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Royal Caribbean’s “Super Mario” Expands his Travels to New Horizons

I am Mario Salcedo, a resident of Miami, but Royal Caribbean International knows me as “Super Mario”, their most frequent guest. Despite logging hundreds of thousands of nautical miles on Royal Caribbean ships during the last 12 years, I must admit that I was a “rookie” when it came to visiting the far-flung destinations served by the company’s fleet around the world.

I have yet to explore many areas of the world where Royal Caribbean travels which is why I recently took my milestone 500th Royal Caribbean cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. That was the second leg of a 70-day cruise experience to the Far East that began in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and ended June 24th in Shanghai, China.

This was my first trip east of Turkey. I also have yet to visit Australia or Scandinavia. You’ve probably already figured out that I have a huge bucket list. I spend more time at sea than at home as I mentioned in my first guest blog for Royal Caribbean. This trip represents the most extensive “trajectory” of my cruising career, although certainly not the longest in duration. I boarded Voyager of the Seas after sailing on Liberty of the Seas for seven months.

I decided to take this around-the-world quest for a few reasons. First, I’ve never been to the Far East. Second, it was on the Voyager of the Seas, which has a lot of emotional significance to me as it was my first Royal Caribbean ship. Third, my favorite captain was on this crossing, Captain Charles Teige, and he persuaded me to do it.

I extensively researched cruise ports of call long before beginning this trip. My goal was to select shore excursions that maximized my exploration time in each of the ports. In Egypt I visited the Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum, where all the treasures of the Pharaoh are displayed. I also toured the city of Cairo and saw the Nile River. We did the transit of the Suez Canal and stopped at Aqaba, Jordan. A shore excursion took us to the place where Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed. We were at Safaga, in the southern part of Egypt, and got to see the whole area of Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, where the Pharaohs created their civilization.

Voyager made several stops in cities sporting some of the tallest buildings in the world. I decided that climbing these buildings would be a choice activity. I was joined by Captain Charles Teige, the Master of Voyager of the Seas who had a few hours off from his busy schedule.

A funny incident happened at the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. We encountered a couple from Australia taking pictures of the breathtaking view of Singapore. Captain Charles graciously asked if they would like to have a picture together. Of course they readily agreed. Captain Charles then asked them if they were vacationing in Singapore. The lady replied that they would be sailing on the beautiful Voyager of the Seas scheduled to depart in a few hours that afternoon. The Captain, without revealing his identity, told them they had chosen wisely and wished them Bon Voyage.

Back on board that evening, Captain Charles (now dressed in his officer uniform) happened to be strolling on the Royal Promenade and was suddenly stopped by the same couple from Australia. Needless to say, they were quite shocked to recognize the gentleman that had offered to take their picture. “We had no idea you were the Captain on Voyager of the Seas!” Captain Charles smiled and made a second gracious gesture by inviting them to his table for dinner the following night.

Cruising gives travelers the opportunity to sample a particular country. It’s like the appetizer. It’s a sampling process where you sample one island or one country or one destination in a day. If a particular place calls your attention and you really like it, then you can use it as a stepping stone for a more extensive land vacation.

I am often asked for advice by less-experienced cruisers, and always recommend doing your homework by researching each port of call in advance. Nowadays, the Internet gives you everything you’ll ever want to know.

Several days later Voyager made her maiden call in Vietnam. The ride from the Phu My pier to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) took about 3 hours. Captain Charles, accompanied by his wife Isabella, and son Connor booked a private tour to the city and asked me to join them. One of the highlights was a visit to the War Remnants Museum which had on display many war artifacts and pictures depicting the horrors of war. It was a sobering and emotional experience that brought back memories of the Vietnam War, which took place when I was attending college.

Later in the afternoon the tour guide took us around the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City with all the hustle and bustle of mopeds and outdoor markets. We spotted a modest looking restaurant named Phu 19-Nov-2000 and asked the guide what it meant. He explained that the restaurant became famous during President Clinton’s visit to Vietnam in November 2000 accompanied by daughter Chelsea. We figured if it was good enough for the President then we should stop for lunch. The owner greeted and seated us at the exact table where the President had sat for lunch. On the wall just behind the table was a portrait of the President and Chelsea as they enjoyed their lunch. We ordered “President Clinton’s Menu” consisting of noodle soup and vegetable rolls and we all agreed it was delicious.

After the eighth and final segment of this cruise, I flew to Beijing, spent two days exploring the city and nearby points of interest, then flew home to Miami. After just one day of “vacation” at home, I set sail on Majesty of the Seas Bahamas cruise where I will spend the next three months onboard relaxing, scuba diving and planning the next exotic cruise experience.

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“Royal Caribbean’s “Super Mario” Expands his Travels to New Horizons”

  1. Dave McCorquodale

    Wow! What an adventure and Happy Cruising! i would imagine you are retired and able to cruise so often?
    Good on ya Mate continue to enjoy…wish it was me :)

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment and good wishes.
      Actually I’m not retired. I have to pay for all these cruises, so I make a living from a small business venture which I manage from the ship.

      • heather

        I met Mario on The Allure. I wonder what is his next voyage to-date.

        • Mario Salcedo

          Hi Heather,

          I just got off Explorer of the Seas’ 11-day Crown & Anchor Members cruise.
          This week I’m headed to Liberty of the Seas where I will be sailing her for several consecutive cruises.

  2. Karina Wright

    I had the pleasure of meeting Super Mario on my Liberty transatlantic this past April. Lovely man. My dream is to match his sail count (looking at you Powerball).

    • Adam

      We hope someday that dream can come true, Karina. We’ll see you onboard.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Karina,
      It was pleasure meeting you on Liberty’s crossing in April.
      Hope to cross paths again on a future Royal Caribbean cruise.

  3. helen rutenber

    Mario, it was pleasure meeting and travelling with you aboard the beautiful Voyager of the Seas from Barcelona to Singapore,. You are correct about Captain Charles, such a charming man. Hope to meet up with you again, one of these years, on another of Royal’s lovely ships. Best wishes, Helen, Mama Monarch.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Mama Monarch !
      Wow … thanks so much for your note. It truly was an honor meeting and getting to know one of the true Loyal to Royal cruisers ! I enjoyed our conversations and really hope we can do it again. All the best !

  4. Ron Sibila

    Mario – great article. My wife and I were so proud to just reach Diamond Plus. We are both still working while at the same time planning on spending a good deal of our retirement (when it comes) aboard the fleet. For us any day on one of the ships is a great day. We are envisioning a round the world cruise as a retirement gift to each other. How would you plan an event like that?

    Keep the stories coming – just love to read them!

    Ron and Cathy

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Ron and Cathy,
      Congratulations on reaching Diamond Plus status !
      I don’t think Royal Caribbean currently offers a complete around the world cruise.
      My suggestion is to research their website and piece together a series of cruises or cruise segments that can take you to several regions. That’s exactly what I did in my Liberty/Voyager 72-day cruise ending in China.

  5. Jacqueline Condie

    Mario, you are living the life that many of us “Loyal to Royal” types dream of! Congratulations on following your bliss and thank you for sharing a small part of your adventures with us. 500 cruises? Wowza! And to think I was proud for recently becoming a Diamond and completing my 11th onboard the Jewel last weekend!

    Here’s wishing you many, many, many more wonderful days and nights at sea with RCCL!!

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Jacqueline,
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      I remember how proud I felt upon reaching Diamond status several years ago.
      I also wish you many happy sailings !

  6. Marie Brockway

    Don’t think I can complete that feat in my lifetime!

    • Adam

      You never know, Marie!

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Marie,
      My advice is: Keep your focus on the fun and delightful aspects of cruising (ie, quality) and the numbers will take care ot themselves.

  7. Scotty Brauer

    I am always fascinated by the ongoing adventures of Mario, and my wife and I were truly blessed to finally meet him on our 4 night ‘Get-A-Way’ on the Majesty the week of 9-10-12. I recognized him immediately, and while shaking his hand to meet, I related the story of our wedding ceremony that took place on the outer balcony of our Aqua Theater Suite on-board the Allure Of The Seas Maiden Voyage, and then our subsequent honeymoon immediately after on the Majesty Of The Seas. Mario appeared quite pleased to meet us as he exclaimed that he too was on the Allures’ Maiden Voyage ! From that point on – every time I was within sight of Mario, he called out to ‘Mr. Allure’ to greet my wife and myself.

    A true gentlemen, i’m sure Mr. Salcedo gets constantly bombarded by returning cruisers wanting to meet him – I just wanted to extend a gracious thank you for taking time to visit with my wife and myself. Although quite a bit short of his cruising record – having just recently hitting 43 cruise points each (Platinum headed to Emerald) – we are on our way to much higher tiers as we have truly become ‘Loyal To Royal’ as there is no comparison.

    Thanks for the memories RCCL – and Mario !

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Scotty,
      I vividly remember our meeting at the Welcome Back party on Majesty’s 9/10 sailing, and thank you for having introduced yourself and your wife. I will always remember you as “Mr Allure” !
      And congratulations on your Loyal to Royal quest in reachiing even higher tier levels.

  8. Elaine

    Hi Mario, your name sounds very Italian. Thank you for posting your blog, I found it so very interesting. With my husband and my work commitments it isn’t possible to cruise as often as we would like, you are very lucky to have been on 500 cruises, and must have some great memories (and photos).

    I am British but have lived in Rome for over 30 years, I am a “Rookie” with cruising my next one being only my fourth which is in 3 weeks on Voyager of the Seas. We will be in Asia for 14 nights. The first two days we will be staying in Beijing then on the 3rd day we will set sail. We will be visiting, Fukuoka (Japan) Jeju, (South Korea) Xiamen (China), Hong Kong (China), Ho Chi Miah City (Vietnam), 2 days Bangkok, 2 days Singapore. This will the first time we will be visiting Asia, on our other cruises we went to the Caribbean and two different Mediterranean cruises.

    You never know, perhaps one day we will meet up on meet and mingle on one of the fabulous Royal Caribbean fleets.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Elaine,
      Thanks for your nice comments.
      I’m actually from Spanish descent.
      You will love the Voyager’s new Asia itineraries, as all of the ports you will be calling on were included in my Voyager cruise to Asia.
      Happy sailing !

  9. Nicole

    I think it is absolutely amazing that you just said your 500th royal Caribbean cruise while I’m in the process of booking my measly 5th! I am so envious and wish I knew your secret! enjoy it, maybe we will be crushing together some day! of all the small itineraries, (ex. 7-10 days) which would you recommended? I recently sailed on the allure of the seas twice this summer, liberty a couple years back, and the enchantment about six years back. I’m looking to book my honeymoon and am hoping to go on an awesome cruise. We wanted to do Hawaii, but were disappointed to see that there aren’t any sailing close to our wedding date, Sept 28, 2013. Any advice for this time of year??

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Nicole,
      My advice is to go to the Royal Caribbean website and look up all the sailings offered in September/October 2013.
      I believe you will find many options for exciting cruises in Europe, which would be my recommendation for this time of year and also taking into consideration your previous cruises.

  10. B. Flann

    What is your membership status, something like Diamond Pinnacle or farther?

    • Jacqueline Condie

      He’s a member in the Salcedo Level, which is the very exclusive one above Pinnacle! Rumor has it they named it after him. ;)

  11. Melissa

    I found Mario’s article very interesting. I’ve only just been bit by the “cruising bug” and love it! I’ve taken 3 cruises in a year and would do more if I had someone to go with me. I feel I’ve learned so much from every cruise. I can’t imagine what Mario-the-Pro must know by now. With time, I learned how to pack better, what to bring and what to leave at home, as well as dining options. I wonder what little secrets Mario has learned over the years. Does he care to share any?


    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Melissa,
      I will share a “little secret” with you : always maintain a totally positive mindset while onboard and don’t allow those little details or nuances detract from the great time you are having. Meet as many people as you can and share the joy with them.

    • Jackie Condie

      Unless it’s a budget issue, don’t deny yourself a wonderful cruise vacation simply because you don’t have a travel companion!

      I’ve taken my last seven or eight cruises with RCCL as a solo passenger and have had the time of my life! It’s very freeing to be able to do what you want, when you want — without having to negotiate and compromise with someone else. You’d be amazed how much fun it can be — especially knowing that there’s nobody to tell everyone at home how off-key you were during karaoke or about your silly antics during The Quest game… err, not that I speak from experience on that last point (gulp!)

      • Adam

        Thanks for sharing, Jackie. We hope to see you onboard soon.

  12. Nadia

    Hi Mario,
    My name is Nadia and I met you on Majesty of the Seas on Christmas cruise 2009. I was with my friend, former figure skater, and you danced Latin dances very well with her.
    It was nice to see you here! My congratulation for being a superhero!

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Nadia,
      Thanks for your very nice words.
      As you well remembered, one of my all-time favorite things to do onboard is to enjoy the live Latin music and dancing at the Boleros Lounge.

  13. Barbara Callahan

    Mario, I enjoyed meeting you on the Barcelona to Dubai portion of the Voyager cruise. We sat together at lunch one day and I told you about the Cairo tour that I decided not to go on. I believe you went in my place.

    Never once did you mention that you are the top cruiser of RCCL. What a nice, interesting person you are and I feel I was very lucky to meet you.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Barbara,
      I remember very well our lunch together with many other ladies at that extra large table.
      It was extremely nice of you to suggest I take your spot on the Cairo & Pyramids tour.
      Hope to run into you on a future cruise.
      Thank you for your very nice thoughts !

  14. Tracy

    Wow Mario, impressive!!! I’m going to embark on my first cruise with my family this Dec. Its for 15, departing Sydney going around New Zealand. We are taking the 4 children (aged 12-21) however, 3 of us get terrible motion sickness, so, as you could imagine, I’m terribly nervous about spending my whole trip having nausea. Do you have any tips to keep this at bay?

    Also, thank you for the advice about researching the ports prior, I will be doing that for sure. Would you suggest doing the tours that royal Carribean have on offer or booking my own externally at each port?

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Tracy,
      It’s amazing that your very first cruise will be such an exotic one sailing Australia and New Zealand !
      Congratulations on your excelent selection !
      Responding to your concerns, I have never ever experienced motion sickness while at sea.
      It has never been an issue for me, so I would suggest you obtain competent advice as to what the options are for taking precautions.
      My approach for booking shore excursions has been to always book them with Royal Caribbean if the visit to that particular country or port of call is my first time there. I want my experience to be hassle-free and not have to worry about returning to the ship on time. Others may have a different opinion.

  15. Deb Warner

    What a wonderful life! My husband and I love to cruise also. Counting blessings. Wishing you safe travels.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Deb,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Happy cruising to you and your husband !

  16. Anne Selinsky

    You are indeed a very , very lucky man. It has
    been far too many years since my last RCCL cruise.
    Stay in good health and enjoy 500 more.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Anne,
      Thank you for your good wishes !
      Don’t let too many more years pass you by.
      Life is beautiful !

  17. Ana Moreno

    With Mario as a reporter,who needs CNN?

    Really enjoyed all details.
    Buen trabajo” Super Mario”

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hola Ana,
      So nice to hear from you.
      Where are you cruising these days ?
      Congratulations on reaching Diamond Plus status !
      All the Best !

  18. ermanno magnanini

    i travelled on vayager of the seas,2011 a wounderful experiance

    • Adam

      We’re glad to hear that, Ermanno. Thank you.

  19. Gavin Fleming

    You are one lucky guy to be able to vacation on Royal Carribean’s cruises so often. What is your favorite cruising experience and on what ship? Thanks, your man Gavin.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Gavin,
      Thank you !
      I enjoy cruising just about anywhere in the world, although I have a special liking to Transatlantic crossings. My other passion is scuba diving and Caribbean cruises allow me to do that.
      As for ships, I have a bias for the larger ones like Voyager class, Freedom class and Oasis class.

  20. robert garofalo

    God bless you Mario your so lucky that was a dream of mine to cruise the world with my favorite cruise line

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your kind words.

  21. andy

    Do you know what the cabins on Voyager of the seas look like

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Andy,
      One of the best ways to see what Voyager’s cabins look like it is to go to Royal Caribbean’s website and select Voyager of the Seas under the “Ships” icon. Then navigate to the decks and cabins area.

  22. Julie

    Congrats Mario! Do you happen to know a young man who is around 21 yrs. old who has been on over 50 RCL Cruises? We had the pleasure of meeting him this summer on the Allure where the entire crew knew who he was. lol. We called him the Super Mario in training at the concierge lounge in the evenings. He said he doesn’t remember a day in his life without RCL in it – I thought that was kind of cool. He had several more cruises booked this summer and then was heading back to college. He mentioned he would be on the Liberty in December back in “his cabin” celebrating #60 cruise – so maybe you will run into him.

    Safe travels and Bon Voyage!

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for letting me know.
      I will be sailing on Liberty of the Seas in December and will certainly try to make contact with him.
      Maybe he can give me some cool cruising tips from a young man’s perspective !

  23. Derek Carriere

    Hi Mario Congrats on your 500TH. i have never met you but
    my parents have they are Diamond plus with Royal Carribean
    I’m so looking Oct 14th my whole family will be on the
    Allure of the seas Congrats again

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Derek,
      Thank you for your note.
      I will be sailing on Allure the week of Oct 14th and look forward to meeting you and your family.

  24. John Smith

    You are truly my vacation inspiration. Keep writing your guest blog and stay safe in your travels. I look forward to meeting you someday.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi John,
      Many thanks for your kind thoughts.
      I also look forward to meeting you.

  25. bjorn jakobsen

    Hi Mario
    I missed you On my last cruise from UK. and we were the only ” PINEAPPLES” (green) onboard.
    hope everything are OK with you.We are slowing down a litle.4o year with RCCL takes time.
    But we will look for you were ever you go. Semper Fi.

    Bjorn & Gitta

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Bjorn and Gitta,
      It’s nice to hear from you !
      I’m sure we will run into each other on the ocean.
      Keep those “Pineapple” points growing !

  26. barry collis

    wow, 500. truly amazing. We have done 4 rccl cruises so far with a celebrity and rc back to back booked next month. My questions to you are do you have a favorite meal/dessert?

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Barry,
      My favorite meals are the ones I enjoy at the Specialty Restaurants like Chops, Portofinos, and Samba Grill.
      Make sure you try them out on your next RCI cruise.

  27. Brian Vogel

    Congratulations Mario on your 500th cruise. I remember meeting you on your 300th in the adult pool aboard Liberty. You gave my wife and I a recommendation to visit Paradise Beach in Cozumel. I never had the chance to thank you for that. It was one of the many highlights of our cruise. We have been back twice since then ( aboard Jewel of the Seas and again on Liberty) just to have lunch and spend the day at Paradise Beach. Happy sailing and maybe we will see you on your 600th!!

    Brian Vogel

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Brian,
      Thanks so much for writing to me.
      I absolutely remember our chat at the Solarium pool on Liberty.
      I’m glad you liked Paradise beach in Cozumel.
      Looking forward to seeing you and your wife again soon on an RCI cruise !

      • Brian Vogel

        Hello. We need your guidance once again. July 21st we set sail on Allure and need some tips for St Maartin and St Thomas. You always stir us in right direction. I hope you are doing well!

        • Adam

          Hi Brian, we suggest trying either the Tortola Dolphin Swim Adventure, Turtle Cover Sail & Snorkel or St. John Beach & Snorkel Tour in St. Thomas. In St. Maarten either the Loterie Farm Treetop Adventure Tour, St. Maarten Island Tour or St. Maarten Sensation & Beach Break with Lunch. Have a great cruise and please share your favorite memories with us afterwards.

  28. Linda Kately

    Dear Mario:

    Wishing you the best and many more cruises. Did get the opportunity to meet you many cruises ago on a bridge tour. My husband and I have 40+ cruises with RCI and of course are diamond plus, we have enjoy each and every cruise, they are such great memories. I find it very unfair now when we meet passengers who have just become diamond plus with 13 cruises because of suite double points. However, we are very happy with our balcony stateroom and not interested in changing our accommodations. Just wondering do you have an actual count of 500 cruises without double points?

    Warren & Linda

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Linda and Warren,
      Thank you for your kind wishes.
      I actually have just a little over 500 actual cruises, irrespective of cruise length and cabin category.
      I believe the double points are awarded to suite guests because they are spending significantly more for the cruise ticket than non-suite guests.

  29. Joaquim Puigdemont

    Admirable Mario: I am from Barcelona. We agreed on 2 cruises and we talked in the Liberty OTS. You receives my admiration and envy for the quality of life at sea that you have chosen with the comfort and security that gives Royal and we also share.
    Best wishes to continue enjoying the sea.
    See you again,

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hola Joaquim,
      Thanks for your note and your truly positive wishes.
      I love Spain and especially Barcelona, where I’ve had the opportunity to spend quality time between cruises. The Liberty of the Seas ranks as one of my top favorite ships. Hope to see you again on the ocean.
      Happy cruising !

  30. Madeline Gutierrez

    I was on Voyager from Hong Kong to Shanghai, it was the cruise of my dreams.
    When I win the lotto I’ll be able to live the same life at sea… cruising around the world… no worries… no stress… Only good times…

    One can dream…

    • Mario Salcedo

      I truly wish and hope your dreams will come true and that you will be be able to cruise around the world.

    • Adam

      We hope that dream one day comes true, Madeline. Thank you for your comment.

  31. Bannie

    WOW 500….Im a baby crusing.. my first cruise was 2 years ago with Adventure of the Seas and this year going to Oasis of the Seas and its nothing compared to you but looking forward to more Royal Carribean Cruises…Once you start you cant stop…Best experience ever

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Bannie,
      Exactly what happened to me … once I started I got addicted and couldn’t stop cruising !
      Enjoy your Oasis of the Seas cruise !

  32. Marjorie de Lannoy

    Hola Mario,

    It has been a great pleasure to have met you again in November on the Liberty of the Seas, your “home-ship”.
    Pls let me know when you are coming to Curacao next month, and my son and I will be happy to have you as our guest for the day.
    Hope we will meet again!

    P.S. El leon salio de su jaula!

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Marjorie,
      Very nice to hear from you.
      I enjoyed cruising with you in November on Liberty once again.
      I double checked the Vision’s itinerary in February and she will be calling in Aruba and Bonaire, but not Curacao.
      So, it’s going to be 2 out of 3 ABC Islands
      Hope to see you again on the ocean soon
      Please send my best regards to the “lion” !

      • Rick

        Hey Mario, as much as I have been on the Majesty and other ships, I can’t believe that I have not run into you before. By chance, will you be on the April 8 Liberty transatlantic sailing to Barcelona? If so, I will certainly be looking for you! Cheers.

        • Mario Salcedo

          Hi Rick,

          This year I will be sailing on Vision of the Seas Transatlantic crossing departing on April 17.
          Hopefully I may run into you on the ocean on another ocassion.
          Have a happy sailing on Liberty’s April 8 crossing.


  33. Danny

    Fantastic Mario!

    A really great milestone. Nice to see you have touched so many hearts.

    Hope to sail with Royal Caribbean soon.

    Regards Danny

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Danny,

      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I really appreciate your taking the time to write to me.
      And I look forward to meeting you onboard the amazing ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet.


  34. Denise Hayes

    Hello my friend ~
    I’m sending you an electronic WOW card because every time I sail when you are aboard … something fun always happens. Just last November I went to the white party with you. I’ve sailed RCI for 12 years and never went to a white party. I’m glad you were there or else I still wouldn’t have gone. I will miss you on MJ on February 22nd, I always think of you when I sail her because that’s where we met years ago and sailed so many times on.
    Smooth Sailing,

    • Adam

      Thank you very much, Denise. We appreciate your effort and hope to see you onboard soon.

  35. Aisha

    Hi Mario,
    I enjoyed reading about your cruising experience and fabulous adventures. My husband and I are loyal
    cruisers with RCL and dream of doing what you have accomplished. Getting close to Pinnacle but not
    quite yet…We wonder how come we have not met you and hope we will soon. We were on the Vision for
    21 days in December with Captain Lis. She is fantastic and enjoyed it very much. Keep us posted, It is
    a pleasure reading your notes.

    • Mario Salcedo

      Hi Aisha,
      Sorry for my late response.
      Was not able to access this web page from the ship’s internet system.
      Currently sailing on Vision Panama Canal cruises FLL to San Diego and back with Captain Lis in command.

      Thanks very much for your note.
      Hope to cross paths with you and your husband on the ocean.


  36. David Clifford

    I had the pleasure of meeting you April 2012 on the Liberty. Your 498th Royal Cruise if I recall. I teach Army JROTC in a high school in Ohio, and we cruised for their Senior Trip. My cadets have to interview someone from a different country every day and journal the experience. By far, “the winner” was the young man that interviewed you. It even trumped the Captains interview.

    Most importantly, I want to thank you for the inspiration you provided my Cadet. The story you shared with him spoke of the sacrifices, hard work, and dedication that led you to the life you are fortunate to lead today. He later asked me if I paid you to say those things, and I had him research you and your story on the Internet to verify that it was in fact all you, not me, speaking those words of wisdom.

    You Sir are an inspiration to many. Blue waters and clear skies my friend!

    MSG(R) David Clifford

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, David. We appreciate your kind words and were glad you and your cadets could join us onboard.

  37. Elizabeth

    Hi Mario

    October 2005 in the Caribbean was rather memorable on Navigator of the Seas with you.

    take care

    Your South African Mermaid

    • Adam

      Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth.

  38. sandy

    Hi Mario,
    You are my hero!! Are you still sailing on RCL? Will you be on Liberty of the Seas 2/15/14?

  39. Alina Rocchio

    Bonsoir Mario,

    Just see you last week on Vision…. You remember me…….? and I am HAPPY to see you again on the Oasis on September 1st. Big kiss to you….xx ;-)


  40. Mario D'Ambrosio

    Hi Mario I’m Mario and one day I’ll be the new SuperMario! Lol .

  41. Yvette

    Hey Super Mario, not sure if you will remember me but we met on the Beautiful Liberty of the Seas in February 2013. I was traveling with my teenage daughter and her friend. We hung out at Boleros every night. I have been on 2 Royal Caribbean cruises since then and while I was thinking about my third I saw your name come up on cruise critic. Would love to see you again! I enjoyed your company. Let me know what you are up to and possible we can meet up again. Yvette.

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@BlunstoneColin Happy birthday! We're delighted you chose to spend it with us and hope to see you again soon.
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@bretra88 We’re so glad you had a wonderful time, and we hope to see you onboard again soon.
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@LyssasParty We hope you had a wonderful time, and we would love to see you onboard again soon.
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@alexmetalgear Thanks for posting this lovely photo. Enjoy your cruise!
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@justfollowme06 Great pics, thanks for sharing. What did you enjoy the most?
Ready for your next adventure? Oasis #royalwow thanks to Paul Martens.
Make a splash.
Photo thanks to _gracek.
Set sail with your +myVEGAS rewards. We're excited to announce that you can now earn exclusive rewards by playing myVEGAS. Start earning your Loyalty Points now:
Even more ways to play. From bumper cars and a flying trapeze to Xbox tournaments and special +DreamWorks Animation programming, Quantum of the Seas is reinventing family time.
Sit back and enjoy the ride. How are you relaxing this Labor Day?
Kick off the long weekend with warm tropical breezes.

#royalwow photo thanks to chelsea9wilson.
Join CEO Richard Fain and David Pogue now as they reveal how technology on Quantum of the Seas is innovating the vacation experience:

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