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President & CEO Adam Goldstein Talks about Royal Caribbean’s Dedication to Safety

The Costa Concordia accident is a defining moment in the history of the modern cruise industry. We will need the results of the authorities’ investigations to truly understand and respond to all of the implications. But we do not need to wait for anyone or anything to underscore the preeminent role of safety in the daily life of every cruise ship and of the industry as a whole.

By coincidence, half of our Captains and most of our Hotel Directors arrived in South Florida for our annual Fleet Operations leadership conference over the weekend. This gave our Chairman Richard Fain and me a timely opportunity to underscore both our excellent 42 year safety record and more importantly to emphasize the imperative of keeping our record intact into the future.

There are many aspects of safety. Although we are proud of our people, processes and technology in all areas of safety, we must review them all again, especially recruiting, training, guest mustering and evacuation. We have considered and prepared for very many scenarios. Now we need to broaden the range of scenarios even further.

In the upcoming weeks we will communicate by text and video about many of the key elements of safety. Many readers who know us well will not be surprised by our focus on and commitment to safety.  Those who have less experience with us should learn some interesting and compelling facts about how we prepare our ships and crew for safe operation every day.   For example, the rigorous preparation and ongoing training that every Captain in the Royal Caribbean International fleet must undergo.

Safety is a journey rather than a destination. We need to operate safely now yet constantly improve our safety. We need to hunt for lessons learned in every minor incident or accident. We need to apply those lessons learned across the fleet ASAP. This is a never ending cycle. As our Chairman Richard Fain says, there is no such thing as perfect safety but there is such a thing as perfect dedication to safety. We strive to be true to that concept.

The process of continuous improvement in safety is evident in our fleet. The newer ships are beneficiaries of decades of naval architectural progress.  They are also beneficiaries of the development of the requirements that ships must meet under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Where we have clearly succeeded with new approaches, such as the e-mustering procedures on Oasis-class ships, we are in the process of retrofitting the fleet where possible.

Global, regional, national and local authorities are going to review with increased intensity all regulations related to cruise ship safety. We enjoy strong and positive relationships with the IMO, U.S. Coast Guard, Flag states, Port states and innumerable other authorities around the globe. We look forward to working with them to make the safety record of modern cruising even stronger than it already is.

I often thank the men and women of Royal Caribbean International for the great job they do delivering Gold Anchor Service and the “Wow” to over three million guests per year. Implicit in that appreciation is recognition of their dedication to the safety of our guests and their fellow crew. It seems appropriate now to make my appreciation explicit as well as to remind all of my colleagues shipboard and shoreside that our vigilance must encompass every drill, every training, every voyage plan, every analysis of incidents/accidents and every day of ship operations.

My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been directly affected by the tragic accident on Costa Concordia.

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“President & CEO Adam Goldstein Talks about Royal Caribbean’s Dedication to Safety”

  1. Patt Simon

    Mr. Goldstein, I do not have to read your post(athought I did) to know that Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara are dedicated to their passengers satisfaction and above all, their safety. I have been cruising the the “family” since 2001 and although I have been on a couple other lines (everyone makes mistakes :-) there is no one that I would rather cruise with or trust more with my life than the family I have come to know among your crews. Thank you and every crew member for all that you do for your passengers.

  2. Bob S

    RCCL totally rocks. We were on the Allure for a 5 day cruise and are now sold on RCCL. Unbelievable service.

  3. Barb and Jeff Groth

    We wouldn’t cruise with any other line. It seems each time we’re on another voyage with RCCL we’re even more impressed with the dedication of the crew to make our trip not only enjoyable but more importantly a safe one.
    When the news broke about the Costa tragedy we both commented … That would NEVER happen on Royal Carribean.
    Thanks for all you do to continue to earn our respect and our business!

  4. Lori Costanzo

    Sailing on Freedom (again) in December and I can’t wait! NO concerns about safety on RC…

  5. Helen Hurcombe

    Will RC be expanding Australian cruises? Would like to see Australian cruises that actually do more than depart and return from Australia and spend all their time in New Zealand. Also, would like to see more cruise/tour opportunities in Australia. Australia is our next big cruise and the lack of variety is disappointing. I know additional ships are being moved to Australia, so will there been an expansion in opportunities?

    • Steve Bond

      I agree completely. And, please don’t forget Azamara. We love those ships but they need to be in Australia too.

  6. Lillian Onslager

    I just want to remind those passangers I’ve cruised with in the past, that complained, didn’t pay attention or just didn’t show up for mustering, the next time you cruise, think of this horrific accident and don’t complain, pay attention and just show up!

  7. kathy check

    I always feel safe and that the crew is well trained.I always take royal carribean and that is why.keep up the good job

  8. Brian Pfeiffer

    Thank you for those words and promises of COMMITMENT TOWARDS safety! I am an avid cruiser, and will be sailing Transatlantic on 4/21 on the Serenade. This frightening accident and breach of safety procedures IS and WILL BE on my mind until I arrive in Barcelona. I, however, will not these safety breaches compromise my upcoming adventure. I will continue to put my trust into RCCL’s experienced hands as I sail towards Europe and the Mediterranean, and I trust that everyone at RCCL will use the Concordia incident as a means to improve and enhance their rules and regulations. Thank you again for your promise to NEVER compromise safety!!

  9. Cindy

    I want to thank you for putting this message out for all of to read. We have cruised on Royal Caribbean 6 times and we are thinking of sailing #7 in May. I have followed the story of Costa Concordia and my heart goes out to all the passengers, crew and families of the ones still missing.

    I have been asked by several people how I could even think about cruising after this tragedy. I simply say to them that I have had a couple of issues on past cruises with Royal Caribbean (some of them addressed and some of them ignored by the customer service folks), but I will be the first to say the attention to safety for each and every guest is top notch. I took my first cruise on Majesty of the Seas, Soverign of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas (3 times), and Freedom of the Seas. The drills are always done right away – people know where to locate their life jackets, where to go for an emergency and they know what the signals are for the emergency. I have always felt very safe on Royal Caribbean and I have no doubt that you will continue to take the safety of your passengers very seriously.

    Thanks again for sending this message out!!


  10. Tim Hancock

    I’ve travelled on Royal Caribbean many times and the drills and maintenance are always taken very seriously. It seems this accident is going with the Concordia is going to be more about human error and poor judgement. If trains, cars, and airplanes can be monitored for being on there correct route, why not cruise ships. If a captain knows he is off corse and someone is watching him, he knows this and is less likely to make a poor judgement call.
    I have all the confidence in cruising with RCI. This sounds like cheap insurance though.

  11. Lorinda

    Although I’ve been one of those cruise passengers who grumble when we have to do the muster drill, i do understand why we have to do it. After this weeks tragedy on the Concordia, I will not complain again. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. See you in February.

  12. Marty Weiss

    My wife and I have sailed with Royal for six cruises. We have always been impressed by the skill and dedication of the Captains, crews, and staff of Royal’s ships. The training and skill of our Captain were especially appreciated when, in 2008, our voyage to the Caribbean on the Adventure of the Seas was interrupted by Hurricane Omar. Captain Per was able to maneuver the ship around the storm and we encountered very little discomfort. The Captain had attempted to put into the port of Dominica because our original destination, St. Marteen, was damaged by the hurricane. I happened to be on the balcony watching at the time when the port authority of Dominica informed the Captain that their pier was unable to handle our ship. Captain Per did a u-turn in the harbor and back out to sea with no buffeting whatsoever. In fact, if I hadn’t been on the balcony watching, I wouldn’t even have known that this maneuver had taken place! It is a credit to the corporation and the people you employ to handle this huge ship, and especially to the calm and cool discipline of the Captain during that voyage. We were able to make it to St. Thomas without any further disturbance and spent an extra day there, much to the delight of our family and friends who enjoy this lovely island. Thank you for your safety concerns, and congratulations of course to the staff and crew of all the Royal ships we have sailed on.

  13. Malia Scarnato

    It always seems so inconvenient to attend the muster drill every time we board a Royal Caribbean Cruise. Never again will we see it in that light. We would never dream that we would ever have need of a lifeboat!

    You just don’t see the significance of those actions until such a tragedy such as this past week have taken place.

    We commend Royal Caribbean for their efforts to secure the safety of their passengers and fleet over the years and have earned our trust for our further travels.

  14. Laura Burke

    My husband and I have been on many cruises with Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and Carnival. We have endured the required safety drills over and over…but let’s get real…they only take a few minutes and for what…the chance to stay alive in an accident or whatever. We value our lives and the lives of those around us. The cruise ship companies are not to blame for this incident. It was human error plain and simple. Deciding to change course for whatever reason unless it was an emergency should not have happened. No one, least of all the cruiseship company, expected this. We have always felt safe, we still feel safe and we cruise again and again. The ocean and the undersea landscape and the sea life are not to be feared but to be enjoyed and savoured. Cruising is as safe as it comes. Any form of travel comes with a degree of danger but do we all revert to walking? Come on people get real, cruising is a safe, cost effective and exciting way to travel. We are housed, fed at will, entertained day and night, taken to gorgeous locations, treated with care and kindness and leave wanting more. That is the definition of a great vacation and cruising provides it all. There is no defining the severity of the Costa incident and the loss of lives; no less heartbreaking than if an airplane crashed or a horendous vehicle accident where life is lost. But this incident does not define the cruising industry. For me, the amount of lives saved and the ability of many to save themselves defined this incident. When it comes right down to it, we must be responsible for our own safety and this will help the industry find new ways to help us help ourselves. We grieve for the lives lost and their families never-the-less. We also thank the cruise industry for the amount of work it puts in daily towards making our next cruise safe and to meeting and surpassing our expectations.

  15. Betty Harty

    I have worked on Cruise ships in the early in1982 and have sailed on Royle Carribbean three times with my family in the last few years i have allways felt very safe on board and look forward to sale with you again this year from the Harty family in kerry Ireland

  16. Linda Thoresen

    I have sailed with Royal Caribbean many times, as a matter of fact I was on the Freedom of the Seas when we heard of the tragic news about the Costa. I want you to know that for not 1 second I was affraid or frighted about being on your ship. Your crew are very well trained professionals and I have always and will always feel safe sailing on any of your beauties and can’t wait until my next cruise with you. Sincerely, Linda Thoresen


    We have cruised with RCCL four times in the past and loved each one of them!! We are booked for the “Allure” in 2013!!!

    In the case of the Costa Concordia, the ship was listing to one side and the crew and passengers had no access to those lifeboats. Is there a plan in place incase that were to happen on any of the RCCL ships?

    Thank you!


    • Joy Luciani

      We always enjoy cruising with RCC. I have one request concerning the safety drill. If my group is assigned to a large room, I would like to be escorted to our lifeboat station so I know where to go if any confusion occurs. Thanks for considering this.

      • Adam

        Hi Joy, in the unlikely event of an emergency, crew members will be stationed throughout the ship to direct guests to their muster stations.

  18. Sally Cannon

    I am loyal to Royal Caribbean and in spite of this horrific accident it will have no effect on my decision to cruise again in the future. I would board any Royal Caribbean ship tomorrow if I could. I feel my Royal Caribbean cruises have been the best vacations I have ever taken and I hope to cruise many more times in years to come! Thank you for being one of my favorite things in life!

    • Debbie Mileski

      I totally agree with Sally. I love cruising with Royal Caribbean and will cruise again. I have been on 8 cruises (and the last 7 have been Royal Caribbean), My family and I love the service we get on their ships. We have always felt safe on all of their ships.

      • Adam

        Thanks Debbie!

  19. Jeremy

    Adam, I’m glad to see a post about RCL’s response to this tragedy and had been wondering when we would hear something so kudos to that!

  20. Margaret Riley

    We have sailed many times with Royal Caribbean and have always felt prepared following our safety drills. Even on Allure, as big as it is, we had a great safety drill and felt those conducting it were very prepared. Continue your good work. Hope to sail again soon..

  21. Ed Christy

    W[th half the captains in training, how are the shipsat sea “covered”? I imagine there must be a captain oon each ship.

    • Adam

      Each ship has two dedicated Captains assigned to it. One of these two Captains is onboard at all times. If there is ever a time when a Captain is called away from the ship, the Staff Captain is fully trained and licensed to act as the Master of the vessel. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  22. Arthur Hamlin

    Thank you for talking about this on your blog. We have sailed on RCCL 3 times and are booked again later this year on Freedom of the Seas. This is why I am asking a question. There are comments on your Facebook page referring to an ‘incident’ on Freedom on October 9th. What was this incident and what have you done to correct any shortcomings in the safety procedures on Freedom since? Thanks. See you in a few months!

  23. Teresa T

    Every cruise I have taken with RCCL has had a safety drill prior to leaving the port, and drills during the cruise. I have always felt the crew were trained. This is why I believe Royal Caribbean stands out as one of the best. I will continue to loyally cruise with Royal.
    THANK YOU! for all the dedication to “SAFETY”.

    Prayers to all the families involved on the Costa Concordia.

  24. Kathy Bishop

    On our cruise last year while docked in Labadee, we watched from the beach as Liberty practiced a drill and lowered the life boat. I’m glad to see that RC takes safety very serious. I’m sure after the Costa Concordia accident you will revisit all safety procedures and make improvements where needed.

    My husband is a GM at a nuclear power plant and can relate to what your going through right now. They are still making changes and improvements since the Japan accident required by the NrC. As my husband says, things like this change the industry.

    Keep up the dedication to running a successful company!

    Thank You,
    Kathy Bishop

  25. Rick Belmont

    Drill Baby, Drill!

  26. Susan Budwiser

    I’ve always thought RCCL over did the safety drill. Now I say shame on me……and I applaud you. Never again will I miss one of your safety drills that done before we leave port. This was an eye opener for me and others like me.

  27. Andrew

    It is not only the responsibility of the cruise lines for safety, but it is also passenger’s responsibility to be aware the safety procedures, to participate in safety drills. After all it is our life to protect, so we should all take safety seriously.

  28. Carolyn Bolger

    I appreciate this article and look forward to receiving more updates about safety on Royal Caribbean’s entire fleet. I have personally cruised more than 350 days with Royal Caribbean and am always pleased with the upkeep of all the fleet, know the drills on that first day before sailing is important. I will continue to praise Royal Caribbean to my clients and assure them Royal Caribbean has a great safety record and explain when necessary all the things that the company does to keep their crew prepared for any emergency.

  29. Raymond Allen

    Mr. Goldstein, As a repeat cruiser on your lines I appreciate your candor. However, on the last 2 cruises I have been on I asked the same question of various crew members and received the same answer ever time. The question was… “how often are the lifeboats cycled to ensure their ability to be lowered in a timely manner?” the response was “enough”… So I ask you the same question. The lifeboats I observed had cables that had both paint and rust marks that were worn and had looked as if they had never been cycled to the waterline. After the Costa incident I feel an answer more defining than “enough” is warranted. Thank you for your time in advance.

    • Adam

      The life saving crafts onboard our ships are tested once a month which is over and above the regulation that is required which is once every three months. During this test the lifeboats are lowered into the water and pulled away from the ship. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  30. William Zapata

    I cruised the Allure for 2 weeks in Nov 2011. I have a safty concerned not having life vest in our stateroom. Any comments?

    • Adam

      Mustering without life jackets helps reduce the chance for cross-traffic in stairs and corridors and improves response time at muster stations, as guests do not need to return to their staterooms to retrieve their lifejackets if they are in another part of the ship at the time. Crew members will provide guests with life jackets at the muster stations. In the unlikely event of an emergency, one of the most important aspects is to account for all persons onboard, and this process facilitates that accountability. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  31. Lois

    I bet we are now going to have to bring our life jackets once again to the muenster station drills . Always delighted to know that on RCL we never lleave port with practicing safety first. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait u til my next cruise.

  32. linda sauvigne

    Have been on 5 cruises in the last 3 years on Explorer. We always felt safe and the captain made annuncements every day as to where we were and weather and general info. We even had a problem once and he announced that and informed everyone what was going on several times a day. We never felt in danger and we always had a safety drill right after leaving port. We couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes into the cruise before this was done! Cruising again on Explorer next month and can’t wait.

  33. Steve Westman

    As a veteran of Royal Caribbean cruises, both in the Caribbean and 2 Holyland cruises, I must commend you and RoyalyCaribbean on the scrupulous attention to safety that your captains and crew have shown on every cruise.We might grumble good-naturedly at the pre-cruise muster, but you know what you are doing–and it shows.Keep up the great work–in safety, in cruise itineraries, and in the beautiful ships of the RCI fleet!

  34. David Rappa

    Having sailed on two Voyager Class ships and on the Freedom of the Seas I have witnessed RCI ‘s commitment to safety. The muster drills before the ships depart on each cruise show the passengers this early in the cruise experience. I have returned from shore excursions to find half of the ships lifeboats deployed doing drills. From this to security measures when boarding and leaving the shape I feel safe on your ships. As a leader in technologically advanced ships I feel your ships and crew would never allow an incident like occurred in Italy. I have cruised with other cruise lines but since my first Voyager of the Seas cruise I will never go back. I’m looking forward to cruising on the Oasis or Allure one day. keep up the good work!

    David J Rappa

  35. Tony Brown

    I have heard about pirates attacking some ship can you tell me if they go after cruise ships and without giving away secrets can you tell us what procedures rccl has for an event like this?

  36. Ron Smoak

    As an avid cruiser (15+ cruises & an Emerald RCl member), I have personally seen the emphasis on safety aboard ships. This especially true for RC ships. I have witnessed several real emergency situations where RC crew showed that their training and commitment to safety is taken very seriously. Fortunately all of these situations turned out well. I feel safe on a RC ship. Therefore I choose to cruise on RC. Well done RC.

  37. Theresa Gaudino

    I am very sorry as well for the loss of life that the costa concordia sustained I just would like to say I to are a little worried about cruising I have been on Royal Carribbean more then 20 times and have had nothing but a great experience I appreciat now that upon arriving on the ship Royal carribbean conducts the muster drill almost immeditley I will never say again we just got on the ship Thank you RC for the training that you give the crew and your passangers and I hope to cruise in march again was on the Oasis in october and had a fantastic experience.

  38. Margaret Cooper

    I recently (12/24/11) sailed on the Navigator to the Caribbean. This was my first cruise with RCI. My only other cruise was with Princess a few yrs. ago.

    I enjoyed both of my cruises but felt RCI was a little better customer service-wise & also was a bit more lively.

    I have absolutely no complaints about my RCI cruise. I do have have one comment, however & it fits with the current focus on safety with cruise lines due to the Costa Concordia accident.

    Our muster drill on the Navigator was poorly organized, communicated & carried out.

    We kept asking people where we were supposed to go. Everyone told us some place different. We had a hard time finding out what area & deck we were to go to.

    Then, when we finally got there, we waited a long time for the various crew members to organize people & start the muster drill.

    Also, we were not even required to bring our life vests.

    Most importantly, we could barely hear what our particular muster person was saying.

    In short, if we had had an accident, the muster drill would have been of no help

    In comparison, when I cruised Princess, it was very clear where we went for the drill.

    Different groups went to different parts of the ship.

    I could easily hear what was being said.

    We did have to bring & put on our life vests (good idea if you expect to pull it off while panicked)

    The drill started in a timely matter.

    Anyhow, if I had to say which cruise I line I like better so far, I’d say RCI, EXCEPT for the muster drill.

    Needs some improvement.

    • P.T.Zacholski

      We were on the Navaigator of the Seas, in December. During our drill, we were told to leave our life jackets, in the cabin. Since we have been on several cruises, in the past, we are aware of the way, a life jacket is put on. But, I personally, would like to go back, to having everyone prepared for a drill, in a jacket. Also the noise volumn should be controlled, as we could hear nothing that was being announced. Passengers had drinks in their hand, and acted as if this was a extended party. Lets all realize a accident, could happen.

      • Adam

        Thank you for your voicing your concern, P.T. Zacholski. Mustering without life jackets helps reduce the chance for cross-traffic in stairs and corridors and improves response time at muster stations, as guests do not need to return to their staterooms to retrieve their lifejackets if they are in another part of the ship at the time. Crewmembers will provide guests with life jackets at the muster stations. We also store additional life jackets at each muster station in the event that a different muster station is not viable.

    • Bnnie

      If I am not mistaken, your muster location is printed in big letters on the back of your cabin door.

      • Adam

        Yes, you are correct. Guests’ muster stations are listed on the back of their stateroom door as well as on their Seapass card. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

    • Dave Schieffer

      In addition, your muster location is printed in big letters on the front of your shipboard card.

      • Adam

        Thank you for sharing that suggestion, Dave.

    • Sue Hoffmann

      My husband and I just completed 3 cruises on Navigator of the Seas, 1/8, 1/15 and 1/22/2012. I was very surprised to read the comments by Ms. Cooper because her experience with muster was so vastly different than ours. As we approached our muster station on each cruise, we heard numerous people ask for directions which were promptly and accurately given by crew members. Directions for procedures in case of a real emergency were announced over the loud speaker system (which we have experienced on numerous other RCI ships) and instructions on the proper method of putting on life jackets, placement of of the whistle and emergency light on the vest, etc. were also given over the PA system. It is always made clear to passengers that no drinking, eating or use of cell phones, ipads, etc. is permitted during the lifeboat drill (muster).

      Sometimes the rude and inconsiderate behavior of passengers who talk over the announcements cannot be controlled by others.

      We once had a RCI captain announce that he would not leave the pier until everyone had reported for muster. Kudos to RCI captains and crew who always insist that passengers report for muster and who are well trained in the emergency procedures.

      We hope that the recent tragedy is never repeated and extend our prayers to all those who were involved in the Concordia incident.

      • Adam

        Thanks for your comment, Sue.

  39. Dave Humphries

    I continue to cruise with RCL & have 2 planned in 2012.
    We always have been happy with our cruise and your great staff at all levels.
    Muster drill have always been held before leaving port.


    Dave Humphries

  40. Harriet Gilbeet Hanson

    I have been cruising on Royal Caribbean with all of my extended family since the 1970′s (Song of Norway) and next
    month on the Allure of the Seas and have ALWAYS felt safe and secure! Thanks! from all the Hansons,, Palmers, Hopes and Smiths.

    Harriet Hanson
    Diamond Plus

  41. Rey P. Gara

    “Safety is a journey rather than a destination”
    That’s why RCI is the best…


  42. Kristy C.

    When I heard of the recent Costa Concordia disaster, my heart broke for the families and loved ones of those involved. I had just returned from a Royal Caribbean cruise on the Allure of the Seas on January 8, 2012, and after hearing about the accident, my friends and family all asked me if I was hesitant to cruise in the future. My answer was an immediate ‘no.’ I have been on 4 Royal Caribbean cruises, and I have always felt safe in your hands. The professionalism and skill of your staff is evident, as is Royal Caribbean’s commitment to safety. Thank you for this message, and thank you for taking good care of your guests.

  43. Rob Hoehn

    Can you elaborate on what “e-mustering procedures” are and how these are different from the mustering operations of the vessels in the fleet. Thanks.

  44. Beverly Almond

    Thank you for your reassuring comments regarding safety. I have 7 cruises booked on Royal Caribbean for the next 12 months and will not hesitate to sail on all of them. I feel no safety issues while on a cruise. Keep up the good work!!

  45. Donald Davis

    I think all Cruise lines need to re-think their Lifeboat procedures. Recent disaster brought out two flaws. What happens when the tilt of the ship prevents use of lifeboats on one side. Second, time could be critical in the deploying lifeboats, waiting until everyone on a specific boat shows up could result in all failing to deploy, or upon given the order to leave, what is the plan for those that show up late? Maybe each raft should also carry an inflatable raft that can hold about the same amount if one side is unusable. Should be able have portable wireless devices that can scan keycard or key in cabin number and record as the people enter deck and start on both ends and fill the lifeboats as soon as enough people are present. Make room pursers responsible for clearing rooms. Once room verified empty(Nobody and Lifevests gone) put a seal on door- makes follow-on checking easier. Process needs to be time sensitive ….time allowed passengers back in rooms to get medications/coats/​valuables versus safety for passengers and crew clearing rooms.

    • Carol Langer

      Donald Davis: Your suggestions were positively wonderful. While there are enough lifeboats for passengers , no one has talked about the precautions if one side of the boat prevents getting into the boats… I think at the muster drill “in the event of ” alternatives should be presented.

    • Adam

      All of our ships have sufficient survival craft for everyone on board, plus additional capacity in reserve, per regulatory requirements. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  46. Janette McCrea

    My husband and I just sailed on the Oasis of the Seas, December 31, 2011. In light of the recent events on the Costa Concordia I was thinking about the safety drill on board the Oasis. My husband and I have taken several cruises and this was our first cruise where we were not required to take our life jackets to our muster station, which at the time we thought was a great idea. But reflecting back neither my husband or I can recall where our life jackets were located in our cabin. We know for sure that they were not on the bed or inside the closet, my husband said to me tonight that maybe they were under the bed. Now if that is the case and we were advised that during the safety drill – we must of missed that part, which I can only assume others did too. I feel that if the life jackets had been laid on our bed, they would have been fresh in our minds and if we decided to store them in the closet in the event that there was a real-life situation it would be fresh in our minds where they are located.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comments and we look forward to sailing of the Radiance of the Seas from Hawaii to Vancouver April 22, 2012.

  47. Ethelmae Beers

    The past two cruises I have been on with Royal and Carnival were not as organized or detailed in the mustering drill as I had experienced previously. We didn’t even have to put on our life jackets. Something I felt was needed. People panic and when this happens they need to have had practice doing certain safety measures. This is especially true of children, They need to have a chance to wear their life jacket during a safe time so they are acqauinted with the way it feels and won’t panic as much if they have to use it for real. Schools practice fire drills every month so that all students and staff will know exactly what to do if there is an emergency. As a passenger I will would feel more comfortable seeing a demonstration of how the lifeboat will be lowered rather just being told this is where you will get your boat. As proven by the Costa tragedy, the crew didn’t even know how or the cables were inoperable. This is something I have wondered about. Are the life boats lowered regularly to make sure the cables are free and easy to release etc.? When I questioned our muster station person why we didn’t put life jackets on for the drill, they said people complained it was too hot, etc. So let them complain, we are talking about the safety of all. A little time out of the beginning of your vacation and discomfort is worth it if it means saving your life later.

    • Adam

      The life saving crafts onboard our ships are tested once a month which is over and above the international that is required which is once every three months. During this test the lifeboats are lowered into the water and pulled away from the ship. The life saving crafts are also inspected weekly to make sure they are in working order.

      • Gary

        I and my family are happy life jackets are not required at the muster drill, having sailed many times on RCCL, i have seen many people , young and old, having a hard time walking down the stairs with them on, visabilty is bad while trying to look down at the stairs, I have witnessed many trip and falls . So i commend RCCL for not requiring them any more.

  48. David Weatherford

    I know it was the ship and some of the crew who are to blame for this accident- We had done 5 cruises and never seen anything what we have seen from this cruise and the some of the crew. Our prayers go out for all the people and hope they will able to go again. We don’t blame to company but hope they find out who’s the blame and that they get what coming to them
    David Weatherford

  49. Sue Misudek

    Thank you Adam for your truthful, insightful and timely words of inspiration and encouragement to your staff and those if us considering cruise travel at this time.

    My family has observed that every time we are planning a trip, a train derails, an airplane skids off the runway or a ship runs aground – at least it seems that way… I know that we are a small community now in this techno-saturated world. Accidents probably happen every day – but only when there is a possibility that we could be affected by one, does our focus shift to that news story.

    What happened the other day is tragic. Real people – mothers, fathers, sons and daughters lost their lives when they were just relaxing and enjoying a wonderful, beautiful experience (one that should have created lifetime of memories to cherish and revisit on cold, winter nights and at times when travel is no longer possible). Instead, there is heartache and loss and nightmares where memories should be.

    As we selfishly continue to plan for our trip this fall, I want to thank you for bringing the focus of recent events to where they can only be directed to maximize the best of outcomes – safe travels for all in the future. If you put together a memorial or effort of comfort for the families who have suffered, you may include my name as someone who wishes them only the best. Thank you for being the kind of leader that others want to follow.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Sue. We appreciate your support.

  50. Cheyl Kooistra

    I could not believe it when I saw the ship hit the coral riff. This is why I trust Royal Caribbean when I cruise. This is also a lesson for the people who do not want to pay attention when we do the drills. I trust the crew of RC not to do anything this stupid that would indanger the passangers or the ship. People often ask me Why do you choose RC when there are cheeper cruise companies to pick from. It is because you get what you pay for. The crew, staff, the ship have the quality I am looking for and I do not worry. I worry more about the Air Lines getting me to the ship on time. So gool luck and keep up the good work!!:O)

    • Adam

      Thank you for your continued support, Cheyl.

  51. Christine Taylor

    I have sailed with you three times and obviously done the safety procedure and thankfully never needed to use it once but couldn’t help thinking after this tragedy about something I was unsure of, maybe you can help?

    In the event of having to go into life boats for whatever reason the life jackets were in our rooms, if you were not in your room at the time of having to go to the muster station would there be life jackets at the muster station or do you have to get them from the room.

    Hope you can answer this question for me?

    • Adam

      In the event of an emergency we ask that all guests immediately head to their muster stations no matter where they are at the time. Crew members will distribute life jackets to all guests at each muster station where extra life jackets are stored. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  52. Marina Caraway

    We sail with RC twice. Our first cruise was on the Mariner of the Seas down to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas to Puerto Vallarta, leaving from Los Angeles (2010), Last year 2011 we went to Eastern Caribbean on Allure of the Seas. wonderful ship, excellente service, great and friendly crew. We felt very safe and we’ll be cruising again this coming December-January to the Caribe or somewhere else. We not afraid of cruising with a company that has show us to be Numero Uno in the business.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your continued support, Marina.

  53. Randy Brahm

    I am a Diamond Plus passenger with RCCL and I thank you for your prompt message as always. I kept thinking to myself that this tragedy would not have happened to a Royal Caribbean ship. Thank you for always keeping us in the loop.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your continued support, Randy.

  54. William HURST

    I have sailed with Royal Caribbean several times and have never felt unsafe at any time. I am packing to sail in 3 weeks and cannot be looking more forward to going. Royal Caribbean Captains have all been very professional and
    entertaining at the same time. My hat is off to a wonderful cruise line in my opinon one of the best and the one I will continue to sail with. Thank you and all your employees for all the good times I’ve had crusing.

    • Adam

      You are welcome, William. Thank you for your kind words and continued support.

  55. Lisa Langrell

    I never doubted for a second, the safety and experience that RCCL puts behind their captains and crews. Like all things in life and unfortunately at times as in what has occurred with Costa, we all learn from others’ mistakes. Good will come out of that tragedy and at minimum, a reinforcement and a double check of safety aboard all ships from all cruise companies. The unfortunate timing of this for me what we booked a cruise on Adventure for this April 2 weeks before the Costa disaster and we are taking my father inlaw..whom..has NEVER stepped foot on a cruise ship.I am not sure what went through his mind but I did reassure him that nothing like this has ever occured since the Titanic and that speaks volumes as cruising being one of the safest modes of transportation and vacationing in the world. I am sure cruisers have asked RCCL many questions as a result of this latest tragedy and I think you do right by putting it all out there so that we “Loyal Royals” who may be a little uneasy are quickly reassured. I hope that the families that were aboard the Concordia that survived or lost loved ones find inner strength and peace as the days, months and years come to pass. Thanks Adam.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Lisa. Perhaps you can share this safety video with your Father in Law before your cruise. The video includes a great deal of information about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships.

      • Scott Jensen

        I would suggest you put a link to this safety video in your blog post at the top or at least as a “P.S.” to that blog post.

  56. Michelle Gauthier

    Just wanted to thank Royal Caribbean. I love to cruise, and only cruise with Royal Caribbean! The care and dedication by staff at every level has always exceeded our expectations. As sad as the recent tragedy aboard the Costa Concordia is, I have no fears for cruising because I know that I am in very capable hands when sailing with RB!
    Thank you for always providing the very best experiences for us!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your continued support, Michelle.


    I have cruised twice on Royal Caribbean and I love your cruise line! Royal Caribbean is the ONLY cruise line I will travel with!
    On my first cruise the lifeboat muster was at the lifeboats so if an emergency I knew where to go. On my second cruise, The Jewel of the Sea 1/07/2012, the muster was in the theater. They did an Excellent job on what to do and how to wear your life jacket. But we DID NOT GO TO THE LIFEBOATS. I did not take the time on my own to find my lifeboat so if there was an emergence I,and everyone else, would not have know where our lifeboat was.
    I think you need to combine the presentation that was in the Theater and going to the lifeboats.

    I am looking forward to my next cruise with Royal Caribbean!

    Dianne Bernard

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestion, Dianne. We have taken note of it and will pass it along.

  58. helen - mama monarch

    When it comes to safety issues I have the utmost confidence in Royal. Yes accidents occur but Royal seems to train their crews on how best to react if the unthinkable does happen. I have watched the crew drill, time and time again, with everyone involved. Only the ship’s cat seems to be missing. I have seen waiters and cooks manning lifeboats, officers watching, timing and correcting procedures over and over again. This cross training in all aspects of safety procedures is good, in the respect that any crew member is qualified to step into anothers shoes and effectively take over, if necessary. I place my trust in Royal to keep me safe. The only thing extra I will personally do is carry a torch in my purse, in case the power goes off.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your support Helen.

  59. Carrie

    I want to express my sympothy for the passengers, crew as well as their family and friends affected by the Costa Concordia accident. This is truly a devestating time for so many. Not only the ones directly affected but anyone who has not had a chance to cruise and may never do so because of the fear of this happening to them. My family and I just very much enjoyed cruising on the Oasis of the Seas this past December. We had not only a fun and classy experience, but a safe one too. I love crusing with Royal Cariebbean! We have always had our safety drill the very day we board the ship, almost immediatly after leaving port. I have never appreciated that more than I do now. The crew on all the Royal Ships I have sailed with are always organized and very helpful not only during the drills but in everything they do. If what we’re hearing through the media is correct I’m confused as to why the Captain would not have evacuated the ship once they realized they were taking in water. Yes, it may have been innconvientent to the passengers if the ship was going to be okay, but so what! At least all the lifeboats would have been able to be used and it could have been more oderly, without casualties. Isn’t that what the life boats are for?! To save lives – not wait until half of them are submerged in the sea, leaving everyone in a panic. I feel all of that could have been avoided if after the ship was damaged the proper evacuation proceedures were executed without delay! I have total confidence with Royal Carribean and will NEVER cruise with another liner. While I’m pretty sure this is something that won’t likely happen again – I still just feel safer with Royal. Thank you Royal Caribbean.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your loyalty and support, Carrie.

  60. Angela Griffiths

    Royal Caribbean’s safety is amazing, thorough lifeboat drill completed before departure. Never any problems on any cruise that’s why we always book with them.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your continued support, Angela.

  61. Marilyn Smith

    I sailed recently on the Oasis of the Seas and I did not like the fact that the life jackets instead of being stored in your room, were only available at the muster station. If you couldn’t get to the muster station in an emergency ,you wouldn’t have a
    jacket to put on. I think this should be changed, I felt more comfortable when the jackets were available in my room.
    Especially if you’re elderly. Thanks for listening to me. I had a great cruise and was royally treated while on the ship.


    • Adam

      Hi Marilyn, mustering without life jackets helps reduce the chance for cross-traffic in stairs and corridors and improves response time at muster stations, as guests do not need to return to their staterooms to retrieve their lifejackets if they are in another part of the ship at the time. Crew members will provide guests with life jackets at the muster stations. In the unlikely event of an emergency, one of the most important aspects is to account for all persons onboard, and this process facilitates that accountability. We also store additional life jackets at each muster station in the event that a different muster station is not viable. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

      • Dottie

        On the Allure, no life jackets are in the staterooms. We are told they will be handed out at your muster station. And what if “Your muster station” is under water?? Ours was outside on a lower deck, if the ship is leaning and you can’t get to your station — or if there is no staff member to pass out 6,000+ life jackets, what happens next? At least on other ships, you feel somewhat more safe with knowing where a life jacket is. Also, we were unable to hear anything of the safety briefing as it was held outside in the Aqua theater with wind and rain. I have cruised 20 times on various ships and this was by far the worst.

  62. Nancy Taylor

    I was recently on the Allore of the Seas in January and was concerned that the life vests were all in a cabinet in the theater for our section. Isn’t this going to be a mad scramble with someone trying to pass out life vests to hundreds of people all crowed into this area and fighting there way back out? I have always felt very safe traveling on our many cruises with Royal Caribben but this past disaster with the Costa Line has really made me think of my safety.

    • Adam

      Mustering without life jackets helps reduce the chance for cross-traffic in stairs and corridors and improves response time at muster stations, as guests do not need to return to their staterooms to retrieve their lifejackets if they are in another part of the ship at the time. Crew members will provide guests with life jackets at the muster stations. In the unlikely event of an emergency, one of the most important aspects is to account for all persons onboard, and this process facilitates that accountability. We also store additional life jackets at each muster station in the event that a different muster station is not viable. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  63. Guy

    My wife and I love cruising. We have made it our primary form of vacationing for the last 20+ years. And RCCL is our favorite cruise line. We are very concerned about the latest accident in Italy. Seems like the last few years accidents in the industry are on the rise.
    If safety is an important issue, and the industry as a whole is determined to make safety a priority, then you should drop the max. recovery in the contract for loss due to accident or loss of property. Or at least allow people to opt out.

    Thanks G. Graham

  64. Pastor Monts

    Adam thanks to both you and Richard. I really appriciate what you are doing. “SEA” you soon.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the kind words, we look forward to seeing you onboard soon.

  65. Maria Murry

    I’ve always felt that Royal Caribbean has been a leader of safety. Even after the lastest events, I feel cruise travel is superior.
    The unfortunate reality is that whatever ship a person sails on, the question in everyone’s mind will be “Will the Captain abandon us.” I’m sure how to rebuilt the trust is a question all cruise lines are wondering.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your support, Maria.

  66. corinne

    I would only cruise with Royal from now on, though I would like to see the life jackets back in the rooms.



    Glad you took my advice from my posting a few days ago asking for a blog like this. See the great response so far ? I still think Capt. Wright could give a good prospective from a professional mariners point of view.

    Capt. Bob Lufkin

  68. Heidi

    I will be taking my 6th Royal Caribbean cruise in just a couple of weeks. I have loved every one of these cruises and have recognized the care that RC takes with my safety. I was, however, disappointed at the general nature of this blog post. I was really hoping for more specific information regarding RC’s safety policies, procedures, and plans for improvement. As an upcoming cruiser, it would make me feel much better to know a little more.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Heidi. You can find more information about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, in our latest safety video.

  69. Jean Haslam

    A very good article, after 36 cruises with RCCL and nine transatlactic cruises I have always felt very safe on board any of the ships the crew do a wonderful job and we already have three cruises booked this year two which are transatlantic and feel very comfortable, keep up the great job you are doing.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words and support, Jean. We look forward to welcoming you back onboard soon.

  70. Linda Kinsey

    We have cruised with RC L many times and we are impressed with the dedecation and training of most crew members.
    Last week when we were on the Freedom the life jackets were in the rooms.The one additonal saftey instruction that we would like to request is a printed map of the stairs and corridors in the crew only part of the ship that would be used when the passenger corridors are blocked or closed by the fire doors.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment and your suggestion, Linda.

  71. Beth M

    My husband and I sailed with RCCL 3 years ago celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. If I am recalling correctly, the muster drill was on day 2 of the cruise. We all went to our assigned stations but could not hear what the people in charge were saying. They didn’t have bull horns or microphones. The loud speaker was only used to tell everyone when the drill was over. No explanation of how to deploy life boats or actually evacuate were given. Thankfully this information was never needed on our trip and we had a really good time, but there is definitely room for process improvement of this safety drill if this is still the standard procedure.

  72. David Rappa

    I just learned that the Costa Concordia had no muster drill before leaving port on their cruise. This is unforgivable and irresponsible. I appreciate that RCI does this on the first afternoon in port.

    David J Rappa

    • Adam

      Thank you for your support, David. The safety of our guests and our crew will always be our top priority.

  73. S Gail

    We were on a Royal Caribbean cruise when the accident happened with Costa Concordia. We had no fears or worries about RCCL. . RCCL is the only cruise line that I will get on. It’s my favorite and best out of all them. Keep up the good work.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with those from the Costa Concordia…

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words and your support.

  74. MDtraveler

    CEO and fellow bloggers,
    Thank you for positng the message and reminding us of your dedication to safety.

    I have plans for my 3rd Euoropean Cruise on RCCL this summer and was quite concerned. This was quite contrary to my experience with RCCL with drills and safety checks including that seen with the kids program.

    My heart goes out to the families, victims and fellow cruisers that may have been affected by the ordeal.
    I am happy to be apart of the cruising history with RCCL

    • Adam

      Thank you for your support.

  75. Jack & Sue McLaughlin

    Thank you for the update on RC’s attention to the safety of your passengers, crew, and ships. We are scheduled for a 15 day Suez Canal cruise this coming December and our kids are a little scared to go after what happened on the Costa Concordia. We’ve reminded them of the muster drills on each cruise we’ve been on but what they’re mainly concerned with is that half the lifeboats were under water on the Costa Concordia. Is there a plan B for getting the passengers off the ship in case half the lifeboats aren’t accessible? Our kids are 17 and 10 and have been on many cruises with us and we don’t want them to be afraid to cruise. Of course, we realize that something happening while at sea is very unlikely . However, as this last week has shown us, it is possible.

    Thank you again for your commitment to safety.

    • Adam

      Hi, Jack and Sue, all of our ships have sufficient survival craft for everyone on board, plus additional capacity in reserve, per regulatory requirements. You can find more information about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, in our latest safety video.

  76. M. Payne

    After reading about the tragedy at sea, I was anxious to see Adam’s comments. I have always felt very safe with RCCL and will continue to cruise when my schedule and budget allows. As a dedicated Crown and Anchor Society member, I hope that RCCL will share the knowledge and experience that it has acquired to make the seas safe for all of the cruise companies. As we continue to build “floating cities”, I am concerned about how to manage the huge numbers of people safely and trust that there will be some thought given to this process on a regular basis.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, and for your support. You can find more information about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, in our latest safety video.

  77. hong

    I took a cruise with Royal Caribbean from 13 Jan 2012 to 21 Jan 2012 on board and Bali island. I have always felt safe on board of the ship. Japanese coordinator working at Royal Caribbean was very friendly (YUKI) and Singapore friends with me on board . I saw a child walking down stairs, I was very interested in a child face because she is mixed-white people and Asian. Her mother is Asia, her father is a white person. She is so beautiful. I asked her ” Where are you from?” She said, but I didn’t understand what she said. Then, her parents come to pick her up. From then I have always wanted to approach her. The last day on board of the ship in the evening, I wanted to take a picture with a child but I couldn’t find her again.Now I wish I could meet her and her parents again. It is really an unforgettable experience on board of the ship. Thank you Royal Caribbean

  78. Allan Morton

    You just sent me an email about the subject of safety with a link, “Click here to watch”, a video about the subject. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take you to the video, it takes you to a web page about safety and security, NOT the video. The page does have a link to the video but, not the video. That mistake really made me feel safe.

  79. Mary McTevia

    Mr. Goldstein and the entire RCI family,

    While watching the horrors of the Costa Concordia, it reminded me how blessed we are to sail with RCCL. I was sputtering to my husband as I watched the news; “What no muster drill?” and “What was he doing so close to shore?” and “They have maps AND the latest technology to see whats in front them”!

    I feel so horrible for the families of the people lost and for the families who had to go through that experience. Cruising is supposed to be the BEST of times; but because of one mans actions, it was the worst of times. The happiest times in my life are on the ship. I live for it! I just don’t expect to give my LIFE for it.

    Thanks for ensuring that we are safe onboard. That is why we cruise Royal Caribbean. That and for many other very fun reasons!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your support, Mary.

  80. Dub

    On every cruise, I see wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers stored in the corridors overnight. Isn’t this a fire/evacuation safety hazard? When I report this to the Guest Relations staff, they make a show of writing down my information, but nothing changes. On my most recent cruise on the Navigator, there was a scooter parked in forward exit stairway access for the the starboard corridor every night of the cruise. What can be done?

  81. Otto Debenedictis

    My wife and I are Diamond Plus cruisers, very happy with Royal. We know that the accident tragedy on Costa Concordia, was, according to news sources, preventable and human error. We are still booking new cruises
    with Royal, and have confidence in safety rules and all regulations being followed. However, our question concerns
    security and safety on board. If royal has a security or police force that it employs on each ship, we have not seen
    many of them. Are they there and visible? What is their training in handling unruly passengers or other safety
    concerns on board? Can you also, tell us why the Costa Concordia went off its designated course ? Is this a common practice followed by other Ship captains? What about reported passengers on board that were not on
    ships manifest.

    • Adam

      Unfortunately we are not able to speculate on the incident itself, however I can tell you that the safety and security is the industry’s and our highest priority. We have a highly qualified and capable security team that is on duty 24/7 to ensure the safety of our guests and crew. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  82. Fred M

    As a travel agent and a cruiser myself, what has struck me is what do you do if an accident does occur out at sea and not so close to land if the ship lists quickly as it seems this one did about getting off and into life boats. One side is under water and the other side is tilted. In future safety studies I think this is something that needs to be addressed as to alternate ways to evacuate a ship.

    The other question I have is you saw that on the left side of the ship the 160 foot gash, but the ship listed to the right.

    I have sailed on RCCL and agree with all of the above that there saftey drills are done right away and saftey is always stressed. I feel very comfortable on their ships for me and my family and suggest RCCL first when someone looks for a cruise.

    • Adam

      Per industry regulations life saving crafts are designed to work even when the ship is listing at a maximum of 20 degrees. The life saving crafts are also designed with “skates” along side so that they may be lowered along the side of the ship if needed. For more information and a video about safety and security in the cruise industry and our ships, please go to this link.

  83. Andrew

    We’re sailing with Royal Caribbean for the first time in April, having cruised only once before, with Princess, last year. Whilst I have no doubt cruising is a very safe form of transport and I wouldn’t consider changing my holiday plans for one minute, the sad accident with the Costa Concordia certainly focuses one’s mind on safety. Therefore, I feel very reassured to read the CEO’s blog affirming Royal Caribbean’s commitment to safety and learning lessons from the Costa Concordia. It is equally reassuring to read previous passenger’s comments confirming Royal Caribbean’s high safety standards, which very much aligns with what I read in the press.

    Many thanks and roll on April!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Andrew. We look forward to seeing you onboard with us in April.

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  85. Robert Jagar

    My wife Carol and I have cruised with Royal Caribbean for 138 days and on Celebrity for 26 days. The officers and crew of Royal Caribbean always make us feel safe and they truly care about our well being. Captain Olaf (Explorer of the Seas) and his staff are ever vigilant and obviously present to chat and discuss cruising life. What occurred on the Costa Concordia could not take place on a Royal Caribbean ship. We cruised the Mediterranean on Brilliance of the Seas and explored the Caribbean on Explorer of the Seas; magnificent is an understatement. Royal Caribbean is the Royalty of cruising!

    • Adam

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Robert.

  86. Tammy

    I love Royal Caribbean and it is one of my top sellers as a Travel Consultant, but I have a huge concern;

    I had clients cruise on the Voyager of the Seas out of New Orleans last month and after this tragic accident with Costa, I found out that my clients did not have a muster drill until day 2 of their Voyager cruise. Why was this and what if this tragedy had happened to the Voyager on the first night and this drill had not been done?

    I realize that a muster drill has to take place within 24 hours of embarkation, but why would any Captain or Cruise line leave the port without this drill completed if passenger safety is first?

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    Royal is the ONLY line we cruise…we want to try Celebrity, BUT.. always go back to Royal, even though you are related. We also like our Diamond Plus status. Maybe someday, but for now… We’re LOYAL to ROYAL!!! We put our lives in your hands several times a year! See you on the Jewel again Jan 30th.

    • Adam

      Thank you for your loyalty, Susan. We hope you’re enjoying your time onboard Jewel of the Seas.

  90. Deborah Brearley

    Dear Adam,
    We have been cruising with RCCL since 1993 and will bea double diamond Crown & Anchor members next month.
    I’m very disappointed at the increase in rates for the 3rd person. We just booked a 2013 cruise on the Freedom of the Seas (3rd time for this room) and I just can’t believe that we are paying 65% of the cost of the 1st & 2nd person in our handicapped junior suite. 1st & 2nd person – $$1,649.00 and 3rd person who is my handicapped, 82 year old mother-in- law- $1,079.00. How can this be?? I called your certified vacation planner service department and spoke with someone who was not very friendly. The answer she gave me was it’s because of SUPPLY & DEMAND.
    We booked this cruise OVER a year in advance. We also have NEVER paid this much for the 3rd person. In fact, we have 3 rooms booked this year and the 3rd person is not even half price of the 1st and 2nd person in the rooms.
    We love Royal Caribbean and have been a faithful cruiser for many years, and we don’t want to change cruise lines.
    Just curious as to why the increase!!!

    Deborah & John

  91. Helen

    I have travelled on Royal 4 times and like those that have commented before me the attention to safety is beyond compare. I applaud the confirmation through Alan’s message of that fact and continued focus to growth in that arena. Personally I recall my first cruise with Royal and as you would expect some folks didn’t show up for the safety muster. What fascinated me was the specific call out for those people to arrive. We all waited until they arrived. It didn’t take long and they showed up. The crew member of our station reminded us all, including the newly arrived and quite embarrassed folks that while this seemed tedious it was for all of us. He also said that he personally had never been called to use these skills on a cruise with Royal but the reminder was good for all. Unfortunately instances such as the tragedy in Italy remind us of that fact. My heart goes out to those on the Costa and their families.

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Helen. We appreciate our guests’ understanding and patience regarding our commitment to ensuring the safety of each and every one of our guests.

  92. Anita Hendersob

    RCCL IS the BEST cruise line and I’m glad to know that when I sail with you…SAFETY is a priority!! I’ve cruise with the RCL Family 10 times so far…and I am looking forward to my upcoming cruise on Celebrity Cruises as well! Thanks for ALWAYS putting passenger SAFETY 1ST!! I too will never look at another MUSTER DRILL the same again! I truly welcome it! Thaks, again!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your kind words, Anita. We appreciate your loyalty and we look forward to welcoming you back onboard soon.

  93. K Nunn

    I have been cruising With RCCL since my Honeymoon in ’92. In Sept. ’97 my husband and I took my in-laws on their first cruise to Bermuda. It had always been a dream of my mother in law to go. The entire family then decided to join us knowing my mother in law would be happier with all her kids with her. We totaled 10. Imagine our disappointment when the ship left the dock only to anchor over night in NY Harbor! The captain had decided to wait out a storm passing at sea. We would be loosing 1 of our 5 days of vacation. Two other cruise lines went on ahead. Needless to say not many folks were happy with our Captain: until we reached Bermuda and saw the hull of one ship caved in and heard stories of pianos flipping and passengers hurt. It was then I put my full trust in the Captain and RCCL’s commitment to safety. Cruising has not always been calm,( leaving NJ in Dec. wasn’t fun) but I always feel safe with RCCL.

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. The safety and security of guests is the industry’s and our highest priority and we appreciate our guests’ understanding and patience when this sometimes impacts their planned itinerary.

  94. Nancy Harvey

    As an active cruiser and one who has been on your cruise ships numerous times, I felt compelled to respond to your email sent to my inbox on this date. While I appreciate your attempt to show compassion and understanding regarding the tragedy aboard the Costa Concordia, I was appalled at the thinly veiled marketing ploy being used and targeted toward both experienced cruisers like me and those who might be entertaining the idea of taking a cruise for the first time. I also received, on the same date, another letter from Celebrity Cruise Lines, (which we all know, Royal Caribbean International owns) written in the same vein, albeit with just a little more sympathy than what was spelled out in your letter.

    Sir, I have been on your cruise ships; I have seen and talked to numerous members of your crews, I have diligently attended your lifeboat drills. I have also tallied, in total, over 50 cruises in my lifetime; on RCL, Celebrity, Carnival, Norwegian, Dolphin and various others. I know this may not seem like a lot of cruises to some; to others it would be a large number. Regardless, I can tell you, emphatically, Royal Caribbean International is absolutely, without question – NO DIFFERENT than any other cruise line! You may try to tout RCL as being devoted to safety across the board, but you will never, ever – no matter what you write to me or anyone else – make me believe that your cruise line is better in this area, in any way, shape or form.

    It’s well known to veteran cruisers, cruise line employees bounce around sometimes, from one line to another. You meet cruise members who stay with one company forever, then you have those who choose to go work for someone else. Even ship captains have been known to change from one line to another. Ship captains are trained in various places all around the world. I seriously doubt that RCL solely hires from one specific school or institution.

    As far as the lifeboat drills are concerned, RCL’s certainly do not differ from any other cruise line. There is just as much rudeness, noise and disorganization as anyone else. Requiring all your passengers to attend, checking all the cabins and marching the passengers up the stairs to the lifeboats, does not a professional lifeboat drill make! Just because you dress up your crew members in colorful uniforms and give them clearly marked caps doesn’t mean they are any more trained, diligent and orchestrated than any other cruise line.

    Even if you truly think that Royal Caribbean International has a better safety record and better trained crews, the timing of your email is despicable. I was truly appalled to read it. My first thought went back to that horrible day in September 2001, when 4 planes; 2 belonging to US Airways and 2 belonging to American Airlines, were lost along with so many of my fellow Americans.

    What if, after a respectable period of time had passed, Delta Airlines or United Airlines CEOs decided to put out such a letter as yours, telling perspective air travelers what a marvelous safety record they had and encouraging people to get back on their planes because they had better trained pilots and more responsible crews? I strongly urge you to think about that.
    You and all the other CEOs of every single cruise line should be grateful you have been so lucky as to not have anything so tragic occur on one of your ships so far!

    Your sales pitch did not work with me, sir. I’m not afraid of cruising and never will be. I am going on a cruise with Carnival in 4 days from the date of this letter. What your letter did to me is cause a great deal of disrespect for you and your company, due to your greed and tremendous desire to rout something out of a tragedy. You should be ashamed of yourself.


      Ouch ! The intent of the email was to communicate the dedication to safety and I do believe there is a clear difference in this commitment between cruise lines. I doubt every cruise line has the training simulator that RCCL has. Airlines do the same thing. Hundreds of hours in a simulator, going through every disaster that could occour, before ever setting foot on the bridge. That makes a real difference.

      • Linda

        I agree with you, Bob…..Ouch!

    • Terri

      What? How did you get a sales pitch out the e-mail? And what really set you off? When I read your post, I couldn’t help but wonder what was the real reason you found it necessary to attack like that…

      I myself found everything I have seen from Royal Caribbean to be professional, courteous, and pretty assuring. And unlike you, I do think that Royal Caribbean does indeed do things better than other cruise lines. I don’t believe their safety record has anything to do with luck as you put it, and has everything to do with well-trained leadership and crews. As I was reading the above posts, I can see where some concerns might warrant additional attention or clarification, but overall, I believe RCCL to be the best of all of the cruise lines.

      I would like to see constructive criticism instead of spewing out words of dissatisfaction…That way they can look at what needs to be addressed and take care of it. And I hope that RCCL will look at the above CONSTRUCTIVE comments and see what can improved. Your post simply showed that you just can’t make everyone happy. Enjoy your Carnival cruise; I’d like to see what comments you make after that cruise and what faults you find there…As for me, I’ll take Royal Caribbean any day over any other cruise line.

  95. Patrick Teeling

    Having reviewed the comments to your blog post, I find them “interesting.” From die in the wool RCCL cruisers to those who are perhaps upset with the timing and commercialization of this blog post.

    How about some constructive comments to a blog?? Isn’t that the purpose? First, all of our friends were upset to see the female crew member on board the Cordia, sending passengers back to their cabins. Miscommunication from the bridge? From the safety officer? Who? How does RCCL intend to face such questions? A complete loss of electrical power on a ship does not appear to be something addressed by “returning to your rooms”.

    Most observers in the press have agreed that most passenger and ships should be able to remove all passengers within 30 minutes. The Concordia was 5 hours. Has anyone actually drilled RCCL crew to see how long it takes to remove passengers in the different classes of vessels? I am absolutely emotional with the analysis of the loss of life in Italy – - the very young [5 years old] and the passengers over 65. I believe that some of these casualties had never sailed or cruised before. I have seen disabled guests on my RCCL cruises and asked “who will take care of these folks in a disaster?”. I’ve always been assured that “we have plans in place for such things”. I hope so. Perhaps RCCL should revisit plans to evacuate the very young and the older guests.

    The one thing that I believe that all cruise companies should face is that their safety drills are probably done in a testing environment. Does RCCL have drills with passengers screaming, confused, ignoring crew instructions, and even taking over the lifeboats? I hope that you do. RCCL needs to be assured that their staff can meet ANY event in real life situations, just as they practiced them in training.

    A final suggestion in a rather long post: In our last few cruises, the muster drill did not require the donning of the life vests. I, of all people, appreciated being permitted to attend the drill in a lounge or meeting area. Chairs are far more comfortable than standing for 20 minutes, and not having to drag the vest around was nice. In light of the Italian sinking, PLEASE bring back the formal muster drills, with life vests, for ALL to attend next to the lifeboat where they are assigned. I can only imagine the utter despair and horror of the passengers, who did not know where to go to assemble; did not know which life boat they were assigned; and did not know even what deck the boats were located. Imagine stumbling over people and furniture, trying to find “where do I go” and “where is my lifeboat”? RCCL is now strongly pushing that cruises are for families. Imagine RCCL trying to explain the loss of children, separated from their parents, or perishing in a sinking. REQUIRE your captains and safety officers to hold muster drills on EVERY sailing before they leave port (even if there IS fog and the departure is delayed). Don’t wait until the next morning.

    I consider myself a RCCL cruiser. I thought that there was NO OTHER cruise line better (until I had a Great experience on a 3 day Disney cruise). I’m still RCCL Blue Blood (or is that White & Blue bllood?) through and through. We have a cruise planned out of Galveston on Feb.. 5th, and a transatlantic in April (with a back to back around the Med on April 29th). I guess the Fall transatlantic cruise from Copenhagen in September should also be noted. We love RCCL. You do a great job of putting your officers, captains and corporate representatives out for the public to meet (e.g. Capt. Bill Wright and Lisa Bauer. We still believe that your ships are the best in the industry for safety, and have gladly told all of our friend how we feel. However, could we actually SEE some training on the ships? I’ve heard the drills for the fire prevention crew. But how about actually SEEING your crew members training for evacuations? Perhaps even ask for volunteers from the Meet and Mingle events for the Crown and Anchor to assist as scared or confused guests on a ship? You’d have plenty of volunteers. As a final aside, on the ONE Disney cruise that we sailed (don’t call us traitors!), we DID see the crew, in the water, trying to pull “victims” (other crew members) into the orange teepee lifeboats. I took photos of the drill to show our fellow cruisers. THIS is what instills confidence in safety by passengers on a cruise or passenger ship. I’ve only seen one port where the RCCL life boats circled the ship, and that was to test the motors on the boat and to check for drugs. Fine. This is reassuring that the lifeboats will work! Let’s see more real life training on our cruises, even though it may interfere with productivity on the ship. Just have one, two or even three stations go through a real life scenario. It would be useful for both the crew AND the guests.

    Many thanks.

    • Adam

      We understand your concern about safety on our ships. Our crew participate in weekly lifeboat drills and are tested in various real-life scenarios so that they are able to handle a variety of situations. Lifeboat drills for guests take place 30 to 60 minutes prior to departure. You can find more information about safety and security in the cruise industry, and specifically onboard our ships, in our latest Safety Video.

  96. Marcia Gift

    My sister and I have cruised twice and that is with RCL, we had a wonderfuI experience and we will be cruising again with RCL in July 2012, thanks for keeping us safe….

    • Adam

      We’re excited to have the two of you back onboard in July, Marcia.

  97. R. Pizzoferrato

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    Up until February 28th 2010, I, and my family have been avid cruisers primarily with your cruise line. There was an event which occurred that night which you need to hear about from our family just as it had occurred, and how it was handled by your staff. There are many similarities with the current tragedy which just occurred in Italy. I attempted to communicate earlier with your company but received no response. I am not looking to grandstand at this blog, but simply wish to share my experience with you as you strive to improve service and safety on your ships. I believe you know some details of the event I refer to, but not all the facts. The ship involved was the Explorer of the Seas.
    Please respond to me at so I can share this experience with you.
    I respect any corporate official who has the intestinal fortitude to conduct a public blog durring such a sensitive time in cruising.
    I am hopefull that you actually respond to this comment, weather you post it or not.

    Rudy P.

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Rudy. A member of our team will be reaching out to you shortly.

      • Rudy P.

        Thank you. I look forward to hearing from him/her.

  98. Johan Månsson

    First I have to say that I have the outmost confidence in RCL and had a lovely cruise aboard Jevel of the seas a few years back.

    My thaughts is that this accident shows the risk off putting whats basicly a not so small city in the hands off one persons that has the ultimate authority to decide what to do with his or her ship. While in some conditions one person need to be in charge and give orders I am starting to think that its important to have a system where some one can, and is responsible to step forward and take action if the captain for some reason is having a less than good day, or is making a decision that is jepordising the ship, may it the be the exo, or the ships security officer or a representative off RCL. Its not that I want a system where every one is constantly challenging every tiny decision but I as a passenger would be more confident if I knewed that there is persons that has the authority to challenge the captain if he or she makes a bad decision or shows to much lack of judgement, as in the case with the italian captain is.

    And I am also not really a fan off having a majority of the floating devices (forget the name now) at the cabins. This and severel other accidents (such as Estonia) has shown that most emergencies happens really fast and then its simply no time for the passengers to take a detour to theyre cabin, theyre need floating aids when theyre emergence into the open decks.
    Plans are necceserly and must be rehersed, but this shows that people dont always act according to theese plans, no matter how well trained and rehersed they are.

    • Adam

      While the Captain is the ultimate authority on a ship, all of our bridge officers are involved with the decision making during navigation and are encouraged to speak up if they were to ever think that a decision was not in the best interest of our guests. Also, on all of our ships, in the event of an emergency, we ask that all guests immediately head to their muster stations no matter where they are at that time. Crew members will distribute life jackets to all guests at each muster station where extra life jackets are stored. You can find more information about safety and security in the cruise industry, and specifically onboard our ships, in our latest Safety Video.

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  100. Katthy K.

    My husband and I were heading to Florida to board the Freedom of the Seas when we heard of the tragic accident
    of the Costa Concordia. This was our 12th cruise with Royal and didn’t hesitate for a moment about getting on board. We have always felt totally safe aboard, no matter what ship we were on. RCCL is the only line we sail with d/t the wonderful time and over the top service we have received. Looking forward to our next cruise.

    • Adam

      We’re glad you both had a superior time onboard and hope to have you back onboard soon.

  101. Brian

    I’ve cruised on RCCL, Celebrity, Cunard & Norwegian, and hands down RCCL & Celebrity are the best. I tell anyone who asks to “Stay away from the CARNI” the most recent tragedy is just another clear example of why that statement is true!

  102. Eleanor

    Dear Mr Goldstein
    Last year I was Fan of the Week received my T shirt and posted pictures .I also put in a suggestion that all fans of the week should be brought together for photo and to share all their experiences on cruises. I got a reply that maybe it was something they would look into in the new year ,just wondering have there been any more thoughts on this. Love RCCL its the best .

  103. Melody Deutsch

    I agree that RC has a great safety record and would not hesitate to board any one of your ships any day or time. I would like to see you make a better southern route leaving from Florida instead of San Juan. I’m taking my first cruise on another cruise line because I want to go to Aruba and do not want to fly to San Juan.

    • Adam

      Thank you Melody, we appreciate your suggestion. Be sure to stay up to date with all itinerary changes on our Facebook page and we hope to see you back onboard soon.

  104. Beverly & Jon McGahan

    My husband and I have cruised with Royal Caribbean twice already, and are traveling again on a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on Mariner of the Seas in April. We are bringing along with us two of my cousins and their husbands, all four of them being first time cruisers. Needless to say, the recent event has been a concern for them, and they have been reassured by myself and my husband with the high level of service and commitment we have always experienced with RC, as well as watching the videos available on RC website. My husband and I have always been highly impressed by our experiences on board with the staff and the measures taken to ensure the passengers safety. I was also impressed to get the Message from the President in my email without my having to contact or come to the RC site myself. Royal Caribbean is by far a superior cruise line in my opinion, and I will never travel with another. Myself, my husband, and my cousins are all looking forward to our cruise in April!

  105. Linda

    It was good and reassuring to read this letter and the comments. We are going on our first RCL cruise in March. The terrible disaster with the Costa Concordia occurred the day after I paid for my upcoming RCL cruise. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck and if I had not already paid, I would not have booked. The only other cruise we have been on was Holland America. But, I feel better now and am glad we are going on our 12 day RCL cruise and plan on having a WONDERFUL TIME!!

  106. George Clarke

    Mr. Goldstein:
    Not all Royal Caribbean cruises are a bed of roses. As experienced cruisers on Royal Caribbean ships, my wife and I can attest to that.

    This post is in reference to a cruise leaving Galveston, Texas, December 18/2011, on the Mariner of the Seas. Perhaps you would like to enlighten your customers as to why Royal Caribbean left disabled passengers stuck for 7 hours in Galveston standing in the cold, waiting to get onboard the Mariner of the Seas. Perhaps you could also describe to them how some of us were forced to lie on the concrete floor of the Convention Centre, where we were being processed, in order to get relief from the physical pain we were suffering. The delay to clean the ship notwithstanding, we were treated like cattle, herded from one place to another. There was no accommodation for those suffering with illness or infirmity and no Royal Caribbean staff on hand to explain what was happening. Are you able to imagine, Mr. Goldstein, the humiliation experienced by someone forced to lay on a concrete floor in full view of hundreds of other people?

    Perhaps you are were unaware of the happenings in Galveston and the indifference displayed on the part of Royal Caribbean staff as to what was going on? Regardless of whether you did or did not know, the treatment we received was abominable. When we finally got aboard the ship(4 hours late) and announcement came forth from the Captain, who stated simply, “We’re sorry.” Is that the best your company can do?

  107. Doug & Jackie Rudisell

    We were on The Allure of The Seas on Sept. 18th, 20111 for our 5th cruise and it was just amazing. The staff was geat and as far as safety goes it beyond expectation. All our cruises have been on Royal Caribbean and wouldn’t think of cruisin on another Cruise Line.

    • Adam

      It sounds like Allure really delivered the Wow to the two of you, Doug & Jackie. Thank you for being so loyal and we hope we see you both back onboard very soon.

  108. Family Van Belle - Belgium

    Went on our first cruise with RCCL(first cruise ever) on Liberty of the Seas sailing from Barcelona last august. We were very impressed by the high standard of safety, service, professionalism and politeness of the crew members. We repeated more than once that the company’s mission and philosophy is executed by every crew member and are convinced that recruitment requirements are well visible in people working on board. We congratulate everyone involved in keeping those high standards to an obligatory top level. We are totally confident cruising with RCCL and booked again this year for a 7 day cruise sailing from Malaga in summertime.

    • Adam

      It thrills us to hear that your family had such a great time onboard Liberty of the Seas and we thank you for speaking so highly of our cruise line. We are honored that you chose to cruise with us again and we can’t wait to welcome you back onboard this summer.

  109. James Steranka

    We have just booked our 19th cruise with Royal on Freedom of the seas for the 3rd time. We are taking my neice and her husband an child. Sailing on April 22nd, Eastern cruise. We have sailed once with Dsney as the children were growing up and also Carnival once for a quick gettaway on Valentines Day several years ago. As a family we did sail also norweign once to Hawaii . But overall the experience with Royal Caribbean is AWESOME. The staff treat you like a King and Queen, the service is great and the shows are TERRIFIC !! If you enjoy great food, service, and entertainment ROYAL CARIBBEAN is the cruise line to use.

    • Adam

      Sounds exciting, James. Which specialty restaurants and shows do you and your family plan to see onboard?

  110. Sharon Roskovich

    I have cruised with RCCL 10+ times, Norwegian, and Princess. I have always said that my best experiences have been with Royal. I appreciate all they do for safety and have had two particular experiences which have reinforced this appreciation. On one voyage while traveling in Bermuda, the ship was docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard and Royal was testing their life boat deployment. During this exercise, there was a problem involving a lifeboat being damaged. We were not permitted to leave the port until the lifeboat was replaced. I was glad to witness first hand, the running of the drill & the response by RCCL and and the Coast Guard regarding the ship not being allowed to sail (we were only going around the island to Hamilton). Many of the our travels have been prior to the birth of our daughter. Last year when we cruised upon boarding the ship (our daughter would have been 3 years old), the crew immediately put a color coded wrist band on her & we were instructed that she should wear it all week. When we inquired as to why, we were told that it was for safety and in event of an emergency. After hearing about the Concordia disaster, it reinforced to me the committment to safety by RCCL. I couldn’t help but think thank God, they showed an extra step in the care & safety of our daughter. Prior to the disaster, we were already booked for our next trip this fall on RCCL. I can not say enough how much trust and faith I have in RCCL. Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication, your efforts are strongly applauded. By the way, our daughter keeps asking when we are going on our next cruise!

    • Adam

      You’re welcome, Sharon, we appreciate your comment.

  111. Matt and Celia Cheramie

    We are aware of the attention to safety that Royal adheres to. In November 2011, we had the pleasure of cruising with Royal from Rome to Galveston. Prior to returning to the United States and going through Coast Guard review, the ship’s staff went through rigorous safety drills such as lowering all lifeboats into the water and evacuation drills.

    The drill we enjoyed watching was staff flipping overturned large rafts in the pool. Females were expected to perform the drill to the same safety level as males. It was an impressive sight. I wish that I could have included our video of this drill in this blog.

    We are looking forward to another transatlantic cruise this fall.

    Thank you for the wonderful service your staff provides and their attention to passenger safety. Keep up the great job!!

    • Adam

      You’re both welcome, Matt and Celia.

  112. April and Mark B.

    My husband and I were in our hotel room in Sydney on Jan 14th, due to board Radiance of the Seas the following day for a 2-week cruise around New Zealand when we heard of the Concordia. Like many others have commented, never for a moment was I concerned about our safety on RCCL. I have cruised numerous times before with them (no other line as a matter of fact) and have always felt their dedication to safety was top notch, along with their five-star Crown and Anchor service. To quote Mr. Fain, ‘there is no such thing as perfect safety but there is such a thing as perfect dedication to safety’. Thank you, Mr. Goldstein and RCCL, for your continued commitment to this concept and to the safety of your passengers and crew.

    • Adam

      April and Mark, thank you both for your comment.

  113. Scott Jensen

    Tonight, I watched “Cruise Ship Disaster: Inside the Concordia” on the Discovery Channel. Fallout from the TV special has been immediate. A close friend, the husband of a married couple, called me after they watched the special and he told me that they going to call their travel agent tomorrow and cancel their cruise and go to Disney World instead. Sorry, the cruise was with RCCL. I pointed out it was a different line on which that the accident happened, but he said his wife was freaked by the show. He said the whole point of going on the cruise was for rest, relaxation, and fun. Not to see if they can overcome their fears.

    I would recommend you do another blog post about this incident and directly address what was shown in that Discovery Channel special.

    Now for some questions that the Discovery Channel special raised.

    Why are there no lights in the lifeboats? In the TV special, they showed that there were no lights in them. Think of freaked-out passengers and then putting them into complete darkness then dropping them into the water. This isn’t a thrill ride. This is trying to survive a nightmare. Not make it an even worse nightmare. Watch the Discovery Channel special and observe how the passengers were freaked out even more by being put into the dark when the lifeboat hatch was shut.

    Why cannot you put windows into the lifeboats so passengers can see outside? Again, put yourself in the place of passengers. What they imagine will always be far worse than what they can see.

    After the lifeboats are away and because they’re motored (they are motored, right?), do you have their pilots go back to the ship to pull out of the water those who have jumped in and let them sit on top of the lifeboat?

    And call me sexist, but why not let women and children into the lifeboats first? Give us guys inflatable life raft. Surely you can spare space where such rafts can be stored. I’m not saying you require elderly men to do so but surely any male between 15 and 55.

    Does RCCL do its mustering practice in port or out at sea? I watched your safety video (you gave a link to it in an earlier reply) and it didn’t say if you did it in port. If you do them in port, why not lower all the lifeboats to show passengers that they do work? Note how some of those posting comments here raised concerns over seeing the lowering cables look painted over or rusty. Why not even have the passengers board the lifeboats or give little cute metal pins to those that are willing to do so? Practice would help reduce fears since they’ve already done it once in port.

    Why not do a YouTube video that directly addresses what happened to the Concordia, how you operate different, and what you’ve learned from that mishap and how you have changed in your procedures and policies accordingly? If not directly address what was raised in that Discovery special.

  114. Alfred Tropiano

    Been on many Royal Carr. cruises but last one on the Oasis I felt the muster was not carried out to well. Muster station was inside where we were told to watch a video on the procedures to be followed. First of all, we could not see the video, second our muster station officer could not be found. Then were told that is the person who will give out the life jackets. After finding the muster officer , it was clear she was overwhelmed with passengers asking questions and complaining about not seeing or hearing the video. No life jackets in my stateroom? Rely on pickiing one up at muster station? Put it back in my room where if needed we have them.

    • Adam

      Hi Alfred, mustering is done without life jackets to help reduce the chance for cross-traffic in stairs and corridors and improves response time at muster stations as guests do not need to return to their staterooms to retrieve their life jackets if they are in another part of the ship at the time. You can find more information about safety onboard our ships, in our latest safety video.

  115. Mirtes Benzoni

    Actually, I was on a cruise RCC and was very well attended. However, unfortunately the service by the office in Brazil is deplorable. Because there could be reasonable?

    • Adam

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Mirtes. We will be sure to look into this issue and try and solve it for the future.

  116. JOSEPH



  117. Cheryll Pollard

    I started cruising with Royal Carribean in 1993. I have never cruised with any other line since. I have always had the best time and have always been treated “royally”. Thank you for never letting me down. I introduced RCCL to my grandson in 2003 and he is always asking when we are going again. He is now 17 and has already joined the Crown & Anchor Society. Thank you very much

    • Adam

      Thank you for sharing your story with us, Cheryll. We’re glad to have both you and your grandson as such loyal Crown & Anchor members.

  118. David J Harris

    Group ID 3990815-Reservation 4032057
    Although We have cruised with RCL/Celebrity more times thaqn the other people in My group they are getting a $225
    discount next year while We are only getting $125-I understand the reason why after talking to one of Your service reps-I explained that We have done 28 cruises 12 of which have been with RCL/Ce.ebrity and in fact sailed on RCL years before any of the others-The rep asked if a $100- on board credi would be OK-My wife is adament that She wants to cancel this cruise and never again sail RCL/Celebrity due to the fact of the number of cruises We have done-She is not looking for an upgarde in status only the money-The $100- was denied by a supervisor so and since evryone is coming over to Our place on the Holiday as They do every weekend during the summer to spend time on Our deck We will be discussing alternate cruise lines-Since everyone seems to follow Our leads (4-8 cabins per year) We will be all cancelling on Monday with reservations on another cruise line-I think You need to know this as I am a business owner for 37 years and a yearly cruiser-It seems that I have to bend policy at times
    to keep a loyal customer and Your company does not. Thanks for all the great past experiences


  119. Reneta

    I am thankful for the position of the CEO of Royal Caribbean. As one other commentor stated, I am sold on this cruise line. So much so that I do not need to travel on the others. The service of each and every crew member is extraordinary and I am totally in love. Going on my third cruise this December 2012. I cannot wait!!!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your warm comment, Reneta. We appreciate your kind words and look forward to having you onboard this December.

  120. Young Chen

    Hi Mr goldstein,

    It is good to know that the Royal Caribbean Management makes an effort to listen to their customers. And I am glad that you have addressed the concerns some of your customers might have about cruising.

    My family and I have always been fans of cruising. However, the bar was set after we booked a cruise on the Legend of the Seas, departing Singapore for a 5 day Asian cruise 2 years ago. We enjoyed the Royal Caribbean service so much, that we decided to book another 2 suites on the Navigator of the Seas last summer, for a eastern mediterranean cruise departing from Rome.

    Currently we are eagerly awaiting another 8 night cruise departing from Singapore to Shanghai on the Voyager of the Seas, on the 11th June. We booked two grand suites.

    Having enjoyed our previous cruises so much, my wife and i have decided to renew our 10th wedding anniversary vows on board, with a request to use the skylight chapel.

    We contacted the Singapore agent for this to be arranged in February. After several email exchanges over the months, we were eventually told that there were packages available for our vows to be renewed.

    However, just today, to our disappointment, we were told via email that this service was not available for this particular cruise. No alternatives were provided as well. As this is a very special event in our lives, not just for us, but our kids as well, I hope that your crew can assist us in commemorating our anniversary onboard.

    Do kindly contact me on the email address provided. Our cruise departs Singapore on the 11th June 2012.

    Thank You

    Young Chen

  121. Roberta C.


    I appreciate Royal Caribbean’s commitment to safety but I would like to ask you to please consider a solution to my concern. Often there are several motorized wheelchairs in the hallways and that makes it dangerous in case of an emergency.

    Thank you

    Roberta C.

  122. Daniel

    Hi Adam,

    My wife and I are Diamond Plus and heading towards Pinnacle. We’ve never felt that our safety was in jeopardy on any Royal Caribbean vessel.

    • Adam

      Thank you for sailing with us, Daniel!

  123. Doug T.

    As a retired professional pilot having achieved 40 years of accident -free flying, I know the importance of safety
    training. Royal Caribbean has always impressed me with the highest standard of safety and professionalism.

    There is an obvious culture of service among your crewmembers and the most important service that any form of transportation can provide is concern for the welfare of the passengers,

    Out of general curiosity, I often ask crewmembers, from officers to stewards, questions about the safety training of the crew, the maintenance of the safety equipment e.g. davits and lifeboats, navigation and communication equipment etc.

    I have always received a positive response and a willingness to answer my questions. Every crewmember I have spoken with demonstrated that they have received excellent safety training and are quite knowledgeable of the workings of the ship.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Adam

      Thank you, Doug, we’re happy to hear that news.

  124. Robert

    Where did the RCCL that I loved go to?

    1. we are dimond club members and have sailed many times on RCCL. but this last cruise was the worst:
    1. entered our cabin when we first got on board and found other peoples clothes all over our bed. thier flowers and snacks also. found a cabin person who told me to go down to guest services to get it figured out and then just LEFT us there. I called GS and they finaly sent someone to take the clothes away.

    2. wait staff was the worst. never interduced themselfs and never asked our names untill the 3rd night.
    3. hot food was cold or cool, sent it back and wait staff acted like they could care less. this went on for 3 nights. told head waiter the first night and he PROMISSED it would not happen again. WRONG cold food again, under cooked steaks then brought back same steak reheated and had no taste. couldnt eat it. on third night Head waiter tried to make thing right by sending us to chops grill the next night, or maybe he just wanted to get rid of us.

    after talking to someother folks this was not an isolated incident and also cruise critic is FULL of cold food issues. What has happend to the wonderfull service and food on RCCL. Is it time for us to change lines?

    • Adam

      Thank you for voicing your concerns with us, Robert. We take matters such as this very seriously and we will be sure to pass along your message to the proper departments.

  125. Selina Swann

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    Hello my name is Selina Swann. I am actually a travel agent for SkyGate Travel Agency . I have sent at least one group on Royal Caribbean every year for several years now, and for the most part have been very pleased. This past Labor day weekend, I celebrated my 25th Anniversary and since I’d never cruised before thought it befitting to set sail with Royal Caribbean for this momentous occasion; Group Booking 7819389, August 31st 2012, 3 night Bahamas Sailing.

    First I would like to say the actual ceremony with all of our Family and Friends was wonderful. Kenisha our Onboard Group Coordinator was wonderful. She was very courteous and made the ceremony very smooth for me and worry-free (she deserves a huge raise). However, unfortunately there were a couple of things that were quite frankly very shocking to me. Although I have booked a group every year for awhile on Royal Caribbean I have never sent anyone handicapped or physically challenged. It just so happened that the two in my anniversary party that were physically challenged was my Father-in law, (William C. Swann Jr. Booking # 2846691, who is a paraplegic and my mother-in-law, Janice Clemons, Booking # 711668, who is paralyzed on her left side). Because I have lived with, and understand the needs of those with physical challenges I knew what to request for this cruise. I asked for handicapped accessible rooms when I reserved. I made it very clear to the representative that one room would need to be wheelchair accessible and a certain width to the door (because my mother-in law lived with me for a year and I remembered her wheelchair could not get through our apartment door) also there could be no steps because they needed to be able to get in and out of the shower. My in-laws are divorced from years ago so they were in separate cabins. I thought everything would be fine because when you look on the reservations there is a notation that these are handicapped individuals. So you can only imagine when I arrived with my mother- in-law at the parking deck when they told us there were no wheelchairs to pick her up and or anything to carry her bags on. My husband did everything but carry her, in trying to get her out of the hot sun and get to the check in area. Needless to say, checking in is a very long process as it is but having to carry bags and assisting her without the benefit of a wheelchair seemed a bit much (other cruisers in line commented the same as well). Although she walks with a cane she is not used to walking far and is slow so it took almost 30 minutes to walk her over there. By this time my husband and I are already exhausted but they have not even gone through the metal detector yet. My daughter and I were on the other side only to be told that “well she is going to have to stand in the long line because we cannot give her a wheelchair until she goes through the detector”. I simply could not believe this. Finally when she gets through and nearly falls into the chair we finish the rest of the embarkation. We get her to her room and once we are in our room and I am still exhausted but getting ready for the ceremony, my phone rings, now it’s my father-in-law who is flustered because not only does his wheelchair not fit into his door (he’s the double amputee) so he’s trying to hop around with the help of his wife from chair to shower. It was awful and I was totally embarrassed. My father-in-law spent hours trying to change rooms with guest services to no avail by the time the trip was over. I tried to assist him with the switch but couldn’t get anything done especially since I was trying to get ready for our ceremony that started later that evening. This was and is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE for those who have come from so far, paid so much to escape everything if only for a few days, (especially in-light of their own apprehensions about travel as it is based on their physical condition) to have all of their worst fears realized, and be viewed as a bother or a nuisance to boot when their accommodations aren’t as requested. The sheer stress involved in getting our parents onboard AND off the ship was unbelievable.

    My own standard policy when dealing with any unpleasant situation; is to let a little time pass, so as not to overreact to your circumstances in the moment. That’s why since my return I talked to numerous reservationists, but still was not given a lot of information except that, “there are only two or three rooms onboard that were actually the type of rooms my in-laws would need”. I did however finally find the accessibility icon on the Royal Caribbean website on my own. I would have been looking for the word handicapped myself which is what most of the other travel websites have, giving more transparency for the customer. While I feel Guest services made a concerted effort, (though my father-in-law spent several hours in total at the front desk that weekend) unfortunately he was not able to switch rooms. I simply cannot believe that in 2012 you have such archaic services and accommodations for your handicapped cruisers.

    I myself am an Office Manager and Customer Service Supervisor full-time and work with the Federal Government and I have a policy where the handicapped and elderly are the first in line in my lobby let alone having handicapped accessibility. So I am shocked and disappointed at what a Cruise line of your magnitude that I’ve booked for, recommended, and now have sailed on, has set in place for our handicapped. There is little to no support for them who need it most (I could only imagine what they would have gone through had we not been there).

    Lastly, because I direct so much of my business to you, I’m just so thankful that none of my other clients have had to go through this as yet. I would like someone to contact me via email in reference to this very important matter. Thanks for your time.

    Selina Swann

  126. David A. Sone

    Dear Mr. Goldstein,

    For lack of direction to a better contact forum, I will address my issue here in hopes that you will receive it. I do not wish this to be published. After reading your article on safety, I felt I should inform you of the unfortunate incident which occurred recently during our cruise on the Liberty of the Seas.

    My wife and I chose to cruise with Royal Caribbean to celebrate our nineteenth wedding anniversary. We traveled on the Liberty of the Seas from November 29th through December 3rd, 2012. The ship was beatiful! Our accommodations were exceptional and the amenities were fabulous! The crew was outstanding and very cordial.We had a marvelous time! This was our first ever vacation together without the company of our now teenage children and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The entire experience was very relaxing and we had saved our monies for a long time to afford this getaway. We were very pleased with your company, and the value of the service received.

    On the final morning of our cruise, just prior to disembarking in Ft. Lauderdale, I went down to the promenade deck around 6:30am to get our morning coffee at the Starbucks. Upon entering the venue from the rear of the shop, I immediately slipped on a freshly mopped floor and fell hard onto the tile. I landed on my knee and buttocks and embarrassingly let fly with a few curse words. I picked myself up and realized that I wasn’t too badly hurt. Several passengers and a uniformed ship’s officer asked me if I was OK. Much to my chagrin, there was no visible caution sign to warn patrons of this hazard! I cautiously made my way to the counter and informed the employee of this negligence. Had I been an elderly passenger, I may have suffered grievous bodily injury! Rather shaken by the whole incident, and with contusions on my left knee and right elbow, I carefully retrieved our coffe, all the while warning other passengers to be careful of the wet floor. There was a yellow caution sign at the other end of the shop, but it was not visible from the side I had entered from. I returned to our stateroom hurt and shaken.

    I informed my wife what had happened as we were packing up to disembark. My knee started to swell, and my elbow and low back were aching. We decided to report this incident to the ship’s medical officer (the nurse on duty). She provided rudimentary first aid and I filled out an incident report and gave my statement to the ship’s safety officer, who assured me they would review video footage of this incident. To date I have heard nothing from Royal Caribbean in regard to this unfortunate accident.

    Other than a mild sprain to my knee and some low back pain I feel lucky to have avoided serious injury due to the negligence of some maintenance worker. I am not letigiuos, and have no present notions to pursue this matter. I am however, truly grateful that someone elderly or frail did not suffer the same trauma that I did. A great vacation ended with a long and uncomfortable journey home and some difficulty performing my job duties this week.

    We truly had a great cruise with Royal Caribbean and don’t wish to let this negligent act on the part of an employee mar our opinoin and future decision to travel with royal Caribbean. I feel hurt that no one from your company even took the time to follow up with me and inquire of my well being. Safety is paramount in the facility in which I work as a physical therapist, and if everyone makes a little extra effort to address safety in the workplace, there would be less accidents and resulting injuries.

    I thank you for your time and for potentially looking into this matter so this does not happen to someone else in the future.


    David A. Sone

    • Adam

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention, David. We will be certain to forward this message to the proper department for review.

  127. Nina Wheeler

    Mr. Goldstein,

    Thanks for your words of reassurance. I am taking my mom on her first cruise for her 80th birthday. I have been on RC and only one other cruise line, and contemplated trying out yet another one for my mom. However, my experience with RC was so much better than the other one I tried, and I did not want to risk trying another one as I wanted my mom’s first experience to be memorable.

    I just had to read what you had to say, though, about the tragic event, and while I did not doubt that you would be encouraging, I needed to know what I could say to my mom to let her know she would be safe. Thanks for your support and I am looking forward to cruising on RC again.

    • Adam

      Happy early birthday to your mother, Nina. Thank you for your kind comment and we are eagerly awaiting you and your mother to come onboard.

  128. Rich

    I have cruised on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity a number of times. Each trip has been a pleasure, and I must say that sometimes things are not exactly the way you want. Food may be cold, showers may not work properly, toilets sometimes have problems, but I have never had a safety issue with the ship. Personal preferences problems can always be corrected and probably always will occur, but safety is a way of life on the cruise ships. Royal has done an outstanding job of promoting safety along with great customer service. There will always be a certain percentage of passengers that have problems with a cruise. But having all the passengers upset and put into jeopardy is inexcusable. This is a for profit business and things do happen. But fixing them the correct way is important. Thanks for being a first class cruise line, and I’ll be on board in November doing what I love; cruising on Royal Caribbean.

    • Adam

      Hi, Rich. Thank you so much for your kind words and understanding. We work very hard to ensure that all of our guests have not just a great experience onboard, but a safe voyage as well.

  129. Barbara

    I recently viewed a PBS NOVA Science special entitled “Why Ships Sink”. One preventative strategy that was discussed was having ship captains participate in annual ship simulator training, as is done in with airline pilots. Apparently it is optional in shipping, but required with airline pilots. Does Royal Caribbean and Celebrity require annual simulator training for it’s ship captains. This would give me peach of mind as a passenger.

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