Guest Post: A Look at the Future Home of Oasis of the Seas

by 669

With the launch on Oasis of the Seas quickly approaching, there has been a lot of interest in what is being done at the ship’s home port in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl to be ready for her arrival. This week, I have invited Craig Milan, Senior Vice President of Land Operations to give a perspective on the significant expansions that are underway at Port Everglades’ Terminal 18. Craig oversees Guest Port Services and is working closely with the Port Everglades team to make sure everything is ready for the Oasis of the Seas. Thank you Craig.

Craig Milan

Craig Milan

When the Oasis of the Seas makes her debut later this year, she will be home porting at Port Everglades – Terminal 18. We are very excited at the prospect of our new ship operating from this new home.

Port Everglades will more than triple the size of Terminal 18 in order to accommodate the Oasis of the Seas and her sister ship Allure of the Seas. Terminal 18 will become the largest single-ship cruise terminal in the world. Already the largest of Port Everglades’ 12 terminals with 67,500 square feet of interior space, Terminal 18 will soon cover 240,000 square feet.

The teams at Royal Caribbean International and Port Everglades have been working closely together to ensure that Terminal 18 provides a state-of-the art experience for all cruisers. The goal is for each guest to move from curbside to onboard Oasis of the Seas in no more than 15 minutes, once boarding is underway. Boarding and debarking guests will be processed simultaneously in two different sections of the building to facilitate the transition. The arrival hall for boarding guests encompasses 138,000 square feet on two levels with 90 check-in counters, while the area for debarking guests is 102,000 square feet on two levels. Traffic will run swiftly to and from Terminal 18 as the traffic pattern is separated from that of the other cruise terminals and there are 1,000 new parking spaces within walking distance. We also have partnered with the United States Department of Homeland Security (Customs and Border Protection) to enhance their space within the facility. There will be a total of 22 booths for CBP officers to screen debarking guests.

Construction at Port Everglades

Construction at Port Everglades

The interior and exterior of Terminal 18 will be beautifully decorated with deep shades of blue and green to evoke the colors of the ocean. Renowned international artist Michele Oka Doner has been commissioned to create a 3,000 square foot work of art on the atrium floor of the new terminal. The upper level of the terminal will have a substantial seating area. An indoor playground area will entertain children in the unlikely event they are waiting with their families. There is also an inviting seating area for our Suite guests to enjoy prior to boarding.

As part of Port Everglades Master/Vision Plan, an economic impact study projected that an estimated 8,000 jobs will be supported by the fifth year of the 10 year agreement between Broward County and Royal Caribbean to homeport the Oasis-class and other ships at Port Everglades. These jobs are expected to generate over $350 million in personal income and over $30 million in state and local taxes. Additionally, more than 1,400 new construction jobs are anticipated to be created as a result of the Terminal 18 expansion. The cost of the expansion is expected to be close to $75 million and will be covered primarily through the increased number of Royal Caribbean guests who will sail to/from Port Everglades on the new Oasis-class ships.

Port Everglades

Port Everglades

  • John

    that bit about getting on oasis in more than 15 minutes would be a dream come true, especially after my experience getting on freedom of the seas last spring on april 13th. my family and i were going on the western caribbean over the kids spring break, and there were clearly far more families present than cruises on other weeks. We had checked in online, as always, to avoid extra lines at the miami terminal, which we had never been to before. We were herded around very inefficiently until our mob was allowed in the terminal, were we waited about a half hour to go up the escalators and through the xray machines, which only took about 45 minutes. Then the long part–when my family and i arrived at the desks to get our seapasses and all that jazz we found there were only 3 lines opened out of forty or fifty–and one was for suite guests, and as you can imagine, upwards of 4,000 guests in really only two lines with completely incompetent workers as I would soon find out, lines were terrible. Our family was relatively close to the front of the line as we had arrived at the port at 11:30, the time we always arrive at other ports to get ahead of lines. still we waited over and hour and a half to get to the front of the line, when she had couldn’t find my youngest sons’s seapass. instead of looking into printing off a new one, she had the nerve to take a half hour break. (and from what i hear, the other “seapass clerk” or whatever they are called wasn’t much better either. An hour after miserably waiting at the counter, we got our cards and headed past the customs workers, which went incredibly fast (it’s really sad when government workers are more efficient than that privately employed employees). My family didn’t get on the freedom until after 3:00, with more than half still not on yet–i still wonder if some made it on in time. As a conclusion, i know royal caribbean is trying to cut costs, but having two stands open in a giant terminal to get on the world’s largest cruise ship in a peak vacation season simply is not acceptable at all. That plus all of your workers there from the time we arrived to the time we were on the ship 3 and a half hours later, were incredibly rude and completely incompetent. I hope if a complete overhaul of that port and its workers hasn’t happened in the last year (i would be extremely surprised) it happens very soon because reading reviews from others departing in that port, they have had the same problem. On a side note, getting on the explorer of the seas a few weeks ago in bayonne (which has a practically nonexistent terminal) had very efficient, helpful workers and we got on the ship in 5 or 10 minutes–a huge change from our experience which miami and the freedom. i sincerely hope this is a sign that royal caribbean terminals everywhere have been restaffed in the last year, and a reminder that the terminal (miami’s was beautiful and had far more check in counters than bayonne, yet bayonne went so much better) isn’t everything, and who you employ in it makes a much bigger difference–hope you move some of those people from bayonne to ft lauderdale.

  • John Noakes


    Great to read about all the enhancements you are including in terminal 18. It should be fantastic once we reach the terminal. My question is; Are you working with Port Everglades to facilitate entry to terminal 18 without having to go through the identification check at the port’s entry gate? When my family cruised on Independence of the Seas December 2008 it took us over 40 minutes to pass throught the security check point. This is our only concern about enjoying our two weeks on Oasis of the Seas February 2010.

  • Al

    What is the cost of the parking?



    Anything new regarding linking the airport to the seaport?

  • donna

    I am booked for Dec 12 on Oasis. Does any hotel in Ft Lauderdale have a stay/sail program, if you are driving to Florida?

  • tom young

    I must say that after reading some of these blogs it makes me wonder why these people cruise. Getting people on the ship painlessly and expeditiously is the goal of the Cruise line. The sooner they get you on the sooner you get settled and the quicker you start buying drinks and spending money. This is a business. If the system prevented this from happening I am sure any cruise line would fix it. The people who sail for the first time out of Pier 18 on a brand new ship will probably experience some problems. If they don’t that would be more surprising. This is why most of us go with established routes on slightly older ships. If you want to be adventurous then enjoy the ride. I wish Royal Caribbean well in their new terminal with their mamouth new vessels. I will give them time to work the kinks out and continue to enjoy other ships. A great name for the third oasis class ship if there is one would be Metropolis of the Seas as this looks like it will be a city unto itself.

  • adam Goldstein

    Dear Mr Goldstein
    I sent you a registered letter last month which you signed for but have not heard anything back. Did you read it? Did anybody read it? Is there any customer service?
    Henry Van der Vlugt

  • ola plaskon

    In checking the Port Everglades website I noticed that parking is currently $19 per day which seems a bit high. Hopefully that amount will decrease by the time our 12/5/09 Inaugural Oasis cruise begins.

    I do have a question for Mr. Goldstein. Will there be a Diamond Club lounge on board the Oasis. In checking the deck plans it appears there are two concierge lounges, one on deck 11 and one on deck 12. Will one of these be designated Diamond?

    • Adam

      Hello Ola, yes Oasis of the Seas will offer a Diamond Club lounge as well as a Concierge Lounge for our suite and Diamond Plus guests. The Diamond Club will be located on the mezzanine level of the Royal Promenade and I can guarantee you that it will be an amazing venue. As for parking at Port Everglades, the port sets the level so I would not expect a decrease in daily rate

  • Alan Bender

    It would be nice to see a floor plan and traffic layout soon posted here

  • Diana Cotton

    A bunch of us are booked on the Oasis ..
    Will there be a MOvie THeatre like on Radiance Class ships..We luved it..

  • willyr0284

    I think that when OASIS first arrives to Ft. Lauderdale, you should have a welcome aboard party for Crown and Anchor members and to those people that have already booked staterooms on Oasis. At least invite those that live in the Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach areas. I am already booked on OASIS on 10/23/10 and counting the days.

  • aaron

    when i went on naivigator of the seas out of ft lauderdae i could see the construction going on in the terminal and it was amazing. the terminal was going to be huge. and the exsisting terminal was alread realy big. and it was also very efficient lready.i got on the ship in proboly less then 15 minutes to bord the ship. it was very amazing to be ported where oasis will be ported soon! cnt wait. i love ya royal caribbean!