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Royal Caribbean’s President & CEO Finds Time to Blog on Vacation

I’m writing this on New Year’s Day so Happy New Year everybody.  I have enjoyed this vacation and am very conscious of the fact that in just two days my job will reoccupy its central place in my existence.  There is every reason to believe that this upcoming year will be as full of excitement and unexpected twists and turns as all of the previous ones.  Such is the nature of the cruise business.

In most recent years I have had a looming Eagles’ play-off game to distract me.  Unfortunately this year they managed to miss one of the 12 play-off slots despite having one of the 12 most talented teams.  It was some consolation that the Princeton Tigers basketball team beat Florida State 75 – 73 in triple overtime in Tallahassee the other night.  Through the wonders of modern technology, my son and I watched the very end of the game over the internet.

At the beginning of the vacation I spent four days in Paris with my daughter.  It was fantastic.  Of course the weather was poor – low 40’s and overcast every day.  But Paris is such a great place to visit that we were undeterred by the cold.  The sightseeing, the dinners with friends, the atmosphere ofParispre-Christmas, the high quality parent-child time were all awesome.  My French was never great even when I lived there in the 1980’s but it gets me around.  Contrary to legend we received pleasant service everywhere.  I think the locals were served ahead of us a few times but I can live with that.

Since I’ve been back in the US I have put in some really long runs by my standards including a 13.6 miler which the first time I’ve run as much or more than a half marathon in decades.  The weather in Miami has been magnificent.  A lot of the time I have been doing errands or trying to take care of various stuff.  For some reason, having more time to do stuff simply results in more stuff to do.  Now that my vacation is ending I am aware of the cruelty of the illusion that I was going to be caught up on my reading of all of my magazines, my books and my random tasks.  Not even close.

We did not take a cruise. I know I should be setting a better example.  But we made certain commitments to be in Miami.  Thanks to all of you who did not make such commitments to the land and were onboard our ships over the holidays.  If you get a chance, let us know how your cruise was for you and/or your family.

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“Royal Caribbean’s President & CEO Finds Time to Blog on Vacation”

  1. DAKing240

    Similar to last year, my family had a terrific holiday cruise on the Allure of the Seas. This was the first time that I didn’t even use the Internet, and took the time to have a true vacation!

    My only complaint was not being able to watch the Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks game on Christmas Day, and have a feeling that is the result of the game being broadcast on ABC (and thus, not really RC’s fault). Either way, we had great weather every day of the trip, the food and staff was terrific, and I enjoyed the new stop at St. Kitts.

    As always, RC continues to lead the way, and remains my favorite cruise line!

    Lastly, Go Noles!

  2. Bryce

    Good afternoon, and thanks for the blog post, Mr. Goldstein!

    I just returned from a vacation aboard Liberty of the Seas, my third cruise with RCL. While I enjoyed my time on-board, especially when it was decorated for the holiday season, I was a bit put-off by the less-than-spectacular service I received. As you know, when one purchases a cruise, one is paying for both the amenities AND the service. I am convinced that my young age led many employees to not render as high quality of service as they might other passengers.

    I do plan to give RCL another chance in the coming year. I hope to be treated as any other passenger, especially since I tip better than most of these employees must believe. I made sure that those who went “above and beyond” were recognized, though! ;-)


  3. Linda Oles Hays

    I am glad you had a wonderful time in Paris and not at all disappointed that you didn’t cruise. You, however, may wish you had in the months to come as your cruise line is superb and cruise vacations are the best ever.
    I am looking forward to doing another cruise but it will not be quite the same as my husband in now in a nursing home and unable to go.
    We went on the Canada and New England Cruise out of Boston in October of 2010 and I consider it the best cruise we have ever taken with your company. I am a loyal Royal Caribbean cruiser and plan to see how many friends and family I can bring into the fold.
    God bless you and all your family, friends and wonderful staff. Happy and prosperous New Year.
    Linda Oles Hays

  4. Dawn

    Oh Adam forget those stupid Eagles. Spring training starts soon! Can’t wait until my next RCI cruise!

  5. Karen Salmon

    Hi Adam

    My husband and I went on our first cruise last year and sailed out of England Southampton on the Independence of the Seas We want the experience of leaving England on a fabulous cruise ship and wow did we get it. The ship is amazing and the staff too! Our every wish was filled and more! True a magical experience we have booked again for this year same ship but Italy. Maybe next time we will do a fly/cruise although I don’t like the thought of bag limitations on flights if there anything you could do about that for cruise customers special rates or allowances? I just love to dress up and do all the fine dining and take all my lovely jewellery but it weigh a lot.

    By the way now wonder you have time to blog you didn’t go on a cruise. I can honestly say it is the first holiday for a long long time that I have neither want to or needed to use a computer or mobile phone on.

    I would like to commend RC for such wonderful cruises and I hope I will be able to go on more in the future!

    Karen Salmon

  6. Walt Schwartz

    Please consider adding a cruise around the britsh elses. Princess has one with a stop in Normandy. Also as a stock holder and diamond member I think RCL needs to break into the Boro Boro, Papeeti area.

  7. William Morgan

    On Jan. 15 my wife, Noreta and I will be taking our fifth cruise on RCCL–Freedom of the Seas out of Canaveral. Will some of the “perks” of the next category upgrade be available to us? Sure hope so!

  8. Jerry Lane

    Soooo, is a marathon in the works?

  9. Mary

    Follow Royal Caribbean on Facebook and saw the link to your blog. Vacationing in Paris is one of a few valid reasons for not being on a cruise. (lol) We enjoyed a small cruise on Monarch a couple of weeks before Christmas which allowed us to achieve diamond status…yeah! We’ll be making the most of our new status when we cruise on Oasis in February, and then again on Mariner in April. Love Royal Caribbean….longing for the sea as I write this. Thank you for a quality cruise line that always is a pleasure!

    • Adam

      Hi Mary, we’re glad you found our blog. We are looking forward to having you back onboard.

  10. Carla Lopes

    Congratulations Adam
    I’m glad you can enjoy your holiday with so much pleasure.
    Although I cannot say the same here.
    Because while you do your job, the office staff in Brazil does not make them.
    Here, the reservations department employees care little for the clients welfare.
    The attitude, or lack of will and professionalism of them does not match with the company’s image.
    They can change reservations, in the last minute, in an arbitrary way without respecting the client’s needs.
    I did not know how they worked. I’m surprised and upset with the Royal office in Brazil.
    You might spend some time here to teach employees how to do the work.
    It is a pity that a few people, that are fundamental, spoils the image of the company.
    Have a good year!!!

  11. Owen

    Well in about 2 months, my Honey and I will be taking our first cruise on Oasis, we are really looking forward to it. We wll also turn Diamond, on this cruise,so we are truly looking forward to all the extras’s, and the fun of cruising on Royal Caribbean, Our Favorite Cruise Line……..

    • Adam

      Congratulations, Owen. We are excited to have both of you onboard as Diamond Level members. We’ll see you two soon.

  12. helen - mama monarch

    Morning Adam.. Spent New years aboard the fabulous Freedom of the Seas. How was the cruise, fabulous!. I try to sail Freedom twice a year and each time I enjoy it more than the last one. The ship was decorated beautifully. The crew worked so hard to make sure that each and every passenger had a wonderful time (but I am sure there will be a few that complain). Capt. Rob has such a dry wit and you never know what you are going to hear over the speakers, which adds to the fun. I had a blast at the Dreamworks breakfast with the characters (why should the children have all the fun?). My thanks to Rodney (AHD), Ryan (GSM), Aura (attendant 1372) and Amit (Concierge), who all went that little bit extra.
    One other thing, as I was leaving ship, port personnel were ragging on me for being ‘famous’ at RCL! Something about an article in a brochure? I haven’t seen this and would love to get a copy, any chance?
    I will be back as soon as I have caught up on all the laundry from this cruise. Already have 5 booked for 2012 so far and you know that there will be more.
    Best wishes for 2012 to all at RCCL.

    • Adam

      Thank you for the kind words, Helen. We’re glad you enjoyed your cruise. You can find yours and all of the other Royal WOW’s here: and congratulations on being featured on our Crown & Anchor Society Newsletter.

  13. Carlos Arcelay

    Hi Adam,

    I just got off the Allure yesterday morning. As a Diamond member, I have had the opportunity to see many of your ships. I really liked the Allure as a ship. You did a great job on designing the Oasis Class. Although it is a very uncomfortable ship to walk around….too many people on board. At the Windjammer Market Place, it is impossible to have breakfast, and then if you are lucky, you may get on an elevator to go down the ship to have breakfast at the dinning room…. and at the gym, no space to work out.

    Please consider building a ship with such a great Promenade Deck, with a Central Park with all the restaurants as well, but on a vessel of no more than 155,000 tons that may carry up to 3,200 passengers. No more than that!

    P.S. The Izumi Restaurant should be on the Central Park, where Brito and Coach Boutiques are. Those stores should be on the Promenade Deck if you want them to sell more!

    • Adam

      Thank you for your suggestions, Carlos. We will take them into consideration.

  14. P Peacock

    Just wondering if you have been on all of your ships and which once is your favorite? Just got off the Oasis and loved it, now I want to do the Allure. Favorites are Liberty, Independance and the Navigator. The Monarch needs some work on it, the last time I went on it I was really disappointed how run down it looked and things weren’t working on it. The employess seemed like they didin’t care about anything. It use to be a nice weekend get away but I wouldn’t do it at all now, I hope it get spruced up . Thanks

    • Adam

      Each ship offers such a different variety of wows it would be hard to choose between all 22. We appreciate your feedback and we’ll be sure to take your comments into account.

  15. Joe

    Hi Adam,

    Been cruising for about 20 years. We love it so much, I’m now a travel partner with my own agency. I’ve sail on many ships and we’re proud to say we remain Loyal to Royal. I have a Charity fund raising event booked on Explorer of the Seas for this May 2012 and the group can not wait to sail. They are all first time cruisers and I’m proud to say RCCL has help me every step of the way with this booking. The staff at RCCL, who work with the Travel agents should be commended for all their hard work. A special thank you to Jeanne Ehlert our Shoreside Groups Representative. She is always available for questions and truly makes booking with RCCL a pleasure. A special thanks to Our BDM Linda Sampson who gave me the idea for the fundraiser, Truly a special person.

    My wife and I will be walking on the Explorer of the Seas an Emerald member and walking off a Diamond member. (My wife is happy we now get the gold towels out by the pool lol)

    On behalf of myself, my wife and kids.My RCCL Clients. Thank you for helping us make Royal Caribbean our choice cruise line.

    Best regards

  16. Lisa Langrell

    Well “SHELLo” Adam, Sorry to hear about the Eagles. I am a Steeler fan and the playoff OT was a bit of a let down-I blinked and it was over! That being said, I dont think anyone would expect any CEO or executive to live and breathe their product 24/7. I am sure the CEO of McDonald’s does not eat Big Macs everyday and so its ok to have land vacations-you need a break away from what you live, love and breathe professionally for the most part of your life each year and doing it with family-even better! We just booked another S. Carib but aboard Adventure this time. We are taking my husband’s father who at the age of 76 has never stepped foot on a cruise ship (or in the carib for that matter) and I cant think of a better cruise company than RCCL. I am excitied for him and my 6 yr old son gets to share his experience with his pop-pop. We cruised last May on Serenade with our son and it was his first experience. I was one of your “WOW of the Week” entries adn I shared our experience on Serenade. I look forward to presenting another WOW after our cruise in May aboard Adventure if RCCL will indulge me.

    • Lisa Langrell

      OOOps…make that Adventure ths April..not May.

    • Adam

      We’re glad to see you answered the call, Lisa, and we were more than happy to have you as a “Royal Wow of the Week.” We can’t wait to hear about your father-in-law’s first time onboard, we’re sure he will be wowed.

  17. Francisco

    Hello. I’m from Spain and I would like to cruise in the Caribbean, unfortunately I have not much money. Requirements that call for work on a cruise and so have money for a cruise? And another question, would continue with the desire to make this cruise even on my vacation?

    Greetings from Madrid:)

    • Adam

      Thank you for your interest in cruising with Royal Caribbean, Francisco. For all job inquiries, please visit Good luck and we hope to have you onboard someday.

  18. Nicole A

    Hi Adam,

    We Had a family cruise on board allure of the seas, we boarded on Christmas day and done the back to back trip 9 nights then 5 nights. We have cruised a nber of times and most of us were diamond plus, this was our first time on one of the oasis class ships. Before we went we were worried about the size of the ship and number of passengers, however, we need not have worried, the ships was fantastic!!! You would not have guessed there was almost 6200 passengers onboard, and not problems getting sun chairs at all!! The ship has no much to do, the aquatica show was the best I have ever seen, this we caught it about 5 times!! Rita’s fiesta was fun, chops was Devine and my parents loved the Brazilian restaurant! Jonny rockets was a great spot for breakfast would recommend it!

    Iwe had been to all the ports previously and enjoyed them all, it would be great to have some new or different destinations tho! Tour of the bridge was great very interesting and u couldn’t believe the size of it!

    I have to say out cabin Stewart edy 7726 was absolute fantastic and
    A real credit to rccl!! He has the wow factor! All the staff were very helpful and definitely help make our cruise!

    Looking forward to getting the next cruise booked, which will in fact be my honeymoon in the summer!

    Regard nicole

    • Adam

      We’re happy to hear you and your family enjoyed yourselves, Nicole. Thank you for all the kind words and we can’t wait to have you back onboard for your honeymoon! See you this summer.

  19. Bill Haines

    Hi Adam,

    First let me say, we love sailing on RC. We sailed several maiden voyages, latest was Allure, the design team, RC, and builders out-did themselves.

    I have been following the “Sunshine Project.” The other night while showing my sister-in-law the Explorer on YouTube (which they will be on in March) an RC video appeared, called “Sunshine Project”. I clicked on it and it showed a color drawing of what this new ship will look like.

    I realize and understand RC wants to build a Green Ship, with good fuel economy and maximum amount of passengers for a good return on their investment. I was taken back after looking at the drawing; the vessel had no class in design as other RC vessels. I hope this is just the preliminary drawing because the profile looks like a large box on a hull. And the high tower mid ship, is that some type of observation tower? The pilot house forward doesn’t look bad, but working on the water all my life, it seems that in a head wind it would capture the wind and put more resistance on the ship in reference to fuel ecomony.

    Bill Haines

  20. Larry Ullrich

    There are more then a few reasons a ship could go down. From terrorists, computer bugs, mines, weather etc. The crew must be trained in all scenarios to stay with the passengers aid to safety. In most cases a ship can list leaving half the life boats under water the other half on the vary top and not able to gravity feed down. I would hope they have air up rafts light enough by passengers to deploy with manual air up as well as charged. I also am concerned where are the sealed battery lights able to work under water, with trickle charge. Sending them to the cabs is a bad choice as the door becomes the ceiling climbing to it would be a problem and heavy in and of itself. Water on top of it would make it impossible to open and leaking at the threshold life expectancy a short time. With as many lives at stake in one disaster I believe these issues must be addressed.

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