Cruise Ship Culinary Careers

Getting trained to work in hospitality on the high seas.
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One of the many pleasures of taking a cruise is indulging in all the diverse food options available onboard. From Dynamic Dining options to quick snacks, guests can satiate all their culinary cravings and sample new cuisines every day.

In order to provide top-tier service along with scrumptious meals, cruise ships must ensure that they hire qualified staff who are ready to deal with any challenges that may arise, so they can guarantee that guests have the most enjoyable stay possible.

People eager to a pursue culinary career with Royal Caribbean International must be university graduates, preferably with degrees in Hospitality and Tourism Management, and should have had an internship in their chosen field. Having a pleasing personality and a desire to help guests is also key. “They must have working experience in fine dining venues or international hotels,” said John D’Souza, Food and Beverage Manager, Royal Caribbean International. “They need to have fluency in spoken and written English and possess the hospitality gene.”

Working on a cruise ship is a multicultural experience where employees will collaborate with colleagues from around the world. The perks are obvious – visiting several countries, having free onboard accommodations and building lifelong friendships with co-workers. All these elements make it a competitive profession to break into. Shipboard working experience is preferred, but what about graduates that have none?

Well, hospitality students in China are in luck. Now, they can get trained specifically to work on Royal Caribbean ships. The cruise line is teaming up with Tianjin Maritime College (TMC) to offer a 12 week course, with a curriculum certified by the Chinese Education Network, to prepare students for a restaurant services or culinary career onboard a Royal Caribbean ship. “Students are trained for basically all critical details they will need to be aware of to prepare them for life onboard Royal Caribbean ships.”

There are a variety of jobs that students are trained for including assistant waiter, room service attendant and café attendant. “Students are trained specifically for details pertaining to their respective chosen field,” said D’Souza. “These trainings prepare candidates who have never experienced ship life for immediate fluency at performing their job responsibilities, which results in enhanced morale and lower turnover rate.”

Graduates who want to work onboard could be embarking on a very bright career path, according to D’Souza. “Be committed to your job and there are no limitations to the extent of your career development onboard Royal Caribbean ships.”

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