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New Enhancements for Our Crown & Anchor Society Members

This is an exciting week for Royal Caribbean International. And Why Not? After all, today is exactly six months since Oasis of the Seas departed on her four-night sailing to Labadee. And it’s exactly six months until Allure of the Seas does the same thing!

But that’s only one reason for the excitement. The main reason is the enhancements to the Crown & Anchor Society that we announced earlier today to our Crown & Anchor Society members. There are two things we know about our members. One, their loyalty to us is incredible. Two, they’re not shy about voicing their opinions about the Society and the benefits of membership. So, we have a lot of feedback to work with. We trust our members will be pleased by the enhancements taking effect today. And in our “super-secret, futuristic Society think tank,” we are already working on additional enhancements that will one day cause their own excitement. But let’s do the present now and the future later.

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Our goal is simple – to better recognize and reward our loyal members. Not only during the time they are guests onboard but throughout the vacation cycle from cruise, to cruise, to cruise.

Our readers can refer to our Crown & Anchor Society page for all of the details on today’s announcement. I would like to highlight a few of them.

Crown & Anchor Society members will now have the exclusive privilege to reserve their next cruise while onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The new and exclusive “Onboard Booking Bonus” offers members an onboard credit of up to $200 per stateroom for making a reservation on a future sailing. This Bonus can now be used with either a Crown & Anchor Savings Certificate or a Balcony & Suite Discount (the latter applicable for our Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Plus members), offering members great savings for their next cruise before their current cruise ends.

Previously, there had only been two Loyalty Staff members on our four largest ships. There are now two Crown & Anchor Society Loyalty Staff onboard each of our 21 (going on 22) ships. Our Loyalty Staff can help answer members’ questions and help them reserve future cruises to take advantage of the new and enhanced vacation savings, available only to members of the Crown & Anchor Society.

Members will continue to enjoy first-to-know priority notice and access to new developments, special events and exclusive offers that reward their loyalty. Onboard, members will be recognized every time they advance to a higher level of the Society. Members will also enjoy new enhanced benefits in their “Ultimate Value Booklet,” filled with new onboard savings for beverages, internet packages, photo and logo merchandise, supplementing classic favorites such as casino and spa discounts among others.

I probably don’t need to ask for your feedback on this blog entry. As for this week, please remember, it’s only Tuesday.

39 responses to:
“New Enhancements for Our Crown & Anchor Society Members”

  1. Allene quick

    “…Previously, there had only been two Loyalty Staff members on our four largest ships. There are now two Crown & Anchor Society Loyalty Staff onboard each of…”

    Did you mean to say “there had only been ONE”?

    Anyway, glad to see you are reintroducing some of the perks that had been pulled. Super glad loyalty is still being appreciated and rewarded.

  2. Lillian Fiedel

    Dear Adam: Gotta hand it to you, you did listen and some of the new benefits {which we had at one time} you did give back such as combining onboard booking discount with discount for booking balcony or suite. THANK YOU!!!!

    Sailing on OASIS June 19th 2010 {4th time on Oasis} and can’t wait to see the “new” value booklets. Looking forward to ALLURE Dec. 12th 2010!!!

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  4. Berthiar Hunt

    My husband and I are crown and Anchor members and truly love everything we have got in the past. Royal Carribean you are the best and you just keep getting better. We look forward to another cruise or two with you this fall and winter. Keep up the good work

  5. Susan ledvora

    Dear Adam: Thanks for listening to our comments, you hit a homerun this time.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bob & Jane Lorrey

    Way to go Adam!!!! You have really knocked the cover off the ball with these new C&A benefits. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This is without a doubt the finest loyalty program in the industry.

  7. Jo Ann Smiarowski

    Adam, thank you for the phone call today. Everyone will agree that it was a nice touch. Also, my thanks for then new value booklet. During these hard times everything and anything should be appreciated by all. Loyalty is everything and this is why we keep coming back. We loved our Oasis last week and cannot wait for the Allure.

  8. Ted Biggs

    Dear Adam, Great move. So glad to be getting some of the benefits back. That should keep many of us Loyal to Royal.
    Upcoming Freedom 10/10/10
    Liberty 01/16/11
    Oasis 09/17/11


    Thank you for thinking of the Diamond members. Going on Freedom (again) in November and Allure in January (Oasis was last January). Will definitely book another cruise next time out to take advantage of the “new” perks. Thanks again.

  10. Jack and Kathie Abott

    Thank you for the great enhancements and the phone call!

  11. ed

    Allene, I think you misread. There were only 4 ships that had 2 loyalty staff members. All other ships had 1 staff member.

    Now, all ships will have 2 loyalty staff members.

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  13. Peggy Darling


  14. Janey Layman

    So glad that you listened to everyone! Once again this shows the value you put into your most loyal customers. Thanks for listening!!! I look forward to using these during my B2B cruises this summer. Yeah!!!!

  15. Michael Makin

    Very nice to hear of this loyalty upgrade. Makes perfect sense. Before there was no incentive to book while on the ship when you could not combine it with another offer (such as balcony discount). Well done. Now if you can only offer free dry cleaning like Princess you would make me very happy!

  16. Nick

    These are GREAT enhancements and a great idea. I will certainly appreciate them and its a good way to keep people coming back to RCL for more!!

  17. Jon

    We spent time at the loyalty desk with Rene on Majesty and are set for our 12 day Med & Holy Land cruise next year. Kudos to C&A for the onboard credit.

  18. bjorn jakobsen

    Hi adam
    I am a litle late to say go for the next 100 cruise
    to Super mario and Gerhald and Gretha. We are closing
    up to you great people (HI HA). Well you remember we have to fly over the ocean, but now we have Vision of
    the sea in Oslo and Copenhagen and stockholm,so we can
    take about 50cruises in 6 months.Thats a joke.
    In oct.2010 we have sailed with rccl 30 year and it
    will be cruise # ???.You are a litle bit scared now.
    Hope to se you all in the future,
    I pay for the chapagne.

    Bjorn & Gitte

  19. Jon & Ruth Laverty

    This is great news Adam, both as a C&A member and a stockholder. Good to know that we, who are loyal to you, will be able to enjoy some of the benefits we had come to expect before the meltdown. Money has gotten tighter for all of us and it is nice to see that we will be appreciated for spending it with you. Just got off the Oasis a month ago and I believe that some of the innovations we saw there can translate well to other ships in the fleet. This would also make the crusing experiance fresh for folks cruising on the smaller ships. Thanks again for everything you do.

  20. sandy

    Dear Adam: As a shareholder and Diamond Plus member I want to thank you for listening. I am very grateful for the recent changes and enhancements to our loyalty program. We will once again be booking future cruises onboard now that we have an incentive to do so. Thanks again.

  21. Joyce and Ed Mitro

    Hello Adam,
    We thank you for listening. 39 cruises and going strong 8/29/10 Mariner 10/30/10 Oasis 1/27/11 1/31 11 Radiance 5/7/11 Serenade 12/3/11 Oasis and ready to book more It is the benefits that keep us loyal to Royal Your phone message was a personal touch…Glad to see some of out benefits are back and we can combine them again .. Please consider plus rewards for Diamond Plus members… Thank you.
    Ed and Joyce

    • Adam

      Joyce and Ed, we’re glad to hear that you’re happy with the changes we’re making, as well as for reserving your trips onboard the Mariner of the Seas, Radiance of the Seas, Serenade of the Seas, and Oasis of the Seas. Thank you also for your suggestion and we will keep it in mind for future Crown & Anchor Society benefits. We hope that you’ll continue to enjoy Royal Caribbean for years to come.

  22. Matthew

    Adam,I am very dedicated to you as loyal to royal” as it gets.I know whatever RCLI does,is in the best interest of (1)
    the Company,(2) its Integrity,(3) keeping
    costs down,(4) keeping the every growing
    “want” to cruise alive and well.

    You can ask anyone on the Radiance of the Seas,from Kirk Detweiler,a few others
    I’m very glad to have met.They know full well,if you asked me to come join the Radiance of the Seas,to work for the Company..I would gladly drop what I was doing,this very moment.

    I am very “Loyal to Royal”,but most of all..I am very loyal to that “Grand Lady” of the Entire fleet..Radiance of the Seas.”She” is in a class all her own.

    Having 5 years in the Music industry,
    that’s saying something for my background.Quite a few from the Radiance that I’ve met,would more than welcome
    my “serving” onboard the Radiance..

    Sir,all you have to do is ask,and I am more than willing to carry the “Banner”
    for RCLI,into new directions,new places.
    New Depths,and Cultures.

    Why am I so dedicated to RCLI?
    Let me tell you,exactly what I told one of your “world class” employees,who’s a great friend of mine.

    I told her in these very words..she felt that you should see them for yourself.

    “Royal Caribbean! we come on board as strangers,passengers…but we come away with friendships that will last a Lifetime”

    • Adam

      Matthew, we are grateful for your kind words and we your last sentence is very touching. We’re happy and honored to be able to provide our guests with such great life experiences. We also appreciate your loyalty and dedication with Royal Caribbean and hope that you’ll continue to cruise with us for years to come.

  23. mary

    can anyone tell me the criteria for getting an upgrade?

    The day before we cruised last week, there were still 2 GS available and we had put our names forward for an upgrade but didn’t hear anything. We are Diamond Plus so how are the upgrades allocated?

    While we were on our cruise we heard that someone in a D1 on their second cruise had been upgraded to an OS
    so I’m not sure how the allocation works.

    • Adam

      Mary, upgrades are given in priority to Crown & Anchor members based on availability within 14 days of departure date. It is determined by tier level, cruise credits, time of booking and the original fare paid by the guest. This offer can’t be combined with other upgrade offers or certain restricted fares. Please let us know if you have any other concerns about this matter.

  24. ChipLONDON

    Thanks for the enhanced C&A benefits, it is good to see and increased internet benefit the return of the photo credit.
    As a D+ member it is good to be able to benefit from reserved seating in the Theatre and Ice Shows, but would ask that you consider an ability for us to also share the poolside seating benefit with our Concierge Lounge friends, of course I realise that it might have to be on a first come first served basis, but it would be nice, as often when booking last minute all the suites have been booked, and we therefore miss out.
    Also with over 50 credits I was wondering when you might introduce the next tier to the scheme, Royal Diamond has a nice ring to it.
    I am glad to use this opportunity to thank your onboard team members for all their hard work and smiles.

    • Adam

      Chip, we are happy to hear that you are pleased with the enhancements to the C&A benefits. We appreciate your comment, we’ll take note of these suggestions and keep them under consideration. We also appreciate your kind words towards our onboard members. We all pride ourselves in giving our guests the most memorable experience possible, so this great feedback is wonderful to hear and much appreciated.

  25. Ildemaro Bello

    Mr. Adam received a greeting from a true fan of cruises and in particular the Royal CCL.
    I have traveled on cruises from very small, the first at 3 years old, was in a small boat Cunard C. remember to lower the ladder was hanging rope and lateral to the boat, was very intimidating.
    After traveling more with my parents in three consecutive years in three sister ships that RCCL had in the beginning, the Son of the North, the Sun Viking and Nordic princess.
    After I have grown more than 13 cruises in honor wing 10 of those were actually in competition (CCL), an online sister and two Royal Celebrity CCL.
    But the most memorable holiday simepre have been those made with you, RCCL, True, 10 with CCL is much worse in those years how economical it was before, but now I prefer to gather and make the effort and quality trips with RCCL or failing with lines like Celebrity sisters CL.
    I want to thank you for having so many details to customers, be simepre pointers and continually innovate to provide the best to the guests, the most delicious food, new attractions, shows, keep in mind the small guests, whether their ships are destination.
    I am a true fan of their cruise, the best publicist, , when people ask me for my vacation, which is the same ride in their boats, softy emotions me, I dwelled so marvelous country to explain what it is to go cruising with you apacionada after my explanation they will come running to the travel agent to book.
    I am a true fan of their cruise, the best publicist, when people ask me for my vacation, which is the same ride in their boats, softy emotions me, I dwelled so marvelous country to explain what nation of why not?. My passionate explanation after they go out running to the travel agent to book.
    I take leave of you with a warm hug, thanks for your attention to this letter.
    PS: Could it be possible that the 3 cruises I did as a child I can add in the Crown and Anchor Society??
    Thank you very much again.

    • Adam

      Hi Ildemaro, thank you for your very thoughtful and sincere words about our ships, crew, and service. In regards to your question about adding your previous cruises, please contact our Crown & Anchor Society desk at 1.800.526.9723, they will be happy to assist you. Also, for more information please visit . We’re happy to hear of your loyalty with Royal Caribbean and we hope to see you onboard another cruise soon.

  26. Lorraine

    we are on independence August 14th and have inquired re upgrade as DP members but told none available at we have tickets is it too late now for us to hope of one.How does the priority work as it has not happened to us that much in our years as loyal rcci great idea re Azamara inclusives now

    • Adam

      Lorraine, thank you for reaching out to us. As our ships usually sail full, pre-cruise upgrades are rare. If a stateroom is available for a pre cruise upgrade, then we will contact you guests who are eligible to accept this offer. For more information about pre-cruise upgrades, please see here:

  27. Jacqueline bobka

    Why is there no “Welcome Back” party on “Oasis of the Seas”?. As Platinum members we have always looked forward to those parties. Is there another party for each classification of guests?

    • Adam

      Jacqueline, thank you for your comment. Even though there is not a Welcome Back party, there are so many great activities onboard the Oasis, such as the Platinum and Diamond Event party later that week, which we’re sure you will enjoy.

  28. Jackie

    Is there priority check-in available for platinum members boarding Oasis?

    • Adam

      Jackie, priority check-in is available for our Platinum Members who are boarding Oasis of the Seas. You can learn more about Crown & Anchor Society benefits here: We thank you for your comment and look forward to sailing with you soon.

  29. Fred & Sharon Tarolli

    First we would like to thank you for the wonderful new enhancements for Diamond and Diamond Plus Members.
    Secondly, a suggestion for the stock holder benefit. Please allow the Shareholder Benefit to be combinable with at least one other benefit or coupon. For example, Diamond balcony credit with the Shareholder Benefit. On Board Booking Credit with Shareholder Benefit. Coupon Credit with Shareholder Benefit, etc. You now have the On Board Credit combinable with the Balcony or coupon credit. Let’s give members even more choices to combine any two benefits, especially one that rewards loyal shareholders of the company thru good times and bad. Thanks so much for all you have done!

    • Adam

      Fred and Sharon, we are happy to hear you are satisfied with the new enhancements our Crown & Anchor Society members receive. We appreciate your suggestions and we’ll pass the information over to the appropriate department. We are thankful for our guests’ comments and suggestions as we are always looking to improve our guests’ experience with Royal Caribbean. Thanks again and we hope that you’ll continue to sail with us for years to come.

  30. Joseph Coppola

    Mr Goldstien:

    I have a couple of questions related to my C & A cruise credits.

    1- On my first cruise back in May of 2004 on the Grandeur of the Seas we had purchased two cabins, one under my & my wife’s name and one under our daughter’s name (same last name) and her guest (different last name). Were we then entitled to two credits under the old system?

    2- When we sailed on the Oasis back in December of 2009 (2d 7 day voyage) we are showing 2 credits, we had booked an outside balcony cabin. Was there some kind of bonus in effect at that time?

    I am still confused as to how the credits were calculated for these 2 cruises.

    Can you help as when I contacted C & A 6 months or so ago they ultimately reduced my conversion total from 69 to 62.

    Thank you for your assistance
    Joseph Coppola & Linda Coppola.

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