Guest Blog: Retail Therapy at the Coach Store on Oasis

by 408
Coach Store Opening - Ribbon Cutting

Coach Store Opening - Ribbon Cutting

Last night was very special. The evening started with an art preview in the Parkside Gallery operated by Art Actually in Central Park, which is located right next to the Coach store. Our new art concept features the many artists that produced the art work on Oasis, as well as featured artists from throughout our fleet. The art program will offer a real enrichment element, as we will offer art tours, and have “artists in residence” that will sail with the ship at various times.

At exactly 7:27pm, I officially made the first purchase at the store.

The First Purchase at the Coach Store!

The First Purchase at the Coach Store!

(I hope my husband Joe isn’t reading this blog). The store features the traditional Coach products, as well as the new Poppy line. Even Captain Bill, who I now playfully call Captain Storm, came to the big grand opening with his wife Kiki. I thought everyone would enjoy this picture of Captain Storm shopping! Our crew also loved the grand opening of the store, and we had to extend the hours we were open due to the high demand. Can’t wait for our guests to see how amazing the store is!

Captain Bill 'Storm' - Coach Store Opening

Captain Bill 'Storm' - Coach Store Opening

Speaking of “sweet” experiences, there have been lots of questions about the Cupcake Cupboard and the pricing of the cupcakes. We are charging $2.50 per cupcake or $12.50 for a half dozen and $20.00 for a dozen cupcakes. We are probably really under charging and will have problems keeping enough “stock” because we compared these prices to the hottest cupcake stores around and the going price for cupcakes is mostly in the range of $4+ per cupcake and $36.00 per dozen, but let’s see how it goes.

  • Lori

    Can you give some insight on the television, cell phone and Internet technology and services onboard Oasis. Are you going the next level with satellite TV in cabins so people can watch some of the shows they enjoy at home while onboard? What is the Internet connectivity?

  • Stephen Marante

    This is an urgent message for Mr. Goldstein!
    Dear Adam Goldstein,
    I have a big request for you! Is there any way possible that my family and I can get onboard Oasis of the Seas when she arrives in Ft. Lauderdale on Noivember 13th? I am ten years old and I have been studying Oasis of the Seas daily from mid-2008. I am a very big fan of Royal Caribbean and Oasis of the Seas! I’m loyal to Royal! This would mean so much to me!
    Thank You!
    Stephen Marante
    P.S I am waiting to hear from you at

  • Janey Layman

    YIPEE!! The only BAD part is the damage to my wallet, ha! But here’s my question…did Coach design anything specifically for Oasis or are these designs ones that I would find on land. Just curious. I was really hoping they would design something exclusive for Oasis (albeit that it would be just a bit pricey!). Thank you for allowing all of us reading to experience your journey vicariously!!! Can’t wait for the Make-A-Wish naming ceremony and cruise!! When will you EVERY name the godmothers???