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We Value Your Feedback and Want to Share Guest Insights on Many of Our Company’s New Ventures

We enjoy hearing from you.  The royal “we” in this context means the marketing and operations teams as well as myself.  While our antenna may often predict what the response will be to a particular entry, we are always curious to see what happens and we encourage you to post your reactions to and questions about what I have written.  Here are a few of the recent topics that engendered a notable response:

Most of the reaction to our new relationship with Dreamworks Animation (DWA) has been very positive.  Shrek and the other characters appeal to people of all ages maybe even more than we had understood.  On the other hand, some readers expressed concern that the DWA presence onboard Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Freedom of the Seas will create too much of kid-centric, theme park style environment.   Of course, guests who enjoy parades and characters and 3D movies will enjoy the added value of the DWA cast and should avail themselves of the special opportunity that will exist on the four ships.  For guests who are not interested in this additional offering, it will be just as possible as before on these same four ships to have a fantastic Royal Caribbean experience taking advantage of all of the entertainment, programming, culinary and destination experiences that are already so appealing. It is the essence of the variety we offer on these state of the art ships that guests in various locations onboard can all be having a great time in completely unrelated ways.

Many readers are intrigued by our search for a chef and concept for the 150 Central Park restaurant onboard Allure of the Seas.  We are conducting this project in conjunction with the Culinary Institute of America.  June 27 was the deadline for entries for the chef selection process, and the voting began July 6th.  It is always your choice to pick something from the menu.  But not every day do you get to help us decide what the menu will be and who will be cooking the food.  So please have a seat at the table by casting your vote here. You can vote once a day through Sunday, July 18th.

There was a favorable response to Craig Milan’s guest entry on our new  voluntourism excursion opportunities.  Clearly many and probably most guests want to spend their vacation time pursuing their personal and family enjoyment, including taking Explorations! Shore excursions that reveal new destinations and provide new experiences.  And that’s fine by us.  But the readers’ response to the voluntourism options suggests there is a robust interest in doing good while having fun.  We will have to see how many guests actually sign up for these new opportunities to help out during the cruise.  Feel free to write in and express your opinion on this topic.

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“We Value Your Feedback and Want to Share Guest Insights on Many of Our Company’s New Ventures”

  1. Ed luis

    OMG… I just came back from the Oasis and I can only said is WOW… The ship is amazing, the crew were spectacular, looking for all details and make the vacations one enjoyable. The food, expectacular, I loved having so many places to eat from a snack to a full dinner… Sorrentos the best… Can’t wait for next year Allure of the Seas but first another stop onboard the Freedom of the Seas on September 2010…

    Thanks Royal for being the most amazing cruise line in the market…

    and thank you Adam for having such amazing team of people making vacations enjoyable…

    Proud to be a Citizen of the “Why Not Nation”

  2. Scott Jensen

    Personally, I think RC needs to get a weekly TV show that is based on its ships and rotates amongst its fleet. Something that gets the public to watch and not just the public that is thinking about taking a cruise. A show that gets people to START thinking about taking a cruise. Something fun, engaging, and exciting. I think have such a show idea and would like to produce for it for RC. Who do I submit it to? An email address would be appreciated. Thanks.

  3. William

    I have to admit, when I first heard of RCI’s alliance with DWA, my initial reaction was, “Noooooooo!” I had nightmarish thoughts of spending a week dodging photo ops with costumed characters. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that RCI ships have always provided something for everyone. And the existing children’s activities have never detracted from my vacation experience in the past. Kudos to you, RCI, for continually innovating and adding value to your cruise experience. I have trusted my limited vacation time to RCI for years and have many priceless memories as a result.

    Counting down the days until my October sailing…

    • Adam

      Thank you William, for your positive comments in regards to our alliance with DreamWorks Animation. It has been our goal to provide our guests with experiences that are entertaining and innovative. We are very proud of all our latest endeavors and look forward to finding new ways to create memorable experiences for everyone. Thanks again, and we can’t wait to see you onboard in October.

  4. Annabel

    I wouldn’t have a problem with DWA at all, my daughter would love it – I’m just disappointed Indy has been left out! I’m wondering why Liberty and Freedom will get the DWA connection but not Independence?

    If you could fix that before my cruise on Indy next year, I’d be even happier!

    • Adam

      Annabel, we appreciate your feedback. We have not included DreamWorks Animation on Independence of the Seas as this will be her first year-round service out of Southampton and we are attempting to evaluate how she does before we add any new onboard activities.

  5. Lillian Fiedel

    Oct. 30th will be our 5th trip on OASIS and we are already booked Dec. 12th 2010 on ALLURE. We basically follow our crew friends and thats what really makes THE CRUISE. When we come onboard, it is so great to be greeted by the Wait staff. Maitre D Head waiters that we know so well as well as the Cruise Director{Rich Spacey} Loyality Ambassador {Cindy Dangel} as well asthe Concierges in the Diamond and Suites Lounges and that Adam is what RCCL is all about for my husband and I. Yes. we are Diamond Plus 45 cruises with Royal and 16 with Celebrity but we seem to favor RCCL as you can tell!!!!

  6. Elizabeth linnie

    When I first read about the DWA I laughed and laughed…not at RCCL but with them. I think DWA onboard RCCL ships is a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to see everything DWA on Allure in Dec.

    No I don’t have any young kids but hey I will be at the front of the queue to meet the DWA characters.

    Infact within a short time of RCCL announcing the alliance with DWA I had a Shrek rhinestone design added onto my boarding shirt for Allure. Bring it on,good clean fun and as I see it another great ‘option’ onboard.
    Congrats RCCL on this alliance.

  7. stuart

    We just got back from a fantastic 7 day Western Caribbean cruise on Freedom. WOW…what an amazing ship!! Allan Brooks is a phenomenal Cruise Director and Comedian. Jackie on the Flowrider obviously loves his job; he was awesome spending even just 10 seconds with folks to give them a pointer or two.

    Now the suggestion and comment…why can’t your prebooking staff be as empowered and friendly as everyone on your ships? We had an issue before we left that made us feel very negative toward Royal Caribbean and your customer service. Whatever friendly trainng the ship board crew and staff go through, so should your customer service and call center folks.

    • Adam

      Stuart, thank you so much for your positive comment towards our onboard staff on Freedom of the Seas. Customer satisfaction is always of the upmost importance to us, so we will definitely take your feedback and use it towards creating a greater experience for all of our guests. Thanks again, and we hope to see you onboard again with us soon.

  8. David barnard

    Why I am loyal to Royal.

    I am loyal to Royal. I have read some comments that others have posted on different boards telling their personal bad experiences and how they felt it was handled.

    One of my personal experiences on Voyager Of The Seas, was our 15 Day Trans/Atlantic -Barcelona to Galveston. Once on board in Barcelona and settled in our stateroom for the night, we were aware of a clunking noise coming from the aft side of the room. It was persistent and often the bed would shake. Next morning I was at the Guest Services Desk asking for another stateroom and was told the they would see what was available. Next contact came by phone to our stateroom stating there was a room. We went up to the desk and said we were ready to move. The girl look at the PC screen and said, “Sorry there is no rooms available.” My wife’s expressions and the quickness of picking up her Set Sail Card must have caught the eye of another GS Agent by the name of Anita. With a smile on her face she called us to her place at the counter and asked if she could help. After about 2 min of listening to my wife’s story, Anita asked if we would wait a moment. She then walked the first GS Agent to the back room. In about 3 min Anita returned and said, “I am so sorry for the confusion you have encountered, and if it is OK with you, I’ll have a porter come and move you hanging clothes, bags and what ever you have to a new room, on deck 6 stateroom 6606 Balcony.” An upgrade extraordinaire!!! On the starboard side for 14 days of cruising. My wife was so thrilled at this “Over the top” guest services as I was also, we stopped by the shops and picked up a pair of earrings and a card and give it to her. Anita was so surprised and said “No one has ever done this before and thank you so much.”

    We have cruised Voyager of the Seas twice since this above experience and each time we were greeted by Anita and other staff around the ship by name saying “Welcome Back.” Twice there was a phone message on our phone saying “Welcome Back” and a bottle of wine placed in the room by Anita Fejes, Guest Services. . .at her expense mind you. Now that is what I call ROYAL LOYALTY GUEST SERVICES!

    • Adam

      David, it is always wonderful to hear great stories like this! We are pleased to hear that Anita provided you with such great service onboard Voyager of the Seas. Thank you for sharing this great comment with us and we hope to see you onboard again soon.

  9. david barnard

    FYI I forgot to add. I did call RCCL in Miami and get the Post Office Box for Voyager Of The Seas and sent to the ship much of what I put in this posting so staff in VOTS would get accolades for the “Over The Top Guest Services” for this event. I feel that cruise ship staff work so hard, we need to acknowledge their efforts.

  10. Phil alscher

    We just returned from sailing on Oasis of the Seas. What a cruise! We have sailed several times on RCCL, but this was definitely the best cruise we have taken. Though the ship is enormous, we never felt crowded; indeed, the neighborhoods seemed less crowded than on other ships we’ve been on (navigator, adventure, even majesty 20 yrs ago!). I wanted to specifically mention Jazz on 4 and the fabulous Katia Labozzetta quartet! My son is 16, pretty quiet, not very interested in the teen club activities. He is a musician and loves jazz. We spent 5 nights listening to them. Most importantly was how the band treated my son, as a fellow musician, not a kid! anyone with teens knows they often feel like second class citizens, too old for “kid stuff” but too young to be taken seriously by adults. Katia and her crew spent time talking to David, asking about his interests, discussing music. They were genuinely interested in what this young aspiring jazz musician had to say! He was on cloud nine! The last night of the cruise they played several requests of his, even remembering that he plays trumpet–Katia mentioned that someday David could be up there playing too! This was definitely a highlight of Davids cruise–besides seeing me covered with mud from head to toe in the ATV adventure in costa maya!(a blast, just don’t wear white). Kudos to Katia and her group for “walking the talk” of service and satisfaction, especially when it’s clear that it’s genuine! It made David’s cruise experience superior! Please give them our regards! Many thanks again.

  11. Alejandro Ibáñez Hervás

    I’ve been 3 times in Royal Caribbean cruisers.
    So far, the most impressive show I’ve been given the chance to assist is the Katia Labozzetta Jazz Quartet playing at Jazz on 4 aboard the Oasis of the Seas. I am a music lover and a Metal style guitar player.

    I spent there all nights and all I can say is their music was beyond anything else played on the cruise.
    All the shows were amazingly wonderful and their attitude towards the audience was really grateful.

    My greetings to the band!


    • Adam

      Thank you for choosing to sail with us on Oasis of the Seas Alejandro. We are thrilled to find out that you absolutely enjoyed all the shows, and we must agree that the Katia Labozzetta Quartet is quite unique. We hope to have you onboard with us for a 4th time soon.

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