Celebrate With Royal - The Month of Celebrations


It's the Month of Celebrations

Mothers Day, No Diet Day, Birthdays, Proms you name it!
Share with us your favorite moments to Celebrate with Royal Caribbean and be part of the conversation by including #CelebrateWithRoyal

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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
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RT @RoyalCaribbean: Our towels have a mind of their own - what towel animal would you want to see? #TowelDay #CelebrateWithRoyal https://t.co/7NJsBUagry
  • Aston Nelson today i cecbrate life,what ever there is to celebrate iwll share in it , but for now, i am good with lifes elebration 1 year ago
  • Becky Reaves Davis May 2 was my 50th birthday and to celebrate we are leaving on the Rhapsody of the Seas on May 31st to Alaska :) 1 year ago
  • Shanique Hadden love love love 1 year ago
  • Pamela Brown My birthday on the 15th! See you guys on 7/21 -7/28!!!!! ;-) 1 year ago
  • Linda Williams My first cruise with royal on grander of the sea in june 1 year ago
  • Adam Chapman cruise startn in carriabiean going through pannama canal then up to alaska next japan and vietnam then on tahatie and fiji weel tthen i guess ack home to carribiean 1 year ago
  • Oasis Of The Seas Cruise- Dec 14 SO fun!!!!! its a great way to celebrate!!! 1 year ago
  • Andrea Diaz Boucher Nedley I was 56 on May 2 while on the Oasis of the Seas in Cozumel Mexico. Ole!!!! 1 year ago
  • Alice Perez Herrera Happy birthday to me today! 5/7 1 year ago
  • Gina Ashfield We will be on Serenade of the Seas for my boyfriends 40th 19th May 1 year ago
  • Mark Brigandi I will be 50 on May 7th and then on the Freedom May 12th. Yippee! 1 year ago
  • Karin McMullen Will celebrate my husbands 78th on 28 May in the Bahamas 1 year ago
  • Mark McKown Having my big 50 on the Western Oasis of the Sea's cruise departing May 11th, thats how I am Celebrating. 1 year ago
  • Marlene Diaz May 15th is my Sister in Law Odalys 50th Birthday onboard the Allure. Wooohoooooo 1 year ago
  • Mae Angela Rienstra-Gorga May 16th turning 64! :) 1 year ago
  • Suzanne Lander Today is my special 40th birthday, in a few days celebrating with my love on the Explorer of the Seas!! 1 year ago
  • Barbara Schoen We will be on the Allure for my husband's birthday on Mother's day 1 year ago
  • Liz Lyles-love Birthday may 30 will be on rcc...yeah... . 1 year ago
  • Oasis Of The Seas Cruise- Dec 14 Hope there are some when we go! 1 year ago
  • Oasis Of The Seas Cruise- Dec 14 YUMMY 1 year ago
  • La Marie I really enjoyed my 40th B'day on Radiance of Seas cruise last May 2nd & wow it's been 1 year now!:) 1 year ago
  • Kevin Korman B2b on the Grandeur May 24th & 31st!! 1 year ago
  • Anita Brooks 49 years young 1 year ago
  • Dawn White Tripp I just spent my 50th birthday (5/1) on RC, Enchantment of the Seas. 1 year ago
  • Lyne Preen My Husband Charles has his 60th on 2nd May and we are celebrating this by cruising on Adventure of the Sea on May 9th. 1 year ago
  • Michael Lea My wife and i are celebrating this month because we just booked our first ever cruise on the Radiance of the Seas! Can't wait, here we come! It will coincide with our 25th wedding anniversary and my wife's birthday. 1 year ago
  • Robyn McGill Mine is on Mothers Day the 12th 1 year ago
  • Arthur Lupac 5/5/61..my 52nd .....I wish I could take my wife in one cruise with Allure of the Seas.... 1 year ago
  • Karen Shirley My hubby is 63 today and tomorrow we are on the independence of the seas yea xx 1 year ago
  • Charlie Smith Happy Birthday to my two Sisters! ! 1 year ago
  • Jodi Fredrickson I'll be 37 on May 13th!!! "I'm 37, I'm not old!!!" -MP :D 1 year ago
  • Rocio Veronica Zelaya TODAY IS MY B-DAY!!! Woo-Hoo!!! 1 year ago
  • FiveStar Worldwide Travel Happy Birthday!! :) 1 year ago
  • Susan Tycer Sternes 59 today 1 year ago
  • Arun Siva I'l be 33 on may 4th!!!! 1 year ago
  • Lois Pavlosky I have a birthday next month..does that count?? 1 year ago
  • Leisa Houston i'll be 51 december 25..... 1 year ago
  • Laura Odom I wish I could take a cruise. 1 year ago
  • Dianne Arner will be 74 on May 22:-) 1 year ago
  • Dianne Arner did a back to back on the Allure in March, she is the best, an OMG experience. wish we could have stayed on board for another 2 weeks. RCI you did a fantastic job!!! 1 year ago
  • Michelle Garcia Kosa My daughter piper may 10 th 1 year ago
  • Michelle Garcia Kosa Booking for next year June 2014 can't wait 1 year ago
  • Josh Auringer Drat. Just celebrated my 35th on April 30th. :/ 1 year ago
  • Carousel Vacations Yum! 1 year ago
  • Olivia Moore O'Connor *May 1 year ago
  • Olivia Moore O'Connor 8th Mat...am the dreaded 4 oh :/... Will be on the Allure.Cant wait :D 1 year ago
  • Donna Squires-Marcano MAY 16TH I WILL BE 53!! 1 year ago
  • Linda Harper Shaffer mine will be on may 28.<3 1 year ago
  • Nazel Custis I will be 49 on the 24th loving the new me. 1 year ago
  • Jojo Passarella May 25th for me!!!!! 1 year ago
  • John Boggs Can't wait for another RC cruise! 1 year ago
  • Shirley Gatien-Byal My husband, May 21st and Kathy Osborn May 18th 1 year ago
  • John Boggs May 10 for me! Can't wait for anothet RC cruise! 1 year ago
  • Magin Razani happy birthday to me 1 year ago
  • Darlene Jean Owens-Phelps My birthday is May 31. My sister has a birthday too it is May 27. 1 year ago
  • Diane Najdowski No birthday ..but the day we embark is our 36th wedding anniversary! Aboard the Allure! Can hardly wait! :o) 1 year ago
  • Tyler Ryan Katz Mine is the 18th! 1 year ago
  • Sandra Borges Amaral My son will be 13 years old on May 4th! We will be sailing on the Freedom of the Seas in June... 1 year ago
  • Peggy Baril I will be 68 on May 3rd. My wish has come true, a ship year round in Galveston. Thank you RCCL. 1 year ago
  • Stacey Winger Tomorrow for me :) 1 year ago
  • Gerrie Reuther Kairys May12th me and my husband May 29th!!! 1 year ago
  • Carolyn Thomas I am celebrating 61 on the Majesty of the Seas this weekend!! 1 year ago
  • Corena M Brown May the fourth be with you 1 year ago
  • Maria Alvarado 53 next week ! omg 1 year ago
  • Vicki Lowe My birthday is 4th May too, hope we both have a great day :) 1 year ago
  • Bonnie Kelley I turned 26 today 1 year ago
  • Diane Hamburger May 29 1 year ago
  • Suzanne Lander 5th may is my 40th birthday and celebrating on the Explorer this month. I wish Royal Caribbean will celebrate it with me!! 1 year ago
  • Sheryl Boone Thank you! 1 year ago
  • Anna Mae Grout your my sons age and my other son is the same day as u couple years younger. happy birthday 1 year ago
  • Ruth Tseglakof I celebrated 25th Anniversary April, then have an 18th, 50th and 21st in June, July and August. That is why we are going on our cruise this year. That 50th is shared with my twin, so she and her family are going too! 1 year ago
  • Mary Coombs 14th may I will be 59 so big one next year 1 year ago
  • Kevin Jones Turned 42 yesterday..... Next March planning a trip on the Allure! Cannot wait! 1 year ago
  • Michele Hefling- Haimes Today is my birthday! 1 year ago
  • Lauren Marie Kittell My birthday is on the 31st! One week later I'll be on a RC cruise. :) 1 year ago
  • Carol McCabe Taylor Will be spending my birthday next week on the liberty 1 year ago
  • Toby C Appel I'm 55 on May 6th! And believe me that is JUST a number! :) 1 year ago
  • Mark Schweiger Gonna celebrate my birthday onboard Splendour of the Seas! :) 1 year ago
  • Misaida S Gomez Yes I am Celebrating my today 1 year ago
  • Kylie Louise'x 15th May my birthday :) 1 year ago
  • Jonathan Ruffini May 7th. I Miss working for Rccl 1 year ago
  • Dbtb Vince Monroe Cj Wilson B Day Is This Month 1 year ago
  • Brenda Chan Happy Birthday to everyone. It's cup cake time. 1 year ago
  • Vivian Felicia Treto Official retirement age today!! 1 year ago
  • Gordon German No birthday but will be celebrating 26th anniversary on the 16th. Leave on the 19th on Freedom of the seas. 1 year ago
  • Michael Gargiulo Celebrating today!! 1 year ago
  • Barbara Brown Sewell Happy Birthday David!!!! Best Wishes!!! 1 year ago
  • Maria DeJesus Me, yesterday May 1, and if God willing my husband and I going on Oasis the 11 of May, to celebrate our 28 anniversary. I love this month :) and I love Royal Caribbean with this cruise we made diamonds, yeah!!!!! 1 year ago
  • Joyce Goldberg Gaines Me! May 16th 1 year ago
  • Jennifer Henry Clark My bday on the 13th and my hubby's on the 10th :) 1 year ago
  • Kelly Mott The man in my life turns 25 May 23rd! We will be traveling on Explorer of the Seas May 30th to June 9th!!! Its my fourth cruise and his first! 1 year ago
  • George Harper Dang, you missed my 70th on April 23 1 year ago
  • Carole Baston My daughters Jo's birthday today. Last year she had her 21st birthday treat on the IOS. She thoroughly enjoyed it. 1 year ago
  • Matthew Dekeyser I am hoping that Royal Emails me with my birthday wish gift!!!! 1 year ago
  • Stacy Hanefeld Boshell Happy birthday (5/2/13) to my husband Ed Boshell 1 year ago
  • Joan Racioppi Kearney hope these on my cruise! 1 year ago
  • Connie McKoy Any day on Royal Caribbean is a day to celebrate!!!! Trying to book one more to make diamond status!!! 1 year ago
  • Sal Napolitano My Birthday soon and a Trip on RCI "Explorer of the Seas" with the whole Family.. not too far after it!!! 1 year ago
  • Eili Solberg May 10th. ;))) 1 year ago
  • Elizabeth Houseal we'll be celebrating our 37th WEDDING anniversary on board the Explorer of the Sea May 30 th ! Whoot, whoot !!!! 1 year ago
  • Debra Emery May 29 th is my birthday n trying to book a cruise!! 1 year ago
  • Natalie Debon 7th May , I wish I was back on Freedom and could spend my birthday at Labadee !! <3 <3 <3 1 year ago
  • Karen Wells Anniversary May 14th. ;-) 1 year ago
  • Karen Wells May 11th. ;-) 1 year ago
  • Carmen Winkler Birthday7th, wedding anniversary 21st, cruise 25th ;-) 1 year ago
  • Dorothy Hitchens May 19th for me - cruise early June on Splendour. 1 year ago
  • Matthew Dekeyser I will be 38 on May 27th. I wish for a free upgrade on my next cruise. Which is May 12th on the Allure of the Seas. 6 year anniversary June 30. Will my wish come True? Wait and see. 1 year ago
  • Sharon Raison Adventure of the seas on the 24th May, we celebrate our silver Wedding Anniversary! 1 year ago
  • Sharon Futter Schumacher 49 MAY 13TH! 1 year ago
  • Suzanne Marshall Sexton That would be me @suzannesexton and my sister Tina Silvas 1 year ago
  • Judy Masotti May 7th for me!!! We spent my BD on a "transitional cruise" on Royal Caribbean and it was the BEST! 1 year ago
  • Paul N Missy Nace Noah Nace is 12 today. He will be cruising in August on the Explorer of the Seas 1 year ago
  • Jan Johnson My BIG 6-0 on May 22!! And my wish was announced yesterday -- that RCL would sail year-round out of Galveston!!! 1 year ago
  • Jeanne Valentin Trangata Now that you mention it... My hubbie and I set sail on "Enchantment" on May 20th to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, which just so happens to fall on my 43rd birthday (May 27th)!!! Although our voyage ends on the 24th, this is our celebratory trip!!! Yay! We've only said on Disney Cruise Line before and yet we wanted to try Royal Caribbean. We're heard a lot of nice things!!! 1 year ago
  • Constance Gail Barkley Love you Richard. My May birthday buddy 1 year ago
  • Jennifer Dimatos Any of my fellow RC fans interested in earning extra income, I am so blessed to be working from home now and am able to be with my son! No inventory, shipping OR calling leads and this is International! I work a real job and am now able to do things I could never do before. PLEASE ADD ME AS A FRIEND and I will send you the info!! 1 year ago
  • Nick Porteous Mario AV weeeyyyy, casi es tu cumpleanos! 1 year ago
  • Rosie Louie Cipolla April 13 is my birthday 1 year ago
  • Richard Ewell Have a Happy Birthday my friend! <3 1 year ago
  • Cheryl Bell Happy birthday Leslie Bell, sail we do on May 5! :) :) 1 year ago
  • Sunita Parthab My birthday is on th 10th May :) 1 year ago
  • Letty Martinez es mi cumple en may 15!!!!! y lo estare celebrando en Europe con Princess House en el Serenade of the Seas !!!!!!! 1 year ago
  • Jan Lucas May 6th is my birthday! 1 year ago
  • Alicia Lindsay My birthday is may 29th . We will be on allure of the seas on my 30th birthday next yr 1 year ago
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  • Katherine Babcock Thompson May 25th.... wishing for a cruise!!!!! 1 year ago
  • Tasha Favors May 5th is my birthday!!! 1 year ago
  • Bente Wolf Having birthday on Sunday - and will be at Liberty of the Seas to celebrate! 1 year ago
  • Jenny Reyes De Lascano Ya casi los probaremos jajaja el domingo 1 year ago
  • Constance Gail Barkley Celebrating my 77th May 4th birthday on the Allure. Leaving May 5th. Next years cruise is May 3rd on Oasis 2014 .. Love these birthday cruises. Diamond plus next cruise. Yaaay 1 year ago
  • Patricia Organ-Cameron My birthday is on Mother's Day, May 12th. I thank God for this birthday blessing, because it is with his Grace and Mercy that i can say that i will be 54 years old. 1 year ago
  • MaryLou Pellegrini Amato celebrating my b-day while on cruise! 1 year ago
  • Joseph Crisafi Happy birthday to my wife wont give age though we got back frim a cruise on explorer of the seas march 24 already planning another cruise love royal carribean 1 year ago
  • Niki Isaac Happy Birthday to me!! 39 1 year ago
  • Judy Reid Brewer Today, May 2nd is our friend Bob Schmidt's birthday. Have a good one Bobby! 1 year ago
  • Gladys Mattie Mark 'll be 5? on Tuesday May 14th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE. 1 year ago
  • Nellie Holbrook Adkins 46 on May 17th 1 year ago
  • David Humphries Yes Celebrating today 1 year ago
  • Hotely Happy B - D!! 1 year ago
  • Wanda Purvis Brooksbank My daughter is today, Michelle Rose, 28 1 year ago
  • Andrew Willett 25th 1 year ago
  • Inez Eagle May 22nd is mine. Wish I could celebrate on a cruise! 1 year ago
  • Christopher Escobedo May 30th for me!! A birthday cruise would be fantastic! :) 1 year ago
  • Maria Grandi Duffany 50 on May 12th and I am so looking forward to my cruise in january 2014 with my family. 1 year ago
  • Julie Mcdonald My daughters on may 7th and Happy Birthday to David Beckham as well..:)) 1 year ago
  • Kim Libby Heerwagen 34th anniversary on the 11th 1 year ago
  • Chris Macklin Happy birthday to you ....May you grow to have your special desire in life and i would like to be friend with you 1 year ago
  • Lori Morris May 23rd will be 51, wish i had a cruise to go on to celebrate. 2010 had a 7day cruise to celebrate 1 year ago
  • Jeff Prange Don't waste your time, took a Cruise for the wife's 50th and another for our 25th wedding anniversary and no one ever congratulated us. Going to Hawaii for birthday 1 year ago
  • Glenda Griffiths I will be 74 on the 19 th looking for a cruise for my 75 th and our 55 th wedding anniversary too 1 year ago
  • Robbie Dale Me my birthday was on the 30th of April on the oasis of the seas 1 year ago
  • Trena Johnson my lovely mother, millie.goettsch is 73 today 1 year ago
  • Jeanne Foster Mine was yesterday, so thanks! An all-expense paid cruise to the Caribbean as a gift wouldn't hurt my feelings, by the way! {wink} 1 year ago
  • Jennifer Fox My daughters turn 19 on the 20th the same day we leave on the Enchantment of the Seas! 1 year ago
  • Veronica Quamme Mickelson I will be 35 on May 26th. 1 year ago
  • Lenor Krahn 50 on the 5th. 1 year ago
  • Kari D Zamora My brother will be 28 on May 15th 1 year ago
  • Noah Clarke Birthday may 6th! Anniversary to my girlfriend May 26th... Wedding in one year! Planning on cruising for our honeymoon! 1 year ago
  • Marcia Clavería Harbidge My daughter Ashley Harbidge will be 22 on the 3rd of May!!! Yay!! ❤ 1 year ago
  • Wendy Jones My husband will be 60 on the 19th , we will be on the mariner on the 21st ( his birthday prezzie) 1 year ago
  • Linda Maria Arias I turn 25 on May 25th on a deployment. Royal cruise in November, God willing. 1 year ago
  • Trine Mari Sevaldsen Im celebrating my 32th birthday onboard Liberty of the seas , 20th may. And me and my husband are also celebrating oure 10th wedding day onboard as well :) 1 year ago
  • Robin Blanc Yes, on my cruise to Nassau next week! 1 year ago
  • Carol DeLand May 4 for me also--life is good 1 year ago
  • Melanie Marmurek Jehu Celebrating my 50th on the Radiance next month!!! 1 year ago
  • Chris Martin We love RCL and we will celebrate our 40 wedding anniversary May 5th. Hope to sail with you soon! ;) 1 year ago
  • Lina Gaytan bombom 1 year ago
  • DanDee Pritchard I'll be 50 On the 31st, always dreamed of taking a cruise on my 50th, maybe someday .... 1 year ago
  • Rosemarie Duncan May 4th for me 1 year ago
  • Juliana Santiago Aryse Pinheiro....quero bolooooooo!!!! Happy birthday nega véia! We love you 1 year ago
  • Darius Freeman I'm celebrating a wedding anniversary in June on enchantment with my wife!!!! 1 year ago
  • Katie Moody 60th Bday on the 12th and wish I had a cruise for the Eastern Carribean 1 year ago
  • Ashley Riley Happy 21st to my little brother Aj Nipper! I wish I could buy you a RC cruise! :) 1 year ago
  • Bridget Brophy The 16th I will be 52! 1 year ago
  • Mercedes Lopez Juarez My brother Bill Suarez! Happy Birthday Bill! 1 year ago
  • Jonathan Hill MAY 1 crushing may 5th 1 year ago
  • Barry Cordon David and I just like 2 peas in a pod. Happy birthday to us! 1 year ago
  • Andrew Hazel Leah McDonald 1 year ago
  • Kari D Zamora I will be 30 years old on May 16th. 1 year ago
  • Melissa Kristjansson Not a Birthday, but our Anniversary which is also special!! 1 year ago
  • Marian Fosse Kesler may 5th cinco de Miyo 1 year ago
  • Maria Virginio I'm 32 today!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago
  • Stëvë Lazzizzëra My Birthdays Today! Amazing! Cant wait for my 4th cruise!! :) 1 year ago
  • Vanessa Chan I'm waiting to see if I can book Quantum for my birthday next year!! 1 year ago
  • Sheryl Boone Ill be 45 on May 17th!!! 1 year ago
  • Vida Simorangkir Happy birthday! All the best for u! 1 year ago
  • Carmen Moreno I WILL..! 1 year ago
  • Kari Eiseman Happy birthday D. Beckham!!!! I'm 35 next Saturday! :-). 7 month wedding anniversary! 1 year ago
  • Ryan Loudermilk Today would have been my dad's 71st birthday. Happy Birthday dad! I miss you! 1 year ago
  • Dean Chan I had my birthday on the Freedom 1 year ago
  • Ninger Soh 7 day from today... 1 year ago
  • Cindy Hendel Botwick today! 1 year ago
  • Corena M Brown Ill be 21 on Saturday May 4th!!!! 1 year ago
  • Ellen Sierzega Gibson Today is my 45th Birthday!! WOO HOO!!! 1 year ago
  • Arleene Ingraham Reyero Mary Lou Lindemann 1 year ago
  • Monica Martinez 2 days from today! 1 year ago
  • Sandra Mills Happy birthday Carol Harris 1 year ago
  • Jim Janoff Us too. Going to alaska on Radiance in four weeks. 1 year ago
  • Joseph Bowling are you going to have a diamond in December?.. I hope so.. 1 year ago
  • Dirk Erken The birthday of my beloved wife at the first day of our cruise on the Brilliance in 25 days :-) 1 year ago
  • Sonja van der Straaten still excited with still 8 months and now counting days to go huuuuuuuurrrry up 1 year ago
  • Elspeth Brown My husbands 50th. We leave New York on the Explorer of the Seas on 16th May. We are counting the days till we embark. 1 year ago
  • Olivetti Tours We'll do a discount if you reserve with us 1 year ago
  • Olivetti Tours Tutto compreso in qs crociere 1 year ago
  • Janet Matthews Tape I am celebrating my 50thy 1 year ago
  • Barbara Schoen Our 40th wedding Anniversary..we will be celebrating on the Allure next week! 1 year ago
  • Linda Storms Celebrating 30 th Wedding Anniversary. May 11. 1 year ago
  • Nick Porteous Maria Av. Birthday on May 25!! :) 1 year ago
  • Susan Hickerson Nesci Alaska here we come August!!! 1 year ago
  • Denise Brunet King 25th wedding anniversary!! Will be cruising on June 1st! 1 year ago
  • Patricia Messina Will be celebrating our 30th anniversary next January on Independence of the Seas, can't wait~ 1 year ago
  • Donna Celotto Keller Celebrating 5th Anniversary on Oasis of the Seas leaving May 18th!!! 1 year ago
  • Lisa Eldridge-Ferguson Getting ready to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on Rhapsody of the Seas Hawaiian cruise. Can't wait! :) 1 year ago
  • Arthur Whitter The back-to-back cruises on Mariner that will begin Monday in Barcelona, that's what!! :) :) 1 year ago
  • Ed Behm Celebrating wifes 50th bday oasis leaving may18 woo hoo 1 year ago
  • Sondra Fernandez I LOVE Royal.... tried Carnival one time... ewwww. Right back to Royal. 1 year ago
  • Johnny Nguyen We love Royal too but we're on a Carnival budget. 1 year ago
  • Silvia Biloni Encontraran a Natacha detras de los anteojos y con uno de sus famosos sombreritos? 1 year ago
  • Joann Walker Can't wait to get schedule for the Quantum so I can book it. Love the fact it will be sailing out of Bayonne that us nice port and close to me. 1 year ago
  • Kathleen Burnett Zollinger 23 days! Hello Alaska!!! 1 year ago
  • Pam Smith Cool Went on Freedom of the Seas in December, 2012. Loved it and going again!! 1 year ago
  • Hillary Markowitz 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration w/family on Freedom 1 year ago
  • Claudia Franco Viajamos desde Argentina para festejar nuestro aniversario de casados. Primeros 20 años juntos. Lo hicimos en Allure of the Seas 1 year ago
  • Flathead Travel Service We are so proud to book your cruises on behalf of Royal Caribbean International ! Looking forward to doing more! :) 1 year ago
  • Mindy Stiltner Carol Stiltner will be celebrating her 50th Birthday on Oasis of the Seas leaving May 18th!! Can't wait!! 1 year ago
  • Charles T Russell Jr Oasis this weekend!!! Yay! 1 year ago
  • Kelly Craven Woohoo! We will be celebrating our anniversary on explorer at the end of the month :) 1 year ago
  • Renee Fair My son, my sister's & my dad's birthday!!! 1 year ago
  • Alisha Johnson Allure May 12th for my Honeymoon! 1 year ago
  • Charleen Wilson-Hurlburt Brilliance on the Wine, Dine, and Music cruise with Three Dog Night and Kenny Loggins in November. 1 year ago
  • Martha-Jody Haldane Are there any boats that sail out around the Virginia area? 1 year ago
  • Brenda Jones Rogers Leaving in 4 weeks on the Freedom of the Seas to the Virgin Islands! Take a trip EVERY year on Royal Caribbean! 1 year ago
  • Bobby Millett My wife and I Celebrating our 25th anniversary and both our 50th Birthdays. Freedom of the Seas 6-16-13 Cant Wait!! 1 year ago
  • Claire Cherry Just planning our next one, been loyal to royal ever since our first cruise (that we were married on) 8 years ago :-) 1 year ago
  • Priscilla Sciancalepore Explorer of the seas for us! 1 year ago
  • Chris Storey Indepence tomoz. Be in my owners suite by 11.30 hopefully if trains ok. 1 year ago
  • Karin Easter Freedom at the end of the month! 1 year ago
  • Wendy Jones Mariner on the 19th for me ! 1 year ago
  • Dannielle Mcguire Summer 2013, can't wait! 1 year ago
  • Zachary Lazard Wife and I celebrating 20th anniversary on Radiance to Alaska June 14th. Anniversary is June 18th. 1 year ago
  • Connie L Hall 2015 here we come again 1 year ago
  • Magdeline Fernandez Love royal caribbean. 1 year ago
  • Jim Taylor That I"m just that much closer to my next cruise! C'mon July!!! 1 year ago
  • Dan Vartan Allure on May 18th is my cause for celebration... 1 year ago
  • David Riggers Would love to Celebrate my birthday tomorrow but alas work calls again. Will be on the Jewel in October!!! 1 year ago
  • Leanne Sanderson In Australia we are hoping to celebrate our 2014\2015 schedule being released. It has been delayed and supposed to be released today but nothing so far. Any update from RCI would be great. 1 year ago
  • Jenny Wilkins Delayed 50 th birthday for me on the independence the dsy we went on someone got married had their photos done on the ship 1 year ago
  • Arlene Baez-Youmans Can't wait to book on the Quantum!!!! 1 year ago
  • Max Power awesome... we love trivia and well be at most of them... 1 year ago
  • Donna Thomas Also going on the Allure on Sunday see you there LOL 1 year ago
  • Kimberlee Linette Why does everyone ask for a free cruise if they don't give anything to passengers that took the ride of their life's on the employer of the sea right into hurricane sandy, and to the people who's cars were totaled on the pier why would they give a free cruise 1 year ago
  • Barbara A Ragland Can't wait to book on the Quantum 1 year ago
  • Susan Jones Summerlin Can't wait till Monday! Here we come, Majesty of the Seas! 1 year ago
  • Max Power allure for 2 weeks starting sunday.... giddy up... 1 year ago
  • Sharon Futter Schumacher i need a free cruise to celbrate my 49th birthday! lol 1 year ago
  • Vero Wagner love royal too 1 year ago
  • Roberto Castro Definitely today - my birthday! 1 year ago
  • Karen Fall Love Royal . am loyal to Royal. 1 year ago
  • #QuantumOfTheSeas opens for sale June 4th. #SaveTheDate #CelebrateWithRoyal 661.771.9425 www.pumunta.com
  • A glass of #wine in A glass of #wine in the comfort of your own balcony, now that is how to #celebrate. Show us how you #cheers.
  • Hillbilly Haircut postcard - bringing postcards of "back home" with us on our cruise to display for the cleaning crew along with a "thanks for your hard work". #CelebrateWithRoya
  • Show us your team sp Show us your team spirit. Who do you think will win the #NBAPlayoffs? #CelebrateWithRoyal
  • #HappyMothersDay #Ce #HappyMothersDay #CelebrateWithRoyal What are you giving your #mom today?
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  • #FlashbackFriday: Sh #FlashbackFriday: Show us your favorite #prom moments & add #CelebrateWithRoyal
  • Make a board showcas Make a board showcasing your dream #vacation and be sure to tag #RoyalCaribbean! #TravelandTourismWeek #CelebrateWithRoyal
  • Share your #KentuckyDerby rituals with us! Derby #attire, mint julep #recipes, etc. #CelebrateWithRoyal
  • Together 10 years #CelebrateWithRoyal #love
  • #QuantumOfTheSeas opens for sale June 4th #SaveTheDate #CelebrateWithRoyal httpbitly13Ij4BJ

    #QuantumOfTheSeas opens for sale June 4th #SaveTheDate #CelebrateWithRoyal httpbitly13Ij4BJ

  • #5moredays SO #pumped  Celebrating my graduation and qalxander s new job  #celebratewithroyal #royalcaribbean #exploreroftheseas #cruiseready #cruise #bermuda

    #5moredays SO #pumped Celebrating my graduation and qalxander s new job #celebratewithroyal #royalcaribbean #exploreroftheseas #cruiseready #cruise #bermuda

  • A glass of #wine in the comfort of your own balcony Who will you toast with#CelebrateWithRoyal

    A glass of #wine in the comfort of your own balcony Who will you toast with#CelebrateWithRoyal

  • Best Guac Ever Bravo billybohan  #CelebrateWithRoyal mbado #HashtagWar #Saturzen #TeachMe

    Best Guac Ever Bravo billybohan #CelebrateWithRoyal mbado #HashtagWar #Saturzen #TeachMe

  • Mini golf in the middle of the ocean Check #minigolf #CelebrateWithRoyal

    Mini golf in the middle of the ocean Check #minigolf #CelebrateWithRoyal

  • Whats your favorite dunk so far in the #NBAPlayoffs #CelebrateWithRoyal we are rooting for our home team #Miami #FTW

    Whats your favorite dunk so far in the #NBAPlayoffs #CelebrateWithRoyal we are rooting for our home team #Miami #FTW

  • Whats your favorite drunk so far in the #NBAPlayoffs #CelebrateWithRoyal we are rooting for our home team #Miami #FTW

    Whats your favorite drunk so far in the #NBAPlayoffs #CelebrateWithRoyal we are rooting for our home team #Miami #FTW

  • Every mom deserves a #cruise #HappyMothersDay #CelebratewithRoyal

    Every mom deserves a #cruise #HappyMothersDay #CelebratewithRoyal

  • To close National #Postcard Week tag who you would send a #postcard to on #vacation  #CelebrateWithRoyal #keepintouch

    To close National #Postcard Week tag who you would send a #postcard to on #vacation #CelebrateWithRoyal #keepintouch

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