Guest Post: A Glimpse at the 2,160 Crew Members Onboard Oasis of the Seas

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There have been a number of questions recently about the crew on Oasis of the Seas. John McGirl, VP, Human Resources, summarizes the situation. In short, we’re excited.

John McGirl, VP, Human Resources

John McGirl, VP, Human Resources

The Oasis of the Seas is fully crewed already! All 2,160 crew members have been identified and are scheduled to join the vessel over the next couple of weeks. With the exception of some new positions, all of the crew come from the existing fleet and have an average of 4 years experience onboard other Royal Caribbean International vessels, that comes up to an amazing 8,000+ years of experience in this start-up team! An average of 10% from the existing crew on each ship were hand-selected by the new Oasis management team. The Oasis management team has been in place for several months and are now in the yard busy preparing the vessel and getting ready to welcome their team members to their new home.

Our performers, dancers, divers, acrobats and all are already here in South Florida at Royal’s various venues for staging productions and rehearsing shows. There are over 40 new job roles onboard the vessel, many of which are driven by ships new venues and features, positions such as Aqua Cast Diver and Swimmer, Landscape Specialist, Improv/Comedy Actor, Acrobat/Tumbler, Medispa Physician, Loft Suite Attendant, Guest Internet Specialist, Art Concierge, just to name some of the diverse and exciting new roles onboard.

All of the 2,160 crew will have plenty of time to settle into their new home and prepare for our guests. Crew will be in place onboard for over 30 days before the vessel even boards any guests, but everyone will be kept very busy with an intense training schedule and lots of preparation. Home comforts for the crew have also been a key focus on this ship with many upgrades including a significantly higher number of single crew cabins, flat screen TV’s with wireless keyboards and full Wi-Fi access for every crew berth onboard, and crew facilities such as a 24 hour Crew Windjammer, Crew Coffee Shop and Retail Services all furnished and finished to guest area quality.

All in all the response from our crew throughout the fleet has been amazing and we have had huge numbers of volunteers keen to be part of the next generation of Royal ships, so lots of familiar faces for our returning guests and everyone keen to welcome new guests – Delivering the Wow, Oasis style!

  • Capt bob

    John, how about a little break down of the 2,160 staff. How many stateroom attendents, waiters ast waiters, cooks, activites staff etc does it take to deliver the WOW ????

  • Illya

    Dear Mr.John

    As I can accept work on a vessel in yours company.I have a wide experience of work on cryise line as waiter and I would like to work on a new wonderful vessel Oasis of the sea.

    Kind Regards Illya Bologov

  • Mike P

    Been thinking: It’d be great to see the Oasis website updated with photos of the completed ship as well as all the crew areas. The Crew areas could be a sort of a “behind the scenes” category of photos. You can add photos of all of the staff getting trained to personalize everything. If Illya is any indication, there are many cruise industry professionals that would like to join RCI and that means the Oasis website could also become a strong recruiting tool.

  • Sean Charlton

    It’s really exciting to hear what great care you take of your staff. It’s great to see the investment in accommodations for your crew members. I’m sure the happier and well taken care of the crew is, the better prepared they will be to assists the guests onboard.
    I’ve been on several Royal Caribbean cruises and plan to cruise on the Oasis in May 2010 and I’m looking forward to seeing Andrae (and his wife Alicia), the waiter I had the last two cruises aboard the Freedom.

    Thank you – Sean Charlton

  • Karen

    Can you start sharing who some of the crew members with us. We have been on 15 cruises and would like to see if we will see some familiar faces on 12/5. Thank you for keeping us updated

  • Kathleen fox

    I can hardly wait until my cruise scheduled on 2/13/10! I also would like to see updated pictures of the behind quarters of the staff. I would like to think they are treated as good as they treat us!

    I hope the liquor service has improved at dinner. The last cruise we took it was horrible. Also, I only saw my room attendant one time. I would like to

  • ines

    I am truly impressed with the home comforts for the crew. A 24 hour Crew Windjammer sounds just awesome!

    Sign me up =)

  • MurfTurf

    I do know that Richard Spacey will be a cruise director on the Oasis. He is on Freedom right now and is AWESOME!

  • anna

    I am a Design, Art& fashion consultant = lifestyle consultant.
    Speaking 5 languages and living in many parts of the world.
    Execellent, distinctive unique taste.

    I would love to be given the opportunity to meet with you and your team with a possibility for a fruitfull collaboration
    Looking forward hearing from you.


  • Aquilino


    Awesome ships and a wonderful company, I am a graduating Panamanian Cadet in Deck Marine Operations looking up for a job opportunity in your cruise ships to a career and develop as one of the best officers. I have been investigating and i have problems cause in the web doesn’t appears Cadets.
    I would thankful if you can help me out in this case.

    Best regards

  • Gail Miller

    I was on the May 19th – May 26th cruise to Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St Martten. We had a wonderful State room Attendant. I had his envelope ready and set it on the table. When I returned to my room at the end of the cruise, the envelope was still there. I asked another Attendant, and he said ours had left the ship for a few days off. Is there anyway I can get my envelope to him. Guest relations said they couldn’t do anything about it.
    His name was Amos Durant, and our room number was 7550, I feel bad, because he was very good, and very deserving of his tips. He went out of his way to make our stay very comfortable, and made sure we didn’t want for anything. Is there any way of getting this deserving tip t him?

    • Adam

      Hi Gail, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send the envelope (with the crew member’s name) in another envelope to the Financial Controller onboard Oasis and they will see that Amos receives his gratuity.

      The address should read:

      Financial Controller
      Oasis of the Seas
      Crew Mail
      2935 West Corporate Lakes Blvd.
      Weston, FL 33331

      Thank you.

  • shevonne sharon enoch

    Dear Adam.
    I have just returned home to South Africa from a most incredible week on the Oasis of the Seas and already miss the oasis family and experience. During my stay I became friends with a waiter named Dwayne from St Martin he worked in the solarium and in the opus-my time dining. I had hoped to leave my contact information with him or was to take his details but could not in all the rush. How would I acquire contact with dwayne? Please let me know.

    Thank u for an amazing vac and excellent service!


    • Adam

      Hi Shevonne, we will send Oasis of the Seas your information to give to Dwayne. Thank you.

  • Bill Smith

    On the last night you are so glad all the tips are pre-paid and that the cabin attendant has made an effort to keep out of your hair.

    But then you head home and start to think – “boy were these staff good”

    Imagine a Facebook page where all your staff was visible and where you could comment on each person who was special for your holiday.

    I have tried to thank my cabin attendant, but various staff have given me half hearted suggestions to “write to Miami”. Are you joking. Please email your CEO and tell him the customer thought the cabin attendant , Fnu Samsudin, was so special he should be given HR credit.

    This was the Oasis of the Seas on Sept 21-28th