volunteer their time free of charge to be on a “floating hospital” if they could receive a discount next time they book a cruise.

    The kindness and service that we’ve received while vacationing with Royal Caribbean would be life-changing for the nation of Haiti to receive as well. I know that Royal will do the best that they can to help out.

  5. josh lopez

    Would it be in the interest of Royal to provide ships for temporary housing, medical facilities, etc. I would image that various relief funds could help offsite the costs, almost work as a government contract.

  6. shirley Bonner

    Well done Royal caribbean for Stocking supplies and “hope” on your wonderful cruise ships and going to Labadee to help the desperate people of Haiti. This is truly a humanatarian disaster and many of us have met, know, have family or visited the island and we so desperatley want to see Aid, Food, Medical supplies and help get to the Haitian people as soon as possible
    I previously worked on RCCL ships and visited Labadee regularly and now live back in the U.K and am delighted to read Royal Caribbeans plans to help aid the people of Haiti.

    Royal Caribbean International shows heart and delivers impact to Haiti.

    well done all at RCI ……………………….

  7. Glenn


    Why aren’t cruise ships being used to evacuate people to safe havens? Food, shelter, water, medical assistance (can be assembled) are all available on these floating sanctuaries. Money can be funneled to subsidize the costs and lost revenues from the various cruise liner companies.

    To me this is a real solution. Bringing food and supplies is great but look at what you’ve got in the form of these ships! See what you can do.

  8. Jack and Kathie Abbott

    I do not see anywhere a request for cruise passengers? I would hope you would use the fuel that would have been used to haul my “oversized rear deck” from the beach, to the picnic area to run a generator in PAP. Please take my seat on a tender and use it to transfer an injured patient to the hospital onboard the Navy ship. As for the boat used for Para-sailing, please take rescue equipment into shore from the deep draft vessels that are unable to get ashore. As for the money earned by the folks on Labadee, where do you hope they will spend it? Will they run to the department stores? The Grocery stores? Pay the electric bill? Yes, we need to support our friends on Labadee. Please think bigger.

  9. MICHAEL c. mitchell

    Dear Mr. Goldstein;

    As a Canadian, my Commander-In-Chief and Governor General, is Madame Michaelle Jean, of Haitian birth and a great lady. She will, obviously, be involved in
    relief efforts. A meeting with her and Canadian officials could compliment your meeting with President

    Stay the course and keep sailing to Haiti. I can
    attest that Labadee is a safe and secure port of call having sailed there twice with Royal Caribbean.

    Your company can set an example in restoring tourism in Haiti when this current tragedy is dealt with.


    Michael C. Mitchell

  10. Alpheus Arrington,Jr.


    My wife and I just returned from a wonderful Christmas and New Years cruise on the Brillance of the Seas in the Med.and have been watching the tragedy in Haiti.

    As Diamond members, we were extremely proud and pleased that Royal Caribbean International is taking a leadership role in providing both financial contributions and supplies to the people of Haiti.

    Well done!!

  11. Manuel Aponte

    I suggest to lend one of the ship to be used as Hospital, also other companies such like Carnival should do the same.

    Manuel Aponte

  12. Elder

    Normally I would not interrupt my rest to go on the internet. However there are a couple of comments here that I felt that robbed me of sleep. One comment I chose to ignore but here are my two cents worth on the other. The idea of making a makeshift hospital out of a ship is a good the US Navy thought of it first and indeed we have such vessels. I’m sure if asked to do this it would be done without thinking twice. But the thought that a company would do such a thing just for the sake of publicity well that’s a really bad idea.

    There are few who really know the extent to which RCCL has helped Haitians and not for the purpose of fanfare. In Miami for example, the company encourages its employees to donate to charities such as United Way, help paint entire communities, and volunteer in many other activities. Perhaps one day you’ll here the story of a little Haitian girl who witnessed some “boat people” paint her neighborhood, or the young student who was treated to a day on a big ship, ate hamburgers and fries and saw a show, or the one who eats every day because his father drives a little boat that carries people from a huge ship to the beautiful beach on the island. Here’s wonderful the irony: though each one may or may not be of Haitian descent they hold one thing in common. If you asked them the name of the company where they might say that they really can’t remember. That is OK because there a good reason for this. Truth is it’s the things that are done in secret that really count.

  13. W. Ward

    I guess my question is what are you doing for a passenger like myself that was schedule to go on the Navigator today and did not go because they do not feel safe going to Labadee under the present warning from our government about travel to Haiti. I donated money to two charities prior to this long awaited trip and should not feel quilty that I did not want to be part of a humanitarian mission. I requested your company to change my anywhere else and they would not. I booked this cruise as a luxury cruise vacation because I had just lost my grandson and really needed my own time to get away from the sadness..and be pampered and spoiled a few days from the stress that I have been through at home. Your company does not see to make allowances or care how it had affected the passengers that would be to fearful of going there at this time. I was forced to dispute this on my credit card so I can afford to go on the type of trip that I was originally paid for…the relaxing luxury cruise that I paid for and not a food supply ship or humanitation cruise into a dangerous area. I do applaude your efforts to help Haiti, but it should not be at my expense.

  14. Alice Edwards

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,
    As President and Ceo Of Royal Caribbean and ALL those that work along side of you THANK YOU!
    The support and effort to aid Haiti now and in the coming months just shows how caring you all are . Keep up the good work, because it will never be forgotten!!!!!!
    We will be on the Liberty in April and looking forward to are DAY IN LABADEE,to support in any way.
    A heartfelt Thanks,
    The Edwards

  15. fred ferebee

    In response to the person that feels that Royal should not dock in Haiti. Royal keep doing the things you do.
    I feel so sorry for the person that is so SELFISH AND SELF CENTERED, that they would want you to stop docking there and take away some of the only income that this area may have. If it was ok for them to dock before, then, it should be ok now. I guess this persons PERFECT VACTION IS NOW ALL MESSED UP. what about these peoples lives. tell that person to shut up and be happy.

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  17. Ann

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    This is the reason my family chooses Royal Caribbean holidays. Haiti needs all the help it can get, your generosity to help the island is superior. Royal Caribbean always goes above and beyond in customer service thats why we keep coming back. This shows the world how exceptional your company and people are, especially in times of need.

    Thank you for helping an island in need, your generosity will not go unnoticed!!

  18. bjorn jakobsen

    Dear Mr. Goldstein

    30 years ago Capt. S.Pettersen took M/sNORDIC PRINCE
    into Port au Prince and went ashore. It was a stong millitær Army there,but we felt safe.We did the sight
    seeing with taxi 3. hours cost6,00 us§. That was cheap
    Taxidriver told us every thing about the contry.
    Onbord they have told us to bring pencils to the
    children, so ew brought a lot of that + apple.
    At that time we got appels even on degk 3
    We went back nex year, and we have been on LABBDEE 40- 50 times Lst time OCT. 2009 SIR,Iam thankfull for that RCCl are doing these days. I am not US citicen but Ilove USA to. We are doin much here in Norway for Haiti to
    Thank you all

    Bjorn Jakobsen

    PS. These cruises at that time dont count in our
    point system. but I love to cruise with RCCL

  19. tzoom

    Keep working ,great job!

    • Adam

      Thank you Tzoom, we’re glad to hear you appreciate the efforts being done for Haiti.

  20. jetxee

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

    • Adam

      Jetxee, we’d be honored to be quoted in your blog, just be sure to link back to the article where you found the quote. As for a twitter account, you can follow Royal Caribbean here: I do not currently have a Twitter account but I’ll make note of your request. Thanks!

  21. MatadactPlatt

    Сегодня ходил в парикмахерскую и первый раз я увидел такое качество сервиса как там.
    Точнее сказать, это не парикмахерская, а салон красоты, потому что там большой выбор интересных услуг.
    Пока мне делали стрижку, жене делали маникюр.
    Когда всё закончилось, мы с женой вышли из салона, и оставшейся день проходили на положительных эмоциях.
    Салон красоты называется Matiss.
    Когда я пришел домой, то решил зайти на сайт этого чудо замечательного заведения.
    Пришлось закрыть руками монитор, чтобы жена не увидела тот список всевозможных услуг, которые предлагает салон красоты, если бы она это увидела, то я бы её дома больше не видел.
    Моя жена дано рассказывала, о новом средстве – элос эпиляции, и жаловалась, что в Москве этого нет.
    Оказываеться в салоне красоты Марьино это есть.
    Что могу вам посоветовать, зайдите на сайт и всё увидите сами.

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