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Project Sunshine: Adam Sheds a Little Light on the Next Fleet Member

A new ship project like Project Sunshine is a remarkable phenomenon.  The physical ship won’t be ours until well over three years from now.  Yet we already live with an unending series of deadlines that drive our team as the customer for the project.  The shipyard, Meyerwerft in the case of Sunshine, metes out these deadlines so that our actions support the successful completion of their incredibly complex undertaking to create a state of the art cruise ship on time and on budget.

Since I cannot divulge anything about the new ship concept, I will write a little bit about the process.  If you know anything about our company, you know that our Chairman & CEO Richard Fain is intensely interested and involved in all of our new ship projects.  The only reason I use the word intensely is because I cannot think of a more intense word to use to describe his level of attention, fascination with and contribution to our new ships.

Why Not

We have a specialized department at the company for these mega-projects called Newbuild.  I think the real name is Fleet Design & Newbuild but everyone just says Newbuild.  The short-hand is a misnomer because the department is involved in much more than new ships including our Royal Advantage revitalization program which has Radiance of the Seas in the dry-dock in Victoria, British Columbia getting a make-over as I write this.  But the new ship design and construction process is the key involvement that Executive VP Harri Kulovaara, chief designer Kelly Gonzalez and the rest of the Newbuild team focus on the most.  Harri’s number one responsibility is to make sure the ships come out as amazingly as Richard has in mind for them to do.

Radiance of the Seas Entering Dry-dock

Our design process is immersive for our Marketing and Operations teams.  We believe that the teams who have responsibility for understanding consumer desires and delivering the products and services should be directly involved in the Newbuild creative and design processes.  This may sound obvious but I believe different cruise companies have different opinions about who to involve and when to involve them.  In our case, there is an Executive Steering committee for Project Sunshine that is led by Richard, Harri and myself that oversees all aspects of the effort.  Most of my leadership team participates on the committee.  We meet every month, usually for a full day, to go over critical aspects of the project.

Another typical aspect of our company’s approach to new cruise ship design is to utilize a roster of design firms under our central direction.  There is no one master designer who takes the project and runs with it.  Harri and Kelly are constantly working with the designers on the various ship features and then the designers regularly must present to the Steering Committee and receive our feedback.  This interaction is always interesting.  To paraphrase former football coach Bum Phillips, there are two types of designer/architects you never want to have on your team – the ones who always push back and the ones who never push back.  In fact, we are extremely fortunate to have an incredibly talented roster of creative and committed professionals who are determined that their particular assignment will add something very special to Project Sunshine.  Many of these designers have been with us on previous projects and know the drill well.

The Executive Steering committee normally meets in Miami which requires a number of people to fly regularly from the shipyard in Papenburg, Germany to our headquarters.  However, in May the Miami-based committee members traveled to the shipyard and held our monthly meeting at Meyerwerft.  We might do this once or twice per year and in this case we had a very successful session that has the team even more enthused about Project Sunshine if that is possible.  It certainly underscores the reality of the project when you go to a working shipyard and go through everything in detail.  Shipyard CEO Bernard Meyer advised me that the larger of his two enclosed building halls is either the largest building in Europe or second to the building hall for the A380 airplanes. 

Before we left, Richard, Harri and I took a quick tour of the nearly completed Celebrity Silhouette, our sister brand’s 4th of five Solstice-class ships.  We have a long way to go on Project Sunshine before similar finishing touches are applied.  But rest assured that behind the scenes, a lot of dedicated and knowledgeable people are propelling us towards the finish line in 2014.  Eventually, we’ll tell you all about it.

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“Project Sunshine: Adam Sheds a Little Light on the Next Fleet Member”

  1. Larry Stevebs

    Having sailed on the OASIS of the Seas,and many other RCCL ships (307423845 Diamond Level) I have no idea how you could design a better ship. Truly innovative, and so comfortable and inviting to sail on. But whatever design you select, I am convinced it will be one of the best ships ever!

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that Oasis of the Seas provided you with the WOW. But we strongly believe with Project Sunshine we will set an even higher bar that we will look forward to surpass someday. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments and we hope to see you back onboard soon.

  2. elizabeth linnie

    Thanks Adam for some news on Project Sunshine.

    Can you possibly tell me when we might see some sort of renderings or artists impression of what the ship will look like?

    • Adam

      Hi Elizabeth, we’re glad you liked our Project Sunshine update. You’ll have to stay tuned to our facebook page and our blog as well as our website for all of the latest Project Sunshine news! And feel free so share any ideas you have of what our newest ship might look like with us, we’d love to see your ideas.

  3. Edna Taylor

    I suggest Flowriders and sailings out of Galveston :) please.

    • Adam

      Great suggestions, Edna., we’ll be sure to keep those ideas in mind! Also, you might be interested in our FlowRider Fan photo album on facebook for some great FlowRider shots.

  4. Andres

    When will we find out more about the Project Sunshine ships?

    • Adam

      Hi Andres, thanks so much for your interest in our latest venture. To find out about the latest Project Sunshine info you’ll have to be sure to check our website, our facebook page and continue reading our blog. Happy sailing.

  5. betty diamond

    any new ship rc produces will be a success we have 10 crusiing days to make diamondplus these new ships are outstanding beyond belief goin on the oasis again in oct and nov cant wait royal caribbean cruise line is the best

    • Adam

      Thanks so much, Betty and congratulations on your upcoming Diamond Plus status. We can’t wait to see you again this October and then once more in November. See you soon!

  6. Linda Miller


    • Adam

      Thanks so much for your suggestion, Linda! Have a great time on your next cruise, we can’t wait to have both of you as Diamond Plus members. You’ll have to be sure to tell us all about your adventures at sea on our facebook page or here on our blog.

  7. helen - mama monarch

    Going to be interesting watching the progress. I expect there will be a milion suggestions coming in but I only have one small request – nightlight in bathroom!

    • Adam

      It’s definitely going to be a fun and exciting process, Helen. Thanks for the suggestion and we would love to hear any other ideas you would have on how your cruising experience could be improved.

  8. Jackie

    Adam, Will there be another contest to name the new “Sunshine” project ship(s)? Can’t wait to see what is in store for all of your loyal RCI followers.
    It’s always exciting to go on any ship no matter if one of the older class ones or the newest. We couldn’t ask for a better company to enjoy our cruising.

    • Adam

      You’ll have to wait and see what we lined up for everyone, Jackie! But we are sure you’ll love it. Thank you so much for your kind words, we couldn’t ask for better fans.

  9. Jorge

    I am truly convinced that the ships from Project Sunshine will not dissapoint as Royal Caribbean is known for their innovation. I can’t wait to hear more and ofcourse see more about Project Sunshine, let’s hope ot sails from Miami during the summer, as there is only one ship from RCCL left there. :’(

    • Adam

      You’re correct, Jorge, Project Sunshine will do everything except disappoint. We are just as excited to let everyone know more about the details of Project Sunshine in the future. Thank you for your suggestion, we’ll be sure to pass it along to the right department.

  10. Joann bruce

    Can not wait to see what RCCL comes us with next. I LOVED the Allure of the Seas and can’t wait to sail on the Oasis. I will definitely look forward to the new ship. Crusing is the way to vacation!!!

    • Adam

      We couldn’t agree more, Joann! We’re glad to hear you’re just as excited as we are for Project Sunshine! We are sure you’ll love Oasis of the Seas just as much as Allure. We can’t wait to have you onboard.

  11. mario

    We absolutly loved Oasis. We are going on Brillance in oct 10 2011, cant wait. It would be nice if project sunshine has pools with domes so maybe they can sail out of new Jersey once in a while in the winter time. I really cant think of anything that can beat Oasis or Allure. thank you again

    • Adam

      Great suggestions, Mario, we’ll be sure to keep those in mind. And yes, Oasis and Allure of the Seas will be hard to top, but we are always looking to push the envelope in innovations and in continuing to deliver the WOW. We’re confident you will be pleased.

  12. Lisa Langrell

    (raising eyebrow) hmm..I love a good challenge to think of what Project Sunshine would entail. (tapping chin) Nation of Why Not has pushed the “why not” envelope on several occasions and successfully might I add..but what hasnt been pushed yet? Aside from purchasing cabins as a residence to make it literally a permanent trip of a lifetime 365 days a year (my personal dream really) or hauling in literally a football field or bringing in an amusement park with rollercoasters, I cant think of what could outdo Allure! I look forward to sharing details of the ship.

    • Adam

      Thanks for all of your suggestions, Lisa, very creative and unique. Outdoing the Allure won’t be easy, but our engineers are confident that Project Sunshine will both WOW and raise the bar on all levels.

  13. James Vogel

    Hey Adam,
    I can’t wait to see the new ideas come to light. I sometimes have some myself. Will you be including C&A members ideas into sunshine? Maybe have a contest? This is un related be one idea is the have an mobile application developed to reflect the website. Such as countdown clock, news specials. Any thoughts?

    • Adam

      Great ideas, James, we’ll be sure to forward them on to the proper department. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lloyd Marchand

    My Canadian family & friends and I cannot wait to see what your ship designers come up with. We’re going on the Oasis in February 2012 – and I ‘m sure I’m going to love it – and will be sure to board the next new ship when it comes along! If you’re looking for ideas, why not try something different and unexpected on a cruise ship… Would like to see something like I experienced at the iFLY Hollywood facility with its vertical wind tunnel that recreates the skydiving experience.

    • Adam

      We can’t wait to have you and friends & family onboard Oasis next year, Lloyd. We are sure she will deliver the WOW for each and every one of you. Thank you for all of the great suggestions for Project Sunshine, we’ll be sure to forward your idea to the proper department for review! Thanks so much and we’ll see you onboard soon.

      • Lloyd

        Thank you, Adam!

        I can’t wait to book a cruise on one of the new Quantum class ships. I am sure that whatever is incorporated into the ships will WOW me!

        • Adam

          We’re sure our Quantum Class will WOW you as well, Lloyd. Thank you.

    • Lloyd Marchand

      Just saw the Quantum of the Seas reveal. So glad that you decided to put the skydive vertical wind tunnel on the ship! Of all the innovations on the ship, looking forward to trying it out!!! Bravo for the quantum leap in cruising experiences!!

      • Adam

        Thank you, Lloyd.

  15. Monica

    I was just curious as to whether or not the new ship will have solo cabins? I sailed on the Epic and loved the solo cabins. I am a Royal fan(diamond) and I sail solo most of the time, it would be nice not to have the single supplement (since we only get the single credit). Looking forward to more info on the new builds.

  16. Chris

    Can you tell us if Project Sunshine will be larger or smaller than the Oasis Class?

  17. bHARAT

    Just got back from Oasis of the Seas. What an amaizing Ship. We love the ship and had an amaizing time onboard. In fact, it was too short. Hopefully some cruises with Freedom & Oasis Class from NYC area soon. We cruised with Carnival and Princess before and I have to say that Royal Caribbean is 100% better.


    • Adam

      Thanks for your comment, Bharat. We’re glad you had such a great time onboard Oasis of the Seas and we hope to see you again very soon.

  18. Ian Webb

    Hi Adam! Thanks for the latest info on Project Sunshine. Last September, I went on a 7-night cruise on the Freedom sailing out of Port Canaveral. By far, it was the best vacation I have EVER been on. Really hoping to do a Med. cruise in Summer 2012! Can’t wait to hear all about Project Sunshine!

    • Adam

      Hello Ian, we’re glad to hear you had such a great time onboard Freedom of the Seas. We look forward to seeing you back onboard next summer.

  19. Keith and ruth

    My family and I just got back from Allure of the Seas… we have waited until the Oasis Fleet was completed in order to sail and BOY, are we glad we did, it was one of the best vacation we ever took, the beauty of the ship, your amazing staff who we fell in love with.. The only way we can described the experience is “WOW”.. Thanks for the update on Project Sunshine, we can’t imagined..We are convinced crusing is the way to go.. can’t wait to see what the new ship will look like.. Thanks for making our visits the best…. God bless

    • Adam

      Thank you so much for your comment, we’re glad to hear that you and your family had a great vacation.

  20. henry

    First off, I LOVE Royal! I do have a few suggestions –
    1. I think that you should eliminate the seams in the walls and the weird plank texture on the ceilings in the cabins – they will feel a lot more finished and less like temporary structures.
    2. I also think you should use more LED mood lighting to save energy and give the rooms without windows a really cool alternative to natural light.
    3. Also, I think the rooms on low decks that traditionally have windows should be given balconies (like the new cove balconies on carnival.
    4. In addition I think there should be a focus on the stairs and other areas – they are the most traveled areas in the ship and often are the areas that are somewhat forgotten about.
    5. I think that you should add a platform that lowers off the ship where you could store jet ski’s, hobie cats. This could be a great alternative to shore excursions and be consistent, more accessible, and less costly for passengers.

    • Adam

      Thank you for all of your suggestions, Henry. We appreciate our cruisers offering their opinions on how we can better improve our ships. Thanks.

  21. henry

    One more suggestion – I think the Lounge area in the viking crown should be eliminated in favor of restaurants as the lounge is under utilized and eating up there with those incredible views would make it a much better experience than a windowless restaurant on lower decks. Maybe it could even be open for reading, etc… during the day and they open for dining at night.

  22. charles/arlene bates

    Oasis once and Allure twice and Allure again this November(bringing Granddaughter sweet 16 gift) other RCL ships for a total 0f 28. There is nothing better than sailing with Royal Caribbean!!!! Can not wait for Project Sunshine will be there! Charles played table tennis with you on the Allure(of course you WON) Thanks for all the fun on your ships and the GREAT service from the top to all the crew . THERE IS JUST NONE BETTER

    Yours in travel : Charles and Arlene Bates

    • Adam

      Charles and Arlene, we’re happy to hear the two of you had such cherished moments onboard. Thank you so much for your kind words and we hope to see you back onboard soon.

  23. James Norris

    My wife and I are really looking forward to this year, We have an Alaska cruise in June with friends, a cruise on the Oasis in September with family and another one in December on the Liberty with just the two of us. The Sunshine project has my undivided attention because I can’t wait to sail on the inagural cruise whenever it happens.
    RCCL has the right answer for all of my vacation needs.

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that, James. We are excited to have you both onboard 3 times in 2012 and we hope each cruise delivers one Wow after the other. We’ll see you in June.

  24. Sarah

    A great thanks to all at RCI for having the vision for all people’s needs and requirements in a holiday. Started cruising two years ago and never looked back nor booked a land base holiday since (with the exception of our wedding in NYC, even then we went on Explorer out of cape liberty with the whole family). The variety of ships in service offers something for everyone and I hear that project sunshine will push this to the extreme and offer whole year round sailing regardless of the weather. Retractable roof on the pool deck will allow all sailers to use the pools regardless and that will be such a bonus. Can’t wait to see what other dining / speciality restaurants are to be added – people are going to be spoilt for choice

    Roll on 2013/14….

    Keep up the great service

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear you chose Royal Caribbean, Sarah, and we hope to see you onboard soon.

  25. Elaine Steskal

    I am looking forward to our cruise on Explorer of the Seas this month,only 21 days now! I am interested in Project Sunshine, I think it will be fabulous. I have some name suggestions. How about “symphony of the seas”

    • Adam

      We look forward to having you onboard in a few weeks, Elaine, and thank you for your suggestion.

  26. mark

    i live in uk and i am wandering if rccl will be using liverpool as embarking and disenbarking in the near future

  27. Kris

    i thought that it would be a new allure of the seas. So petty. I hope to look nice

    • Adam

      You’ll have to let us know what you think once it is complete, Kris. Thanks for your comment.

  28. Claudia

    We’d love to sail out of Norfolk VA, Wilmington NC or Charleston SC. Any plans in the future to add these ports?

    • Adam

      Hi Claudia, at the moment there are no plans to add ports to those cities, but please keep checking back for any future announcements.

  29. Pingback: Ask Adam Blog Series – May 2012 Answers | Answer it Royally

  30. Elizabeth Destino

    We LOVE RCCL. However, my husband won’t fly anymore, so we are limited to leaving out of Bayonne, which we love, but, would like to be on a different ship now and then…and we do love the Explorer. Any plans for a different ship out of Bayonne? We will be going on our ?8th trip on the Explorer in December. Thanks to you and the wonderful crew of the Explorer.

  31. Mark Grenzicki

    Hey Adam,
    My wife and I and our Daughter are sailing on Allure on Dec. 9th — she is a travel agent for American Express ( an has been foe 28 years! )
    She booked the cruise, and her birthday is Dec.12 !
    How can I do something special WITHOUT her finding out?????
    Thank you for everything!

    • Adam

      We would love to make her birthday all the more memorable onboard. Please click here for a variety of options. Enjoy your cruise.

  32. Trevor

    Dear Mr.Fain
    I’m a 14 year old boy and one day hope to be the chairman and CEO of a cruise line. Any advice, I would really appreciate it. -Trevor

  33. Laura

    I loved my Western Caribbean cruise on Freedom of the Seas last summer. One suggestion that we thought of as we watched the dolphins from deck– it would be awesome to have a “glass bottom boat” type area or underwater viewing area on one of the lower decks to view the water on cruise days or on port days if cruisers opt to stay on-board.

    • Adam

      Thanks for your suggestion, Laura.

  34. Melinda

    Hi Adam,
    I am 12 years old, and I wanted to talk to you about the kids programs.
    Is there any chance you can open a “tween” club?
    The Adventure Ocean Kids is a bit to young and the Fuel Teen Disco is a little to old, so people my age feel out of place. I have been on about 13 RCL cruises, and I have had a blast. I am going on the Independence of the Seas Christmas Cruise, and I can not wait.
    Another thing is that, could you post a schedule online so I know what to bring? For Example, on one of the cruises, there was a 70′s night, and I really wanted to go, but there was nothing in my suitcase to wear! I would like if you could do that so I could plan what to bring and not feel left out.

    Thank you for all you do!

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