Countdown to Allure: One More Month

by 552

Allure of the Seas’ delivery is a month away.  For many on our team, the preparations are getting more intense.  For me, they’re getting more enjoyable.  Here are two recent examples:

September 17th was a proud day for our Entertainment team.  They summoned us to Nova Southeastern University for the run through of Blue Planet, the phenomenal show that will share the main theater on Allure of the Seas with Chicago the Musical.  Even without the costumes or sets it was dazzling to take in the singing, dancing, flying, trampoline jumping, and everything else that is in the show.  I’ve said in my comments to the audience that we used to wonder if we could ever be as good as Broadway.  Now I think the question may be, can Broadway do the things we do?  A Broadway musical doesn’t have to share the same stage with another show so that all the sets have to disappear and not get in the way of each other.  Not to mention that the talent doesn’t have to perform at an extremely high level in multiple productions simultaneously.  And the extra cost to the guest: zero.

As an aside, the Entertainment team had some of the DreamWorks characters at the run through.  I think the head of the lion’s costume from Madagascar must be at least one gross registered ton.

Moving to the culinary world at the risk of the readers thinking all we do is sample our cruise fare every day (that is, when we’re not watching shows), we recently had lunch in the test kitchen to try the menu from 150 Central Park on Allure of the Seas.  You may remember that Molly Brandt recently won a contest that we co-sponsored with the Culinary Institute of America to be the inaugural chef in our top of the line specialty restaurant that has been such a hit on Oasis of the Seas.  Well, now we know why Molly won – she’s an amazing chef.  I won’t spill the beans on the menu items but I will say that the concept, the presentation, and the taste will be a real treat for our guests.  Plus, Molly is a pleasure to be around and we hope many of our readers get a chance to meet her and have the 150 Central Park experience.

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