From Oasis' Inaugural Events to Answering the Question, "How Do You Do This?"

by 586

Yes I am still alive. This blog is good for a lot of things including creating profound feelings of guilt for not keeping up with the entries in the midst of the maelstrom.

It is Tuesday, November 24th. A big day. All the days have been big and we have completed three successful inaugural events for media, distributors, suppliers, industry partners, financial analysts, bankers, architect/designers, etc. Rihanna, Good Morning America, USAToday, ABC World News Tonight, Entertainment Tonight and so on. But today we have a confluence of two remarkable groups.

One group is the cream of the crop of U.S. travel agents. They are here for our three night Thanksgiving inaugural cruise. Even for a ship as compelling as Oasis of the Seas we didn’t expect they would leave their family Thanksgiving celebrations. So we offered them 5 staterooms apiece to transplant their family Thanksgiving celebrations to the ship. A few minutes ago I said hello to two of these family groups. What a beautiful thing.

The second group is a phenomenal array of the premier media, travel agents and tour operators from around the world. I just came up the elevator with several people from Indonesia and several people from Guatemala. Another beautiful thing.

I find it is very difficult to get tired of hearing compliments about the ship. And when I say compliments, I mean people literally visibly struggling with how to find words that express how much they think of Oasis of the Seas, the incredible crew that served them and how privileged they feel to have been onboard.

Many people ask me how I do this. Possibly they haven’t considered the cumulative impact of receiving hundreds or thousands of compliments, which obviously has nutritional value because otherwise I’m not finding enough time to eat. As long as I can work out every day in the gym or on the amazing 670 meter long jogging track I’m fine. I’m struggling with my backhand in table tennis but that doesn’t induce any sympathy since I have been winning over 90% of my Presidential Table Tennis matches.

The answer to how I do this is – it’s completely awesome. I enjoy seeing everybody from every part of the business. Richard and I just gave a ship tour to two U.S. Congressmen. In a little while I’m giving a tour to the Chairman & CEO of the Coca-Cola Company. I am painfully aware that my email in-box is breeding emails like rabbits. I haven’t had time to look at a draft of my speech for Monday’s naming event. Marta is asking me about meetings when I come back on December 1st and I actually would prefer to come back on January 4th since I haven’t had a proper vacation this whole year. But let’s face it – who would not like to be in a senior position of a fabulous brand that is introducing the most exciting vessel in 10,000+ years of maritime history [that last bit might qualify as hyperbolic but let’s see who challenges it]?

Not to mention that the Eagles finally won a close game for the first time since I was a child.

Happy Thanksgiving.

  • susanne södergren

    I must say that I am really impressed of your new ship. We went with you in december last year and it was amazing. We were 19 person from Sweden how celebrated my husbands birthday (50). The ship was Independence of the Seas. This was our third cruise. The first was with Crystal Cruises, the second was in the mideteranien (don’t remember the cruise line) and the last was with Royal Caribbean. The best trip was with you company. Congratulate to the biggest cruise ship in the world.
    Greatings from a cold Sweden.

  • di osteen

    currently on independence of the seas and even though this is so awesome and the best food ever we cannot wait to try oasis — good luck on your inaugural cruise xxx

  • Ola

    Everything I read, every picture I see, I get more and more excited. What an impressive ship you´ve built!! I am travelling with the Oasis on the 12th of December this year and I am really looking forward to it. This will be our fouth cruise and the third with Royal Caribbean. The other cruise, we took with Celebrity Solstice on
    her inaugual cruise 2008. Every time we travelled onboard one of your ships, it
    has been a great WOW. I actually don´t know what to expect except for a WOW WOW!!

  • DAwn

    we are booked on oasis next may (2010) cannot wait

  • joseph ohana

    I took part in the Inaugural Season on Liberty of the seas back in 2007 and i could not find the right words to explain such an amazing experience to my family, friends and co-workers.
    I have heard about Oasis since the late 2007 and i followed its construction progress to date. Now i can say Being on Oasis of the seas is definitely one of my dreams and i am looking forward to make it come true in the near future.

    Congratulations Royal Caribbean & Mazal Tov for your new ship in the family. I am proud of you.

  • Yannick Haas

    Pardon me, but your job “sounds” like a vacation to me!!!
    It is hard to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan when you live in Cowboy territory but YEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy Amend

    I’m sorry to hear you won’t be on the December 1 cruise. We were looking forward to meeting you.

  • Frank J Toth

    I just returned from a 9 day New England cruise at the end of Oct. and during that cruise my wife and I left behind on your ships casino nearly $1,500.00
    When you go to a local casino your usualy comped when you spend that kind of money. I was told that only the bigger ships use the player card whenever you play the slot machines. Well I had a cruise booked for Feb. 21st to Aruba on the Adventure of the seas.
    Even though I been unemployed for the last 8 months you people show no appreciation at all so, because I don’t have enough money to go on the bigger ships I decided to cancell the Aruba cruise which would have been my 5th.