Destination Joy: June is the Most Special Month for Our Make-A-Wish Foundation Support

by 529

Riddle of the Day: When does being a Philadelphia sports fan interfere with being a Philadelphia sports fan? Answer: When you stay at home to watch the Flyers play on television in the Stanley Cup Finals and don’t go to the Phillies – Marlins game to see Roy Halladay pitch a PERFECT GAME! Oh well, it was incredibly exciting just to see it happen on television.

21st century breakthrough – it has occurred to us that video exists. That’s not a revelation as I am shooting video all the time for internal meetings, travel agent virtual conferences, etc. We have even used video with this blog before, e.g., the table tennis demo with my instructor Juan Ly. But we are now aiming to use video here more frequently. We’ll see how it goes.

Our Make-A-Wish involvement continues to develop in wonderful ways. In fact, the month of June is the most special month of the year for our MAW support. We call June “Destination Joy” and we will be auctioning off special opportunities onboard our ships throughout the month. Collectively these auctions should raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, we recently saw a lot of buzz on the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Oregon social media site after the Waffles & Wishes Event that Royal Caribbean participated in. Here’s the link from MAW’s Facebook page:

Candon at Waffles & Wishes Event

Thank you for your responses to Craig Milan’s guest entry on Royal Celebrity Tours’ 10th anniversary.  Right after the post, Craig and I received a note from one of our tour guides.  He told us about a young couple that was spotted from our special train cars while passing over a trestle bridge.  They were in shallow water in a glacial creek seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  They were by themselves at the time.  The tour guide later discovered that they were not a couple at all, but a brother and sister who had deviated from the rest of their tour group to spread their father’s ashes in that particular place.  Evidently, their father was a big fan of Alaska who had never been there and unfortunately had passed away from cancer just before what would have been his first trip.  So his children were honoring his memory in that special way.  Thanks to our tour guide for relaying the story.

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