Guest Post – Allure Visit

by 605

Lisa BauerI had the opportunity to visit Allure of the Seas last week in Turku.  Although I always enjoy visiting the shipyard, it is definitely a nicer experience in June than in July.  The only trouble is you can’t really sleep because it is light almost all the time.

We are roughly 125 days from delivery and overall the ship looks amazing.  I couldn’t believe how much further along she seemed to be than Oasis at this time last year.  The scaffolding is down in the Royal Promenade, and we are already laying the tile.  In most areas, the carpet is installed as well.  It was also great to see some of the new venues taking shape, including Rita’s Cantina, the Boardwalk Doghouse, and the Guess store.  There were a few more that are also taking shape, but we haven’t announced those, so I can’t spill the beans yet.

We had several operational meetings with Captain Hernan Zini, who will be the Master on Allure, as well as the hotel start up team, lead by Raimund Gschaider.  The team is very pleased with how the inspections are going, as well as the operational planning.  Because we are taking delivery a few days earlier than originally planned, we need to compress our training schedule based on when the crew charter flights arrive, so we are reworking that plan.

We also have to rework our plans to plant Central Park upon arrival in Port Everglades, as the staging of the plants and the crane can’t interfere with the Oasis turn, so we have to ensure we have this planned out to the minute.

A unique new operational challenge we discussed is where we are going to store all the DreamWorks costumes.  Storage space on a ship is what we often refer to as “Space – the final frontier”, so we are trying to get creative to see where we might be able to house the large number of costumes for this exciting new partnership.

It was a great visit, and we are all looking forward to welcoming our guests onboard Allure.   We now say she is just like Oasis – only newer!

  • Elizabeth Linnie

    Thanks Lisa for news on the Allure. Any new photos for us?

    Cant wait to see Allure on Dec 1st & 5th.

    • Adam

      Elizabeth, the latest photos of Allure are available here, Keep checking back as we’ll post new photos of Allure as they become available.

  • erdal karakuş

    Iwant to learn everything about cruise world ship……thnks many best regards and greetings from TURKEY……

  • Charles

    My wife and I have traveled with Royal Caribbean for many years now, and we have always had very memorable, enjoyable vacations with you. We are traveling on the Navigator next month and are already making plans to sail on Allure. We are continually impressed with your beautiful boats and know through experience that you are a step above the rest.

    • Adam

      Charles, thank you so much for your comment. We appreciate all of your kind words, and we’re looking forward to seeing you onboard with us on Navigator of the Seas, as well as on the Allure.

  • Scott

    Thank you for your wonderful update. I can’ t wait to see her in person.
    Can you/Adam please post some updated pictures of the Allure construction progress.
    I think I speak on behalf of everyone that is anxiously awaiting her delivery, when I say that some updated pictures are long over-due.

    Scott Geller

    • Adam

      Scott, thank you for your comment. We are excited to hear that our guests are just as excited as we are for the unveiling of Allure of the Sea. The latest photos can be found here : Be sure to check back often, as we’re updating them regularly.

  • William

    My wife and I are frequent cruises and sail on various cruise lines based on itinerary or ship. Royal Caribbean is our favorite and we currently have two cruises booked (Voyager & Allure). Although there are differences among the various cruise lines, I find that not being able to book shore excursions early is problematic only with Royal Caribbean. We have several cruises booked on other lines sailing after our Voyager cruise in which we have already booked shore excursions. It seems that Royal Caribbean could even benefit from the earlier purchase of shore excursions. Cheers and hope to see you on the Voyager. Kent

    • Adam

      William, thank you for your feedback, and we are sorry to hear of your difficulty in making early shore excursion reservations. Advanced reservations using our Pre-Cruise Planner can be reserved online between 90 to 4 days before your sail date. If you sailing is within 4 days, you will need to make your reservations onboard. Thanks again for your feedback, we will take this into consideration.

  • Terri west

    My daughter would love to have the chance to audition for a show on a cruise ship – can you tell me what agency you use to recruit dancers? Thanks.

    • Adam

      Terri, we’re glad to hear that your daughter is interested in auditioning for a Royal Caribbean production. You can get information on our Royal Caribbean Productions site here: