Comedy LIVE Brings the Laughs Onboard Oasis of the Seas

by 915

Greetings from the beautiful Oasis of the Seas!  My name is Simeon Kirkiles and I’ve been the host of Comedy LIVE on board since Oasis was launched back in 2009. It still seems like yesterday when we were rolling out the Comedy Club concept on Royal Caribbean International’s Mariner of the Seas several months before Oasis was launched.

For many years Royal Caribbean International has always had a Headliner Comedian that performed the “Welcome Aboard Show” and a late night show in the Main Theater. With Oasis, the decision was made to create an intimate comedy club that would feature a comedy host as well as two headliner comedians. The venue itself features an art deco feel with the inspiration of a New York Subway Terminal. (Let me tell you, it’s the nicest and cleanest a New York Subway terminal could ever look). It seats about 130 guests which is fantastic because you can really have a lot of fun with the audience. I remember one show we had a family in the front row with one empty seat next to them and I said “Did someone not make it or are they parking the car?” Well, they had a 19 year old son, Tyler, was too tired to make it to the nine o’clock show. So we called his cabin from the stage and asked him why he was too tired to make it! He said he had been playing basketball all day. That excuse was not good enough for us, so after we hung up, I went backstage and secretly called him again.  He agreed to show up to the comedy show in his pajamas with a pillow and blanket. When he walked through the door the family literally fell over laughing and the rest of the audience soon followed. With two and three shows performed every night of the cruise, it’s always guaranteed that our guests will have some late night laughs. A lot of which are completely unexpected!


Being host of the comedy show consists of more than just warming up the crowd. In fact, in the comedy world, the opening spot is considered the hardest in the show.  It’s definitely taken a few years for me to figure out the comedy formula that works best in a cruise ship environment. We have guests from all over the world with different backgrounds and reference points so you have to start with common ground. I usually open the comedy shows by saying “Hello my name is Simeon, and I work in the ship’s fitness center as a personal trainer.”  Being that I weigh 300 pounds this always gets a laugh.  I then follow it up by saying “Be sure to try the zip line onboard! I love it because for me it’s more of a bungee jump! Which is great since it saves me the walk to Johnny Rockets!” I perform the opening 15 to 20 minutes of every Comedy Live Show. It is then followed by two headliners that do about 25 minutes each. What a lot of guests may not realize is how each show is unique. For example, would you believe certain nights of the week are harder to get laughs than others? It’s true. For some reason when people are dressed up on formal nights, they don’t laugh as loud or interact nearly as much on casual nights. One trick I’ve learned over the years is that on formal nights it is best to play the pre-show music about 25 percent louder than on other nights.  This forces people to talk louder and in doing so makes them more open and comfortable laughing out loud during the show. It sounds crazy, right?

Comedy is a very subjective art form. The great thing about being onboard Oasis is that we have what I like to call a “Neapolitan show.”  With three comics you get your chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry comedy. (Leave it to me to equate it to food.) In addition to stand-up comedy shows we also offer a comedy improv show called “Throw Me a Line” featuring three comedic actors from Hairspray along with me. We take the audiences suggestions for scenes and we even bring the guests into the show to play with us. We also take it a step further and offer comedy improv classes in Comedy LIVE if our guests would like to hone their inner comedic performer. If you are REALLY lucky I’ll teach you my famous “Snow Man Dance.” I like to think people cruise on Oasis just so see that!

These past three years on Oasis of the Seas have really been a joy for me and I look forward to many more.  I think I have the most amazing job in the world! I get to make people laugh. To me there is nothing better than putting a smile on someone’s face.

  • Kelly

    We loved Simeon when we went on Oasis in February! And the improv shows were great as well! Great to hear about things from his perspective! And YES, the snowman dance IS that good!!!,

  • Donna

    I am extremely disappointed about the ahead of time reserving of the Comedy on The Oasis. I just found out that the entertainment on The Oasis is supposed to be booked ahead of time. I am sailing in a couple of months from now, but can’t get into any of the comedy shows except at Midnight on day 6! This is very poor planning for entertainment that is so popular, not to have a larger venue or several small venues. It is obviously the most popular form of entertainment, therefore everyone paying for their cruise should be able to enjoy it.

    • chuck

      Just got off a cruise….no reservation, stood in line and was able to get into a comedy show (week of Aug 15th)….but failure of you to do research about the ships shows and itinerary….is not the fault of Royal Carribean. By the way….the ship (Oasis of the Sea) was fantastic as were ALL the crew.

    • Brian Sullivan

      Didn’t get to see the comedy show. Had a reservation and got to the club at about 8:53pm and was told there were no seats. I said we had a reservation and I had booked it 6 months ago. I was then told and in not a very nice way that they gave our sets away and we had to be there at 8:50pm to get in. Then someone else came out from inside and was very rude to some other couple looking to get in without a reservation. I asked about our reservation and he was then rude to me saying you should have been here early and it says it on the website. I said I never saw it and again he was rude.
      We did enjoy the cruise and everyone else on board was very nice. These 2 at the comedy show were just rude and nasty. It was the only bad experience we had onboard and it wasn’t because we couldn’t get in (I had heard the show wasn’t that great from other guests onboard) and there was plenty of other things to do it was they way they treated people.

  • Anne Marie & John

    Was on RC Oasis Of The Seas from Sept 7th thru 14th. We had a fantastic time!! We absolutely loved the Comedy Live Show! Simeon was the host and was absolutely fantastic. The two comedians were Miguel Washington and Steven Scott. Both comedians were great!! We would highly recommend this show! Bring your depends! :)

  • Jermaine

    WHY are there no comedy clubs on more ships it seems like Oasis is the main one with only maybe Two others Allure and independence? What’s u with that I love stand up comedy and most people i know would skip a cruise on a ship for that reason alone… I like royal ships becuz of food excellent options and other experiences but COMEDY is needed after busy months of family life with kids, bills, saving for the trip etc… Comedy is needed I think 90% of people would agree especially ages 21 to 40 year old’s.

  • Miss L

    We sailed on the November 30th sailing.
    Who were the two wonderful comedians keeping us in stitches at the final show in the larger venue?